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PISTOLE E SESSO episode 27


[ Guns and S*x]

# 4 in the DE LUCA SERIES]
✍️ By authoress lenity Faithful


Tags ☠️: Mafia , love , arrogance ,Hot , £r0ti¢ billionaires , Ruthless , Genius, forbidden.

©️ Copyright [ Do not copy or Repost without permission from me the writer or else …You’d not like my actions ]






♣️ SERGIO ♣️

” I’ve prepared everything we need for the transaction plus I’m Working on the other stuff ” i said to [email protected] as I walked [email protected] him With a [email protected] of Alcohol.

” Where are you going ? He asked when he noticed me walking to my room.

” My Room I need to Call Neomi ” i said and he stared at me with eyebrows raised.

” I thought you wanted to get married at 50 ? Are you inlove with her ? He asked as he took a sip from the Alcohol in his [email protected]

” What ? I asked as my eyes snapped towards his Direction where he sat down in a three piece suit and well polished shoes.

” I’m not saying you can’t fall for Neomi Sergio ..I have no rights to just be careful it’s not like I don’t like her for you ,I do I’m just finding it [email protected] to fully trust her after the stunt she pulled at the masquerade ball” he said and I took a de-ep breath in and out.

” Neomi is soft at heart” I said and he gave a nod .

” Have fun ” he said as he strolled upstairs.

I walked over to my room and Decided to give her a call .

I freshened up and wore a black shirt paired with sweatpan-ts.

I sat on the bed and dailed her number .

” Mia Cara” i said immediately she picked up .

” My peace ” she said teasingly and I fell Quiet immediately .

Fvck it sounded so sweet and warmed my heart immediately ,am I being Bewitched or something ? I wondered as I lay on the bed properly.

” Say it again” i said and I knew she’s probably smiling right now .

” My peace ” she said again and i chuckled softly .

” I didn’t think I would leave to see this day ” I said Dramatically.

” Oh please” she said as I laughed at her expense .

” How are you ? She asked and I looked around my luxurious room as I sighed .

” Fine I’m missing you badly …” I confessed sincerely, the lonely room just makes me imagine the Naug-hty things I would have been doing to her .

” I miss you too …I’m scared I’d have nightmares if I try to sleep” she said and I frowned .

I hated the fact that she was hunted in her dreams by her past .

I used to have nightmares too but they weren’t as serious as Neomi’s.

” You won’t because I’d be talking to you until you fall asleep” I said she fell Quiet.

” I didn’t know there was such a sweetheart behind that fvck boy who wanted to get in my pan-ts” she said and that really got to me because I laughed.

” I didn’t know I had this side inside of me mia Cara.

” I guess we bring out the best of each other” she said softly.

” What are you wearing” I asked bitting my lower li-p and I can imagine her Rosy cheeks red in a blush .

” Your shirt ” she mumbled softly.


” und-erwear ? I asked as my voice pooled with Desire .

” Sergio ” she said and i could feel the suprise in her voice .

” You’re such a Bad guy”she said Softly .

” I’ve always been one Doll….Now be a good girl ” I said and she laughed.

‘ I know where this is heading are you trying to fvck me through the phone Sergio ? She asked and I chuckled.

” Scared ? I asked.

” I’m not scared…I just that sounds so Naug-hty I don’t think I ….” She trailed.

” You’re so unromantic mia Cara c’mon it’s gonna be fun…since I’m not there you’re gonna have to do all the work yourself ” I said and heard the erratic sound of her heart .

” Now do something for me Baby ”

‘ what ? She mumbled softly.

” Take off your pan-ties ” i said and she fell Quiet.

” Neomi ….” I called.

” Done ” came her nervous voice from the other end .

” Now close your eyes. ..and s£nd you’re hands down there ” I said.

” Sergio I’ve never
…..” She trailed.

” Ssssshhhhhh just do it Mia Cara ” I said and heard her mo*n softly.

” Rub it softly and imagine my …hands going in and out of you ..” I whispered as Pictures of our nights together filled my mind .

” Aahh…” Came her beautiful voice from the other end. .

” So soft ….so Sweet ”

” Work it ….”

” Picture it in your head mia Cara …how I eat you out you drip juices all over for your king ” I said and she cried out .

” Sergio …”

” I can feel it …I can feel you so close ” I said and closed my eyes from the feelings doing this had excited in me .

” I’m close ….I’m so close ” she whimpered softly and not too long she cried out my name as I su-cked on my bottom li-p .

” You’re such a dirty minded person” she said and I laughed at her frustrated voice .

” You like it Cupcake ,you could have easily said No ” I said and she shut up .

“Gio ”

” Hmmmnn ”

” What are you gonna do about it ? She asked and I chuckled

” Do about what ? I asked feigning innocence.

” stop teasing me ” she whinned.

” I can take care of that love but when I get back you’re paying for getting me so [email protected] without a solution ” i said and she Chuckled.

” Good night Mr De Luca ”

” Good night Mrs De Luca ” i said and she laughed .

” Is there a time difference there ? She asked ..

We talked about lots of things before she suddenly fell Quiet and I didn’t need to be told I knew she’d fallen asleep .



Last night with Sergio was crazy we talked about Different crazy things and I was beginning to feel like a teenager in this relationship .

I always had no time to given in to such pleasures in the past ,I had never even touched myself in the past but yet he made me make myself C*m on my own .

Since Sergio wouldn’t be back until maybe even a week’s time I decided to do more Research on Ilaria on my own and maybe Mr Armani and what Better way was there than going to my father’s Estate ?

I prepared to leave for the Valentino Estate ,So I freshened up and changed into a mini skirt and a fancy shirt which I paired with fancy sandals .

I picked my sling bag and placed my phone in it .

I Decided to drop by the kitchen for a Quick coffee and maybe have breakfast at Padre’s .

When I got there , there was this Beautiful lady that looked like a model having coffee.

She looked really preety in her office wear as she brewed the coffee with a spoon .

” Good morning you must be Neomi ..pleasure to meet you ,I’m Cora Bella’s Best friend / manager …” She said and shook hands with me .

” Oh so you’re Cora …I haven’t seen you around here …but Bella speaks good of you ” I said and she chuckled.

” I’m fine Ive just been really busy lately starting up my own fashion company and all its been hectic , I base at the Us though” she said and I smiled .

” Nice to finally meet you I’m heading out though ” i said as I brewed my own coffee .

” Have fun ” she said whilst scrolling through her phone .

Cora looked like this No nons£nse type and a Serious Business woman …

She had walls surrounding her heart because mere looking at her you’d notice none of her smiles even dreamed to reach her heart .

I dropped the cup as I headed out of the House .

When I got to the Valentino Estate …the guards bowed in respect as I made my way in .

I parked my car and walked into the Main mansion.

” Good morning Ma’am Andrea ” one of the maids greeted .

” Good morning have you seen Enrico ? I asked and she smiled .

” He must be upstairs with the Don ma’am ” she said and I strolled towards Padres room .

I knocked Twice

” Come in ” came his voice filled with Authority.

” Good morning Padre ” I said and he smiled.

” Andrea dear I was about to call you ” he said and coughed .

” Are you okay Padre ? I asked with concern.

” Oh it’s okay just a slight cough ” he said and rubbed his face .

” it doesn’t look like that to me have you had medication for it ? I asked and he sighed .

” I’ve been really busy lately dear ” he sighed .

” Too busy to take medication…and what has your wife been doing she let you rot ? I asked Angrily.

I was never fond of Ilaria and finding out about her dirty secrets is just adding up to the hatred .

” Ilaria is out of the country for Business purposes” he said and I stared him shocked.

That sly B!tch so this is what she told him ? That she was out of the country such shameless act just to be with Mr Armani .

” Are you okay Dear ? Padre asked .

” I’m fine Padre ” I said and Enrico rubbed his forehead.

” We have been having Troubles with our shipments lately , Cardo is working on it though he said it’s The Armani’s but nabbing them has been a really big problem so far ” he said and I gave a nod .

” We’d work on it Enrico … come on Padre you need to take your medicines” I said and he Chuckled as he walked away with me .

I made sure he ate something took some drugs before I saw him off to his master’s room where immediately he lay his head on the bed he slept off sweetly .

” Sweet sleep Padre ” I said and he smiled.

” You spoil me too much …’ he said and I held his hand.

” You are my Father …if I don’t spoil you who else should I spoil ? I asked and he raised a brow .

” A certain De Luca ” he teased and my cheeks heated in a blush .

I stayed with him until he fell asleep .

I walked out of the Room and Enrico followed me .

” What’s up Rea ? I know you’re hiding something ” he said as we walked together.

” Ilaria lied when she said she’s out of the Country Enrico …she’s in this Country and you know the worse thing she’s cheating on Padre ” I whispered and he stared at me wide-eyed.

” WTF ? Rea do you hear yourself ? What if it’s a misund-erstanding ? He asked pannicking.

” Lower your voice Valentino” I said and he rubbed his face.

” How can I lower my voice you just shocked me Andrea ” he said and I looked away as we walked out of the mansion.

” Ilaria is a cheat Enrico and the most annoying part is she’s the one selling us to the Armani’s that’s the most painful part of the story ” I said and he sighed .

” I always knew she was a greedy woman but seriously after everything father did for her ? He sighed .

” Once a Shameless woman always a shameless woman ” i sighed .

” So what do you have up your sleeves ? He asked and I smir-ked .

” First of all I need a meeting with Eros … About this ” I said and Enrico frowned .

” Eros ? Fvck why Eros of all people Neomi ? You know how much he wants you and you feel that’s the right person to Help you Catch Ilaria red handed ” he warned .

” Eros and I have been working together for years hand in hand if there’s one person close enough to Ilaria who else other than Eros ? I asked as we made way towards Capo Eros .

He’s one of Padre’s most Trusted men in the Valentino Mafia family . He’s Dangerous and smart but one Red flag is the fact that he has always wanted to fvck me and he Doesn’t hide it .

Cardo might have hidden his feelings for years but Eros tells it to my face that he wants me in his bed .

When we entered his space the guards bowed .

” Valentino ! ” I said whilst making my way into his territory .

The sound of loud music and the Smell of W**d filled the air as we made way into his sitting room .

Two girls where [email protected] his shoulders whilst one twerked on his lap-s .

He smoked like a dragon . Eros was a bad guy and Everyone knew that including me but he has every information one needed to know about this dirty valentino Business .

Padre isn’t that fond of Eros …

Eros happened to be his half Brother and the Bastard son if the Valentino’s.

” s£nora …Andrea ” he said immediately he noticed my pres£nce

” Uncle Eros…” I began.

” Nons£nse s£nora … nons£nse …you’re a of age and beautiful I’m not that old call me Eros ” he said and Enrico rolled his eyes.

” She’s married Capo …you should know that by now and stay within your limits” Enrico said irritatedly.

” You invaded my space ” he said and I glared at Enrico .

” You owe me one Eros. ….” I said and he chuckled.

” And like the Lucifer you are you have come for me to pay my Dept si ? He asked.

” I need some information about Ilaria ” I said and he snapped his f!ng£rs Making his escorts leave.

” What do you want to know ? From the place where they’re marriage is pushing towards divorce ?

Or the fact That Dominico Valentino knows of her illegitimate relationship with Mr Armani ? He asked and I froze on the sp-ot .


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