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pregnant for the enemy episode 77 & 78






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💋 Episode 77💋

Arya’s Pov:

I drank from the [email protected] of milk before dropping the [email protected] on the table.

I turned my Mom who was combing my long shiny hair.

“Am so nervous Mom” I started.

“You shouldn’t be my darling.. why are you nervous? Don’t you want to be discharged from the hospital or are you not tired of perceiving the scent of the hospital?” Mom nudged me as I smiled.

“Of course I miss our house mom! As a matter of fact am really tired of being here in this hospital but am still nervous” I gulped.

“You don’t have to be my child.. they are only going to remove the bandage on your face so that everyone can see your beautiful face again so you should be so excited” Mom said as I forced a smile.

“Am very happy mommy… Thank you so much for being with me till the end of this phase” I said with a smile.

“Oh come on my child! Am your mother and I will never ever leave you to suffer alone cos we are always in this together” She patted my hair.

“Thank you so much Mom! Am very happy to have you right by my side” I throw my arms at her as she hugged me tightly.

“Always my child.. I will always be here no matter what happens” She replied.

“You don’t have to worry cos soon this bandage will be taken off and you can be free.. I can’t wait to see your beautiful face my dearest daughter” Mom said as I chuckled in excitement.

“I love you Mom” I said with a wide smile.

“You know I love you so much too baby so it’s mutual and maybe I even love you more” Mom winked at me as we shared a laugh.

“And again Mom I really want to thank uncle Leo for helping out with the bills if not then I would still be with my bruised face” I said.

“Yes baby.. he has really helped our family so much and he deserves every thanks and more” mom said.

“But mom where is my Dad? Why is he not with us to complete our family?” I suddenly asked as mom choked.

“What?’ mom managed to say as she cleared her throat noisily.

“Yes Mommy… Where is my father? Why isn’t he with us?” I continued asking.

“Come on my dear you shouldn’t be thinking of that… What you should be concerned about is how to get out of the hospital” mom said forcing a smile at me.

“Of course Mom you know I will be discharged soon according to the doctor but that’s not the issue… I really want to know why we aren’t with my dad and why you don’t always talk about my dad” I continued pressurizing her.

“I think that should be a talk for some other day baby we have to do the needful for now” Mom kept shying away from the question.

“I’ve been asking you this Mom for some years now yet you don’t want to give me a reply and each time I talk about it you always shy away from it” I sniffed [email protected]

“Come on child… I didn’t say I won’t answer your question! Am just saying that this isn’t the perfect time for the question so maybe some other time we can talk about it” Mom patted my hair.

“I really want to know Mom” I hugged her tightly.

“You shouldn’t pressurize your mommy Arya! I already promised you that I will tell you that later at the right time” She said.

“You have been telling me that for the past fourteen years Mom and am tired of hearing you say that” I argued.

“You know I…” Mom tried to say but she was interrupted by the doctor who walked in with a nurse.

“Here we are…” The doctor announced.

“Oh doctor; we have been expecting you as well” Mom smiled at the doctor.

I only forced a smile at the doctor.

“You don’t need to be nervous little one your face will look beautiful as it has always been ok” The doctor patted my shoulder.

“Thank you doctor” I mumbled.

“Alright then we should commence” The doctor said as I nodded my head.

“I’ll be right back” The doctor said as she left the ward.

I wanted to continue the question I was asking my Mom but she quickly walked out with the doctor too.

Aliyah’s Pov:

I walked out of the ward with the doctor cos am sure Arya would want to keep asking me about her father which I don’t want to talk about…

I took a de-ep breath as I paced around nervously.

How do I explain to Arya that she will never be able to see her father?

I can’t let her have anything to do with him.

Not after all we went through to get to this stage of our life.

Why does she still need her father in the first place?

Aren’t we happy?

Don’t I give her anything she asks for?

So why is she so eager to meet her so called Father.

I hope she forgets everything about this question of hers cos I don’t know what to tell her if she asks me anything concerning her father again.

I don’t even know which answer to give her if she comes up with the question again.

Am definitely not going to tell her that he is alive.

Maybe I should tell her that he is dead and gone for good.

That’s the best reply so that she will stop pestering me and asking me about Arthur.

Arthur is our past and our past he shall remain.

I won’t let him find his way back into our lives.

He has a family now so he should be with them happily.

I can’t just come in and destroy his family with our past.

Arya will never know anything about him or that she ever had a father.

I will make sure of that…

I was still in my thoughts when the doctor doctor came forward.

“Shall we?” The doctor said as I nodded my head.

We walked straight into the ward…..






🥰Pinky Preshy Chioma 🥰

💋 Episode 78💋

Arthur’s Pov;

Coming back to the house I live with Natasha felt more like hell for me.

Going back there each day makes me feel so miserable even without being miserable.

What baffles me is how the one I saw some months again seems to disappear from this planet.

Am so sure that I actually saw my Aliyah that day and I have been trying my best to find her but all my efforts keeps proving abortive no matter how [email protected] I try.

Why is life being so unfair to me?

I have a feeling I will find her in no distant time.

I will do whatever it takes to find her and make her mine.

You might be wondering what will Natasha’s fate but you see right now I don’t care.

Am so tired of depriving myself of the true happiness I deserve which am not getting from Natasha.

We might have stayed together with each other for a long time I still don’t love her.

I have tried so many times to grow that love but I just can’t.

Why is all this happening to me?

I drove my car abs£ntmindedly.

The thought that the business trip is over and that am coming straight to the house made me get depressed the more.

Nothing in that house gives me happiness.


Of course I don’t feel anything like love for her at all.

Then my son Patrick… That’s even the worst of it all.

He has been a pin in my neck and I always wonder if that boy is really my son.

He gets into trouble each and every time.

Always tainting the name of the family and dragging the name of the family in the mud.

He never ever gets himself into anything useful.

It’s always from one problem to another with him.

The fact that am going back to them makes me so downcasted.

Of what use is it going back to family when there is no joy going back to them.

Sometimes I wish I never had to meet Natasha.

Am so sick and tired of her being in my life.

It would have been better that I had no wife than to have one that am always disappointed to go back to.

My life has been hell with both of them pres£nt in my life.

I drove straight into the compound wearing a long face as usual.

I got down from my car and opened the car boot.

“Good evening sir” The gate keeper bowed slightly as he greeted me.

“How are you doing?” I managed to ask him.

“Am fine Sir… Welcome back home” he said as he carried my luggage and walked into the duplex.

“Thank you so much Miguel” I managed to force a smile at him.

I can’t afford to let them know am wearing a long face after such a long time of seeing my family.

I should be happy but I just can’t pretend when de-ep down there is no excitement.

I followed him after closing the car boot with my briefcase.

I walked right into the quiet duplex.

It has always been quiet like a graveyard cos there is no form of happiness in the house.

“Where are you taking those to? And what are those?” Natasha asked Miguel as she saw him with the luggage.

You are surprised right?

She doesn’t even have any idea that I was coming back today cos I didn’t bother to tell her.

“Uhmm… Ma’am Sir is back and these are his things” He replied as she quickly stood up.

“My husband is back??” She asked in surprise as she walked out to meet me.

“Honey..” she called out as she hugged me and I hugged her too coldly.

“You didn’t tell me you will be coming back today Arthur?” She asked as I dis£ngaged the hug.

“You won’t und-erstand” I said not knowing what else to tell her.

“You’re welcome back home Arthur.. if I had known you are coming then I would have prepared something really special for you” She said.

“Why? Can you even cook?” I said with sarcasm.

“Arthur?” She called in disappointment.

“Uhmm… I mean the maids are here to do the cooking so you don’t have to bother yourself preparing anything for me” I said as I headed straight upstairs.

“If you say so Arthur! You go freshen up then come to the dinning for dinner” She said acting all kind and sweet when I know it’s all a charade.

“Let’s go Miguel” I said as I walked upstairs straight to my room.

I sat heavily on the bed yawning tiredly.

I really need to catch some sleep cos am fvcking so tired.

I walked straight into the bathroom and took a warm shower before putting on my pyjamas.

I jumped on my bed already dozing off when I heard a knock on the door.

“Who could be disturbing my sleep?” I scratched my head yawning again and again.

“Who?” I managed to ask still fast asleep on the bed.

“Sir it’s me Sarah” that is one of the maid in the duplex.

“What is it Sarah?” I asked still really tired.

“Sir I just wanted to call you for dinner.. it’s ready and served” She said.

“No thank you! I don’t wanna have dinner cos am ok” I said covering my duvet properly.

“Sir? It’s actually ma’am who said I should call you cos she knows you must be hungry” She continued.

“Are you deaf or something? Or do you choose to be dumb for no reason?” I was started to get annoyed.

“No Sir” she snapped immediately.

“Then do what I told you… Go down and tell her that am not hungry and that I already had dinner” I said as she nodded and walked out of the room.

I continued sleeping.

What’s so special in eating together with them in the round table like we are happy when we really are not happy.

What will that add to our lives?

Pretending to be happy when none of us is happy.

Am tired of pretending like we are happy when we are not.

This is not a definition of a perfect family that I want cos am not getting what I want marrying her.

The thought that she made Aliyah leave me with our unborn baby in her w-omb makes my hatred for her grow each hour.

Aliyah should have been the one am with and am sure I will be so happy right now leaving in peace.

But she ruined in all my dreams with her selfishness.

Of course she only cared about what she wanted and not what I wanted.

I never wanted to end up with her but she made me loose the only person I truly loved.

I have to find her at all cost.

I have to find my Aliyah… Who knows how our child together will look?

She must be as beautiful as her mother am sure.

Am sure it’s gonna be a baby girl…

I don’t know why I should end up with this wicked lady.

She even told Aliyah’s Mom that her daughter is dead.

I need to rest my head for the meantime I can’t afford to get so angry this night.

Mrs Natasha’s Pov:

Patrick spooned the pasta into his mouth as I turned to him immediately.

“What’s wrong with Patrick?” I eyed him as he shrugged.

“What happened Mom? Did I do something wrong?” He asked about to spoon another into his mouth when I stopped him.

“You shouldn’t be eating Patrick! Come on son we should wait for your father so we can eat together” I said as he shook his head in disbelief.

“Is that why you stopped me mom? You wanted us to wait for him to come downstairs before we can eat our dinner?” He scoffed.

“Well of course is something wrong with that? Isn’t he part of the family and even head of the family?” I continued.

“You can wait for him Mom but I can’t do that am really sorry” He snorted.

“And why is that? We are a family and we should eat together so that we can stay together” I said.

“I don’t care about whatever quote you are going to drop mom? He can eat when he gets downstairs so I can eat my food if I choose to and I mustn’t wait for him before eating” He replied sharply.

“You know that isn’t nice right son?” I patted his shoulder.

“Mom?? I don’t und-erstand why you keep saying we are together as a family when we are not” He said.

“What do you mean by we are not Patrick? Aren’t we leaving together?” I eyed him.

“We might be sharing everything together Mom but I don’t know why I feel like Dad doesn’t love us as a whole” He said as I [email protected]

“Shhh… Why are you saying that? You know you shouldn’t say things like that right?” I stopped him.

“That’s just how I feel Mom.. at least I can still say what I feel right? That’s exactly how I feel and that’s how it looks” He said as he ate the pasta.

“Please do this for me son.. let’s just wait for your Daddy to come downstairs before eating” I convinced him as he dropped the fork.

“Argghhhhh… This is just freaking me out mom” he rolled his eyes.

Just then, the maid rushed downstairs.

“Where is he anyways? Won’t he came quickly cos am starving” Patrick rolled his eyes.

“Calm down son! He will surely come to eat with us” I said.

“Sarah where is my husband?” I asked as she bowed her head.

“He said he doesn’t want to eat” She mumbled.

“What? What are you talking about?” I asked with furrowed eyebrows.

“He said he has eaten so he doesn’t want to eat tonight and that you people should go ahead and eat” She explained.

“Have you seen that Mom? That’s the one you are looking out for telling me not to eat so that we can wait for him to come join us on the table” Patrick chuckled sarcastically.

“Patrick??” I called.

“What Mom? Isn’t it the truth? You stopped me from eating so that he can join us so tell me can I eat now?” He scoffed.

“Go ahead and eat and stop speaking in such a manner about your Dad that’s just not fair of you and you know it’s I said.

“Whatever mom! What he did isn’t fair as well and he should fair” He clic-ked his tongue and continued eating.

I gulped [email protected] in disappointment.

He shouldn’t have done what he did should he?

Kim’s Pov:

I bit my f!ng£rs boiling with rage.

Anger burnt through me like I was going to collapse.

If not for the fact that am not fully recovered then I would have gone to meet that hoer and teach her the lesson of her life.

Why is she always trying to steal everything from me?

I won’t stop until I make her pay for what she’s doing.

I can’t wait to meet Martin and then he has a lot of explanations to do for me.

What will he be doing with that girl in the first place?

He went to the hospital to go see her after the humiliation she gave him back in school.

Is he und-er a spell or something?

I was still sulking when my mom walked in and held my wrist.

“The doctor said you will be discharged a day after tomorrow baby then you will start school as soon as possible” She said.

“That’s good” I managed to say as I turned my face away.

“What happened baby? Are you ok? Did someone annoy you child?” Mom asked anxiously.

“Am so heartbroken Mom!” I burst into tears immediately.

“My goodness what happened? Tell me baby? Who is making you so sad?”she asked.

“It’s Martin” I burst into tears the more.

“What?” Mom widened her eyes…….


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