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pregnant for the enemy episode 84






?Pinky Preshy Chioma ?

? Episode 84?

Aliyah’s Pov:

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Is this really Arthur standing right in front me?

How the hell did this happen?

When did he find me and how did he get straight into my room in the first place?

Is this not extra ordinary?

“What are you doing here Arthur?” I asked trying so [email protected] to hide my shock.

“Aren’t you happy to see me after such a long time? Don’t I deserve a hug from you my darling?” He said still smiling broadly at me.

“I ask again Arthur how did you get here and what are you doing here?” I asked again.

“I have come to take her Aliyah! I have come to take our child… I came for our daughter” He said as I [email protected]

“What child? I don’t know what you are talking about but I @ssure you whatever it is that you are driving at is not funny at all” I managed to speak.

“I want to see her.. I really need to see our daughter and that’s why am here” He said as I gulped [email protected]

“We had no child Arthur as a matter of fact I don’t have anything to do with you, not now and not ever so stop this game that you are playing” I said.

“A game that am playing? Just tell the child about her father” He said.

“Leave my house Arthur! I said you should leave before I lose my patience” I shouted so [email protected] on top of my voice.

* *

I jumped up from the bed sweating profusely.

I looked around the room but there was no one else in the room.

I thought Arthur was…

Wait… That was all a dream?

My heart was beating so fast that I couldn’t even breath.

What type of a dream is this? Why should I dream about Arthur?

He shouldn’t be in memory cos I strongly believe that I have forgotten everything about him.

If only Arya agreed to leave this town with me that would have been the best decision in the whole world.

If we are able to leave this town then am sure Arthur won’t be able to find us.

I have a feeling Arthur is somewhere but I don’t really know where it is he is.

I got up from the bed and walked straight into the bathroom to wash my face.

It looked so real and wasn’t in any form like a dream.

I was already getting scared and nervous as I prayed inwardly that Arthur doesn’t get to cross paths with both my daughter and I ever again.

Suddenly I heard a knock on the door and my heart skipped a beat.

Is my dreams about to come through?

Who could be on my door?

I wasn’t talking to anyone but to myself as I glanced at my wrist watch.

I walked straight to the door and took a de-ep breath before opening the door.

“Hey what’s up girlfriend!” that was Dora’s voice.

She pushed me aside as she walked in with lots and lots of groceries she was carrying.

I took a de-ep breath in relief.

“Oh Dora” I managed to call as I gulped [email protected]

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost! What’s the problem? Did something happen?” She asked already walking straight into the kitchen with the groceries.

“Oh nothing! Actually I was taking a nap that’s why my eyes are still dull” I said trying to cover up.

“You’re taking a nap? Did you forget that your daughter is coming home tomorrow at the earliest?” She shouted from the kitchen.

“I got so tired that I didn’t even realize when I slept off” I laughed out loud.

“I don’t blame you girlfriend.. at least after all the late night sleep in the hospital I think you need a lot of rest but don’t also forget that you promised your daughter that you are going to prepare her favorite” She said.

“You are right! So what do you have there?” I asked as I walked to her in the kitchen.

She was already bringing out the stuffs in the shopping bag on top of the kitchen slab.

“Some veggies for salad and some fruits for juice” She said.

“That’s so nice of you! We don’t actually have any veggie or fruits in the kitchen” I started.

“I thought as much so I had to go to the grocery store for some grocery shopping” She replied.

“I can’t wait to have her back to the house again so this place won’t be so quiet like a grave yard” I smiled.

“She’s also so excited to come back home again.. am sure of that” Dora said as we shared a laugh.

“At least a dinner together will make her so excited” I replied as Dora nodded in agreement.

“Of course like a get together dinner for her recovery” She supported.

Martin’s Pov:

I couldn’t help but drool over her as she stared at me.

She looked more beautiful than she was cos her face was actually glowing.

She looked exactly like an angel as she smiled at us.

My goodness.. her smile was driving me crazy and I felt like am going nuts.

Idris nudged me and cleared his throat noisily and that smacked me out of my thoughts.

“You guys came so early.. you know I thought you said you guys were far from the hospital?” Sofia asked in surprise.

“Actually I couldn’t.. I couldn’t.. I couldn’t wait to see her beautiful face and..” I stammered.

“What?” Arya asked.

“I mean I couldn’t wait to see how you are fairing since your girlfriend Sofia said you will be discharged tomorrow” I said covering up.

“Oh yes.. umm.. I will be discharged tomorrow” She smiled again.

I hope I don’t die staring at her beautiful face and she keeps on smiling at me.

“We had to come as fast as possible.. we wanted to see how your friend is doing” Idris said breaking the silence.

“Oh thank you so much guys for coming to see me.. am really very grateful to you both” She said.

“By the way we bought some things for you” I said handing her a nylon.

“Really? You shouldn’t have! I don’t really wanna be a bother” she calmly said.

“A bother? Hell no! You are not a bother and will never be” I said as she smiled back.

“Thank you so much for this” she replied taking the nylon.

Brenda’s Pov:

“I don’t know why am feeling this way but I just feel I have to tell you what I think” I said as I drove Natasha in my car.

She was still putting on the [email protected] to hide the bruises in her eyes.

“What are you talking about Brenda?” She asked with so much concern as I took a de-ep breath and gulped [email protected] before speaking up.

“I have a feeling that Aliyah is not really dead” I said as she [email protected] in shock.

“What? Why did you say that?” She asked anxiously.

“We have every reason to believe that she is still alive and you should know that” I said as she bit her li-ps before turning back to me.

“You are right! No one saw her dead body and I was the one who concluded her dead” She agreed.

“Good! So what if she’s still alive what do you think will happen to your marriage with Arthur?” I asked as she [email protected]

“Arthur will definitely choose her over me that’s what am sure of” she cried.

“Come on girlfriend I didn’t tell you this for you to start crying cos it won’t help us” I said as she nodded her head.

“What do we do? What do you suggest I do? I don’t want Arthur to leave me” She asked anxiously sniffing so [email protected]

“That’s what am thinking! What if we try to find that Aliyah” I suggested.

“Find Aliyah? Where do you think we will find her? It’s almost fourteen years since she left with her pregnancy?” Natasha scratched her head.

“I know! But I still believe we can do that” I said.

“If truly we are going to look for her.. how do we do that?” She asked anxiously.

“Leave that to me girlfriend! We have to find that Aliyah before Arthur does cos if he does then consider your marriage annulled” I said as she [email protected] in shock.

“Help me Brenda! I don’t want him to leave me.. I don’t want Arthur to leave my son and I.. not after the sacrifices o made to be with him” She cried out.

“You know I won’t let that happen right? I won’t let that happen to you my friend I got your back girlfriend” I said as she smiled slightly.

“So tell me what’s your plan?” She asked.

“First we have to find out if Aliyah is still dead or alive then we can be able to trace her and find her before Arthur does” I said as she smiled mischievously.

Anita’s Pov:

Kim continued sobbing as Olivia and I tried to calm her down.

“Will you stop crying already Kim? You asked him out and you are still the one crying?” I said as she eyed me.

“What would you have me do? I was so disappointed to know that he went back to see that girl in the hospital” she burst into tears.

“That girl seems to have nine lives and she’s not gonna get destroyed easily” Olivia replied.

“Crying won’t help you! Besides Martin is still your boyfriend no matter what” I said.

“Are you dumb Anita? You should have seen how he was talking about that girl like she’s so important to him even more than I am” Kimberly cried.

“I told you what I think but you guys refused to believe me right? I told you I think that girl is finally getting Martin to her side” Olivia said.

“I will never let that happen..” Kim screamed.

“You know what? You shouldn’t worry Kimberly.. she’s finally coming back to school and I trust you will make life hell for her” Olivia said.

“I wonder what Martin saw in that girl in the first place because I can’t see anything special in her” I said.

“That girl ever since she came to the school has become so much trouble for me.. she has been a stumbling block for me and she wants to steal everything from me but you know me guys I can never back down” Kim gritted her teeth.

“That’s the spirit Kimberly.. you shouldn’t let that girl turn you into a weakling cos I know you to be very brave” I said.

“But what about finding the one who stabbed you?” Olivia suddenly brought up the topic.

“Honestly I can’t remember anything nor even a thing but that’s not the main issue here.. I can’t wait to be discharged from this God damned hospital so that I can posses my possession” She said as we shared a laugh.

Mrs Roselyn’s Pov:

I drove straight into the dungeon and got down from my car.

The tug walked out of the house wearing smiles on his face but I didn’t even bother to smile back at him.

“What’s the news that you couldn’t wait to share with me?” I asked.

“We found out something concerning your daughter Aliyah” He said.

“My daughter? You mean my Aliyah?” I quickly turned to him.

“Yes ma’am and what am going to tell you is surely going to brighten your mood up” He asked.

“Go ahead and tell me! Am eager to hear what it is that you have to say” I said anxiously waiting to hear what he has to say about my Aliyah.

I pray and hope he has some good news for me.

“We found out that your Aliyah is actually not dead” He said as I [email protected]

“Excuse me! What did you just say?” I asked to make sure I heard him correctly before jumping into conclusion.

“You heard me ma’am Roselyn! We investigated like we promised.. my men and I found out that your only daughter Aliyah Dela Cruz is still alive and so is her only daughter your grand child” He said as I jumped for joy…..


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