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100 Days girlfriend episode 114 & 115

🧡 100 DAYS
(My Boyfriend Is A Baddie)

CHAPTER 114&115

By; Sommy Pearl F.

★ ★ ★ ★

“What’s it?” Whitney asked.

Desmond quickly wiped the tear that escaped from his eye, without his notice.

“Its Prisca…” He whispered, walking to the door.
“What are you waiting for. Lets go” He said.

“My…my son” Whitney muttered.

“Bring him along. You weren’t thinking of leaving him all alone here, were you?”

“Not at all. Michael, let’s go” Whitney looked at him and he shook his head.

“Don’t dare start” She snarled.

“I saw some little girl staring at me, and I notice her gaze. Mum, i think she likes me. Its my chance”

“Let go now!!”

“Wait,,, How about I wait till she feeds all her gaze on me, She’s gonna miss me when I’m gone”

“Michael! For crying out loud. Can we get outta here, please!”

“You can go, I think I’m falling for her too” He smiled.

“Darn you!” She cussed, and pulled him by the ear.

“Mummm…Muumm” He outbursted.

“So, what’s up with Prisca?” Asked Whitney as soon as she entered the car with a sulking Michael.

“Her labor is here”

“Oh my! Where’s she now??” Whitney asked, as Desmond drove.

“Home” He muttered, sadly.

“Don’t worry. She will be fine” Whitney @ssured.

Desmond looked at her and she smiled at him. He couldn’t help but smile back.


“I just received a message from Maureen” Natalie said.

“You did??. I just received one from John and was about to come to you” Clark said.

Natalie came closer.
“This is good news, right?”

Clark sighed and scratched his head.
“I guess. As for Jayden, He is….” His voice halted.

Natalie brows danced.
“He is what?” She asked.

“He is not gonna fall for her again” He said, plainly.

“And why do you say that??” She asked.

Clark sighed.

“He hates her for what she did then. Leaving him out of the blue?, No messages. Nothing… He was depressed for years, Nat…If you can remember. Who knows if he even hates her now. He rarely talks about her too”

“He still loves her, I know that” She said.

“Well, If you say do then” He shrugged.

“Do you think we should go to Germany, baby” She asked, sweetly.



“We could but not now, baby. Is it cause of Whit-

“Yes, especially her baby. I wanna see him”

His eyes widened immediately.
“What?? She…She had a child?”

“John didn’t rely the message?”


“Maureen told me. And guess what, Its Jayden’s baby”

“Those Naug-hty kids” Clark smir-ked.

“We were Naug-hty too” Natalie smir-ked back.
“Well, too bad Maureen wasn’t able to even catch a glimpse of the mother and child but she said she’s going to Germany soon”

“Germany?, I thought Maureen was prohibited from going to the airport heading to Germany after the ruckus that happened last 4 years ago with the influential candidate?”

“Well, it came with a condition. If a guardian is willing to follow her, then,,, she would be permitted to go” Clark replied.

“And who’s this guardian? Her parents who are very busy? Certainly not?” Natalie asked.

“John of course” Clark smiled.

Natalie grinned.
“Those two are so unpredictable”

“Anyways, are we going on not?” Natalie frowned.

“Lets go then” Clark smiled.

“Awwnnn… Let’s take the twins along?” Natalie smiled.

“Sure” Clark nodded.


“Prisca!! Prisca!!” Desmond screamed and ran into the sitting room. Whitney and Michael followed suite.

“Mum?, Mum??, What’s going on?” Michael asked, inquisitively.

“Can you just shut up” She seethed.

Desmond [email protected] seeing Prisca in water and blood. She looked weak and hurting. She was on the floor, curled up. She was wearing a long free gown which was dampened already.

“Prisca!!” He shouted, running closer to her with heavy tears in his eyes.

“Prisca!!” Whitney screamed, shockingly.

“Are you alright?” She asked, crouching over to Prisca who slowly opened her eyes.

“Shhh” Prisca hushed, silently.

“Huh?” Whitney muttered, her eyes almost letting out the tears.

“We need to hurry. Lets take her to the hospital” Desmond said, tensionally.

“You’ll wake her” Prisca whispered and shifted.

Whitney eyes blinked, it was gazing down upon a tiny white innocent baby in its placenta and blood.

The tear ran down Whitney’s eyes immediately. Desmond [email protected]

“Baby…” Prisca whispered, tiredly.
“Our baby girl has been born” She muttered.

Desmond knelt in front of her and klzzed Prisca on the hair before lifting the now crying baby into his arms.

“My baby. My baby Beauty. That will be her name, Beauty” Desmond said, almost sobbing.

Whitney stared on with tears still gliding down her eyes. She faced Prisca who was looking very tired.

“You tried, Prisca” Whitney smiled.

“Thank you, Whitney. I’m happy to see you again” She forced a smile.

“Me too” Whitney responded and at that instant, Prisca dozed off.

Michael went to Whitney ear and whispered something there, which he received a slap on his l!ps for.

“Ouch, Mum. What did I say wrong?” He groa-ned.

‘Nothing bad actually” Whitney smiled.

“Desmond. Lets get her and the baby to the hospital. They need medications and good rest there” Whitney said, and Desmond nodded.

“What did Michael say by the way?” Desmond asked.

Whitney shot Michael a glare but he said it anyways.

“I said, I’m gonna marry your daughter when she grows up. She’s beautiful” He gushed.

“Yes, she is” Desmond smiled.


“B!tch!!! Its been Fu-cking 9 years!!!!!” Maureen cried out, walking fast to Whitney.

Whitney got up from the sofa and hugged Maureen tight.

“I hate you. I never planned to hug you” Maureen sobbed.

“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry but you’re quite late, you know” Whitney sniffed, breaking the hug.

“Sorry, I and John were having Issues with my flight”

“Yah. Nat gossiped about the catastrophe you caused at the airport with some big candidate while he was on campaign. You were almost banned from taking flights to Germany”

“Ugh. I don’t even wanna talk about it. Wait. Nat is here?”

“Yup. Clark and the twins too. They’re so cute. They came yesterday” Whitney smiled.

“Wait, What of John?”

“He’s on his way. He went to get pres£nts for Desmond’s little beauty. Where are they? I wanna see them!!” She yelped.

“Come….Come” Whitney giggled.

“So,,, by the way…Have you seen…uhmm…have you seen..

“Who?” Whitney cut in.

Maureen faced her and forced a nervous smile.
“Never mind. By the way, I wanna see Michael”

“That kid…Uff!” She snarled.

“I know he’s cute”

“Don’t tell him that, before it gets into his empty head”

“Guys!!!” John voice echoed from back and they turned.

“C’mon, We were just about to see the baby” Maureen gestured.

“I ain’t dreaming, huh?” John hugged Whitney when he came closer.

“Not at all. Whitney Kennerson in town” She reciprocated the friendly hug.


“Why is that guy winking at us?” Georgia whispered to her twin.

“Who cares?, Stop showing him attention” Georgina said sharply and took her face away.

“Liam. Liam” Michael smiled, tapping him.

“Darn!,, What’s it??” Liam growled, taking half his concentration from his phone.

Liam looks matured and more handsome now. He’s just 15 but he has a very nice manly height.

“I need to leave now since I’ve given you grandma made dishes” Liam said, standing up.

“Liam…look at those twin, pretty huh?” Michael smiled.
“Just imagine dating one. It would be so easy too cheat”

Liam looked at him and shook his head.
“I rebuke you from being my nephew”

“Anyways, tell your mum I left already”

“I won’t tell her a thing. I thought you rebuked me already and I won’t help you with the love thingy you said you had for Winifred”

“Oh c’mon. I’m sorry, okay. You’re the best nephew ever” Liam chuckled.

“Better” Michael rolled his eyes.

“Awwnnnn!!! Is this him?? So cute!!” Maureen said, coming closer. John was right beside her. Whitney followed too.

“Oh gosh. Here we go again” Michael sighed.

“Sis, I’m leaving now” Liam said.

“Sure… s£nd regards to mum” Whitney smiled.

“No qualms” He nodded and left.


“So, what about Jade?, How’s she faring?” Whitney asked.

“She’s cool. She got released 5 years ago and now, She is a charity chugger” Natalie said.

“Ohh wow. In some of this days, I would love to pay a visit to her”

“I know her residential address so it won’t be that [email protected] getting there” Natalie smiled.

“Does…she live alone?”

“She has a foster child so I wouldn’t say, she actually stays alone. Jade changed a lot too, you know”

“Hmmm…So, Is she aware I’m here right now?, I’m quite…sad she didn’t come over too”

“She must be busy with the charity stuff she is into. Its not an easy task you know”

“I guess you’re right. Oh! I’ll stop here” Whitney quickly said.

Clark pulled over immediately.

“Okay bye guys” Whitney waved, coming down from Clark’s car.

“See ya” Natalie smiled, waving too.

Michael winked at the twins, and Georgina gave a cringy stony look while Georgia took her face away.

“Your place isn’t far from here, I hope?” Asked Natalie.

“Not at all. Its just across” Whitney smiled and she nodded before Clark drove off.

Whitney inhaled de-eply and held Michael hand. The street light was still at red. The moment it shone green, she held his hand tighter and they slowly walked with the other pedestrians on the zebra crossing.

Whitney felt a strange…

Something…No, Someone strange but,,, familiar just walking in front of her. She inhaled de-eply and her eyes blinked effortlessly.

The person was wearing a cape like suit, long black deluxe trousers too, with black shoes. He had mittens on his hands, and his hair was long, it even reached his shoulders.

“Jayden” Whitney whispered, inhaling his wild black cherry scent as soon as he walked past her.

“Baddie..” Her thought reminded and a very chill wind blew across her face, s£nding her hair flying…

“Mum?, What’s it?” Michael asked, softly feeling her frosty hand.

“I saw him…” Her eyes turned misty, as she scanned around. He wasn’t there anymore. Was it just her imagination??.

“Who’s that mum?” Michael asked again.

Whitney swallowed. Her nose tip turned red. Her face turned pale. Her head ached. Her heart itched.

“Her bad boyfriend” Her thought reminded again.


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