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kiss me in secret episode 24

# klzz ME IN SECRET 👄
[ # 3in the DE LUCA SERIES]
♟️ Spark’s libary 2022

✍️By authoress lenity Faithful


Tags ☠️: Mafia , love , arrogance ,Hot ,billionaire , Age gap , Doctor , forbidden.

©️ Copyright [ Do not copy or Repost without permission from me the writer or else …You’d not like my actions ]





🌶️ BELLA 🌶️

” Salvador bermundo ? I asked in shock as my jaws dropped immediately .

” Isn’t he the man who tried to kidnap me back then at the Club ? Isn’t he your Enemy why is Lana getting married to him ? I asked kristov in pannick .

I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that Lana was such a back stabber …I mean how Salvador bermundo ? That Dangerous man !

” Lana didn’t know I was a mafia man , I didn’t tell her because I didn’t trust her that much ,we we’re together for pleasure and stayed together while it lasted …” He said whilst sitting next to me on the local Bed .

” Why did she team up with the enemy ? Doesn’t she have an idea who that man is ? I asked .

” I doubt that , I’m Beginning to think she wasn’t as innocence as she pretended to be from the start .

” Do you have a shoot on Monday ? He asked with concern whilst staring at my legs .

” Yup …but I don’t know if the injury would heal before on Monday ” I said and he klzzed my forehead .

We Both slept up in each other’s arms and a smile appeared on my l!ps .

So what if his life his Dangerous …..he’s a nice person and I’m sticking around for as long as it is .

I heard the chattering of birds and frowned as sunrays pierced into the room .

I opened eyes slowly and smiled at the Beautiful sight of nature .

I got down from the bed and checked my phone if there was service but unfortunately the network was still very terrible .

” Sugar! I called and smiled when I heard the amazing scent of whatever he was cooking .

” Wow where did you get these from ? I asked when I saw the fruits and then he was cooking something on the local stove .

” Where did you get this from ? I asked smiling at the sea food .

” When hunting for food while you slept like sleeping beauty ” he said serving the dishes .

” Awwwwwwwwn my prince charming ” I said and he laughed .

” You know what ? I really like it here … we’re all alone , there’s no paparazzi after my life and definitely no goons out to get you ” I said and he chuckled .

” We both had breakfast and took a warm bath .

” How’s your leg ? He asked and I smiled.

” It’s healing fast ” I said and dropped my head on his laps .

” Kristov ” I called and he stared at me .

” How are we gonna get out of here ? I mean aren’t you worried ? I asked and he sat up .

” Sergio must be looking for us right now I’m not that worried because I’m hoping they’d find us latest tommorow morning ” he said and my jaws dropped

“but …how ” I asked .

” This ” he said and raised his hand where I noticed his strange looking watch .

” You have a tracker in their ? I asked .

” I don’t know how it works but Sergio is a Genuis ,he makes different Machines and gadget ,this right here happens to be one of inventions ” he said and I grinned .

” Awwwwwwwwn I want one ” I said and he laughed .

” I’d get you one , but you also need to start training [email protected] with Dylan …” He said and I gave a nod .

” Ya I think so too ,I felt preety useless last night when I couldn’t do anything to help ” I said and klzzed his l!ps softly .

I s£nt my hands to his wa-ist and he chuckled as he broke the klzz and placed a light klzz on my nose .

” You’re not in a good position for that s£niorita ,you’re hurt right now …” He said and I frowned .

” You’re so boring ” I said and he laughed.

” I accept it princess ” he said teasingly.

” What are we gonna do then ? I asked curiously.

” Anything but definitely not jungle s*x ” he said and I chuckled.

” What are we gonna do then ? Sit down and watch each other ..? ” I asked frowning .

” How about we get to know each other better ? He asked .

” What do I have to know about you again ? You’re the 3rd son of the De Luca’s . You’re a Doctor and also a mafia man …you don’t smoke … you’re caring and loving … you’re good in bed , you’re a great klzzer with an amazing personality and terrible anger issues ….” I trailed .

” Okay I get it ….
You know a lot about me ” he said.

” Glad you know ” i grinned .

” You used to be a cute girl when you we’re a kid , with the cute pony tails and Barbie dresses ” he said and my jaws dropped .

” You knew me when I was a kid ? Really ” I asked shocked .

” I attended you’re twelve birthday… sweetheart ” he said and I laughed .

” This is so hilarious ” I laughed.

” How was it growing up in a mafia family ? I asked curiously .

” Crazy ….Bloody ….it wasn’t easy ….we only started living a bit normal when [email protected] married Grace …she kinda brought the whole family together” he said and I smiled .

” How was yours ? He asked and I froze .

” Bella ” he called .

” I …” I trailed and he rubbed my back .

” It’s okay if you don’t wanna talk about it sweetheart I und-erstand ” he said camly .

” No …I …I wanna talk about it ” I said and he klzzed my forehead .

” I grew up to find a happy family , Dad used to love Mom a lot ….they where the most lovely couple ” I said smiling .

” Growing up in a family of Doctors was Crazy and as well beautiful.

My Brothers loved me and my parents too .

I always had this liking for fashion and the Modeling industry ,Dad wouldn’t hear of it though .

I loved my Dad so much and would do anything to make him happy .

He would always go on and on about me going to med school like my two successful brothers and becoming a Cardiologist like my mom …” I said as my voice broke .

“I tried [email protected] in school kristov ….but j wasn’t smart Enough for medicine ,I struggled through the Sciences and Dad would loose his mind at me He’d freak out …and sometimes even hit me when I was around 13 ” I said as tears rolled out of my eyes .

” All I wanted was to make him proud ….kristov , all I wanted was my family to love me for me not compare me with My brothers Franco or Xavier ” I said choking on my tears .

” Dad was so mad at me when it only got worse ….We lost mom to Cancer when I was in s£nior year of high school …that was around the same time …Franco introduced Dione to the family as his fiance …”

” I graduated from high school and got into med school after weeks of burning the night candle …..but I couldn’t …I tried my best to meet up with everyone and everything but no …..that wasn’t me in anyway …

I started getting drunk a lot to help with the pain of loosing mom and living a life I Didn’t want to live .

I got into relationship for fun …and that was around the time I met Cora …she was already in the industry then …and she told me to go for what truly made me happy .

I Dropped out of med college and started a career in modelling b-arely 3 years and I’m …so successful …in it .

I got signed as a VS Angel at 19 …and though I’m rich famous and Successful , my Dad Doesn’t like the fact that I have away the family’s legacy.

He hated my choice of career and still hates it …And for the record Dione managed the Dump Franco and sed-uce her way into becoming Dad’s Wife” I said .

” She never loved Franco ,he was her ticket to Dad ….Franco let father be Happy with Dione he’s moved on with his life .

” We all learnt to forgive Dad because he’s an amazing father who loves us …. they’ve been married for years now …turns out Dione can’t bore children” I said and Kristov laughed

” She’s been hitting on me for sometime now ” he said camly .

” Wait what ”

” Why am I just hearing it ? That Dione is so shameless I tell you ” I said Angrily.

” We have to be careful around her , there’s more to that witch than what meets the eyes ,she’s so cunning ‘i said and his watch pinged then showed a red light .

” Wow ” I said and he laughed .

” Sergio is the last son right ? I asked and he chuckled.

” Yup …And his mom was father’s mistress , we all grew up to hear that about 2 years ago “I said softly.

” That must have been so sad to accept ,what about his mom ? I asked .

” She was an enemy to the familia she’s dead ”

” You guys killed her ?

” No she committed sucide .” He said and my blood went cold at the mention of it .

” Why is this Salvador bermundo guy out to get the De Luca’s ? ” I asked .

” Dad did business with his father in the past and they’re Deceptive people who do not stand on their words …they have something on us Bella….which we want to get rid of because if they go down today , we’re going down with them ”

” That’s scary …..why is he after your life ? I asked .

” He wants me dead for some reason I’m the one he hates the most ..
” He said and I smiled .

” You broke his Sister’s heart or what ? I teased .

” That’s it he even has a sister ” he said and we both laughed .

” Are you guys in there …. C’mon we need to leave ” we heard a male voice I screamed and Kristov covered my mouth .

” Shhhh it’s just Sergio ” he said and I heived a sigh of relief as he walked over to the door and opened it .

” What’s with this horrible Outfit ? He asked and I laughed .

” Hey Sister in-law ” Dylan said coming in as he put of the Cigar .

” You guys definitely turned this place to your honeymoon center ? How did you guys find this place” frederico asked as he took one of the Bananas and began eating them .

Dylan joined him .

” This is Delicious ….Why are you even a doctor ? You should be a chef ! He Dylan teased him as he ate into the crab soup .

I just watched the Greek gods eat and tease each other .

” This place su-cks there’s no service ” Sergio said and I got down from the bed and wore the sl!ppers .

” We figured you guys where in trouble immediately our mole called that the groom happened to be Salvador bermundo ! That sly bastard ” frederico muttered .

” You had a mole with us ? I asked .

” Ya …and we knew about your whereabouts …”

” And the mole didn’t come out to help us ” I asked frustratedly .

” He wouldn’t be a mole of he’s helping you now would he ? Sergio asked and I glared at him as he chuckled .

” Why is Lana even marrying Salvador bermundo ? I asked and Kristov was just staring at me amusingly .

” stop staring at me ” I snapped.

” Stop staring at her De Luca ” frederico warned him and they all burst into laughter.

” You’re annoying ” he pointed at them .

” You’re whipped Kris ” Sergio said and they laughed .

” She’s Marrying Salvador bermundo because she’s betrothed to him ,she doesn’t have a say since …her father sold her off …”

” What that’s sick “I said scared.

” he’s been fvcking Lana since she was 13 come on ….” Sergio said like it was nothing .

” I’m beginning to feel bad for her ” I said sadly.

” He’s so cruel trust me , he hated your boyfriend because he dated …Lana behind his back ” frederico said smirking

” I had no idea she was cheating on Salvador” kristov said frowning.

” You can’t call it cheating though … maybe he can’t ride her the way you do ” Dylan said and I smack his head .

” Ouch sorry …” He said and they chuckled .

“And we just found out something preety interesting .” Sergio said smirking .

” what is it ? Kristov asked .

” Kevin isn’t a Reyes …the guy thought he had it all covered up …such a loser ” he said and lit up a cigarette.

” What do mean ? I asked .

” Kevin is a Bermundo ..

Kevin Bermundo ” He said and I froze .

Things just got more fvcked up


Me smiling like a witch on mission right now hehehehe .

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