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high school episode 96

(My Mr Handsome ?)

? Episode 96?

By Anita Jerry ✍️

“Diego let’s leave”. The inspector said to Diego who was still pressing his phone seriously, trying to make a call.

“Young boss we should leave!”. Bobby added.

Diego didn’t bother to reply them, neither did he spare them a glance, he just walked into the car, so did Bobby and the inspector, and they drove off.

They didn’t drive up to anywhere before Bobby for-cefully stepped on the break. They looked up to see the men standing in front of them pointing their guns at them.

Bobby released the break about to take off. “You better stop the car or I’ll shoot”. One of the men threatened.

Bobby was about to park the car when he heard Diego voice…”move”. Came his one word.

“Diego our life’s are at risk because of you, you never listen”. The inspector scolded.

“Young boss are you sure”. Bobby asked still driving in a low speed.

“They are planning to hold us captive so we should release their men we arrested, they’re scared that those men might confess”. Diego narrated, while the inspector just noded on hearing his explanation.

“This kid is too smart for his age”. The inspector said inwadly.

Bobby nodded in agreement, instead of stepping on the the break he fired the car and drove in full speed.

The men moved away from way and started shooting at them, breaking the [email protected] of the car. Diego and the inspector quickly bowed their head immediately they saw the broken [email protected]

Bobby kept on driving in high speed as the men kept shooting at them, they were almost out of the reach of the bullets before Diego shouted.

“Ahhh”. He screamed holding his arm that just began to bleed.

“Young boss!” Bobby yelled from the stirring.

“Just drive as fast as you can”. The inspector yelled checking Diego’s arms that has just been shot.

“Bobby don’t take me home”. Diego Instructed with pain in his voice.

Mrs Dubae was sitting with her little son, that never stopped talking about what happened in school as they ate.

Diego had told her not to worry about him, he even instructed her that she shouldn’t be calling him often.

Knowing that his mom won’t listen, he deleted his number from her phone and Williams.

She didn’t know what was going on, she was really worried, she had told Diego to leave the matter for the police to handle, but he never listens.

She knows he was still involving himself in the investigation and it scares her allot.

“Mummy are you even listening?”. Williams yelled bringing his mom out of her thought.

“Yes dear”. She lied.

“I know you were not listening, forget about it I’ll explain to dad once his returns from his trip”. Williams said turning back to eat his food, causing tears to flow down her eyes.

“Mom why are you crying?”. Williams asked wiping her tears.

“How do you think that your brother is doing?”. She questioned the little Williams who just smiled at his mom.

“I guess his doing very fine, I think his preparing for his forth coming exams, that’s the reason he didn’t come home yesterday and today also”. Williams @ssured.

“You can give him a call if you’re still worried”. Williams said as he mom [email protected] him.

“I just hope his fine”. She muttered.

“How is it going son?”. Mr Zack asked as he seated facing the big window sipping the liquor his was holding.

“It’s going well”. Alvin responded with a dull voice.

“Hahaha”. He laughed.

“You better stop laughing, because there’s this saying that the wicked won’t go unpunished, ever heard of it?”. Alvin questioned causing his laughter to immediately turn to a frown.

“We are in this together”. Mr Zack said irritating Alvin who was already driving home.

He just hanged up and continued driving home.???????

“You better start talking, i don’t und-erstand what is going on between you, Alicia and Diego, y’all acting strange lately”. Andrea said to her sister who was sitting on the bed with guilt on her face.

“Did you have a fight with Alicia?”. Andrea questioned.

“Yes”. Belinda nodded.

“My suspicions were right, now tell me, why did you guys fight?”. Andrea questioned further.

“Diego”. Came Belinda’s response as she looked down playing with her f!ng£rs.

“Die what? That means you like Diego?”. She questioned while yelling.

“No that’s not it, I mean not the way you’re thinking”. She said as Andrea glared at her.

“Okay”. Belinda said before she began to narrate the story…

“You ki-ssed who?”. She yelled with wide eyes.

“Andrea keep your voice down”. Belinda pleaded getting scared that her parents might hear.

“What do you mean calm down, I still regret it that I didn’t listen to you, when you told me about Bryan, Diego might look cool and smart but he’s still a ladies man, he has many more girls on his list and you dare accept to be his girlfriend, are you crazy?” Andrea blabbed.

“I guess he already ended things with Megien”. Belinda said trying to make herself feel better.

“You guess! what about Daisy or Alicia”
Andrea yelled.

“They never dated….

“Shut up, you better stay away from that guy, that’s if you haven’t had s-ex with him yet,”. Andrea interrupted.

“Andrea! I didn’t do any such thing”. She yelled.

“You better not, him and his brother are birds of the the same feather”. Andrea said while Belinda could just nod.
“Get some rest and make sure you end everything you have with boy tommorow”. Andrea instructed standing up on her feet while Belinda just noded her head.

She stared at Belinda for a while before walking away, she had always regretted everything she did with that idiot Bryan..

Bobby drove Diego to another of my Kings Dubae’s mansion, which Mr Ryan, his wife and little daughter were moved to.

“How did you get shot?”. Mr Ryan panicked, while the nurses that came from the hospital continued to treat him.

“They are ready for us ,I guess his men are everywhere”. Diego said staring at his wounded arm.

“Who’s men?”. Mr Ryan asked in confusion.

“We have to talk about…… Ahhhh.”. He screamed as the nurse de-ep the wool into the bleeding hole

“It’s all done”. She said after she finished bandaging the arm.

“You can leave”. Bobby said to the two nurses.

“What do you know about Mr Zack, please tell us everything you know”. Diego said immediately the nurses left, while laying flat on the sofa due to the pain from his arm.

“Mr Zack had an argument with your dad and got demoted a week before his death, I’m sorry to bring your mom into this but you should ask her, she’ll know better”. Mr Ryan simply said sitting on his wheelchair.

He rolled the wheelchair next to where Diego laid. de-ep down Diego knew he was right but he heated to bring his mom into the picture.

Immediately he phone ranged, checking the caller… “Micheal”. He read picking up the phone.

[email protected] Man”. He said pretending not to be in pain.

“I just got a call from your mom and she’s seriously worried, it think you should go see her”. Michael suggested.

“I know, I’ll go see her tommorow, just try calm her down, tell her that I just left your place, that I’m fine”. Diego said as Micheal had no other choice but agree before hanging up.

He glanced through his phone and couldn’t find Belinda’s miss call, it really broke his heart.

“Is she angry with me?”. He thought.

It amazed him that he could still think about her in this critical situation, she must’ve really done something to him.


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