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PISTOLE E SESSO episode 28


[ Guns and S*x]

# 4 in the DE LUCA SERIES

✍️ By authoress lenity Faithful


Tags ☠️: Mafia , love , arrogance ,Hot , £r0ti¢ billionaires , Ruthless , Genius, forbidden.

©️ Copyright [ Do not copy or Repost without permission from me the writer or else …You’d not like my actions ]







” Wait what ? ” Enrico said immediately .

” You’re not Deaf Enrico I’m preety sure you heard me the first time” he said and took a drag from his cigar .

” How is that even possible Eros ? I mean Padre knows One can’t keep a cheating wife in the mafia the punishment is for her is Death ” I said trying to stay calm .

” Dominico is staying Quiet because ….He has too much skeletons in his cupboard which of cause Ilaria will still expo-se in the long run ” Eros laughed.

” Fvck ” Eros cursed .

” I feel like this is going no where I mean ….how why ? Enrico asked besides me .

” I can’t answer anymore of your Questions after all you won’t think about my proposal” he said flashing his famous Grin at me .

” I am married Eros and you should get married too you’re not getting any younger” I teased as I got up .

” Meet up tonight I’d take you to where you’d meet the Mr Armani in flesh ” he said and took another drag as he walked towards his room

” time ? I asked .

” 9pm s£nora ” he said and looked away.

” You’re gonna go out with him ? Enrico asked .

” He might be a flirt but Eros is a man of his word this is not the first time I’m working with him so chill ”

” I’m chill ..
As long as this doesn’t cost you your marriage” He said and I rolled my eyes.

” Why do you think working with Eros would cost me my marriage ? We’re just gonna go out … nothing other than that” I said and He sighed .

” What should I do to help ?

” Monitor Padre and the Business ….I think Ilaria is up to something really big ” i said and got into my car .

My Ride back to the De Luca Estate was a Quiet one .

I had many Questions as to why all these things was happening and Padre didn’t care or just pretending not to care. .was she blackmailing him ? If yes with what ? I rubbed my face in frustration as I pulled into the Estate .

I packed my car and my way inside .

” Good evening Ma ” I greeted madam Giovanna .

” Andrea Dear how have you been ? She asked and I smiled .

” Fine ma ” I said and she gave a nod .

” I can see that I’m happy you’re happy dear ” she said with a welcoming smile .

” I have a date with Santi tonight and I’m waiting for Bella to come help me pick a Dress ” she said smiling.

One thing I noticed about ma’am Giovanna was her Amazing Dress s£nse I won’t be suprised if this woman is a shopaholic if that’s even a word .

” Hey Rea ” Bella said coming in .

” I’m sorry I’m late mom ” she said klzzing both sides of Giovanna’s face And I Decided to escuse them .

I could hear the faint Sound of their laughter as I made my way upstairs towards our room I bumped into Aria’s Son .

” Sorry Andrea ” he apologized with a blush on his cheeks.

” Hello no that was my uncle’s wife …you know I can’t leave fine I’d come online” I heard him say and looked at his back in amusement.

Was he talking to a girl ? How old is he again ? He should be around nine or ten right ?

These mafia kids . I walked into our room and shut the door moving towards the closet I picked out a Red dress that Ended just after my Butts and matching heels .

I strolled towards the De Luca’s Weapon house to Request for a Gun .

” Welcome Ma’am ” they greeted in unison .

” I need a Gun ” I said and One of them moved letting me in so I could select my choice .

I smir-ked at the Different Types and other Deadly weapons .

The De Luca’s are Dangerous people anyways so this wasn’t a suprise .

I picked out two of my favorite before walking out of the place as the Doors closed .

When I got back to the Room I noticed Sergio had called me twice .

I made to call him but Decided against him …instead I went untop of to try and get some sleep .

That’s when my phone rang .

” Cupcake ” he said immediately I picked up .

” Gio” I muttered und-er my breath from the stress .

” How are you ? Did you sleep well ? He asked and I chuckled.

” It’s evening already Sergio that was last night and yes I slept just fine …how are you ? I hope you’re taking good care of yourself ? I asked which made him chuckle.

” I miss you ” he said and I smiled .

” Me or …” I trailed Making him Laugh.

” You …Doll I miss you ” he said and I smiled

” Me too ” i said softly.

” You too ? He teased .

” I said I missed you too ,do you have to tease me always ? I asked to which he chuckled

” Hopefully we would be back in two days and Wrap up ilaria’s Case ” he said and I rubbed my forehead

Tell him about Eros ” my heart whispered.


I’ve been doing things on my own ever since and besides Sergio would say a big No when he finds out I hanged out with Another man for a shoot .

Eros should be around 38 or nine …

He thought me my hacking Skills ..He’s also a high skilled Computer Genuis to look out for .

It’s just sad he and Padre do not agree on so many things .

” Are you okay ? I heard his sweet voice and smiled .

” I’m good just stressed ” I said and he sighed .

” I have to go Baby take care of yourself and stay indoors Please listen to me Neomi ,I know you’ve been taking care of yourself for Years but just don’t go out tonight” he said and I rubbed my forehead.

” I …can’t I have to go out tonight” i said and he fell silent at the other end.

” Why ? He asked .

” Padre is unwell I …. wanna go check on him ” i lied through my teeth .

” Oh is it serious ? He asked and I heard the shuffling of papers and the Don’s voice.

” I have to go I will check up on you before you go to bed ” he said and ended the call .

Why did you lie ? My mind asked immediately.

It’s not necessary but knowing Sergio he would freak out and that would cause a really serious Argument Between the both of us .

He wouldn’t find out and if he eventually does I’m not doing anything wrong … Padre’s sick and I was at the Valentino’s estate today …

It was almost time when j strolled out of the De Luca Mansion All dressed up .

I dailed Eros number immediately which he didn’t pick on time .

He said he’d s£nd a car to pick me up on our usual stop so I didn’t take any of Sergio’s cars .

” s£nora…” He greeted with a smile immediately he noticed me come out of the car he s£nt .

” Cut it out Eros where are we going ? I asked to which he laughed.

” Impatient as always I must say you looking Hot . ” He said to which I rolled my eyes.

” You said I should look good “I fired at him .

” I said so ? Oh forgive my manners s£nora you looking stunning every time ” he grinned as his hand went around my wa-ist we strolled into a hall and that was when I noticed it was a party .

” Seriosely Eros ? You brought me to a party ? I asked and he chuckled.

” Not until you know whose party this is Darling” he said his thick Accent dropping off every word .

” Whose is it ? I asked and he rubbed his Beard.

” Mr Armani’s …” He said and truly when my eyes looked closely he was the same man with Ilaria that night .


” So what are we gonna do now ? I asked.

” Really ? Andrea ever since you married that kid you’ve been acting stupid ‘ he cursed .

” Sergio is not a kid Eros ” I fired to which he chuckled darkly .

” What you would have done to any Bastardo Buttercup …” He smir-ked naughtily.

” This is a game I’m not willing to play I know I’ve been Seductress and all but My Husband wouldn’t take it ….” I trailed.

” This is mafia Business Andrea …I didn’t bring you all the way here for you to start Filling my brains up with your Husband” he said arrogantly .

” Fvck you ” I cursed und-er my breath.

” It has been my intentions from the beginning too bad you chose the De Luca ” he grinned .

I walked [email protected] him to get a drink from one of the waiters there .

I sipped from my wine [email protected] as I smiled Sweetly .

” Who is this Beautiful Damsel ” I heard and turned immediately.

” Huh …” I trailed feigning innocence.

” I’m Vito …Vito Armani ” he said and I nearly threw up because he has nothing on My Father .

I mean why Does Ilaria choose him instead of Padre ?

” I’m …” I opened my mouth to speak .

” Giana ” i said not Revealing too much for the old hag .

There is a possibility he knew who I was from Ilaria , and there is also a possibility he doesn’t… So if the later is the case the fvcker shouldn’t know.

” You look so Beautiful like….” He trailed and I didn’t miss the list in his eyes.

” Mind having a drink ? I asked sweetly as I gestured towards the bar stand in the party and he grinned.

I wore a bob wig …and my eyes where in contacts …so it’s gonna be preety [email protected] to figure it’s me anyways.

As we strolled towards the bar I Checked my ring f!ng£r …I had taken off my ring for a night plus I didn’t come out with my phone .

” You’re so funny Vito ” I laughed to his lame jokes as I touched his arms Sweetly .

This was his fifth bottle and the An*Mal was far from done as he Drank like a fool .

” I like you Rea ” he said and I nearly gagged but held it in .

” Oh Vito dont you have a wife ? I asked and he laughed .

” She’s currently out for a more serious business” he grinned.

” So you do have a wife ” i said interestedly.

He had a wife ? That meant one thing ilaria wasn’t only cheating on Padre she has two Husband’s ?

Because so far we haven’t heard anything about His wife or family i rubbed my forehead almost going mad with rage .

” I really want you ” he trailed staring at my dress as it riled up .

” Oh please your wife ” I played along .

” She’s always away with her family …don’t worry I have everything you want ” he said and I chuckled at his stupidity

He thinks I’m some war who’s Desperate for wealth ? You should be lucky I haven’t k*lled you B*stardo

” We can always go to your place ” I said smirking seductively as his eyes trailed my Bossom.

“Sure Gia…” He said and s£nt his hand to my wa-ist .

Eros Winked as he joined us …from a Distance …

” Hotel …” He mouthed Immediately we got outside ..I hadn’t made it obvious we we’re talking to each other.

Mafia men where smart for all we knew he had people watching from the shadows.

When we got into his Expensive car he asked his men to drive to one of his Hotels whilst trying to klzz me .

” Be patient Vito …” I said rubb-ing his th-ighs with a chuckle.

” I can’t wait to Ravage you ..
” He said lic-king his l!ps .

When we got to the so Called hotel …my eyes roamed Around Makin an exit plan in my mind .

My eyes clashed with someone who walked in right after us and smir-ked when I noticed Eros .

We checked in and immediately we got into the So called room I brought out the injection and s£nt it into his skin ..

He cried out as he staggered backwards.

” What are you doing ….? He asked trying to stay awake.

” This would be over before you realize it ” I whispered as he fell asleep.

I helped him on the bed and covered him the Duvet.

Too bad for the old hag thinking he’s getting laid …I got into the bed and and brought out his phone .

I opened it with his f!ng£r prints then scrolled through it .

It didn’t take long for me to take everything I wanted .

I placed the phone back in and as I got down to leave the Door opened and two huge Guys entered the room .

” Hey …” I smiled sweetly at them .

” You’re with the Don ? They asked strictly.

” Ya …we just finished..
.” I trailed off and as o tried to Walk [email protected] them .

” Wait stop right there ” one of them said and pointed a gun right at my head .

I raised both hands as I smir-ked .

Sh!t about to go Down


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