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high school episode 85

(My Mr Handsome πŸ§‘)

πŸŽ€ Episode 85πŸŽ€
By Anita Jerry ✍️

Diego woke up with his head pounding as if it was going to b!0w off. “Ahhh”. He winced as he tried to seat up.

Staring around his room, his mom opened the door and walked in carrying a [email protected] of water and some drugs on a tray.

“Was Michael crazy to bring me home in this condition”. Diego thought staring at his mom with wide eyes.

“Diego”. She called sitting on his bed. “How are you doing, does your head hurt?”. She asked rubb-ing his forehead.

“I’m fine mom”. He said taking the drugs and water from the tray, he really needed to get rid of his hangover, it was really killing him.

“Why did you drink so much? You were the one that told me to be strong, but you’re not making things any better”. Mrs Dubae cried.

“Mom I’m really sorry, it will never happen again I promise”. Diego apologized holding his mother’s hand.

“Diego I’ll like to visit the church today, would you like to come along”. Mrs Dubae asked changing the topic.

“No mom I got things to do, maybe next Sunday”. Diego replied standing up as he walked into his bathroom.

“His just like his father, I just pray he doesn’t end up like him”. She muttered whipping off the tears that was already in her eyes.

Diego checked himself in the mirror for the second before walking out. “Bobby!”. He called standing outside the mansion.

“Young boss”. Came Bobby’s reply as he ran to Diego.

“Keys”. Came he grumpy voice, stretching his hands to Bobby.

Bobby stared at him in hesitation, Mr King has always warned him not to allow Diego handle the stirring, no matter how well he could drive, until he becomes eighteen and that’s still a few months from now, but Bobby won’t allow him ride until then.

“Don’t just stare, hand me the keys”. Diego said increasing the tempo of his voice and also confusing poor Bobby.

“Young boss but your dad…….”

“Do not mention him, hand over the keys” Diego interrupted trying not to get angry at Bobby.

Bobby couldn’t say anything else and he didn’t want to get into an argument with his young boss, so he just quietly handed him the keys.

Diego collected the key and entered the car at once. “And you can’t come with me”. Diego said before he zoomed off.

Bobby didn’t need anyone to tell him that things will never remain the same after Mr King’s death.


Today was Sunday and Belinda didn’t feel like sleeping as usual and she didn’t want to hangout, but she needed someone to talk to.

Maybe she should talk to God since he wasn’t human and he will listen to her without judging her. The had thought her since her young age that he was supernatural.

“Hey dear God, if you’re listening to me please forgive me, because I haven’t acknowledged you for a long time now, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love, I do love you if not for anything for bringing me into this world and giving me a wonderful family”. She spoke with her palms joined together.

“Maybe you might not know my name, my name is Belinda Parker and I want to talk to you, because my mom once told me that you’re my heavenly father, so if you’re my father you’ll listen to me because father’s listen to their children right?”. She continued.

“Father I’m feeling so troubled, first it was Diego and then Alvin but now it’s the dream I had last night, it was so scary. In my dream Diego’s mom, Diego and Williams were shot, I was trying to take them to the hospital but I was also shot and we all died”.

“Blood covered all of the Dubae’s mansion, it was really scary dear God, those it mean I’m going to die very soon”? Belinda narrated looking at the ceiling as if she was really seeing someone there.

“I really feel that Alvin is a dangerous person, or is he the one that’s going to kill all of us, oh no! What a silly thought”. She said hitting her head.

“I pray it remains a dream”. Belinda prayed.


Diego parked his car as he quickly stepped down from the car and walked into the huge mansion.

“Morning Mr Ryan”? Diego greeted walking into the pallor where the man was seated.

He has been hiding Mr Ryan in mansion since his father’s death.

Mr Ryan managed to escape the attack but one of his legs got damaged and the doctor has predicted that he won’t be able to use that leg anymore.

“Good morning Diego, any news from the office?”. Mr Ryan asked .

“No I haven’t heard any, what about you?”. Diego asked.

“No I haven’t heard anything new, just that Mr Zack has been promoted back to the manager, your father demoted him few days before the attack, for reasons best known to him”. Mr Ryan explained.

“Why? Who promoted him?”. Diego yelled.

“I also asked but the board members said it was for the stability of the company”. Mr Ryan replied.

Diego stayed silent for a long while before he stood up and headed to the entrance.

“Leaving already?”. Mr Ryan asked.

“I want to investigate Mr Zack and please don’t hide anything you know from me”. Diego said walking away.

Mr Ryan sat there staring at the kid who always behaved like a man, all the praises he has been hearing about Mr King’s son was even more than true.

The kid was really smart, just like his father. He’ll find his father’s killer, that was one thing Mr Ryan was sure of.

Driving out of the gate, Diego was surprised to see the little boy who pleaded for a lift on his way coming here, he had dropped the boy few streets away from here.

“What the hell was he doing here?”. Diego asked staring at the boy who was speaking to someone who’s face was covered with a face mask.

Diego continued staring as the mask man gave the little boy some money and he ran off.

Immediately Diego picked up his phone and dialed Bobby’s number. ” Get a car and take Mr Ryan and his family out of the mansion right now!”. Diego quickly said before chasing after the little boy.

He had found it odd for someone to just call him and ask for a ride, he had suspected that it was all planned.

“Hey little boy, do you care for another ride?”. Diego asked stoping in front of the little boy as he whined down his tinted [email protected]

On seeing Diego the little boy quickly moved back with fear visible in his eyes.

“Do you also care for some more cash?”. Diego said bringing out a huge some of money to the boys view causing his mouth to drop.

Diego opened the front door and the boy quickly entered.

“I might look handsome but my heart is very ugly”. Diego said taking all his cars [email protected] up.

The little boy already knew that he was caught, so he didn’t plan to fight, he planned to tell the truth and take the money.

“A guy asked me to tell you that I lost my father and I needed a lift to go visit his grave, he told me that it will get you emotional”. The boy spoke without being asked.

The smartness of the boy amazed Diego, it was obvious that this was what he does for a living. *Dirty job’s*.

“Hahaha”. Diego laughed. “Did he tell you his name?”. Diego questioned.

“No, I didn’t bother to ask”. The little boy replied.

“Oh”. Diego said still smiling. ” How old are you?”. Diego asked.

“I’m 10”. The young boy replied, he fu-cking wanted the money.

“Where are we going?”. The boy curiously asked.

“The police station”. Diego casually replied.

“Why???”. He yelled.

“You’re going to explain to the police how that uncle looks like and they’re going to sketch him”. Diego said causing the boys eyes to grow bigger.


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