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love over blood 2 episode 70

©Sir Zach


His knuckles turned white as a result of gripping the steering wheel [email protected]

Clement was driving back to his house just after meeting with Alex. He was beyond mad of what Ethan did and how Alex reacted. He did his best to conceil what he did, even threatening the Kersey’s. So how did Ethan know?

He clench his teeth in annoyance. What if the Kersey’s tells them about the whole truth as well? He needs to see the old couple. If he needs to kill them to hide the truth then he will. He smir-ked.

” You asked for this Alex, huh!” He derided within.

After a few more minutes, he thought about his friend. So he took his phone out and dialed his number.

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” Where are you?” He asked the old man when he answered his phone.

” At the Casino, why?” The old man replied.

Have you visited PIZARENA today?

” I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

” Oh, why the sudden? You seems upset?” The old man chuckled.

” I need to talk to you.”

” About what?”

” You want to get a hold of Alex, correct?”

” Aha..” the old man leaned back on his chair as he traces his jaw in awe. Clement seemed like he changed his mind from what they originally planned before. He smir-ked.

” I will help you. I will bring her to you.” He spoke sternly.

” Oh… ha-ha! what made you changed your mind? I thought you love that woman?” The old man was mocking him.

” Love? Tsk!” He scoffed. ” What’s the use of loving someone who doesn’t feel the same way?”

” Ha-ha! I told you many times, right?” The old man is still laughing

” Shut up.” He scowled..

” Okay, okay, fine. I’ll just be here whenever you need me.” Then the old man hung up.

” Alex… I told you to choose wisely.” He tighten his grip on the steering wheels then he speed up.

Meanwhile, Zoren put his phone back on his pocket then stared at the young man in front of him.

” I’m sorry… where were we again?”

” the woman had already left the apartment and moved to Ethan’s house—”

” Oh, so she already seeked his help, huh.” The old man was seemingly in de-ep thought.

” And also, according to my source, they seemed to be planning of something since an army was seen at the hotel.”

” what? An army?!” Zoren suddenly creased his brow.

” Yes Sir.”

Then he chuckled mockingly. ” really? Then I guess they are on the move already.” He was tracing his jaw with his f!ng£r. ” Okay, let’s wait and see what they’ve got then.” His tone was challenging.

Meanwhile, the woman’s shocked expression is not new to Ethan. Of course, who wouldn’t be surprise to hear something unbelievable.

“Yes… Miracle is OUR daughter. I am her biological father.” Ethan uttered.

Alex raised her brow mockingly as she look into the man’s eyes. She twitched her li-ps unbelievingly.

“Ethan, will you stop joking. You’re not funny anymore.” She chuckled.

“Alex… I am not joking.” Then he stood up and went to get something on the table. It was a white envelope.

He took the paper inside it out and hand it to her.

As soon as Alex read what was written on it, she held her breath in awe.

DNA TEST? Positive?! since when did he do it?

“She is our daughter…. You were pregnant when you fell on the cliff. Everybody thought you died three years ago even though we hadn’t found your body in the ocean.” Ethan explained.

“S-so basically, t-the woman in your story…”

“It was you.” Ethan uttered. “And your real name is Aisha.”

Alex chuckled frantically. “N-no… T-that’s nons£nse!”

“I know it seems impossible. But you’ll know that I am telling the truth once you meet your parents and twin sister.”

“Parents? Twin sister?”

“Yes. And the people you saw last night… My grandpa, Shawn and Rio… They all know you. Especially Rio…”

Then suddenly the woman remembered what Rio said about her daughter.

“Mr. Rio… Is he…”

“Your father.” Ethan was about to speak when they heard a familiar voice who had just entered the door.


The woman went speechless.

” I am sorry for intruding. I was [email protected] by when I heard you. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, it’s just that the door was wide opened.” Rio uttered.

Then he stared at the shocked woman.

“Alex… I know it’s too much for a revelation, but you must know that you grew up in my care. That’s the reason why you were able to beat those men in your apartment.” Rio explained.

“Eh?” The woman suddenly yelped. What do they mean?

“You grew up surrounded by Mafia’s. I trained you myself that’s why you know how to fight.” He furthered.

“Eh?” Still shocked.

” I know its [email protected] to imagine and everything is probably diffficult to grasp as of the moment. But Ethan is right, you’ll und-erstand once you meet the other member of the family. For now, let’s settle Zoren first.” Rio continued.

Alex fell silent for a while. Looks like she was trying to sort all the information that she had received today. What a b!0w!

” Alex… or if we could call you Aisha now.” Rio stared at her eyes. ” we are not forcing you to accept everything, but I hope you’ll give us a chance to prove ourselves to you…and to our Mira.” Rio furthered while Ethan smiled to agree with what Rio had just said.

She couldn’t answer them for now. But she tried to for-ced a smile to let them know she und-erstands there point.

Rio smiled back. A piece of his burden suddenly lifted within him. This is one step closer to her. Hope it will soon heal his guilt.

After a few more minutes of having a heart-to-heart talk, Rio left the two to sort whatever they need to sort.

They had packed their things; all ready to travel for how many hours. However, both their wives couldn’t paint their faces as they were both preparing their things all ready to leave.

A few hours ago, Archie came to see Caleb and Hunter to discuss a serious topic. Both Sophie and Lisa doesn’t have any idea as to what is it. But Sophie knew it is surely a confidential one. So she can’t for-ce the two to speak up. It is their code to keep confidential matters a secret since she was once an und-ercover agent too.


” Caleb, Hunter… can we talk?” Archie asked in a serious manner.

They couldn’t say no since they are still enlisted as an und-ercover agents und-er Rio. but they are only being summoned in case of emergencies. Worst, in grave situations.

They went to the mini conference room. Although, Sophie was itching to join them but she knew the drill. Respect. Privacy. Confidentiality.

” What’s the matter?” Caleb asked as soon as the door was locked.

” I’m sure you already know about the [email protected] C that was dispatched in Estrella City.” Archie started.

” We heard about it a few days ago, but we do not have all the details yet.” Caleb replied.

” But we’re curious as to why? What kind of war is it today?” Hunter asked.

Archie paused for a minute before staring at the two sitting beside each other.

” I didn’t know about it until this morning. But I received a call from Rio saying that Ethan called his men immediately the other day…” he paused as if his mind suddenly froze for a few minutes.

” Rio needs your help too.” He contined.

Both men creased their brows in puzzlement. The [email protected] C members were finely trained. They were the best of the best men, but why are they being summoned? What is it today? Or who?

” But why? How dangerous is this mission? And what kind of mission is this?” Caleb got curious.

” And are they together?” It was Hunter who wanted to know if Ethan and Rio are both together right now.

” Yes. Rio went to Estrella City the other day since Master Omni called for him. And he needed to stay for a couple of days more to settle something.” His face suddenly changed into an unbelieving mood.

Caleb and Hunter looked at each other questionningly. The old man’s face shows that he knew something… something that is… ah! Whatever that something is must be important!

” What is it dad? Please tell us what is it.” Caleb asked.

” You’ll know once you get there.” The old man replied..

” Dad!” Caleb scowled. ” Although we are und-er the organization but we still have the choice to choose whether to accept a certain mission or not.” He threatened.

”We can always say no.” He continued. ” Is it more important than leaving our families for a few days?”

Archie suddenly went silence as he delve into his own thoughts. Then after much considerations, he released a heavy sigh.

” I am suppose to let you discover it yourself but looks like it can’t be help.” Then he looked at them both.

” Aisha… she’s alive and she’s in danger!” He blurted. ” But please don’t let anyone know about her existence not even your wives.”

” Eh?” Both exclaimed in surprise. Wait, did they hear their father correctly? Did he just say Aisha is alive? They were still trying to process what he just said.

”Dad… did you just mention Aisha’s name?” Caleb probed hoping that he heard him wrong.

” And she’s alive?” Hunter followed.

” Yes. I know it seems impossible but it is true.” Archie answered their queries.

Aisha? Aisha Mikasa? Their childhood friend? S-she’s alive?! Both went silent all of a sudden.

” Ethan accidentally found her in Estrella City few weeks ago…” Archie added when Caleb suddenly interrupted.

” What? Ethan found her few weeks ago? But why didn’t he inform everyone?!” He’s a bit upset.

” he can’t since the woman lost her memories. She can’t remember any of us, not even Ethan.”

” But what happened? What did you mean she’s in danger?” Hunter probed.

” some men attacked her—–”

” But is she okay?” Caleb asked

” Yes. Luckily she was able to beat them… ah no, she killed them rather.”

” what?! But and why?!” The two men were both astonished when they heard her killed some men. They thought she lost her memories? Or perhaps, she didn’t forrget her skills?

” She didn’t have a choice because those men held her daughter captive. So she killed them in one b!0w.” Archie explained. ” though she didn’t know how she was able to beat them, not after Ethan and Rio decided to tell her about her true identity.”

” she has a daughter?!”they exclaimed in unison.

” yes. And who would have thought that the baby in her three years ago survived the fall?” Archie added. ” I could tell you more but I think you need to fix the things that you needed for now. You’ll know the whole story once you get theere.”

” Dad, wait…” Caleb interrupted. ” But who attacked her?”

” Loansharks…. they were Zoren’s men.”

” What? Zoren? Zoren Zalasar? The owner of the biggest and rich-est Casinos nationwide?” Caleb yelped.

” Yes. She killed Zoren’s men. unluckily, one of the men escaped. He had surely reported everything to his boss.”

” She’s indeed in trouble…” Hunter muttered lightly.

They were both in de-ep thought. They couldn’t even sort their own emotions for knowing that their best friend is alive… she was alive all this time!”

They continued with their conversations for more minutes.

Meanwhile, Sophie had been pacing back and forth while Lisa was worriedly waiting on the couch. Its been an hour and more but they hadn’t gotten out the room yet. Looks like it was a very serious one.

”Do you think they will be out for a mission?” Lisa asked the perplexed woman.

” I hope not.” She responded. Then both heaved a sigh.

After a few more minutes, the three men came out. They were all emitting a serious and icy aura. What could it be?

” Dad? Caleb? Hunter? Is everything okay?” Sophie asked when she s£nsed the dark air surrounding them.

The three men faked a smile. Then after a minute or two, Archie bid goodbye.

As soon as Archie left, the two stared at each other then to their wives.

” What is it? Spit it out!” Sophie yelped.

”Lisa, Sophie… we’re sorry but we have to go. We need to leave for Estrella tonight.” Caleb started.

” But why?” Lisa probed.

” We have to join this certain mission.” He explained.

” Hunter… didn’t we talk about this already?” Sophie growled at him then to Caleb.

” Sophie… I know… but just this time, okay?” He’s not actually pleading but stating a final decision.

After a minute or two, the two men went to their own rooms and packed some of their personal things. Then they went to the weapon storage.

They were seriously choosing some weapons when Sophie and Lisa went to see them.

When their husbands went up their own rooms, Lisa and Sophie stayed for a few more minutes. Sophie was definitely upset but Lisa was trying to weigh the situation.

Lisa already knew her husband. He is sometimes stubborn but he does things with considerations. He got a stern face earlier, that mission must be serious, at the same time, important. Therefore, Lisa tried to convince Sophie to s£nd them peacefully.

” Is it really important?” Sophie asked when she saw how serious the two are in preparing for their weapons.

Hunter stopped what he was doing and faced the woman who was standing at the door. Lisa was with her too.

” Babe, this mission will save a life. In fact, it’s not just a single soul.” Hunter uttered.

” This is our chance to redeem ourselves from our failure to protect someone dear to all of us a few years ago. We failed to save her. But this time, we can’t just stay still doing nothing knowing that a friend is in danger… again.” Caleb added.

Lisa smiled at Caleb to show her support while Sophie lowered her head in guilt when she remembered Aisha. Guess she needs to support her husband on this. She doesn’t have any idea as to who will they rescue now, but one thing is sure, that person must be dear to them.

” Is that person worth protecting for?” Sophie further inquired. Then hunter smiled his widest.

” Yes… but not just worth protecting but that person is worth dying for as well.”


”Mom, what are you doing?” Jane asked when she saw the woman packing some stuffs on her luggage. ” Are you going somewhere?”

Cherry smiled at her. ” I am planning to surprise your father in Estrella.”

” You’re going today?”

” No not today. I still need to see the host of the event for the annual mascarade party to plan our surprise for Ethan’s birthday.”

Jane lit up. Yeah, she has forgotten that they have planned to surprise Ethan on his birthday.

Since Aisha’s death, everyone knew how Ethan struggled and how he punishd himsef by not marrying nor courting anyone else. Rio and Cherry had been encouraging him to forget about their daughter already but looks like he was still on the process of moving on.

Jane, at first, only considers him as a brother, but as months and years [email protected] by, she had unknowingly fell for him. Ethan treats her as a younger sister, but unknown to anyone, the young lady had already fallen in love with him.

Though she knew how Aisha loved the man base on her stories before, when they were on the Island… guess she started liking the man that day. And when she finally saw him and was able to stay beside him for who knows how many times, the man is definitely someone that anyone would die having for.

Anyway, Aisha is gone now. Not that she wanted that to happen but unfortunately, she died. She loves Aisha since she was the first one who treated her well. She became her big sister as well and she grieeved when she’s gone. That’s why she promised her that she will do her best to make Rio and Cherry happy when they decided to adopt her.

And also, she had decided to make Ethan and Eli happy as long as she’s alive. That’s the reason why she had never bothered to entertain any of her suitors till now.

” You’re coming on his birthday party, right?” Cherry asked to make sure that Jane doesn’t have any schedule next week.

” Of course mom! It’s Ethan’s birthday! I should be there.” She was smiling wide.

Cherry paused for a minute or two but suddenly lit up after. She had just noticed that Jane’s not calling the man brother anymore, unlike in the past. She’s a woman too, so she knew what those eyes were trying to imply. She likes the man— oh no, she doesn’t only like him… she loves him!

But Cherry knew it’s futile for Jane to have that feeling towards Ethan since she knew that Ethan only sees her as a younger sister. Furthermore, Ethan wil never see her as a woman!

Is it okay to let her be? Or should she reproach her as early as now?

Then Cherry heaved a silent sigh. Maybe she’ll be able to let go of her feelings once Ethan marries another woman. She only hope that it won’t shatter Jane’s heart.



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