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the billionaire’s obsession episode 32 & 33

(Craving for the whole of her….)


By, [email protected] B.



During the drive to the airport, Hailey kept staring outside the window, her mind very faraway.

Her mind went to her Mom’s words last night and she felt that somehow she was right.

During her highschool and college days, she rarely kept friends. Once her [email protected] is over, she leaves the school to meet up with her part-time jobs. She’s never dated before, she doesn’t even have the time for guys, she’s not ready for heartbreak or shits like that.

And now, she found her heart beating for her Boss ever since the night she went for dinner.

Or was it before? She didn’t even know.

“Are you okay, Miss?” Lewis’s voice broke her out of her thoughts.

She took her eyes from the window to look at him.

“Yes, I am” she forced a smile.

“You kind of seem special to the Boss, are you sure you’re only his secretary?” He asked.

“What do you mean?”

Lewis chuckled.

“I’m sorry, it looks like I’m intruding into your private life. Pardon me for that” he muttered.

Hailey sighs. She wasn’t even in the mood for any conversation.

How was this trip gonna look like? With her Boss who wouldn’t stop fluttering her heart?

After a long drive, they finally arrived at the airport.

Hailey alighted from the car and Lewis did too. He helped her with her luggages and they walked to the spot where Charles was waiting for them.

On sighting him, Hailey’s heart skipped a thousand times. He was looking so hot that she momentarily forgot how to breathe.

Was he always looking hot or did she just notice it now?

“We’re here” Lewis announced when they got to Charles.

Charles nodded and glanced at Hailey who seemed to be nervous.

She was looking beautiful as always but there was something odd about her, her hair was packed in a ponytail.

He frowned. Didn’t he tell her to always let it down?

“Good morning, sir Charles” Hailey greeted.

Charles ignored her and faced Lewis.

“Get the luggages into the jet. We’re leaving now” he said before walking away.

Hailey bit her l!ps and followed him behind.

Lewis and the other bodyguards followed them with some carrying Charles’ traveling bag.

“Wow!” Hailey exclaimed, staring at the jet in front of her.

“What are you doing? Come in” Charles said to her. That was the only word he has said to her since she arrived.

She arrived and they both entered the jet. It’s a private jet.

“What about your guards?” Hailey asked when she noticed his bodyguards were not with them.

“They’ll take another plane” Charles simply said.

“What a waste of money” Hailey mumbled but Charles clearly heard her.

“Welcome, Mr. Monterio” a female attendant greeted them.

Two attendants carried their bags to the cabin, while Charles and Hailey were led to a chair. They were facing each other directly, a table was between them.

“Would you like to take something sir?” The attendant asked.

“Wine will be okay,” Charles said.

“No problem. And you, Miss?”

“I’m fine, thank you” Hailey shook her head with a smile.

The attendant disappeared and returned with a bottle of wine and a [email protected] cup. She poured the wine into the [email protected] and left them.

Charles took the cup and sipped the wine slowly. Hailey was quiet throughout, clutching the flask with her tightly.

She didn’t even know how to tell him when it was clear that he’s busy avoiding her.

Charles stared at the flask in her hand before looking at her.

“Did you bring your food along?” He asked.

Hailey placed the flask on the table and pushed it towards him.

“My Mom asked me to give this to you as a token of appreciation” she said.

Charles stared at her.

“Thank you for your help sir, but I’d like it if you don’t interfere in my family affairs anymore” she said.

“I don’t know how you found out about the debt, but please stop prying into our lives anymore”

Charles chuckled.

“You really love making me angry with your words, don’t you?” He asked.

Hailey scoffed.

“I should be the one angry here, not you, Mister,” she glared.

“Firstly, you klzzed me without my permission and I found you klzzing another woman right on your laps!” She half yells.

“And then, you started avoiding me. You even went to the club with your friend! You don’t even care about my feelings!” She shouted.

Charles smiled.

“I thought you don’t care about what I do with my life” he raised his brow.

Hailey went silent. What’s wrong with her?

“Since you don’t care, I don’t see a reason why me going to the club bothers you” he said.

He glanced at the flask.

“I’ll accept this all because of your Mom, and you don’t tell me what to do, Miss Brooklyn. I chose who I want to help” he said.

“They’re my parents!” Hailey shot.

“More reason I’d love doing more than that for them” he said.

Hailey groa-ned. Why was he doing this to her?

He’s hurting her with his words and actions.



“Alberto, what’s going on? You haven’t been yourself since yesterday” Stephanie said immediately Alberto returned from the bathroom.

“Damn that Charles,” Alberto muttered.

“Charles? What did he do?” She asked.

“He f**king took my investors away from me” he fumed.


“There’s no other choice but to attend the Gala in Italy tonight” he said.

“I thought you rejected that” Stephanie said confusingly.

“Well, I’m gonna accept that now. I need to get my investors back” Alberto said.

“Get your things ready, Stephanie. We’ll be leaving for Italy before noon. I’ll get our flight ready” Alberto said.

He faced the mirror, clenching his jaw real [email protected]

Charles is really stepping on his tail and he would never allow him anymore.

Tonight, he’s gonna get all his investors back.


“Sir, please put on your seatbelt. The plane will be landing soon” the attendant said to Charles.

Hailey opened her eyes and yawned softly, she slept off when she couldn’t take the silence between them anymore.

“So soon?” She mumbled.

She glanced at Charles who was busy pressing his laptop with de-ep concentration.

She sighs. She wondered how the trip was gonna end when things were like this between them.

“Put on your seatbelt” Charles said without staring at her.

She did as he said.

Soon, the plane landed. They alighted from the plane and were led to a car. There, Charles’ bodyguards were already waiting for them.

“Whoa! They got here pretty fast” she smiled.

“Welcome, Boss” Lewis greeted.

“Drive us to the hotel” Charles ordered. He owned a hotel in Italy.

“Yes, Boss”

Charles opened the car door for Hailey, she smiled before entering. He entered and sat beside her and the car drove out of the airport.

“Are you hungry?” Charles asked Hailey.

“Are you talking to me?” Hailey asked, pointing at her ch-est.

“Obviously. Did you see anyone here?” He asked.

“Well, I’m not hungry” she rolled her eyes.

“Fine,” he shrugged.

“Fine? Just fine?” Her eyes went wide while staring at him.

“I hate you,” she said to herself.

She folds her arms across her ch-est sulkily.

Charles chuckled as he stared at her. Well, his games seem to be going the way he planned.


They arrived at the hotel and Hailey marveled at the luxurious building. With Charles around, she’s been visiting a lot of beautiful places.

They entered the hotel and the receptionist smiled when she sighted her Boss.

“Good afternoon sir, it’s been a long time since you visited here,” she said.

Charles nodded.

“The key to my suite” he simply said.

She handed it to him and he gave it to Lewis. Lewis left with some of the men who carried their bags to the suite.

“Let’s go,” Charles said to Hailey. They left and the receptionist wondered who Hailey was.

“Is she his girlfriend?” She asked as her heart pricked with jealousy.


They arrived at the suite and the bodyguards left them alone.

Hailey looked around the room in astonishment. This was like heaven!

“Stay in here, I’ll be back soon” Charles said and went out of the room.

Hailey walked around the suite and she smiled. This was really beautiful.

Her eyes caught the pool and the sudden urge to dive into it overwhelmed her.

She was a good swimmer and it has been long since she swam.

She took her eyes away but it kept betraying her as she kept staring at the pool.

“Just a little, let me swim a little,” she muttered.

She didn’t bother bringing a bikini along since they were on a business trip. So, she simply took off her clothes.

She puts on a singlet and a bum short before making her way to the pool.

She dipped her leg in the pool and she m-oan ed out. The water was so cool, she couldn’t even resist jumping into the pool.

She dived into the pool and she swam forth and back, enjoying the coolness of the water.

“This feels so good,” she m-oan ed.


Charles returned to the suite and he creased his brow when Hailey was nowhere to be found in the room.

“Where’s she?” He searched everywhere but there was no glimpse of her.

“F**k! I clearly told her not to go anywhere” he mumbled.

He went outside to talk with one of his business @ssociates, he’ll be attending a gala tonight and that was the main reason why he came to Italy.

And each business man was to come with a woman, he didn’t know how to tell Hailey so he lied that he was meeting with a business man.

He was about to leave the room in search of her when he saw a figure in the pool.

Who dares enter his suite without his permission?? He moved closer and he was surprised to find Hailey in the pool.


Hailey was still swimming in the pool when she saw Charles walking towards her.

Her eyes widened, she was only in her singlet! She wasn’t putting on a bra.

“You really love disobeying me, huh?” He smir-ked.

“Leave” Hailey said.

Charles smiled. He removed his jacket and jumped into the pool.

Hailey’s eyes widened as he swam towards her.

“Why? This is my pool so why should I leave?” He asked.

Hailey tried to move back but he stopped her by placing his hand on her wa-ist.

His hand went to her hair and he removed the band that was holding it. Her hair fell loose into the water, giving her the seductive look.

“I told you to always let it down,” he muttered, staring at her w-et l!ps.

He planned on ignoring her but he couldn’t. He missed talking to her, he missed teasing her and all that.

He carried her and she yelped loudly. He winked before swimming to the edge of the pool.

He made her sit on the block and he stood between her legs.

“I’m sorry” he whispered.

“I didn’t go to the club last night with Jace, I couldn’t. I was only pranking you” he muttered.

Hailey felt relieved with that. She almost died thinking he went to the club.

His eyes went to her ch-est, her bo-obs were showing with her [email protected] n**ples.

“I should be the only one seeing you this way” he whispered.

Hailey’s heart was already beating fast. She couldn’t even do a thing but to watch him, she didn’t even have control of herself at that moment.

“Hailey” he whispered.


He pulled her head closer to him before crashing his l!ps on hers. The feeling when he klzzed her was really great that he badly wished to experience it again.

Hailey responded to the klzz hungrily, that it even surprised her.

It was at that moment that she realized how much she missed him, she really missed talking to him.

What was this feeling?

Charles caressed her body as the klzz went de-eper. He shoved his tongue into her mouth, exploring every corner of her juicy l!ps.

Slowly, he parted his l!ps from hers staring into her eyes with love and affection.

“Be my woman… For tonight” he whispered.

He smashed his l!ps on hers again, this time klzzing her very [email protected] and de-ep.

He klzzed her way down to her neck, then to her neck before his l!ps captured a n**ple through her singlet.

He was su-cking her through her singlet.

“Charles” Hailey m-oan ed softly as a new feeling overwhelmed her.


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