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her voice his addiction 2 episode 15


?(Love Can’t Be Bought)?

#Season_2 EPISODE 15



By : Kebby NG Media Services

“What in God’s name are you doing here?” Cisco inquired as he walked closer to Chloe.

“You are here,” she smiled and stood up. “That is not an answer to my question!” He snapped.

“Francisco,” she called as she was taken aback by his change in attitude, it has been years and she didn’t expect him to be the same but he should try to be nice to her.

Cisco took a deep breath to calm himself. “Why are you here Chloe? And why did you tell my secretary that you are my personal @ssistant?” His voice was calmed and she smiled seeing that she still affects him.

“Oh, I hired myself. I figured out you were telling the truth when you said there was no vacancy, and this is the only vacancy and the best,” she giggled.

“You are not hired and I don’t need an @ssistant,” he stated with a straight face

“You do, I can help with lots of things,” she tried to be convincing.

“I don’t need you here Chloe, why don’t you understand that?” He asked.

“I need this job Cisco, please let me do it. I will really work [email protected], do it for old time sake, please,” she put on a puppy face hoping it would get him.

He shook his head sideways. “No, Chloe.”

“I am going to get you a better job with high payment,” he @ssured holding her shoulder.

“I am not good in anything anymore that is why I want to work with you so you can help me learn, I can only work by your side,” she said.

“You can learn anywhere, you are Chloe, you are good in everything,” he smiled at her but she didn’t budge.

She stared at him and said. “You have changed a lot you know, you are not the Cisco I use to know.”

“It has been Five years Chloe, you can’t expect things to be the same,” he replied.

“I am the same, I didn’t change I am still the Chloe you fell in love with,” she moved her palm to his cheek and caress it with her thumb.

“I am sorry, Chloe,” he moved back and her hand fell, it broke her heart and she sniffed back her tears.

The last thing she is going to do is to be pathetic, she reached for her bag and turn to him.

“I thought we are friends, I thought the years we spent apart meant nothing but I was wrong. My heart is broken and I feel lost, it’s sad to know you don’t love me anymore not even a bit.”.

She bit her lower l!p to prevent her tears from falling, she stared at him again before walking towards the door.

He caught her arm before she could take another step, she refused to look at him as she might just end up in tears.

“Don’t leave,” he pleaded. “Why shouldn’t I? You want me gone, don’t you? It was useless coming to you for help,” she muttered

“Don’t speak like that,” he pleaded, he doesn’t want to hurt her. It still breaks his heart to see her in pain, but working with her might just bring back his feelings and he doesn’t want that.

It is going to hurt Thea, he inhales and exhales before turning her to face him.

“Chloe,” he called softly. “I am sorry if I hurt you I just don’t want us to hurt each other, we are ex-lovers and we shouldn’t work together.”

“Why is that? We no longer have feelings for each other, why can’t we work together?” She asked and he was dumbfounded.

“Is it about your girlfriend? Don’t worry, I will talk to her. I will make her understand that there is nothing between us and there is no harm with us working together,” she @ssured.

Cisco knew there was nothing he could say to change her mind, and she is right he is In love with Thea.

“Please Cisco I need this job,” she pleaded.

“Fine, you can work as my personal @ssistant,” he announced.

She jumped on him out of excitement, her arms wrapped around his neck and her leg around his wai-st.

“Thank you so much Cisco, you have no idea how happy I am,” she said still holding him tight.

“I understand that you are happy, you can let go of me,” he said and she jump off him.

“I am sorry, I was just too excited,” she giggled. “I know,” he replied.

“What can I do for you? Get you coffee? Submit a file?” She asked.

“You can’t start yet,” he said, she pouted sadly when he said it but she covered it with a smile.

“When can I start?” She asked. “In the next two days,” he replied, she wanted to protest since she wished she could begin right away but she wouldn’t want him to change his mind.

“I will be back in the next two days as your personal @ssistant,” she said and peck him before leaving his office.

“What have I gotten myself into?” Cisco muttered as he opened the door and met his secretary scrolling on her phone.

“April,” he called and she raised her head. “Sir,” she stood up.

“Clear my schedule for the day,” he ordered and went back into his office.

“What is he up to?” April wondered, he walked out of his office minutes later not sparing her a glance as he left.


“Aren’t you going to say anything?” Mavis asked Thea who kept lic-king her ice cream.

Thea asked if she could hang out with Mavis during her lunch break and she agreed, but it has been twenty minutes and she won’t say a word nor give a reply to whatever Mavis says.

“Hey! It is not the end of the world okay! So snap out of it,” Mavis held her shoulders and shook her vigorously.

“I am going to kill you if my Ice Cream fall,” Thea threatened. “I want you to kill me,” Mavis muttered and tried to take the ice cream.

“Stop acting like a kid Mavis, you are old enough to be a mother!” Thea scolded.

“You are not an exception, lose your V card already,” Mavis said and her expression changed.

“What’s up with the long face?” Mavis asked and she bowed her head, Mavis [email protected] and pointed at her. “You are no longer a virgin, are you?”

“Yeah,” Thea mumbled.

“Are you kidding right now? How dare you lose your virginity without telling me?!” She growled.

“Lower your voice, Mavis!” Thea snapped covering Mavis’s mouth with her palm.

“It was Cisco, wasn’t it?” She asked and Mavis nodded slowly. “Now I see why his ex’s sudden appearance bothers you so much.”

“I don’t want to lose him Mavis, but I don’t know how to keep him either,” she mumbled

“How many times do we need to have this lecture? He loves you, he chooses you….”

Thea cut in. “Because he needs to forget about her.”

“He still choose you, he could have dated someone else,” She replied.

“I was the easiest choice, my voice cures his insomnia,” Thea stated.

“Stop finding excuses!” Mavis warned. “It’s fact, not excuses,” she replied.

“I understand your pain, it’s hurt to realize you can lose him to someone else but you can still keep him to yourself,” Mavis told her.

“How am I going to do that?” Thea asked. “You love him, don’t you?” Mavis asked.

“Of course I do,” she replied. “Then let him know that, give him tons of reasons to stay with you,” Mavis winked


“Where have you been?” Victor questioned as Chloe walked in with shopping bags.

“What are those?” He pointed at the bags she dropped on the couch.

“s-exy clothes,” she replied. “Why will you shop for ‘s-exy clothes?” He air-quoated s-exy clothes.

“Because I got a job,” she replied. “Job? What are you talking about?” He inquired

“I convinced Cisco to hire me as his personal @ssistant,” she giggled.

“Why did you do that?” He queried and she gro-aned. “You ask too many questions, Victor, I got the job and I am closer to him is that not all that matters?” She asked.

“Yeah, but why do you need s-exy clothes? Are you going there to seduce him?” He asked.

“Maybe,” she shrugged. “You still love him, don’t you?” He asked.

“Quit acting like a detective it doesn’t suit you,” she rolled her eyes

“He has a girlfriend! Are you trying to ruin their relationship?” Victor asked.

“I don’t care, he was mine, to begin with not hers,” she replied.

“You are out of your mind, Chloe. You can’t have Cisco and it isn’t your mission to make him fall in love but to catch the culprit,” he reminded.

“I am going to kill two birds with a stone,” she giggled. “We are going to abort this mission,” Victor stated.

“You dare not!” She warned.
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