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mending his broken heart episode 109 & 110

Chapter 109

“Gray, please help me to beg her. I can’t take this anymore.” Camille pleaded.

“The pain you’re feeling now is nothing compared to the knlfe that p!erced my heart when I saw the one I love getting shot in the ch-est and falling down a cIiff.” Gray said.

“I’m sorry about all that. I wasn’t in my right s£nses that was why I behaved like that. I’m sorry, so sorry.” She pleaded.

“I forgive you but you have to suffer. Officers!” Noel called.

“Yes ma!” They chorused.

“Take her outside and give her 50 Iashes of your wh!p, and if 50 isn’t okay by you, you can multiply it by 2. It should serve as her daily meal.” Noel said.

“No! No! Please, No!” Camille yelled as they took her away.

“It’s okay.” Gray hug-ged Noel as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Let’s go home.” Noel said and Gray led her out.

“Mr. Gray, the case has been scheduled for a months time. You have a lawyer already but it seems Camille has none.” Detective Sam said.

“Then make provisions.” Gray said and left with Noel.

They entered the car and he drove her to his house.

“This man doesn’t want me to go to my own house.” Noel pouted as he helped her down from the car.

“Yeah. I’ve found my wife so there isn’t any reason for her to hide anymore. We’re soon going to pack your things and bring them here.

If Lucas and Annabella miss you so much, they can come and visit.” He said and took her inside while she chuckled.

They entered inside and Miguel came to meet them.

“Where are your fellow troublemakers?” Gray asked.

“Quinn and Snow went home. Damien went to drop Annabella off and isn’t back yet.” Miguel said.

“I’m here!” Damien said, entering the living room.

“You guys did something today. Tell us, what is it?” Gray asked.

“How did you know that?” Miguel asked.

“Body language.” Gray said.

“Yeah, you’re right. We did something, something very funny.” Damien said and they laughed.

“It was all Annabella’s plan.” Miguel said.

“If that’s Annabella’s plan then it must have hurt whoever it was carried out on, a lot.” Noel said as she and Gray sat down, facing the two boys.

“Yes! You’re right. We went to pay Camille a wonderful visit today.” Miguel started and Damien completed it by narrating all that happened to them. They burst into a fit of laughter afterwards.

“Serves her right for messing with our family.” Gray said.

“Also, I didn’t know that cells stink a lot. Ewww!” Miguel exclaimed.

“Why won’t it stink? I can’t remember the last time the women there took a proper shower.” Damien said and they laughed again.

“I saw how Snow held her nose when she spoke. It was so hilarious. We had to endure the stench to teach that witch a lesson.” Miguel said and they laughed again.

“How about Trevor, Camille’s son?” Damien asked.

“We paid Chris a lot of money so he could take care of the boy. Also, we told Chris to get married soon so that the little boy won’t lack a mother figure in his life.” Noel said.

“Awwwn! That’s very sweet of you guys.” Damien said.

“Yeah, it’s the least we could do. Where is Lia?” Gray asked.

“She is on her way back from the convenience store.” Miguel answered.

“I’m so stressed out. I need to shower and sleep.” Noel said.

“Yeah. You really need to rest well.” Gray pecked her forehead.

“Can you two stop oppressing us?” Damien complained and they laughed.




Zara was packing her stuff so she could leave the house.

“So, this is goodbye?” Levi asked.

“Yeah. Stop sounding so down. We have each other contacts and can check on each other from time to time.” She said.

“Yeah but it’s not the same as seeing you in person.” He said.

“Is someone taking a liking to me?” She asked, blushing a little.

“Kinda. To be honest, you’re the only friend I’ve had in years. I was so busy helping Camille that I [email protected] made friends. I wasn’t allowed to.” He said.

“Well, now you have all the chances and freedom you need. You also need to go back to your father’s house and claim your inheritance.

You have learnt from Noel how efficient and useful focus and determination backed up with courage is.” She said.

“Yeah, you’re right. I’ll leave after Camille’s trial, you know that I am supposed to serve as a witness ”

“Yeah, that’s right,” She smiled as she packed the remaining stuff. “There! All done! I’ll be on my way now. I believe that I would have a better opportunity in town.” She said.

Levi hug-ged her. “I’ll miss you. Please be safe and always follow your heart.” He said and she chuckled before hugging him back.

Chapter 110


Camille’s parents were in Gray’s house to ask for forgiveness especially from Noel.

“We said that we have forgiven you but we can’t release Camille from jail. I still need to call and ask if she has been flogged today.

You know, instead of eating, she gets fed with a wh!p everyday. That’s fun right?” Noel laughed.

“This is just w!ckedness.” Camille’s father snapped.

“Who are you to judge? You’re calling this wi¢kedness, right? When your daughter abandoned Gray and went to Korea, leaving his heart in pieces, did you call it wi¢kedness?

When he came to your house to ask about Camille but you chased him out instead, did you call it w!ckedness?” Noel snapped.

“That’s not_”

“When she shot me and almost took my life, you knew but you didn’t voice out for her to be pvnished. Isn’t that w!ckedness?” She asked.

“Noel listen_”

“No, Mr Evans! You listen to me, you had the chance to train your child from the onset but you allowed it to sli-p past you.

When she was growing up and developing different habits, you could have changed her because there was still a chance to do so but you didn’t.

Now, who is suffering the aftermath? Your daughter’s hands are stained with bIood of innocent people, who have families as well.

She must be punished. It’s already too late to turn back the hands of time.” Noel said.

“We’re sorry.” Camille’s mum pleaded.

“It’s fine. You two should leave now.” Gray said.

Mr and Mrs Evans couldn’t say anything again. They stood up and left the house. Immediately they left, Austin came with Scarlet.

“Hi guys!” Scarlet ran and hug-ged Noel. “You have a knack for always getting into trouble, don’t you?” She asked, ruffling Noel’s hair.

Noel laughed. “I won’t be getting into any trouble for sometime.” She said and they laughed.

“So, where are we going to celebrate this reunion?” Austin asked.

“We’ll be celebrating it at my parents mansion. All our parents are gonna be pres£nt.” Gray said.

“Cool! I’m sure my parents will be back by then.” Scarlet said.

“We need to wear same color of clothes that day.” Austin said.

“Yeah. We’ll go shopping tomorrow.” Gray said.

“What are we going to eat?” Noel asked.

“Must you always ask about food?” Scarlet poked her forehead.

“Food is life, my dear.” She answered and they laughed.




Julie, Silvia and Marie were watching a movie and having a drink.

“Silvia, you won’t believe what happened?” Julie started.

“Is it about what happened between Noel and Camille?” Silvia asked.

“No, not that. Camille and Noel’s case is all over the news. Everyone knows about that. I’m talking about Lucas.” She said and blushed.

“What happened?” Silvia asked.

“I think Lucas likes me.” She said.

“Are you just noticing that?” Silvia asked.

“You knew?” Julie asked.

“I knew right from the day you fell asleep on his shoulder and he took you to his room.” Silvia said.

Julie spanked her shoulder. “Then why didn’t you tell me?” She asked.

“Ouch! I thought you knew.” Silvia answered.

“Is he cute?” Marie asked.

“What! He is a demi god. So cute with a well built body and perfect eyes. Have you see his li-ps? Oh my gosh!” Julie exclaimed and fanned herself.

“Stop being dramatic.” Silvia said and they laughed.

“I bet she can’t wait for him to propose to her.” Marie teased.

“Even if he asks me to marry him today, I will say yes! Then we’ll do our wedding ceremony the next day.” She exclaimed and Marie threw her a pillow.





They were all seated round the big dining table in the big dining hall, looking radiant, handsome and very beautiful. All their parents were pres£nt and they ate and drank happily.

“Let’s cheer to the return of our daughter, Noella and gratitude to God for saving her once again.” Mr Gerald said as he raised his [email protected] of wine up.

“To Noel!” They all chorused and clic-ked their [email protected]

“Thank you all so much. I’m glad to be back.” Noel said, smiling brightly.

“Angel!” Summer got down from Mrs Rosella’s lap-s and went to meet Noel who carried her. “Angel, bro Gray told me that you travelled to a very far place and that you would bring lots of gifts back for me. Where are my gifts? Where are they?” She squealed happily.

Noel looked at Gray and Gray smiled nervously. She turned to look at Summer, “Yes, I’ll give you your gifts soon okay? You know it’s a lot so I need some time to prepare them, okay?” She said and Summer’s eye lit up.

“Okay. Thank you so much!” She pecked Noel’s cheek and Gray cleared his throat. “Bro Gray, stop looking at me like that.

I am not taking your wife away from you. Jealous bones!” She yelled and everyone burst into laughter including Gray.

“Children of nowadays.” Gray chuckled and Summer glared at him while he raised his hands up in surrender.

They all laughed again and kept cheering and discussing.

When it got to Gray’s turn, he began, “I just want to thank God for all he has done.

For making I and Noel to meet in the most amazing way and for not allowing us to be separated.

This shows that we are meant to be together,” He said and they all cheered. “For the fact that we weren’t able to get married before all these incident, I would like to use this opportunity to propose to my wife all over again.” He said.

“Didn’t you mean our wives?” Austin said.

Gray smiled and both of them knelt on one knee in front of Scarlet and Noel respectively and brought a ring box out. Noel and Scarlet exchanged looks as their eyes widened.

“Will you marry me?”


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