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forever love 2 episode 2

Season 2?
by Japhy

Nicole was at the bar, and got herself so drunk, she thought of what her mother told her.
“Clark my brother? she asked herself, her eyes were red and swollen.
“Nicole what you’re you doing to yourself? a guy asked her as he sat down beside her.

“would you just leave, just get out of here,” she yelled.
“hey, don’t shout at us this way, we’re just trying to help you,” one of the guy yelled at her.
Nicole stood up holding a bottle of wine in her hand.
“Clark turns out to be my brother,” she said aloud as she threw a [email protected] of wine to the ground and scattered the seats arrangement

“that can’t be, i hate you all,” she yelled while some guys came to hold her.
“don’t create a scene here,” one of the guy shouted at her.
“let me go,” she yelled as she took one of the broken [email protected] and shook the other guy with, he fall to the ground with blood gushing from his head.

“let me go,” Nicole yelled but was immediately handed over to the security men over their. The guy instantly died at that spot while Nicole was arrested at once.
⏭️Jamie and Nicole was already at the police station when they heard about Nicole case.
“please officer, you need to help us, we can pay you any amount but please don’t allow my daughter to stay long in that prison,” Jamie pleaded.
“there’s nothing we can do about this, she have just committed murder and will be s£ntence for some years imprisonment,” the officer said.
“she was just drunk, i mean she can’t spent eight years just like that, it just too much,” Jamie pleaded.
“officer, let make this a deal,” Maria said smiling.

❤Three weeks later❤
❇Livvy was still seated next to her daughter Delphine as she held her hand softly. The doctor walked in.
“doctor, is she still alive? you need clear this to me, will she survived? Livvy asked in tears.

“sure, we just hope she get out of coma,” the doctor said to her then left. Livvy watch Delphine as tears drop from her eyes, David and his grandma walked in.
“when will Delphine wake up? David asked.
“very soon David, let just hope she survived this,” Livvy cried hugging her mom so tightly.

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?Nicole was seated and was surprise to Clark as her visitor at the prison.
“what did you want? she asked him as she stood up.
“nemesis has catch up with you, i can’t believe you also have the gut to murder someone, why Nicole?
“just shut up Clark, allow me be and don’t ever come to visit me again,” she yelled as she stood up.
“am here to warn you, stay away from my family, and stay away from Delphine and her family also, i was planing to expose you and it a good thing you’re locked up in jail, and that won’t stop me from exposing what you did to Delphine,” He said then stood up and left.
Nicole scratch her hair in frustration and smiled to herself.
“i will soon be out of this goddamn place, then you will all regret one after the other,” she smirked.

? Clark was in Delphine’s ward at the hospital.
“Delphine, why are you keeping us waiting so much, you need to wake up for your family, this time i couldn’t hide my feelings anymore, i promise to tell you how i feel about you and i hope you also feel the same for me. I love so you so much Delphine, sorry for not saving you on time,” he said as tears drop down his eyes. Milton was watching them through he transparent [email protected] window.
“Delphine! Clark was surprise when he saw her hand moving a bit he quickly rushed in to call the doctor and her mom.

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Few minutes later, they all arrived and they doctor examined her for a while.
“she’ll be fine,” the doctor said.
Delphine opened her eyes slowly, her vision was still blur, but she could see people standing beside her.
“Cla..rk..,” that was the first name she call.
“you need to allow her rest for now,” the doctor said while they all left the room.

“why will she call Clark name at first,” Milton said to himself so angry.
Weeks later.?
Delphine was fast recuperating and her family were glad she did make it after like three months or so. She could now talk to them but still feel some pains in her, most especially in her stomach. The doctor prescribe some important medicine she need to take to help her recover soon and also some injections.
❇Delphine was later discharged from the hospital and a month or so has has full recuperate which make Livvy so happy and which they celebrated it in their family.

.Delphine was with her family at the dining table, it was a great evening and her family were really happy she survived and recovered at last. Milton was also their to celebrate with her.
“one person is missing,” David said busy with his food.
“who? Livvy asked looking at him.
“Clark, Delphine’s friend, he was the one who denote his blood for her, that’s what they doctor told us,” David said and continued eating. Milton quickly dropped his fork looking so angry.
“oh, i forgot him already, Clark denote his blood for me? Delphine asked again as she looked at Milton while he just fake a smile at her.

Season 2?
by Japhy

“Clark is just like his father, so kind,” Livvy said while Delphine’s phone beep as she pick it up which was Clark calling.
“hello Clark,”
“Del, we need to talk, it something serious,” he said while Delphine kept quiet for a while.
“why not come to our house, we’re actually celebrating, it gonna be fun,” she said.

“i wish i could come but not when Milton is their, can you please meet me at Rossa’s Restaurant now? he asked again while Delphine looked at her mom, David, grandma then Milton.
“okay.. i will be right their,” she said then hanged up.
“who’s that? Lee asked her.
“it Clark grandma,”

“what did he said? Milton asked.
“he want to talk to me, he said it something important,” Delphine said.
“but it seven pm already what if you were kidnapped or caught or something else happen to you, what did he want to tell you that he couldn’t come over here! Milton asked sounding so pissed off.

“nothing bad will happen again, Clark save my life, i need to hear him out,” Delphine said then sip her drink and stood up.
“i will go out with you,” Milton insisted.

“no Milton, i’ll be right back, i can take care of myself,” Delphine smiled.
“are you sure about this Delphine, i can’t bear to see you in pains again,” Livvy said while Delphine just smiled and went to her room, she combed her long hair then packed it to one side of her shoulder, she changed her dress into a simple blue mini gown with a heels matching to it, she took her purse alone with her.

“i’ll be right back mom,” Delphine said then left.
“why is she dress that way just to see Clark,” Milton thought within himself.
“Ma’m i have to follow Delphine, i don’t want anything to happen to her again,” Milton said then stood up and left.

➡ Delphine arrived at Rossa’s restaurant she walked in and was surprise by the way the place was decorated, a special table was kept at the center with two seats, two [email protected] of wine and flowers decorated around it, then a red candle was lit followed by a Romantic fragrance released. Delphine smiled to herself when she walked in but she looked around Clark wasn’t their she picked up her phone to call him when she heard someone to call her from behind.
“Delphine! she quickly turn and was surprise to see Clark looking so sweet, wearing on a blue shirt and a jeans trouser looking more handsome.

“wow! our heart match and we wore the same color of dress,” Clark said to himself then smiled. He walked up to Delphine and held her hand.
“you look so gorgeous,” he said while Delphine smiled, they went down to the chair and sat down.
“this place looks so beautiful.. but what they occasion..? Delphine looked around.

“sorry for disturbing you,”
“no Clark you’re not disturbing me, after all you’ve done a lot for me,” Delphine smiled.
“i need to tell you who poison you,” he said while Delphine was shocked to hear that.

“who actually want me death? she asked.
“it Nicole, you need to be much careful with Nicole,because she want you death, she’s not a good friend after all,” Clark said while Delphine was quiet for some time.
“i can’t believe this… but why will she want me death, i don’t get it?
“and that’s why you need to stay clear away from her, she’s a horrible person i cursed the day i meet her,” Clark huffed.

“Nicole, this sound strange!
“Delphine! Clark softly call her name then held her hands softly.
“what important is that she’s already in jail now, paying for what she did,” he said while Delphine looked at him.
“you need to believe this Delphine, Nicole has only been spying in your family, you need to be s£nsitive and protect your family, i’ll always be right here for you,” he said while Delphine smiled a bit.

“thank you so much, thank you for everything, thank you for being my hero, thank you for denoting your blood for me, your blood still flows though me and this enough reason i will always remember a good friend like you. Nicole will surely pay for what she did,” Delphine said with a teary eyes as she held his hands so tight.

“i’ll always be here for you Delphine because i love you, i want to be more than just a friend to you,” he said, this time Delphine was shocked to hear this from Clark she raise her head and looked at him, she looked deep to his eyes.
“you don’t mean it Clark,” she said in low tone then stood up.

“please Delphine you need to hear me out, I’ve been hiding this feelings for such a very long time and it keep on hurting me, i need to let it out, i need to let you know about this before it too late for me. Delphine i love you and i seriously do,” Clark said as held her hands staring at her.
“Clark.. this not possible. If you love me then you have to get over this feelings, you have to forget about me,” Delphine said as tears drop from her eyes, she picked up her purse and turn to leave but Clark quickly pulled her back to a warm hug.

“i love you Del, i know you also love me, I’ve been hiding this feelings for such a long time and i end up getting hurt each day, Delphine you’re my happiness but i just want you to know how i feel for you,” Clark said in a cracking voice, a drop of tears flow down his cheeks.’

“no Clark..” Delphine said then freed herself from his grip and hurried out.
Milton was already at the door and saw all that happen between Delphine and Clark he felt so angry by what he did, he hurried out and sat down by the pool side so worried by what he heard because he still love his Delphine. He hit his fist against the wall, so angry with himself, “i couldn’t believe why Clark is trying to take Delphine away from me,” he thought.

❇Delphine ran outside and sat on the flower bed shaded by flowers from the glaring security light over the huge fence. Tears were streaming from her eyes, she covered her face with her palm as tears stream uncontrollable from her eyes..

?Clark was still at the restaurant he quietly sat down on a chair and as tears drop from his eyes, he picked up his phone and gaze at Delphine’s picture on his phone.
“i hope you understand how much i love you Delphine,” he spoke to the photo, then wipe his tears.


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