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mending his broken heart finale

Chapter 111

“Will you marry me?” Gray and Austin asked at the same time.

The family started cheering and clapping.

Noel and Scarlet glanced at each other again and smiled.

“Yes!” Both said and the rings were placed on their engagement f!ng£rs. They hugged while the family clapped.

“I love this!” Quinn said as she put her head on Annabella’s shoulder.

Soon, music started playing and the family kept dancing and singing.


Few days later, wedding preparations kicked in and everyone were going here and there, shopping and doing other things.

Noel and Scarlet went to a boutique for their fitting. They kept testing different wedding gowns while Gray and Austin sat to judge.

“Looks baggy!”

“It fits you two but doesn’t fit you perfectly.”

“Too showy!”

“Too tight!”

“Too short!”

“Come on, you two, you haven’t said anything nice about all the gowns we’ve been testing.” Noel complained.

“That’s because we haven’t seen the perfect one yet.” Gray said.

“Oh! If you can do better, then go in there and choose a gown for both of us.” Scarlet said.

Austin and Gray exchanged glances and smiled.

“With pleasure.” Austin said.

Noel and Scarlet sat down and waited for their fiances to choose wedding gowns for them.

“I’m sure they aren’t gonna get it right.” Scarlet said.

“Yeah. We spent hours going through tons of wedding gowns, I’m sure they’re gonna spend days there.” Noel said and laughed.

Few minutes later, the guys emerged with very pretty and attractive wedding gown in their hands. Noel and Scarlet [email protected]

“OMG! They’re beautiful.” Noel exclaimed.

“Yeah! We decided to choose matching wedding dresses for our brides. No need to thank us, we’re awesome!” Austin said.

“How did you guys do that?” Scarlet asked.

“Do what?” Gray asked.

“It took us hours to pick a wedding gown, how come it only took you two few minutes?” Noel asked.

“That’s because we’re awesome and know what our brides need.” Gray answered.

“We love it!” They exclaimed and hugged Gray and Austin.

“Where is Julie and Silvia? They are supposed to be here so that they can choose same brand since they’re gonna be the ones holding your gowns.” Austin said.

“They’re on their way.” Scarlet replied.

“Hey!” Silvia and Julie waved as they came in.

“Hi girls.” Noel and Scarlet waved back.

“Your gowns are beautiful!” Julie exclaimed.

“Thanks. Our darling hubbies chose it specially for us.” Noel said.

“Wow! Have you tested to see if it fits?” Silvia asked.

“No. Let’s go test it out, Noel.” Scarlet said and they went in. When they came back out, Silvia and Julie shrieked.

“It looks so perfect on you two! Wow!” Julie said.

“Thank you.” Noel and Scarlet chorused.

“We chose same brands for you ladies as well.” Gray said.

Silvia and Julie collected it and ran in. They came out later and smiled.

“You two are so good!” Silvia exclaimed and held Scarlet’s gown then posed.

Julie held Noel’s gown and posed too.

“You ladies look amazing!” Austin complimented and they smiled before going to change.

After coming out they headed for the suit store.

“This time, we’re gonna be the ones to choose matching suits for you two.” Noel said.

“Okay.” They replied and sat down.

Chapter 112

After some testing, the ladies finally settled on a red American-made suit. Same were chos£n for Lucas and another guy who were going to be the best men.

After that, they visited the shoe store, purse store and accessories store where to their greatest surprise, they saw Flora working as a cashier. When she saw them, she buried her head in shame and [email protected]

She saw the news about their wedding too and also found out that the lady she tried bullying was indeed her boss’s fiancee, meaning that she insulted her superior.

She also saw how Camille was being punished and thanked God that she didn’t cross the boundary too much to warrant such a thing for herself.

“I’m sorry for everything I did and how I treated you. I was ignorant then, I’m really sorry.” Flora apologized with her head down.

“No problem, I forgive you.” Noel said.

Flora looked up. “For real?” She asked and Noel nodded. “Thank you! Thank you so much.” She smiled.

“You’re welcome,” Noel said and dipped her hand into her bag. “Here is an invitation to my wedding ceremony, have it.” Noel said and her eyes widened.

“Really?” She asked.

“Yes, dear. I would love to see you there.” She said and they paid before leaving.

Flora jumped for joy that Noel was kind enough to forgive and also invite her over to her wedding ceremony. She felt lucky.

They headed to food palace next to meet Maureen and Mr Osborn. Maureen would have been Noel’s best lady but she said she wanted to be the one serving guests that day.

Mr Osborn saw them and welcomed them.

“You’re most welcome.” He said after they had exchanged pleasantries.

“Thank you, sir. I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have met Gray and gotten hired in his company.

I’m so grateful sir and would like you to be among the guest of honor at our wedding.” Noel said and Mr Osborn smiled.

“Wow! I’m highly honoured. Thank you so much.” He said.

“We should be the one thanking you, Mr Osborn. Thank you so much.” Gray said.

“It’s my pleasure.” Mr Osborn said.

They stayed for a while before leaving. They also visited Mr Liam in jail and gave him an invitation.

“I wouldn’t have given you this invitation, Liam. But I want you to see me succeed where you haven’t.” Gray said.

“There is one last person we need to invite,” Noel smir-ked and they headed for Camille’s cell. She sat down with her head in between her knees.

Noel banged on the jail door and Camille look up. “Hi, Camille! I just came to invite you to my wedding ceremony.

Do you wanna know who I’m getting married to? It’s Gray, my one and only and so you know, I won’t be ditching our wedding for a contract in Korea or any other country.” Noel said.


“Don’t call my name, I am not done talking yet. See, I bought a very beautiful gown for you to wear on that day.

Officers! Make sure she takes her bath thoroughly that day and put this dress and shoes on, I don’t want her coming to s£nd my guests away with her disgusting stench.

After the wedding, you can remove the clothes and shoes then bring her back to her cell.” Noel ordered.

“Okay, ma!” They chorused and Noel smiled.

“Don’t worry, Camille. There are gonna be plenty of food for you and Liam to eat.

I’d advise you eat to your heart’s content that day because that might the last time you will have an adequate and rich meal.” Gray said.

“Goodbye and see you on our wedding day, Camille. Anyways, I forgive you for aborting I and Austin’s child. God will reward you for us.” Scarlet said.

“Same here, Camille. We hope you dance well on our wedding day.” Austin said.

“Thanks for klling me.” Julie said.

“Thanks for klling Teresa as well. Have a wonderful life.” Silvia said.

They took one last look at her and left while she burst into tears, ¢rying profusely. Now, she regrets everything she had done. She felt bad, dirty and unwanted.




The day they were all anticipating for finally came as the couples got dressed and boarded the car to the church for their wedding ceremony.

To Noel’s parents, it was like a dream come true, seeing how happy their daughter was. When they thought that they had lost her, they didn’t know God had a surprise in store for them. They couldn’t wish for more.

To Gray’s parents, it was like stepping into a new era where they could see their finally getting the happiness he deserved.

To Austin’s parents, they were glad that their child finally became a man and is going to live happily henceforth.

To Scarlet’s parents, it was like a day they thought would never come. After all she had been through, God still decided to shower her with love and make her settle down.

It was indeed a day of joy for everyone. Mr Harry, Ryan and Krysten were pres£nt with their first daughter. It was a day of merriment and jubilation.

When the bridal March started, the hall shook with applause at how elegant and beautiful the brides look. Austin and Gray were already at the altar waiting for their respective brides.

The wedding hall was filled to the brim with influential and prominent men from all areas of life. It was going to be the talk of the whole time.

Camille and Liam were with the policemen at a corner watching everything in tears, tears of sorrow, regret and shame.

After the exchange of vows and the putting of the rings, the priest leading the wedding said,

“I now pronounce you, husbands and wives. You may now kss the brides.”

The grooms held their bride’s wa-ists and joined their l!ps together. There was a loud applause in the hall.

Camille couldn’t take it anymore and fa!nted.


After Camille fainted, the police took her out to get some fresh air. Liam just sat down, watching everything like someone who was dumb.

The cake was cut and they hall shook with applause once more. There was music and dance. The joy that filled the air was unmeasurable.

Mrs Monica, Lucas and Annabella’s mum was pres£nt to grace the occasion. Everything ended so well then Camille and Liam were taken back to their cells.



Gray had prepared a surprise mansion as a wedding gift for Noel so they were going to spend the night there.

Gray led her to the bedroom and she [email protected] at how beautiful it was. The perfect designs and everything seemed so good to be true.

“This is the best wedding gift ever!” Noel yelled and hugged him.

He hugged and kssed her forehead. “I’m going to take a shower, wanna join me?” He asked and her face flushed.

“You go ahead. I’ll come and join you.” She said in a nervous tone.

“Okay.” Gray undressed and entered the bathroom while Noel sat and played with her gown. She was so nervous as this was going to be her first time. Is he really going to see her body today? Many questions ran through her head.

She fought with herself and removed her clothes then tied a towel around her ch-est. She sat down and decided to wait till he’s done. She was feeling really shy.

“Aren’t you coming?” He asked.

She cleared her throat. “I’ll come in when you’re done.” She said.

“That’s not gonna happen.” With that said, Gray opened the door and carried her into the bathroom then dropped her und-er the shower and allowed the water to drench her.

“Um… Gray?” She called.

“Shhhh.” He slammed his l!ps on hers and held her head. She wrapped her arms around his wa-ist to support herself. She kssed him back even though it wasn’t the same as the kss they shared before.



Lucas invited Julie over for lunch. For the few weeks he had spent with her, he realized that he was in love with this lady. He would be returning to Los Angeles soon and would love to take her with him but first, he had to do the needful and that is to tell her how he felt about her. He was a reserved person but now, he wants to change that.

Julie dressed beautifully that day. She didn’t want to anger him or appear too showy since he personally invited her for lunch. He s£nt a car to pick her up and Silvia wished her good luck before she left.


She entered the house and the tables were already set. “Welcome.” He smiled and pulled out a seat for her.

“Thank you.” She smiled.

He served the food and sat down facing her. “Dig in.” He said and she started eating.

“This is delicious! Who made this?” She asked.

“Me.” He chuckled.

“Wow! Where have you been all my life?!” She exclaimed and he laughed. After they were done eating, he cleared the table and they sat down.

“Julie,” He called and she turned to face him. “I want to tell you what I’ve been holding in my heart for some days now.” He said.

“Okay, what’s that?” She asked.

He was quiet for a while before saying the words, “I love you.”

Julie’s eyes widened. “Are you for real?” She asked, hoping this wasn’t a dream or a prank.

“Yes. I know that it is sudden but that is what I feel for you. I have pretended for days, trying to deceive myself that it’s nothing but I can’t take it anymore because I can’t help the fact that I love you and would love to have you in my life.” He said and tears rolled down her cheeks.

“I love you too, Lucas.” She said and hugged him. Lucas was so happy and hugged her back. After dis£ngaging from the hug, they looked into each other’s eyes, slowly, slowly then they kssed.


“Come on, Anna. You can’t continue giving me the silent treatment. We’ll be returning to Los Angeles soon. Since we came to San Diego, it is only today that I was privileged to finally meet you. At least, tell me where I’ve gone wrong in our friendship.” Jay said.

He knew that Annabella had been avoiding him for a while now. He tried to see her since they came to San Diego but the girl wouldn’t let him. Luckily, he met her at the park today.

“Jay,” She sighed. “You aren’t wrong or rather, you haven’t done anything wrong. I just can’t stand with you, I get shy when we’re together.” Annabella said.

“Why?” Jay asked.

“It’s complicated but don’t worry, we’ll talk about it in school, okay?” She smiled.

“Does that mean that we’re cool?” He asked.

“Yes,” She walked up to him, stood on her tippy toes and pecked his cheeks. “See you in Los Angeles.” She said and ran away, blushing.

Jay stood and touched where she pecked him then smiled.



The family gathered again for a family dinner, this time, as in laws. Everyone was pres£nt including Mr Harry and Silvia who were now in a relationship.

“I love happy endings.” Evie said and everyone cheered.

“Indeed, it is a happy ending for us all. Cheers to a prosperous wedding, long life, peace and grace.” Mrs Jasmine said and everyone cheered and clic-ked [email protected]

“I’m going to miss San Diego.” Annabella pouted.

“Don’t worry, I’ll come and visit you from time to time.” Noel said.

“I doubt if your possessive husband will allow you. Besides, you also need to go for your honeymoon.” She said.

“After our honeymoon, we’re gonna come.” Gray said and Annabella smiled.

“Speaking of honeymoon, when should we start expecting our grandchildren?” Mr Gerald asked and they laughed.

“Yes, we need grandchildren.” Mr Smith chimed in.

“I want triplets!” Scarlet’s dad said and everyone burst into laughter.

“You’ll have your grandchildren very soon.” The couple replied and the merriment continued.

Camille was later taken to court and was s£ntenced to life imprisonment. Chris married another wife who took care of Trevor like he was her own.

A year later, our couple, Noel and Gray were blessed with a set of twins, a boy and a girl respectively while Scarlet and Austin were blessed with a baby boy.

Lucas and Julie got married too, same thing went for Harry and Silvia. Their homes were blessed with children as well.

Truly, it doesn’t pay to do the wrong thing and wish for the downfall of others. We all have different stars and destinies. What is meant to be will be.


Godstime Is The Best!



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