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the billionaire’s obsession episode 44

(Craving for the whole of her….)


By, [email protected] B.




Jaime and Layla sat in the [email protected], each of them not uttering out a word.

Jaime glanced at Layla who was staring at the table as though there’s something fascinating about it.

He had managed to console her and her tears had subdued.

“How are you feeling now?” He asked, breaking the silence that ensued between them.

“I’m fine,” Layla said.

“Do you wanna talk about it?” He asked.

Layla shook her head.

“I und-erstand. Just know if you need someone to talk to, I’ll be here for you” he muttered.

Layla took her eyes from the table to stare at him. She was expecting him to stare at her with pity or one kind of sad look.

But no, he was staring at her with some expression she couldn’t pinpoint. Admiration? She couldn’t even say.

“Thank you” she whispered.

Jaime stretched his hand and touched a bruise on her cheek, she cringed and moved her face away.

“Don’t you think you need to go to the school infirmary?” He asked.

“No, I’ll be fine,” she muttered.

Jaime stared at her for a while. Why does he feel like she’s hiding something?

“About Wyatt…” He tried saying but she quickly interrupted him.

“I don’t want to talk about it”

Jaime ignored her and continued.

“Do you love him?” He asked.

That question got Layla asking if she loved Wyatt. She likes him but could she call that love?

“I don’t know,” she replied truthfully.

“I just hate him so much right now”

“You’ll be fine,” Jaime said, smiling sadly.

Can he even have a chance with her?

“Do you want to go to the [email protected]?” He asked, changing the topic.

“No, I’ll [email protected] I’ll just stay here till school is over” she said.


“I can’t go with this face, they all mocked me saying I’m ugly. I don’t think I’ll be able to take that again” she muttered.

Jaime smiled. He stood up and stretched his palm towards her.

“Let’s go Layla, don’t worry you’re safe” he said.

Layla stared at his hand before looking at him.

“C’mon” he urged.

Slowly, she placed her hand on his and he dragged her to her feet.

“Clean those years away and put on your beautiful smile. You need to show them you’re fine, you don’t have to look sad” he said.

Layla smiled before nodding.

They both went out of the [email protected]

They got to the [email protected] and all eyes fell on them.

? Whoa! So, it’s Jaime now?

? I think it’s good this way, I hate her with Wyatt

? Can’t believe she can still come to [email protected] with that ugly face of hers

Jaime held Layla’s hand tighter and Lilian didn’t fail to notice that.

“What’s wrong with Jaime? She’s Wyatt’s girlfriend from Christ sake” Mickey said beside her.

“They broke up already,” she said.


Jaime faced Layla.

“See? Keep smiling, don’t listen to what others say”

“Thanks Jaime,” Layla said.

She went to her seat and Jaime went to his.

“So, can you tell me what’s fu-cking going on? What if Wyatt was in the [email protected]? This wouldn’t have ended well, you know?” Mickey asked, scolding him.

“Wyatt is just a stupid he-goat” Jaime said.

“Could you believe he was dating Layla just to spite me?”

Mickey [email protected], same with Lilian. Her guess was right after all.

“WTH!” Mickey exclaimed.

“Layla overheard his discussion with his friends, she’s so hurt right now” Jaime said.

“Poor girl, she must have been so hurt,” Mickey said.

Jaime nodded. He glanced at Lilian.

“What’s wrong with you?” He asked.

“She’s been that way since I arrived” Mickey chirped in.

“Is something wrong?” Jaime asked.

Lilian shook her head with a smile.

“I’m fine. I was worried about her, but it seems she’s fine with you by her side” she muttered.

“That jerk, he really deserves some beatings,” Mickey said.

“I’ll be going to my seat, see you later” Lilian said and stood up. She walked away.

“Isn’t she strange?” Jaime asked Mickey.

“How?” Mickey asked back.

Jaime sighed.

“Nevermind. How was your weekend?” He asked.



Silence descended the whole place after the confession.

Charles’ arm, which was around Hailey, loos£ned a bit as a result of the shock.

“I love you” Hailey repeated again.

“Hailey” he whispered, breaking the hug to look at the woman who had managed to capture his heart. The woman who was staring at him with the most affectionate look he had ever seen.

He still couldn’t believe his ears? She loves him? Like she really does??

This was like a dream come true for him, to him, this was the best thing he had heard in years.

Hailey’s heart was palpitating wildly as she waited for his reply. He wasn’t saying anything and that scared her off. Was she too fast?

She just couldn’t control herself as he wouldn’t stop driving her crazy with his words and actions.

Before she could say a word, Charles carried her in his arms like a baby, her legs instinctively going around his wa-ist. His hand held her hips delicately before locking li-ps with hers.

Their li-ps moved together in a slow motion as they headed towards the room.

Hailey clings more tightly to him, balancing her arms on his shoulders, not wanting to let him go anytime soon.

They got to the bed and they both fell on it, without breaking the ki-ss..

Charles caressed her hips as he ki-ssed her more [email protected] as her strawberry taste filled his mouth.

Hailey’s heart was hammering [email protected] against her ch-est as the ki-ss went de-eper.

Charles broke the long ki-ss, staring into her beautiful eyes.

“I love you more, baby. More than you can ever imagine” he whispered.

He rested his forehead on hers and lic-ked her li-ps slowly.

“Stop that” Hailey smiled.

“That’s gross,” she added.

Charles lic-ked her li-ps again and she hit his ch-est.

“I love you” he muttered.

“Be my woman, Hailey Brooklyn”

Hailey smiled, caressing his ne-ck slowly.

“I’ll be yours” she whispered.

Charles smiled widely before attaching his li-ps on hers again. This time, he didn’t waste time before pushing his tongue into her mouth.

Hailey welcomed his li-ps on hers happily as she ki-ssed him back with the same vigor.

Their li-ps bit, teased and swiped romantically as they couldn’t get enough of each other.

To Charles, he doesn’t want this day to end. This was one of his happiest days.

He broke the ki-ss and his f!ng£r trailed on her li-ps.

“You’re the sweetest thing I’ve ever tasted, Hailey” he whispered.

“Me too, Charles” she whispered back.

He planted a ki-ss on her li-ps before placing his li-ps on her ne-ck, suc-king it de-eply.

Hailey [email protected] softly as her hands got tangled up in his hair.

“I won’t break your heart, Hailey. I swear with my life” he whispered against her ne-ck.

She smiled and held him closer to her as he continued suc-king her ne-ck.




It was closing hours, the students were planning to go home, while some had already left the [email protected]

Lilian carried her bag without zi-pping it, her mind was faraway.

Tracy and Pearl exchanged glances.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Pearl asked.

Lilian stared at her.

“You left your bag unzi-pp-ed which is so unusual” Tracy said.

“I’m fine,” Lilian muttered.

“Are you sure?” Pearl asked.

Lilian nodded and zi-pp-ed her bag.

“Let’s go,” she said.

“Huh? Just like that? Ain’t you waiting for Jaime?” Tracy asked.

“He’ll probably prefer Layla to me”

“Wait… Are you jealous right now?” Pearl asked.

“Are you kidding me right now?” Tracy scoffed.

“Of course not. It shows she’s jealous right now,can’t you see?” Pearl asked.

“Do you like Jaime?” She asked again.

“Stop saying rubbish, Pearl,” Lilian said.

Tracy glanced at Pearl before staring at Lilian.

“Wait… Is that true? You like Jaime?” She [email protected].

“What’s the use? He’ll never notice me anyway since he’s in love with Layla” Lilian said.

“Whoa! This is so shocking” Tracy muttered.

“Can you see I’m right?” Pearl said

Lilian stared at Jaime who was busy talking with Mickey. She sighed before looking away.

“Let’s go” she muttered and left the [email protected] Maybe it’s best if she just buried the feelings, she just started liking him so it won’t be [email protected] if she stopped doing so.


“Lilian is gone? She didn’t even bother waiting” Mickey said.

Jaime glanced at her seat to find it empty. They were the only ones in [email protected]

“She might have decided to go with her friends,” Jaime said.

“Maybe” Mickey shrugged and they both went out of the [email protected]

They met Wyatt outside, he was alone.

When Wyatt sighted Jaime, he walked to him.

“What are you here for? Leave before I do something bad to you” Mickey spoke out.

“I’m not here to fight with you guys, I just need your help. Layla is still mad at me…”

“Do you expect her to be happy with what you did?” Jaime interrupted him.

Wyatt sighed.

“I know I was wrong but can you please help me to beg her? I’m badly regretting my actions right now” he muttered.

“Have you forgotten why you dated Layla in the first place?” Jaime asked.

Wyatt stared at him.

Jaime shook his head before walking away.

“Serves you right. You wanted to use her to get to Jaime but look at what happened in the end. So pathetic, that was the dumbest decision I’ve ever seen” Mickey muttered before leaving.

“fu-ck!” Wyatt roughed his hair.



“Seriously, you’re not going to tell me who Charles is?” Sebastian asked Leah.

“I already told you he’s Hailey’s boyfriend,” Leah said.

“That’s not true! Hailey doesn’t have a boyfriend!” Sebastian frowned.

“Hailey isn’t a little girl anymore, Seb. She’s old enough to have a boyfriend” Leah said.

“Don’t you think it’s time for her to be happy? You know our daughter, Seb, let’s give her a chance to be happy please” she said.

Sebastian sighed. He just doesn’t want his daughter to get hurt.



Stephanie scrolled through her phone as she read everything information on Charles.

She checked his relationship status and she creased her brow when she saw ‘single’.

“Single? Doesn’t he have a woman?” She muttered as she remembered the woman he came with at the Gala.

She checked all his pictures and there wasn’t a single picture of him with a woman.

She let out a smirk after she was done.

“So, that was a lie, huh?” She chuckled.

“Getting him back won’t be [email protected] after all” she smiled.

With the way things are going with Alberto’s company, she could s£nse that he would be going bankrupt soon. And what’s the use of staying with him when he doesn’t have money again??



Hailey stood und-er the shower, the water cascading through her skin.

She touched her li-ps as she remembered the ki-ss she and Charles shared that afternoon.

She still couldn’t believe she have a boyfriend now and the feeling felt so good.

“Are you gonna spend the whole night there, Cara Mia?” Charles yelled from the room.

She smiled before switching off the shower. She picked a towel and wrapped it around her body.

“That’s not gonna be a bad idea” she yelled back.

She opened the door and met Charles just beside the wall, waiting for her.

“I was thinking of coming to join you there. It won’t be bad spending the night there together, right?” He smiled.

“Pervert” she shot.

Charles stared at the white towel which was hugging her flawless body seductively, his s£nses fell to a de-ep pit immediately.

Her hair is sticking to her face stubbornly, making her look so seductive right now.

He smiled and pulled her to him, resting his hand on her wa-ist.

Hailey’s hand went to his b-are ch-est as he was shirtless. They both stared at each other’s eyes, Charles’s own fixed on her w-et li-ps.

“You look so hot, baby” he whispered, brushing his li-ps on hers.

“I can never get tired of ki-ssing you,” he muttered.

“Are you really going to be this Naug-hty?” She asked with a grin.

“I can be Naug-hty for you” he mumbled before claiming her li-ps in a hot ki-ss.

His hand caressed her b-are shoulder as his li-ps ravished hers hungrily.

The ki-ss was getting hotter as seconds [email protected] and none was ready to let go.

Their bodies pressed heatedly against the wall as the ki-ss kept going de-eper and de-eper.

Charles’ li-ps left hers as he trailed hot ki-sses down her collarbone. He lic-ked it slowly, grazing his teeth on the skin tenderly.

Hailey bit her li-ps as she held his shoulder.

Charles ki-ssed her ne-ck before moving his face to her ch-est. He ki-ssed the little fresh that was showing at the top of the towel and Hailey’s eyes flew open.

He touched the hem of her towel and tugged at it gently.

“How do you want our first night to be?” He asked softly.

“What?!” Hailey mentally screamed.


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