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high school episode 92

(My Mr Handsome ?)

? Episode 92?

By Anita Jerry ✍️

Diego stared at him for a while before he began laughing. Daniel and Alvin stared at him in confusion, Alvin who had planned for a fight to happen was surprised to see Diego laughing.

“I don’t und-erstand, the last time I checked she wasn’t your wife, sister or even your girlfriend, so what right do you have to ask me that kind of question”. Diego fired returning back to his serious face.

“Diego I can’t believe you’re the one saying all this, you’ve known what I feel for that girl, so why this?”. Daniel asked staring at Diego with questioning eyes.

“Daniel you know what, get out of my way”. Diego said standing up to leave when he didn’t have any other reply to give him.

“I should have known, you have been trying to get close to her all this while and you’ve been pretending to hate her”. Daniel yelled causing Diego to halt his step.

“Tell me Diego, you were the one right? You were the one that told her to reject me”. Daniel added in anger.

“Daniel don’t be foolish, Belinda rejected you because she wanted to, don’t rub it on me man”. Diego calmly said before walking away.

Daniel just stood there watching him as he walked away, he couldn’t confront him.

“What’s with this Belinda girl, I don’t want a lady to come in between you guys”. Micheal said walking up to Daniel who just stood there trying to control his anger.

“I don’t und-erstand, are you guys saying that Diego and Belinda are a thing or what? Is that the reason why he made a big scene of Belinda dating Sam?”. Gab questioned causing Caleb to chuckle, everyone paused and stared at him wondering what was funny to him.

Belinda parked up her things in her bag ready to leave. “Belinda are you doing anything after school?”. Bella quickly ran to Belinda and asked before she could leave.

“Uhmmm, I don’t think so, maybe tommorow”. Belinda said giving a pleasant smile so she won’t get angry.

“Okay bye then”. Bella waved Belinda as she picked up her bag and began walking away. Alicia just stood at one said of the [email protected] glaring danger’s at her.

Belinda walked out of the [email protected] and went to stand in the front of the stairs, thinking of how she wants to climb up to Diego’s [email protected], she was too shy to go to his [email protected]

Just then she saw Diego climbing down the stairs looking really angry.

“Diego”. She called for him to notice her. Diego turned and saw Belinda. ” Let’s go”. He said walking ahead of Belinda who walked behind him wondering what changed his mood.

They got to the garage where Diego’s car was parked, Bobby opened the door behind and they both entered and drove away.

Meanwhile Alicia who was still in the school climbed up stairs, hoping to see Diego and explain things to him, she planned to apologise to him, she didn’t want to lose the little opportunity she had.

Alicia got to Diego’s [email protected] but she couldn’t find him, she breathed down in disappointment. She saw Sam and few other students sitting there.

Sam who had already seen her pretended not to see her, what Alicia did today was the hight, he has promised himself that he will forget about any feeling he had for her.

Alicia who was disappointed that she couldn’t find Diego, so she just turned around and left the [email protected] without talking to anyone.

Alicia dragged her feet towards the school gate with many thought on her, she kept walking until someone came to stand in her way restricting her from walking forward.

Alicia glanced at person and frowned.”what do you want?”. She questioned.

“Megien will soon get here as you already know, so just come with me”. Alvin said walking away not even waiting for her reply.

Alicia wasn’t sacred of Megien but just avoid anymore stress she just quietly followed Alvin.

“Diego if you don’t want to talk to me just stop the car so I can go home, I don’t und-erstand why you’re being grumpy”. Belinda half yelled getting pissed off by Diego’s attitude.

“Belinda what the hell do you’ve with Daniel?”. Diego asked turning his eye that were facing the window to look at Belinda.

“Daniel? I don’t have anything with her”. Belinda replied frowning her eye brow.

“Really?”. Diego questioned and Belinda nodded immediately.

“If so I want you to make it clear to him that you don’t want have anything to do with him, und-erstand?”. Diego instructed.

“Why?”. Belinda was for-ced to ask. “Do you love him?”. Diego asked making Belinda roll her eyes.

“Diego what’s your problem?”. Belinda questioned.

“Answer the question”. Diego yelled.

“Stop the car”. Belinda yelled facing Bobby who was on the stirring.

Bobby turned to Diego wanting to know if he should listen to the lady. But with the glare he got from Diego he continued driving.

“I said stop the car, can’t you hear me”. She yelled already angry.

“Belinda”. Diego yelled shutting her up.

“Diego I want to go home”. She said to Diego with her voice already calm.

“Okay”. Diego nodded turning to face the window again.

Belinda knew that this wasn’t the way to her house but Diego wasn’t prepared to listen to her.

She also turned her face to the other side of the window, regretting why she entered the car at the first place, she had no one but herself to blame.

The gate went open and Bobby drove into Diego’s personal mansion, the one Mr Ryan just moved out from few days ago.

Diego opened the door and came down from the car immediately Bobby parked the car. Diego walked to the other side of the car and opened the door.

Belinda sat down inside the car with a frown, she had no plans of coming down.

“Belinda get down”. He said stretching his hands to her.

“I said I want to go home”. She fired.

“I know, you’ll just get down first”. He said patiently waiting with his hands stretched.

Belinda climbed down from the car, ignoring his stretched hand. Diego just sighed and closed the door.

He walked into his mansion with Belinda behind him. “Do you remember this place?”. Diego asked immediately they walked into the sitting room.

Belinda just nodded in response. “It was here that I planned to punish you because of your loud mouth”. Diego said sitting on the couch.

“I don’t have a loud mouth”. She grumpily said.

Diego didn’t say a word again he just continued staring at her.

“So if you love Daniel that means you don’t have feelings for me?”. He questioned as he stood up to his feet and took Belinda’s hand in his, his angry face turning into a sad one.

“I never told you I loved Daniel”. Belinda said staring at him confusedly.

“You never tell me anything but your actions says it all”. Diego added.

“I don’t love Daniel and if I ever did that was in the past”. Belinda replied staring directly into his eyes.

“So you feel nothing for him pres£ntly?”. Diego asked just to be sure, and Belinda nodded in response.

“And me, what do you feel for me?”. Diego asked.

“Diego….”. Belinda called [email protected] him a questioning look.

“Belinda answer the question”. He interrupted.

“Diego I don’t love, I can’t, even if I want to, it’s not just possible, you’ve so many girls around and I don’t even stand a chance. All I want to do right now is to mend my relationship with my friend”. Belinda blabbed while Diego listened to her while playing with a strand of her hair.

He placed his li-ps on her ear and gave it a soft bite causing Belinda to [email protected]

“Liar”. He whispered into her ear. “With the way you ki-ssed me earlier says it all, you don’t just want to hurt your friend that’s why”. Diego continued to whisper while Belinda just kept shut.

“But let me tell you a little secret you don’t know… She wants to hurt”. He whispered to the other side of her ear.

TBC ??

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