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his ballerina episode 1


THEME: [What the heart sees]

✍️Written By Precious Pinky✍️


He is cold.

She is warm.

He rarely smile.

She’s like a sunshine.

He is cold-hearted.

She is softhearted.

He is picky.

She is contended.

He is broken.

She is blind.

Meet Ace Reyes, a cynical and arrogant man. He becomes the heir of ‘Reyes Enterprise’ because of his father’s sudden death. He doesn’t believe anyone since there are lot of people around him who lurk his inherited money.

He doesn’t even trust his own mother.

His distrust and arrogance make him unable to love.

He worked as the new CEO of Reyes Enterprise while he investigate und-erground about the sudden death of his father using the help of his close friend, Paulo Ryan, a detective.

Ballerina Burke is a ballerina. She is an infamous princess whose identity was hidden away from people due to her predicament.

She is nice, calm and friendly but little does she know that her kindness is the source of her tragedy right from the very beginning.

Ballerina Burke is one of the best ballerina and she’s also a princess, but she lost both her parents and gets into an accident that made her give up on her dream.

Then the cold-hearted CEO meet the infamous princess/ballerina and instantly fell for her moves. Her moves, her dance were the only thing that seem to captivate his soul after he lost his father.

He vowed to make her his ballerina. But little does he know that the girl with those great moves is blind…

How will he take the news if he gets to know about her predicament?

Will they ever unravel the truth behind the death of their parents?

Follow Ballerina and Ace in their love Story.

Stay tuned!


THEME: {What the heart sees}

✍️ Written By Precious Pinky✍️

?Chapter One ?

~A shattered dream and a shattered hope….~


Not everyone are destined to live a beautiful life. Not everyone are meant to be happy….She was part of those people.

Ballerina pirouette three times as she lifted her hands up in the air. Everyone [email protected] in total shock. They kept yelling at her to get off the rail of the bridge but she didn’t listen to them.

She just kept dancing.

Her life were like a broken frame. It was beyond repair.

She lost her parents at the age of five. She lost her sight at the age of twenty. She lost her dream and hope at that same age.

What else was she living for?

Who was she going to live for?

She was a mess.

She was like a road with no ending. A long boring road.

She pirouette again and almost lost her balance, everyone screamed at the top of their voice but she didn’t fall.

She looks up at the sky but all she could see were darkness. Her darkness.

“mom, dad….what do I do?” She asked in a low voice, still staring at the sky. A tear dropped down from her eyes to her face as she kept staring at the sky.

She slowly lifted her legs up the rail of the bridge, extending them out above the waters. Everyone screamed as they tried to catch her but it was too late.

She fell.

She fell into the cold water, welcoming the real darkness into her life. It was quite ironic how the darkness still seem to amaze her. She was twenty-Five years old, so yeah, she has lived as a blind person for five good years.

They say everyone are meant to die only once….

But for a ballerina, they die twice… One, when their dream gets shattered and their hope gets lost. Two, when they stop breathing.

She was dead. Her dream were shattered. Her hope were lost. What harm would it cause if she stops breathing?

She smiled as she kept sinking down to the bott-om of the waters.

It was better this way. This was her better escape.

If she lost her sight on stage while dancing…then she should kill herself while dancing as well.

She slowly shut her eyes close as she welcomed death.



A car parked in front of a huge opened gate. A dark haired boy got out of the car, he was holding a yellow tuli-p in his hands as she shut the door close and stared at the open gate.

He wasn’t smiling.

He wasn’t happy.

He has never been happy ever since he lost his father. His role model. The one close to his heart.

He took a step into the place filled with different tombstones. How do people die this way? No, why do they have to die? Why does life have to involve death? Why can’t everyone live a long and peaceful life? And most importantly, why do good people have to die early?

Ace walked towards a familiar tombstone. Tears clouded his eyes as he neared the tombstone.

Mr Gabriel Reyes,
a lovely husband and a great father, 1967-2016.

Ace sunk into the ground as he placed the flower in front of the tombstone.

“Dad.” He choked out, running his f!ng£rtips over the written scribbled on the tomb.

Life can be unfair sometimes. Life can be cruel.

Some families out there are happy. They are complete. They were living their lives to the fullest while some weren’t.

His family were a good definition of those who don’t get to be happy or complete.

It was still a mystery to him about what killed his father. He wasn’t sick before he died so what killed him…No, that wasn’t what he was curious about; Who killed him? That was his curiosity.

He knows his dad has a lot of enemies lur-king for his wealth but he just doesn’t know who they were.

Anyone can be the killer. Even his mom.

And that’s one reason he decided to lock up. Ace doesn’t want to trust or believe anyone. He locked up his heart. He locked up himself. And he didn’t stop his investigation on who or what killed his father. He knows who ever killed his father was out there and there is a possible chance that he would be the next to die since he who the one who inherited his father’s wealth after he died.

He got up to his feet, said a few words to his father before walking out of the mortuary and hopping into his car before driving off.

He was going to capture his father’s murderer. It was a promise he made right in front of his dead father’s body.



Her eyes flutters open and of course she was greeted with darkness. What was she even expecting, that when she gets to heaven she will be able to see? Well, she should think again.

Ballerina tried getting up but she couldn’t. She felt paralyzed. Her legs were too numb to even move. She would have been very worried if she was still alive because a ballerina’s pride lies in her legs.

“She’s awake.” She heard a familiar voice said. She furrowed her brows at the voice. What was her aunty doing here in heaven? She wondered. “Get doctor Charles immediately.”

*A doctor? In heaven?*

“How are you feeling now, Ballerina?” Her aunt asked, going closer to her niece, who still doesn’t seem to und-erstand what’s going on around her right now.

“Aunt?” Ballerina finally called out, trying to reach out to her aunt. She was extending her hands to the wrong direction, Claire, Ballerina aunt, grabbed Ballerina’s hand and held it in between hers. “What are you doing here in heaven? You didn’t die also, did you?”

“What are you saying? Did the fall affected your brains? Why did you even jump into that water? Did you intentionally tried to kill yourself?” Claire asked all at once.

“I… I’m not dead?” Ballerina asked instead of providing answers to her aunt.

“Of course not. The ambulance got their right on time to get you out of the water. You were so cold when they got you out.” She sighed, rubb-ing smooth circles at the back of Ballerina’s palm. “You got me so worried.”

“I…” She couldn’t even let a word out as she got choked by unshed tears. Should she be thankful for not dying or she should be sad for not dying? Her feelings were complicated but she really wanted to die. The life she was living was so difficult and unbearable. She tried moving her legs again but they were still very numb. Now was the time for her to get worried. “Aunt….I…I can’t seem to move my legs.” She said, tears falling to her face.

“Oh sweetheart. it’s just for the mere time. You will be fine when doctor Charles comes in. Can you please stop crying?”

“I’m scared. What if I don’t get to dance again?” She asked, fear laced in her voice.

“You will be able to dance. I’m sure of it. So please stop crying. I beg of you.” Her aunt pleaded, her eyes glistened from the unshed tears.

“I…” Ballerina started coughing.

“Hey, stop talking, okay? I will go get you some water.” Claire got up from where she sat then walks out of the room to get Ballerina some water to drink.

Ballerina was completely left alone with her thoughts and demons.

People do say it was easy to die but why was it so difficult for her to die? Why can’t she just fall inside that water and just die?


She started crying. Will she ever be able to dance? What if her legs doesn’t get better? Will her dream and hope finally get to shatter…. completely?





#To Be Continued….

How do you see the first chapter. Should I go on or not?

Anyway, if you still want me to go on with the story, then drop a comment,
I know the beginning is quite touching but hey, the story has just begun. It’s just an open chapter of how Ace and Ballerina life seem to be and their tragedies and the challenges they are going through.

Alright see you guys in my next chapter…



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