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three episode 1


TITLE: ♥️T.H.R.E.E♥️


“I love you.”

Those were the three words she began to hate with so much [email protected]

And no, it wasn’t because she got betrayed by a lover neither was it because she vowed never to fall in love…. but it was rather because of something else.

The confusion which comes with those three words.

The fact that it wasn’t a boy telling her those words but a girl!


Do you know how it feels like to be loved by two siblings?

Do you know how frustrating and annoying it is?

It’s every girls’ dream to be fight over by two guys but what if one of them happens to be a girl?

What if the usual love triangle takes a wrong turn?

What if you are left alone standing at the middle not knowing where you belong?




THEME: {Where do I belong??}

✍️Written By Precious Pinky✍️

?Don’t Copy Or Repost?

❣️Episode 01❣️

?Gwen’s Pov?

You ever get that feelings that you are been stared at? Listen to it, it’s almost always right. Our brains have a ‘gaze detection’ that responds whenever someone is staring at you. Even if you can’t see them,,,you feel it.

Not everyone believes in that shit but trust me I do. As stupid as it might sound, I still believe in it.

Right now, it feels like I’m being watched…or no, maybe I’m being stared upon. However, I’m used to the stares, it comes with the territory.

In fact, it’s almost common right here in Boston. It is a small town with few people. Everyone are like a family here, you can’t move into this town and not get noticed by the people.

You can’t even have your own privacy! or family disclosure! Whatever you say withing the walls of your house will surely find its way out.

Shocking, right? Trust me, I still don’t get how it works.

But even as annoying as it may be, I still love, love Boston. I’ve lived my whole life here and trust me, I don’t think I ever want to leave here.

Now, back to the matter at hand, I’m not surprised if I’m being stared at or watched. I mean, I kinda stand out. And no, it’s not because I’m dressed or looking very beautiful and girly but it’s quite the opposite actually.

Like seriously, who wouldn’t stare at a girl who behaves like a boy or looks like a boy? A girl who wears baggy pan-ts and shirts, sneakers, drive bikes, mingle with boys… sometimes I’m being questioned. Like; ‘are you a girl?’ ‘why do you dress like this?’ ‘are you g-ay?’ ‘is your mom okay with this shitty behavior of yours?’

One thing you should get used to in Boston is…, ‘you are everyone’s business.’

Let’s even leave the fact that I’m dressed in a black baggy shorts, black hoodie and a black sneakers and focus on the part of me punching the hell out of two guys right now.

Something to stare at, no doubt.

I suppose I should explain a few things, considering the fact, One, I’m dressed like a guy when I’m obviously a girl. Well, that’s just me. A girl who doesn’t believe in barbie dolls, princesses ball gown, fake lashes, cooked up face, fake bo-obs and butts…in other words, girly shitty stuff! But I’m rather a girl who loves to wear something very nice, comfortable and casual… something like baggy shirts, baggy shorts or trousers, sneakers or converse shoes…in other words, looking natural! And besides, when other female kids were getting barbie dolls, beautiful make up box, dresses and so on…I was busy getting toy cars, toy bikes, spiderman, and so on. Mind you, I’m not trying to be a boy or wishing to be a boy, I’m just being…me?

I believe that perfection comes when you are real,,,when you are being….you. Does that make any s£nse? Two, I’m living in a town where my life is being watched like a fu-cking movie and I still love it. What can I say, I’ve lived my whole life in Boston so why should I start hating it? My friends, school, beautiful memories…everything are all in Boston. I can’t possibly leave them behind. Never. And three, I’m beating the shit out of two huge guys by 11pm at the roadside. Listen up, fellas! I don’t go around beating people up…I just hate it when people step on my toes. You don’t have to hurt me, you can hurt someone else and still hurt me in the process.

One thing mom taught me was respect. She said in life, ‘you respect people and by doing so people will respect you.’ Like the saying goes; ‘respect is reciprocal.’ She always told me about self defense. She said, ‘do not let people look down on you or speak little of you. Always fight for your right and stand by what you believe in.’ I don’t know, maybe that’s one reason why she took me for taekwondo [email protected]

I am a girl of principle. A girl who makes up some rules and live by those rules. There are some things I hate and if anyone dares do them,,,you are in for a big shit!

The rules are simple, *Don’t cross my path, Don’t touch my baby, Don’t tell me how to live my life, Don’t look down on ladies, Don’t treat ladies as trash, Respect ladies and treat them nicely, Don’t hit ladies. Don’t bully those ones who feels lesser of themselves.* You see, that’s why I said you don’t have to hurt me to still hurt me…okay, does that make any s£nse?

Right now, this two jerks just defied a rule…*Don’t treat ladies as trash!* Can that be so difficult? Why does some guys think ladies are weak, stupid, liabilities, trash and predictable? Why do they have little respect for them? Honestly, I still don’t know why…even the guys can’t give me a reasonable reply! Like come on, do you just treat ladies as trash because you feel like they are one? That’s so stupid and cruel! Some ladies might be weak but not everyone are weak! There are still ladies like me out there… somewhere.

“The next time you hurt her or any other girl out there…I promise to beat the hell out of you.” I said, threateningly taking a step away from them.

They were a mess right now. One of them have a black eye while the other have a broken nose…well, all thanks to me.

“We are very sorry!” They both apologized to me, sobbing like little kids.

“Don’t apologize to me but apologize to her.” I nodded my head at the girl whose dress was torn out by this two jerks. She was standing behind me, shaking in fear. I und-erstand her fear,,,I mean, the thought of being nearly ra-ped can be quite traumatizing and scary.

“We are sorry.” They apologized to the girl.

“What do you say?” I asked the girl. “Should I continue or let them go?”

She sniffled, trying not to cry. “Le…let them go.” She stuttered.

“Are you sure?” I asked her. She nods her head, lowering her gaze to the ground. “Alright, you guys heard her. Get out before I change my mind.” They both sprang up and sprinted away. I turned to look at the girl who was still shivering. “Are you okay?”

“I… I’m not. But anyway…tha…thank you, Gwen.” She said quietly, forcing a smile to her face.

“Don’t worry they won’t come close to you again, okay?” She nods her head. “If they do, just call me and I promise to beat them up.” I said in attempt to lightening up the mood which did work.

She laughs. “Thanks.”

I shrugged off my hoodie and handed it over to her. Thank goodness I was putting on a gray shirt inside. “You can have this.”

“Thank you.” She collects it from me and wore it over her torn dress, covering it up. “I really appreciate, Gwen.”

I waved her off, hopping into my bike. “It’s alright, Amy. You’ve thanked me enough.” I put on the black helmet and smiled at her while starting the engine. “Just be careful.” I winked before driving off.

One of my rules which was; *Don’t touch my baby.* Well, this was the baby I was taking about. My beautiful motorbike which was given to me on my seventeenth birthday by my dad. I hate it when my baby is also being disrespected by people…and that was why I have to customize a warning on her; DANGER, DON’T TOUCH!


I walked inside the house humming a song, Dior by popsmoke. Trust me, I’m a big fan of his.

I didn’t even realize mom was already home, seated on a couch, staring at me until I heard her clear her throat.

I took off my headphones and hung it on my ne-ck. “Mom.” I called out, smiling.

But she didn’t smile back. She was rather glaring [email protected] at me, making me want to disappear. I might be fearless, stubborn, crazy, and bold but I still fear my mother’s glare like hell.

“Do you have something to tell me, Gwen?” She asked calmly.

I know exactly what she was talking about so it’s damn pointless pretending to be clueless and besides, it will only make her more angry.

“I’m sorry.” I murmured und-er my breath, lowering my gaze to the ground.

Now this is one disadvantage of a small town…like I’ve told you guys, ‘You are everyone’s business.’ Yes, it’s that fu-cked up.

“Sorry? Are you not tired of saying that one word all the time, huh?” She rose to her feet. “How many times have I warned you not to go around fighting with people!?”

“I don’t go around fighting with people, mom.” I said, scratching the nape of my ne-ck.

“Oh, really? Then what do you do? Congratulate them by giving them a punch or playing fight me if you can?” She raised a questioning brow at me.

“I…I was only trying to help a girl who almost got ra-ped.” I explained.

“What?” She breaths out. “What did you just say?”

“A girl almost got ra-ped by them, I was only trying to help.” I shrugged.

“Gwendolyn Darlings!” Mom called out, fiercely. She always address me by my full name whenever she’s very upset. “How can you go and help a girl who almost got ra-ped by two huge guys? What if you weren’t able to handle them and got ra-ped as well, huh?”

Oh, I didn’t think of that. But good news, I was able to handle them. I even made them cry like a baby.

“Fortunately…I was able to handle them, mom.” I told her, grinning like a freaking idiot.

“Gwendolyn…” She called softly, coming closer to me quietly. “I can’t do this anymore.”

Wait, what’s going on? Why was this conversation getting serious now?

“What are you say…”

She quickly cuts me off. “I’ve tried everything within my power to make you act like a lady that you are. But no, instead of changing, you just keep getting worse. Do you know how many times I have to tell some of my friends that you are a girl and not a boy? Do you know how frustrating and tiring it is? It even got to the point of them arguing with me on your gender!” Honestly….I don’t like where this conversation is going. “This is all my fault, actually. If only I didn’t take you to that stupid taekwondo [email protected], maybe you wouldn’t go around challenging boys to a fight! If I had stopped your father from gifting you with those stupid toy cars, toy bikes or even that dangerous motorbike, maybe you wouldn’t be this way. Sometimes I wonder if you are g-ay.”


“What?” She snapped. “Don’t you know it’s only g-ays who behave like the way you do?”

“I am not a g-ay.” I said through gritted teeth, already getting angry.

She shrugged. “How would I know? How would you even know? I mean, you look confuse.”


“Stop calling me! Why, does it hurt so much to hear the truth? If you are as straight as you claim then why aren’t you dating boys? Why are you fighting with them instead?”

“I don’t date girls too, mother. And I don’t fight with all of them…I only fight with those who break my rules regardless of gender. And besides, my three best friends are all guys!”

“Best friends…not boyfriends.” She sighed, running her f!ng£rs through her hair. “Anyway, I’ve come to a conclusion…I don’t know if this is going to work but I hope it does.” Why was I afraid to hear her next words? Why does it feel like whatever she was going to say is going to do nothing but make me go crazy? Why? “Your father is coming next week… he’s going to take you with him to New York City.”

BOOM! The explosion just went off in my head as soon as those words left my mother’s mouth.

Was she kidding me? I mean, she can’t be serious, right? Nah. Mom will never call daddy and tell him about me because to her, dad will only see her as a failure when it comes to parenting if he gets to know about my misbehavior _though, I don’t misbehave _ and one thing I know about her was,,,mom can do anything for her fu-cking pride.

Oh, just in case you haven’t noticed, dad doesn’t live with us and that’s not common between two married couples unless it’s because of work or because they are divorced. Well, it’s neither. It wasn’t because of work and neither was it because they are divorced but it was because of something else…they never got married in the first place.

I was actually a mistake. A one night stand between mom and dad. They were just strangers who got pretty wasted and had se-x. They didn’t count it as anything but the story got twisted when I came into the picture.

Mom decided to have me but refused to marry dad even when he proposed marriage to her. She felt maybe it was because she was pregnant that’s why he wanted to marry her and not because of love.

I don’t blame her though but I wished they had gotten married.

I’ve never been to New York even though dad stays there and before you guys start asking questions like, ‘does he visit?’ ‘was he a good father?’ ‘how does he gift you with those priceless gifts?’ Well, here is a simple answer, he do visit all the time. And yes, he is a good father and takes very good care of me even when sometimes mom can be quite unreasonable because of her damn pride!

“No. You must be kidding.” I said, shaking my head.

“I’m dead serious, Gwendolyn. Get prepared.” She turned to leave but I stopped her.

“Do you think letting me go with dad to New York City will change me to the perfect daughter you want?” I asked.

“Maybe not. But at least it will save me the [email protected] you always cause me.”

“I’m an [email protected]?” I questioned dryly, surprise that this words were coming from the woman I call my mother!

She let out a de-ep breath, running her tongue across her dried li-ps. “Next week.” She said with finality in her voice before walking away.

This can’t be happening to me. Mom can’t be serious, or can she? I’ve lived my whole life in Boston and I’m sure you guys know how much this town means to me. Asking me to leave this town is like drawing a fish out of the water…yes, they feel dead! That’s exactly how I will feel also. DEAD!


#New York City.

?Brenden’s pov?

“Oh my god! fu-ck!” She mo-aned loudly, bit-ing, suc-king , pinching every place her hand or mouth come in contact with.


The urge to pull away from her and walk away, pretending this shit never took place was damn strong but hey, I gat to satisfy myself. This se-x was about my satisfaction and not hers.

I kept stroking in and out of her, ignoring her loud annoying mo-ans and just focused on my [email protected]

The more I stroke de-eper inside her, the [email protected] I felt…I was at the point of exploding.

Few minutes later, I took out my di-ck and spilled my [email protected] on her stomach, letting out a de-ep breath of relief, excitement and satisfaction.

She come as well, grinning like a fu-cking idiot.

fu-ck, girls can be very annoying.

“This is so fun.” She mo-aned, smiling at me.

I rolled my eyes, snatching my brief short from the floor and putting it on. “Hmm.”

“Can we do this again?” She asked me, twirling her hair with her f!ng£rs, seductively.

What does this bitc-h take me for? A fool who repeat girls? Like seriously!

“No.” I replied sternly, coming up to my feet as I snatched my trouser and wore it, buckling the hook.

“But you agreed to enjoy the se-x so why don’t you want to repeat it with me again?” She asked.

“Just in case you haven’t noticed, I don’t do repeat.” I stated, wearing my black shirt.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me. Having se-x with you again is more like breaking a rule of mine. You are just…um, how do I put the word? Used. Let me ask you a question, can you reuse a used pad?” I raised a questioning brow at her. She hesitate for a while before shaking her head ‘no’ “Exactly.”

“Wait, what?” She looked very confuse.

“Don’t you get? You are just like a used pad to me.” I shrugged, smirking.

Her eyes quickly went wide at the word. “WHAT!?”

“Sorry Luna but I don’t repeat. Anyway, I had a great time with you. See you around in school.” I winked before walking away but before I shut the door closed I heard her say,

“The name is Lena, Idiot!”

~Tsk, girls are nothing but trashy who-res. They are just too weak, stupid and predictable. They are only created to be used by men, trust me.

I clambered into my baby, _black sport car_ I started the engine and drove out of the hotel compound, with only one destination in mind,,,home.

Few hours later, I drove into the compound and parked my car in my favorite sp-ot.

I turned off the engine, clambered out of the car and went inside looking very distressed and tired. Having se-x can be quite stressful, really.

I was about climbing the stairs when I heard a loud bang from behind and saw my sister walking inside the house as well in anger.

Was she just coming back home by this time?

I know most of you will be like, ‘so you are insulting girls when you have a sister?’ Well, my sister can be stupid sometimes but she isn’t very stupid. And besides I don’t think she is as loose as those bitc-hes out there. She has self dignity and self respect. And also, she has a boyfriend. Having se-x with your boyfriend isn’t a problem but having se-x with random guys is…tsk, crazy.

She walked towards the bar and grabbed a bottle of whiskey, taking a large gulp from it through the fu-cking bottle! Remind me never to drink from any bottle of whiskey here.

“Are you okay?” I asked, approaching her quietly. She didn’t answer me. “You know dad will be very upset if he finds out you came back home drunk!”

“He won’t know unless you tell him.” She muttered und-er her breath, setting the bottle down. “Why are you even here?”

“What does that mean? This is my fu-cking home, remember?” I stated, pointing out her stupid.

“Yeah, whatever.” She walked [email protected] me but I grabbed her but the wrist, stopping her from walking away. “What?”

“Are you okay?” I asked again, watching her closely. I might have little respect for girls but I live my sister dearly. And the thought of her been treated badly by some dude angers me. “Did he do something?”

She aggressively pulled her wrist from my grasp. “Did you have se-x with one of my friends again?” She asked instead of answering me.

“Why are you asking me that? I mean, what’s your business with that?”

“Exactly, Brenden. Exactly. Mind your business and stop poking your nose in mine.” She patted my ch-est softly before staggering away.

She was pretty wasted. Alexis doesn’t talk to me that way unless she was angry or drunk. And it appears to be that she was both drunk and angry.

Did something happened between her and him? I wonder.


?Alexis’s pov?

Angry was an und-erstatement to describe the feelings I was feeling. I was angry beyond measure. I was angry at him, angry at myself, angry at us.

Why will the guy I’d dated for two years ask me a question like that?

I know I’m overreacting but I don’t know…what if he’s right. What if I was g-ay? Nah. That can’t be possible. I’m sure as hell know I’m straight.

And I love Cam. I love him so much. I just need to prove it to him that I still want us to be together. I just need to prove my love for him.

My phone dinged which signifies that I have a new text message. I stared down at my iPhone 12pro max, it was a message from him.

Loml♥️♥️♥️♥️: I’m very sorry. Please forgive me:-).

I was going to reply him when another text came in.

Loml♥️♥️♥️♥️: Please tell me you’ve forgiven me. I promise never to ask you such a question again. I swear??:-).

Loml♥️♥️♥️♥️: Baby??:-).

Loml♥️♥️♥️♥️: ?????:-).

It was stupid of me to even think about being g-ay.

Me: I’m sorry for making you doubt me, babe:-). I replied him back.

Loml♥️♥️♥️♥️: I should be the one to apologize, babe. And truly, I’m sorry. I love you so much?:-)

Me: I love you more??:-).

I let out a loud scream, bouncing on my bed in excitement. My head was banging me right now but guess what,,,I don’t fu-cking care! Right now I’m very excited knowing the fact that I’ve gotten my lover back. And no, I’m definitely not a g-ay.




#To Be Continued…

How do you see the start? Are you loving it already or is it boring? Answer sincerely?. Well, I’ve introduced us all to our main characters….Gwendolyn, Brenden and Alexis, what can you say about them?

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