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love over blood 2 episode 65

©Sir Zach


”Stacy…” tears are about to flow but Cherry was trying to control it.

”M-mom, t-there’s blood…everywhere! I-I didn’t kill them… it’s not me…” she scooped her knees after.

Seeing how scared her daughter was, Cherry sat beside her then embrace her tight. Instantly, tears started to stream from Stacy’s eyes.

No one knew what happened and what’s wrong. Everyone has a puzzled look on their faces, Even Jane who was startled earlier. But Rio has his own dreadful doubts. But how will he confirm it…his Aisha is long dead!

After a few minutes, the doctor rushed in with Johnny. He was trying to talk to the woman after checking her. Nothing is wrong to her. Her blood pressure is normal, she doesn’t have a fever either.

But the doctor was able to hear the words she’s saying and he doesn’t have the slightest idea as to why she’s spouting blood-blood over and over again. Therefore, he gave her a shot to let her sleep at the moment. He also gave her a medicine to relax her mind.

” Everything about her is normal, so all we have to do is to wait for her to regain consciousness again.” The doctor notified them.

” Thank you doctor.” Johnny uttered.

” Doctor, will she be alright? If everything is normal, what could be the possible cause of that?” Cherry asked.

” Not sure, Mrs Mikasa. But did she possibly engage into something terrible before she fainted? Cause that might be the nearest explanation we have. Or if not, her subsconsious mind must have recalled something in the past.”

”But she had never seen any bloodshed since…” The woman muttered unknowingly.

” But let’s just wait for her to wake up. Hope we can ask her for further information.” The doctor uttered.

” Thank you doctor.” Rio interrupted then shook his hand before the doctor exited the room.

Bloodshed? Rio was in de-ep thought. Could it be …..

He gulped all of a sudden!

Unknown to everyone, Another woman also woke up in another room. She was sweating profoundly and has been breathing heavily. She had the same nightmare as with the other woman. Blood! she also saw her hands filled with blood and the gun in her hands…then… the bodies everywhere!

Everything should just be a dream. It should only be just a nightmare. Yes, it’s just a nightmare. She resolved within her. But she roam around the room vigilantly, This is a totally different room. But feels familiar. The scent… it’s from…

She wanted to stand up but then she felt her heart. The heaviness within her, it’s somewhat burdensome. Then she suddenly felt sadness… grief…. sorrow…

Unknowingly, a tear drop from her eyes.

Her heart has being shred in pieces. The sudden sadness she felt at the moment. Something is missing. She could feel her heart’s emptiness. It’s something… or someone perhaps.

Why is she feeling incomplete all of a sudden. The feeling of being surrounded by people…Or family…

Ah, those mix emotions, it’s killing her. She could see some blurry faces. But despites wrecking her brain, she couldn’t get a clear view of them.

Dad…mom…? She’s not sure. Blurry tidbits of flashback memories with some unknown faces kept replaying in her mind but she couldn’t sort everything. She’s totally lost and helpless. Why? Why couldn’t she have a clear picture? Why?!

She’s shedding tears… alone. Why is it so painful. Why? She’s nearing her breakdown.

A minute later, Ethan, who went out a bit to take his lunch came back to check on her. But he was so surprise to see a sorrowful woman pouring her heart out.

” Alex!” He exclaimed as he rushed beside her. ” What’s wrong?” He held both her shoulders.

The woman slowly lifted her head to meet his puzzled blue eyes.

” E-Ethan…” she muttered, almost a whisper. Then hugged the man tight and cried on his shoulder for who knows how minutes.

He couldn’t say a word. Looks like the current situation doesn’t need any words of encouragement right now. He just want her to know that she’s not alone.

Her cries gradually refrains until she was only sobbing lightly. While the man kept caressing her back. He can feel the grief alongside her tears. He wanted to know what’s wrong. He wanted to know what’s bothering her, but he chose to stay silent for the meantime.

The woman stopped sobbing after a few minutes. Then she kept a distance after drying her eyes. She looks so weak and helpless at the moment.

” Alex, lay down for a while. I think you still need to rest.” Ethan fixed the bed and laid the woman comfortably.

The woman might have been surprise at how caring the man was but she was too exhausted to argue with him. He was right, she needs to sleep for a while.

The man fixed her pillow then the blanket as if she was a little kid being lulled to sleep.

A while ago, she felt so alone and incomplete. But now that Ethan was beside her, she felt safe now. She smiled weakly.

” Ethan…” she spoked.

” Shhh… go to sleep. Let’s have a chat when you wake up.” He @ssured her with a smile. But then Alex held his arm.

” Don’t worry. I won’t go anywhere. I’ll be here when you wake up.” Then he klzzed her forehead.

She then smile before she totally dozed off.

Ten minutes had [email protected] but he was still at the room staring at the sleeping woman. Then he walked towards the window and looked outside. The woman hadn’t eaten anything yet since this morning. Anyway, he’ll just ask the chef later to bring a healthy food, for now, he is thinking of a way on how to speak with the woman later..

It’s time for her to know the truth about herself. It’s time to reveal her true identity. She must have been confused at what happened at her apartment. She must have doubts and surely had been wrecking her brain thinking how she was able to kill those men. The fear and confusion that he saw from her… it’s definitely terrifying. She might lose herself in the process if left unresolved.

He picked up his phone when he heard it ring. It was Jc, the one he @ssigned to investigate the matters regarding Aisha’s case.

” What have you got?” Ethan inquired.

” Not much but it might help. I was able to trace one of the men’s f!ng£rprints. One of them was called Tobi, a member of a big syndicate that is working with the biggest loan shark in town. He was a collector so perhaps they went to her apartment to collect her debts.”

”Who is he working with?”

” An old man named Zoren. Zoren Rasman.” Jc informed him. ” This man is not your average guy, dude. So you better be careful. Also, you must watch over them wherever they go. This man got a lot of people everywhere.” He warned.

” Thank you Jc.” He sincerely voiced. ” How about the couples who took care of her, did you find them?”

” Oh yes. I am going to s£nd their address to you as soon as this call ends.”

” Thank you Jc, and I am sorry for troubling you.”

” Nah, it’s okay man.” He chuckled. ”Just call me if you need anything again, okay?”

”Not a problem. Bye.” Then he hung up. As soon as the call ended, Ethan once again dialed a number.

” Shawn, come to Estrella City as soon as possible. Bring the best men with you as well.” He ordered.

” Eh?” The man on the other line creased his brow questionningly. Why the sudden call? For the first time in three years, Ethan is seeking the soldiers’ help once again. And he is asking for their best men? What kind of scenario do they have now?

” Not a problem. But is this a [email protected] A @ssignment or B?” Shawn inquired.

” C.” His tone was serious.

What? [email protected] C @ssignment? So it’ll gonna be an intense battle then. As far as Shawn remembered, the first and last case they had in engaging for [email protected] C @ssignments was when they raid the Island where Silver and Liam kept Aisha three years ago.

They got into an intense fight and many lives were lost during that encounter. But what do they have now? Its surely important since Ethan won’t need the best men if it is not necessary.

” Don’t worry, you’ll know the reason why as soon as you arrive here.” Ethan @ssured his friend when he suddenly fell silent. He must have been thinking de-eply wherever he is right now.

” Okay. We’ll be there before dinner.” Shawn @ssured him.

” Thank you.” Then he hung up.

After a few minutes, Ethan heard a knock outside before the door opened. Then a man peeked before he kowtowed.

” Sir, the plane is ready.” He informed him.

” Okay. I’ll be there in a minute.”

Then the man left after. Before leaving the room, he went to klzz the woman on the forehead and whispered something. ” I’ll be right back.”

He wanted to meet those old folks who have taken care of Aisha before. They should answer all his questions and will be able to get an information about the loan shark thingy. There’s no way Aisha would risk to borrow from those kind of people.

Since he is going to use his private jet, he should be arriving at that Island in 10-15 minutes. He really wants to know what happened.

” Where are you going?” Master Omni asked when he saw Ethan rushing his way down the stairs.

” I need to see someone grandpa. Please watch over Mira and Aisha for now.”

The old man couldn’t asked for more information since Ethan had already left. He was in a rush and seems like it was a very urgent matter.

” Grandpa?” A tiny little voice echoed in the hallway. ”Was that daddy?” She inquired.

” Yes. Seems like your dad is going to catch the bad guys who tried to harm you and your mom.” He smiled.

The little kid smiled. ” Ah… dad is so cool!” She exclaimed.

” He is.” The old man replied. ” Now go back to your room. I’ll just need to talk to someone whose dear to your mom.” He beamingly uttered. Then after a few seconds, his phone rang

” And speaking to the devil.” He smiled the widest when he saw who was calling him. Demetrius!

” Ho! I was about to call you, what’s up?” Master Omni yelped excitingly.

” hey, you seem so happy. Did you find someone who is as beautiful as your late wife out there?” Rio joked when he s£nsed the man’s cheerfulness.

” It’s more than that! In fact, it’s far more precious than gold.” he chuckled.

” Well, I’m happy for you old man.” He chuckled. ” Was that the reason why you reinforced the best fighters to rush there?”

The gleeful voiced of the old man suddenly faded. ”Reinforced my men?” Omni raised his brow. ” what do you mean by that?”

“Archie called me to let me know that Shawn had gathered all the best men in the camp. They will be arriving to Estrella City anytime soon.” Then Rio went serious all of a sudden.

” And they were even the [email protected] C soldiers.” Suspicion is all over his tone. ”What’s happening out there?”

Master Omni went silent all of a sudden. He didn’t know about the men arriving since Ethan hadn’t said a word about it yet.

” Rio, I don’t know why Ethan asked them to come but I’m sure it’s a worthy cause.” He replied.

” Oh okay. Since you said so. Just tell me if you need more help.”

” About that, I definitely do.” He smirk as he look at the surprised little girl who had just run inside her room when the old man saw her eavesdropping.

” Tell me…”

Master Omni thought for a while then grinned after. ” No. I rather want you to see it.”



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