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love over blood 2 episode 64

©Sir Zach


Master Omni happily strides the hallway going to the room where Miracle was. As per Ethan, the little girl is somewhat aloof with new people. She’s sometimes rude as well but depending on the situation. Therefore, as soon as he reached the door, he once again wore a stern look on his face.

Then he knocked three times. A few seconds later, Ysabelle opened the door and instantly kowtowed to greet the old man.

“Master Omni!” The woman exclaimed surprisingly.

“Where is the child?” He nonchalantly asked.

“She’s inside, Sir.”

“Leave us first.” He calmly ordered.

“Yes sir!” Then Ysabelle went out leaving the little girl playing with a doll on the floor while the female psychologist was silently observing her.

Master Omni stepped inside. He was looking straight at the little child. Her eyes… She definitely got Ethan’s eyes. There’s no doubt that she’s a Williams! He smir-ked.

The little kid must have s£nsed his pres£nce therefore, she averted her eyes onto the old man who was holding a gold snake cane. She raised her brow questioningly.

“Old man, please take a sit so you won’t tire your feet. Your cane might give up on you.” She blurted out

Master Omni raised his brow in awe. This child is truly rude in an innocent way. Meanwhile, the lady psychologist got the gist on what the little kid truly means. Oh, how she wanted to laugh! But she held it in. She can’t possibly insult the old man!

“Young miss, what’s your name?” He has a serious face on him when he asked the child.

“Mommy said not to talk to strangers.” She said directly.

Eh? Master Omni twitched his brow. He couldn’t believe this little kid! She’s just like her mom. there’s no doubt, he thought when he remembered the moment he first met Aisha. Well, he should not be surprise since Ethan had already warned him.

“People calls me Master Omni and Ethan is my grandson. So if you’re calling him daddy, then what do you call me?” The old man stoop down to sit opposite her.

The little kid was seemingly thinking for a while. After a minute or two, she looked at him in the eyes. He also have the same eyes as his daddy.

“Can I call you grandpa then?” Her eyes were filled with innocence.

“If that makes you comfortable, then let it be.” He smiled for the first time. ”So am I still a stanger to you?” He furthered.

“Grandpa, you look good and less fearful when you smile. You should do that a lot ” she suddenly uttered out of the blue.

“Less fearful?” The old man probed. “Were you afraid of me a while ago?”


“Oh? Really? But you said I’m fearsome.”

“Your scary grandpa,, but I’m not afraid of you. Though others might quiver when they see you.”

“And why aren’t you afraid if others are?”

“That’s because I have a friend like you. An old man who doesn’t usually smile. But he’s kind so I was thinking perhaps you’re the same.”

“A friend at the same age as me?” The old man raised his brow. A little girl who befriended an old man? Hmmm.. She’s quite interesting, huh.

Now his wondering how his great grandkids will be once they meet each other.

“Ehm! He is quite old but his a good friend.” She smiled.

“That’s good for you.” Master Omni uttered. “Do you have any friends at your age?”

“None.” She replied as if it was a normal norm for a child like her.

“Why is that?”

“They don’t like me before but when they met daddy, they flocked to me almost everyday. Fake friends annoys me.”

The old man raised his brow then he looked at the psychologist questionningly. The lady psychologist stared back.

Is it normal for a little girl at her age to think that way? Isn’t she d enough for her age? They were both wearing an unbelievable astonishment expression. Though they must admit that what she had just said was true. Doesn’t she have any friends at her age?

What if she’ll encounter Eli? Will they possibly get along? He thought.

Then the old man look at her after a few minutes. “You have a beautiful eye color, sweetheart. I know someone who looks like you too. though he’s a bit older than you, but he is kind. Would you like to meet him?” He inquired.

“Someone who looks like me?” Mira lifted her eyes to meet his.

The old man beamingly nodded in agreement. “Though not that identical, but he has the same eyes like you do.”

“Oh, okay. I have also seen a woman who looks exactly like my mom before.” She complacently voiced her thoughts.

The old man suddenly jerked. “What did you say?you saw a woman who looks exactly like your mom? Where?” He probed..

“It was during our inter-school competition held at the Central city. I saw a woman who looks exactly like her. I couldn’t get to talk to her though since she left the place early.”

Master Omni thought about Stacy. Did she possibly saw the woman? Well, he’ll try to confirm it later. But for now.. This kid, she seemingly knew something.

“Did you mention it to your mother?” He inquired.

“I did. But she didn’t believe me. She told me that I maybe saw it wrong. And there are a lot of people in the world who does looks so much alike but not connected at any chance.” Then the little child suddenly glowered. “But I know what I saw.” She somehow daze as if she was in profund thought.

”Kiddo, do you want to know a little secret?” the old man smir-ked as if he was planning something… something that may change the course of the little kid’s life.

Miracle suddenly stared at the gleaming old man. She was giving her a ‘what are you saying?’ Face look.

”Little kid, do you want to discover some hidden truth? Do you want to see your roots? I could make that happen if you want to.” Master Omni let out a confident laugh.

The old man s£nsed that the little kid is not just an ordinary kid. And that she probably knew something but refuse to believe it. Though a part of her was glimmering with hope. Guess this young miss is ready to know the truth.

Miracle must have been trying to und-erstand what he meant. But after a few minutes, she stared at the old man back. Her suspicious and hesitant eyes slowly lit up.

” Grandpa, are you saying that you will help me meet my mom’s parents?” She inquired.

”Not just them…but everyone!” He leered.

They’re dead?! Only one survived? An old man was aggravated and coudn’t believe his ears. As soon as the servant relayed all that have happened a while ago, the old man with a black cowboy hat instantly stood up from his chair with his clenched fist.

Did his servant says that the woman handled the others… alone? That is so impossible!

”She moved like a flash! We didn’t know how she did that but she handled the others like a pro.” The man reported.

The old man twitched his li-p. ”Really…” he suddenly smir-ked. ”She can fight, huh. Interesting.” Then he took his phone out after dismissing the man in front of him. Then dialed a number.

”We need to talk.” The old man stated, better yet say, a command rather.

” Why, what’s the problem?” The man on the other line was confused. He was thinking why the old man suddenly called him.

” You committed a sin against me and you owe me an explanation.” The old man replied.

” A sin?” The man on the other line chuckled lightly. ”Zoren, as far as I know, I haven’t done anything to harm you.”

”Hmmm.” The old man snorted. ” I’ll tell you everything once you get here.” Then the old man disconnected the call.

” Alex, huh…” Zoren stared at the pouring rain outside his window then smirk. ”Then let’s play a litttle bit of a game then.” He finally felt alive once again.

Meanwhile, At the Central State, Rio and Cherry dash to the hospital when they learnt what happened to Stacy.

Stacy was at a jewelry aunction when she suddenly fainted out of the blue. Good thing someone saw her and called 911.

”What happened to her?” Cherry panicked when Rio told her what happened to their daughter.

” I don’t know yet. But I am on my way to the hospital.” Rio replied while driving.

” Okay. I’ll see you there then.” Then Cherry rushed to the car.

” Mom? Where are you going?” Jane rushed to the garage when she saw the woman running in panick.

” Stacy is in the hospital. I need to go and see her.”

” I’m coming with you.” Then she got inside the car.

Cherry and Jane reached the hospital after a few minutes. Both Rio and Johnny was inside her room waiting for the woman to wake up.

” How is she? What happened? What did the doctor say?” Cherry asked all at once.

” Nothing complicated as per the doctor.” Johnny uttered worriedly. ”She just fainted all of a sudden.”.

” Oh no, my baby.” The woman shuddered. She was so worried, thinking that her sickness might have return or what. Rio saw her uneasiness so he walk towards the woman and embraced her tight.

” Shhhh…” he hushed. ”She’s okay, that’s for sure.”

Then Cherry started pacing back and forth as they patiently waits for Stacy.

Blood… she could see blood everywhere! Her hands… blood is dripping from her hands. Her eyes widened in shock. Dread was painted all over her face.

What is this? Dead bodies are everywhere! She wanted to cry. Did she do this to them? Did she kill them? No! That can’t be true!

But then she jolted when she saw a gun in her hands! Bloody gun! S-she… she did it! She felt her knees weakened and slowly fell on the floor. She killed someone… no, she killed a few men!

Her eyes… she could feel her surroundings getting darker and darker… she’s about to… she’s about to…. faint.

”HupPpPp!” A de-ep inhale was heard inside the room as the woman woke up from sleep. She was sweating profusely. Her face was seemingly drained from who knows what… perhaps nightmare?

”Stacy!” Both Johnny and Cherry exclaimed in unison as they rush to her side. Rio stood up as soon as he heard the woman rigoriously inhaled an amount of air.

He was surprised like the others.

” Stacy? Are you alright?” Johnny asked worriedly.

”Blood… blood…dead…dead bodies….it’s… it’s everywhere…” she stammered in between her words.

They couldn’t grasp what she was saying since she’s almost whispering.

” Blood…I… killed someone…” then she suddenly stared at her hands. Her face became paler more than it was earlier. She’s seemingly looking at something that wasn’t there in reality. Is she seeing something that only she could perceive?

Fear and confusion was written all over her face. She’s shuddering, that’s too obvious. But one thing is sure, she’s already awake but looks like she’s still dreaming or perhaps. she couldn’t recognize reality from what is not.

” Stacy.” Cherry tried to shake the daze woman.

”Blood… blood…” she kept repeating her words.

” Johnny, the doctor!” Cherry motioned him to call the doctor quick. She’s obviously panicking from what she is seeing.

Therefore, Johnny rushed outside the room to call for a doctor.

Rio could hear the words she’s sputtering so he went beside her. Blood! Why is she spouting blood all of a sudden? Killed? She mentioned. She killed a few? What was that? She’s not dreaming that’s for sure! She’s not just herself right now.

Then his memory suddenly recalled what happened to Aisha one time. It’s not actually once but a few times. Aisha, when she was growing, often felt some strange burning s£nsation in her . Other times, she had also fainted and the doctors said nothing of any sickness or disease.

But Rio knew about her other twin’s existence therefore he onced ask the doctor of any possibilities of a twin connection. The doctor confirmed it but it only happens rarely.

He twitched his brow unknowingly.


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