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her last wish episode 58


Chapter 58.

Written by Azeemah.

Layla was all smiles as she walked back to the living room to continue her chores.
She felt surprisingly good, chatting with those cute kids already made her morning.
“When is your Aunt and her kid coming?” Phil asked.
“Next week Monday…I was about telling you actually”
“Okay” Phil turned back to the TV.

Layla continued her chores .


“Wow, really?” Aria’s face lit up.

On getting to the Cafe, Layla had told Aria that Aunt Esther and David would be coming by next week Monday and she seemed excited. Her friends had been so excited also when s£nt the text in their group chat.
Although Fel and Rylan were quite sad they wouldn’t be able to go with them to pick Aunt Esther and David at the Airport. Yeah, their school practical is on the same day.

“Yes” Layla smiled.
“I can’t wait to meet her, she seems like a cool person” Aria said.
Although Aunt Esther and Aria had only been on the phone once and that was when Aunt Esther called while they were working in the Cafe and Layla thought it’d be nice to introduce them to each other.
“She really is, I can’t wait to see in her in person, gosh, it’s been years” Layla smiled.
“I know right, you’ve missed her so much” Aria said.

“How long will she be spending?”
“Just a week. Aria…I might not come regularly for the morning shift once she’s here, you know she’s only going to be spending a week and I want to spend a good amount of time with her before she leaves because I do not know when we’ll see each other again” Layla said and swallowed [email protected] knowing that might probably be the last time they would spend with each other.
“Oh of course you should do that. And you shouldn’t feel bad about it… after all I own the morning shift, you only come to @ssist me. You really need to spend a lot of time with them because it’s been years since you last seen each other and also she’s going to be spending a short period of time now that she’s finally visiting.”
“Thanks for und-erstanding, Aria” Layla smiled.

“How’s Jane doing?”
“Great, even bonding more with her father” Aria frowned with jealousy and Layla laughed.
“I’m sure your next kid is going to bond with you more”
“I hope so, I’m not even going to allow Dave hold the baby for too long, he seems to have magical hands” Aria said.
Layla laughed. “Really? He is going to find this funny”
“I bet”
“Jane might actually bond more with you once she starts growing older, just wait”
“I hope so” Aria said.
Layla put on her apron after washing her hands, she was packing her hair into the hair cover when Aria said “Dan is here”
She couldn’t tell why her heart skipped a beat, she raised her head and watched him approach, her heart hammering against her ch-est.
It seems her heart now react more to Dan’s pres£nce since he told her about his feelings.

“Hi Aria” He smiled.
“Dan, how are you? It’s been a hot minute since I saw you” Aria said, smiling.
“Yeah right, the exam caused that, you’ll be seeing more of me now that we’re done”
“I really hope so, how’s Anne?” Aria asked.
“She’s doing great”
“Right, say hi to her for me”

“Hey” He gave Layla a small wave.
“Hi” Layla said.
“I came to get coffee, I want one cappuccino and two macchiato” He said.
Layla sigh “Really?”
“Well…” Dan trailed off, rubb-ing his forehead nervously, he finally sigh.
“At least that’s excuse I used to leave the house” He said.

“You said our relationship shouldn’t be affected after what happened and you aren’t even making the move to make sure there’s no strain in our relationship” Layla said.
“Well…I thought you wouldn’t be free around me anymore and I didn’t want to for-ce you or push anything. I thought I’d wait patiently till everything get back to normal, till you feel as free as you were with me”

“You came to dumb conclusions on your own” Layla said.
“You gave room for that. You won’t even chat with me like you normally do and you take hours to reply to my texts, that didn’t happen before I… ” Dan sigh to complete his words.
Aria quietly moved to the other side of the counter, although they both had seem not to care she was there but she knew she had to move.

“Okay, I’m sorry and I admit that things have gotten strained between us but I couldn’t help it, it’s almost impossible to continue chatting with you like nothing happened.. I didn’t find it easy to do that and I don’t want to pretend that I’m cool and not moved with what happened, it was quite totally took me off guard and I needed time to come to terms with it” Layla explained.
“I know and that’s the reason I do not want to push you, I knew you needed time but I was really missing how we were before I told you about my feelings and I… started regretting why I told you in the first place” Dan admitted.
“You shouldn’t regret doing that, it was a very brave move Dan and admirable. Most people do not mind keeping the feelings to themselves forever” She said, indirectly referring to herself.
Dan smiled…”I’m not brave either and I was ready to keep my feelings to myself forever but for some reasons, I ended up spilling it”

“I..I still find this [email protected] to believe. How come I didn’t know you like me, you never really gave hints” Layla said.
“I did, multiple times but because you think of me as nothing but a friend, you didn’t notice it”
“Maybe I did but waved it off because I never thought you would like me, it never crossed my mind for once that you’d develop feelings for me”
“I know right”
“Talking about this with means I’ve finally come to terms with it. I do not like the way things are going between us, we need to make sure we return back to how we used to be. I missed that”
“I feel the same way. I miss you Layla”
“I miss you also”

“Let’s just forget that ever happened, let’s… move on.”
“Will you be fine…?” Layla asked, feeling quite sorry for him.
“Of course, I should be”
“I’m so sorry Dan” Layla said and he groa-ned.
“Really? There’s nothing to be sorry for! Gosh, Layla!”
“But I feel bad!”
“I’m sorry for making you feel bad but you need to stop apologizing for something that is not your fault. C’mon” He scolded mildly.
She almost told him he can’t und-erstand but that’s gonna brew more questions and she doesn’t want that so she nodded instead.

“So what’s the gist about Rylan. He likes Fel right?” She asked.
“Yeah he does! And he said he was gonna approach her after I… tell you about my feelings but Fel stepping on his toes changed everything, he said he’s never going to tell her how he feels” Dan said and they chuckled.
“It must have been so painful” Layla giggled.
“It really was, he was limping until he went home”
“Gosh, he’s really never going to tell her how he feels ” Layla laughed.
“I bet”

“And Fel said she likes him also but she’s really doubting it, she said it’s a temporary thing and it’s gonna clear off soon, she’s yet to come to terms with the fact that she has feelings for no other person but the troublesome Rylan”
“I und-erstand her. It’s kinda complicated to come to terms with”
“Exactly, the fact that the both of them never even expected it made it [email protected] to accept. I also never thought it could happen, it seemed impossible”
“Yeah, I don’t think anything is really impossible anymore, the impossible keeps becoming possible.”

“Exactly. I hope Rylan changes his mind soon. Although Fel might still be feeling uncertain but I’m pretty sure she is not going to reject his feelings. The only certainty she needs now is Rylan coming to her”

They both talked for a while, switching between different topics and Dan was finally ready to leave.
He said bye to both Aria and Layla…

“Hey, didn’t you use coming to get coffee as an excuse to come here and now you’re going to leave empty-handed” Layla chuckled.
“Shit” Dan turned back. “It totally skipped my mind, you actually made me forget” He frowned playfully.
“And I also reminded you” She winked and his heart danced.

“Hold on, it’s going to be ready in a minute” She said and started preparing the coffee.
Dan watched her as she did and he realised he’s such a big fool to have even thought telling Layla about his feelings is going to put an end to it.


“Hold the other end” Layla said to Fel, they were both preparing the room Aunt Esther and David are going to be staying in.
Dan and Rylan were in the kitchen, checking on the pies they were baking.
She had invited them over, it’s been a while since they all spent time together.

They had all been baking together and once the pies were in the oven, Layla decided to prepare the room before the pies get ready and Fel offered to help.

After they were done making the bed, they moved to the other parts of the room .
“There’s something about making the bed first, it just makes every other thing easy” Fel said.
“I know right” Layla smiled.
“The next thing I do right after saying my morning prayers is making my bed, just seeing my bed made up, makes my morning”
“Most times, I actually get ready before thinking of making my bed but you’re actually right, seeing the bed made up is nice”
“Of course, and I think we should have a sleepover soon. What do you think?”
“That’ll be nice” Layla smiled, she’s open to all kinds of fun with her friends, she’s going to make sure to have the best time ever with them.

“Guys, The pies are burnt and Rylan made it happen!” Dan said, walking into the room with Rylan.
“No, you did. You made us forget all about the pies in the oven with your non-stop talk!” Rylan yelled
“You asked for it! You told me to keep on talking, you made us forget pies were baking!” Dan yelled back.
“You did! Shut up!” Rylan said, and they both turned to Fel and Layla.

“Oh My God! How could you both burn the pies! While you were right there in the kitchen!” Fel yelled.
“You both are so annoying” Layla groa-ned. “We made you stay there just so the pies won’t get burnt and now it’s burnt, it’s of no use for you guys to have stayed there in the first place ”
“But it’s Rylan’s fault!” Dan said.
“You made it happen!” Rylan shouted at him.
“You both, move out of the way. Layla let’s go make another and I swear you both are not going to have as much as a taste” Fel said, looking pissed.
“You know what? Why don’t you guys continue preparing the room while we go make another pies and perhaps we can consider giving you at least a piece of pie to share between each other” Layla said before walking out of the room with Fel.
They ignored the argument that continued between Dan and Rylan and then headed to the kitchen.

“Oh My God! These guys burnt these poor pies to scrap!” Fel groa-ned.
“Wow” Layla sigh.
“It was a bad decision to ask them to look after it”
“A very bad decision”


“Are you nervous?” Dan asked Layla, he was driving to the airport with her to pick up Aunt Esther and David.
“I’m just so happy” Layla said, grinning so [email protected]
Dan smiled.
Aunt Esther had called seconds ago. She’s in Las [email protected]!
And they are so excited to be going to her.

Fel and Rylan will head straight to Layla’s house after they were done with their school practical. Prestige High School hosts practicals even after exam and it’s usually fun actually and they always looked forward to it but Fel and Rylan hadn’t looked forward to this particular one because it’s gonna make them miss welcoming Aunt Esther.
And Anne…she couldn’t come because she was busy baking pies for Aunt Esther, she refused to do it yesterday because she wants it fresh and tasty for her and her son.

Dan parked into the Airport parking lot and Layla was jumping out of the car the next minute.
He turned off the ignition and stepped out of the car, he had to hurry to meet up with her as she was almost running.
They both headed to the airport terminal.

And there they saw Layla’s Aunt and her child.
Dan thought Layla stopped to catch her breath but with the way she screamed, it seems she had only stopped to gather every strength left in her just so she could scream.
Almost everyone’s attention was on them as they hug-ged each other tightly, both crying.
Dan smiled, feeling a bit emotional as he watched them.
God … Aunt Esther looked even finer in person, her skin so rich in dark and flawless and one didn’t have to be told to know where Layla got her banging body from.
David looked cute as well, his smile so broad as he jumped around them. He looked really excited as he kept trying to get in between Layla and his Mum, whining that he wants to hug Layla also.

Just when the hug seems to be taking forever, they finally dis£ngaged, wiping their tears and laughing at the same time.

Dan finally walked closer to them.

“OMG! Dan!” Aunt Esther smiled pulling him into a hug.
“It’s so good to finally meet you” Dan smiled.
“Same here dear, you look so good. Wow, even better in person” Aunt Esther complimented.
“I would say the same for you” He said, now grinning.

“Thank you, I’m so happy right now. I’m glad to be here honestly. Come here” Aunt Esther hug-ged him again, Dan couldn’t help but keep smiling.
“It’s feels so good… I can’t believe I finally got to meet you, we’ve been waiting all along and finally you’re here. You’re welcome Aunt Esther and we’ll make sure you have the best time here”
“Aww Thanks Dan. Trust me to also return the energy, there’ll be no dull moment”
“Gosh! We can’t wait!! And I hope you have enough Africa history to tell us ”
“Trust me, I know you guys love Africa history and if it’s possible to open my head, that is what’s stored there” Aunt Esther tapped her head dramatically and they both laughed.

Layla smiled as she moved closer to them with David, who wouldn’t let go of her even after minutes of chatting with him.
“Aunt Moremi, My friends said I should greet you. ” He said happily.
“Really? You should also say hi to them for me when you go back”
“Ah, Brother Dan” David released his hold on Layla and then rushed to hug Dan who chuckled as he bent to hug him back.

“David is so grown now, wow.” Layla said to Aunt Esther as Dan and David embraced.
“Just like how you’re now so grown also. Moremi you’re now taller than me o, and even so beautiful, I’m so happy and proud to see you all grown up” Aunt Esther said, holding Layla’s hands affectionately.
“Thank you, you look great also, far better than the last time you were here. Your beautiful dark skin has never looked more enthralling”
“Aww, thank you sweetheart. I miss you so much” Aunt Esther said.
They were both hugging each other again and Dan happily played with David who seem to be smart and fun.


“Hello Philia, it’s good to finally meet you” Aunt Esther greeted while Layla stood by her side nervously.
“Hi” Phil replied curtly and Layla sigh.
Phil should never have said they could stay here if she was going to give them attitude!
Aunt Esther glanced at Layla. Layla knew Aunt Esther was smart enough to know Phil didn’t want them here.

“Good afternoon Aunty Philia” David prostrated excitedly.
“What’s that?” Phil asked, with a raised brow.
“That’s how older ones are greeted in our tribe” Aunt Esther cleared.
“Oh, Hi and you don’t have to call me ‘Aunty’, I don’t need that” Phil said.
“I’m sorry, that’s what he’s going to be calling you, I didn’t raise him up to call elderly ones by their name so it’ll be quite [email protected] for him to adjust, we’re not going to be here for long, please make do with it for the time being” Aunt Esther said.
Phil shrugged and muttered “Welcome” before turning back to the TV.

“Come, I’ll take you to your room, you need to freshen up after that long @ss flight” Layla said.
“Yeah, My bones seems to be even aching” Aunt Esther said as she and David and Dan walked behind Layla.
“I can imagine.” Dan said.
“Mummy, why is that Aunty frowning, her face look like shit” David whispered to his Mum.
“Shut up” Aunt Esther scolded and Dan who had overheard it started laughing.


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