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the royal love 2 episode 75

©Sir Zach


Meanwhile, Nickolas walked to them, standing near the carpet awkwardly. However, he couldn’t take his eyes from Sabrina.

So beautiful and alluring…

But her stomach is an eyesore for him, reminding him that she is married and already taken.

“Nickolas..huh??” Louis spoke, his voice stern and hostile. He felt like gauging this bastard’s eyes.

His looks are so disgusting.

Mainly when he saw his wife’s cute swelling of stomach.

How dare he scare his lil baby inside??

How dare he!!!

Nickolas came out of his reverie and then looked at Louis who just spoke. Then his eyes shifted to Brina who was looking at her husband, totally disregarding her ex’s pres£nce.

It’s like he was a ghost to her. Not visible yet known about his pres£nce.

He observed how Edward has Sabrina in his arms.

It is obvious that Louis is indirectly warning him.

And, Nickolas couldn’t do anything but pity himself.

The woman he loves is in front of him, yet, she is not his. She is in other man arms, pregnant with. His child.

The worst thing here is she wasn’t even giving him a face.

What could be worse than this?

At least, showing her hatred would have been far better than giving no reaction at all.

It is like he has no place in her heart…not even hate.

“Louis, I know you are angry with me for bringing him here, but he is the one who helped me in this attack,” Layla said, not able to suffer the deathly aura around them which is being emanated from Louis.

“And, he is no traitor,” she added. “He learned his mistake is working on revenge”

“What’s the use of learning about his mistakes when everything is already done? My wife already lost her family just because of this man, whom you call as no traitor” Louis scoffed.

‘I have never stood up for her like this. I always thought she is capable of taking care of herself, but Edward is doing right. Women had to be doted on, Nickolas thought.

Realizing many mistakes he made in the past.

“Her parents are alive. I saved them” Nickolas said all of a sudden.

He didn’t say anything except getting straight into the point because he couldn’t face Sabrina.

Especially, when she is this hostile to him.

She didn’t even look at him even once.

“What did you just say?” Brina asked, shocked.

She couldn’t believe her ears.

Her parents are alive??

That’s a great news but equally a shocking one.

“They are alive. I saved them at the right time” Nick repeated as he stared at Brina. She is so beautiful even in her disguise. Even her aura and charm haven’t changed.

In fact, she looked mature and a little different.

There was patience in her voice. If it was Brina he knew once, she would be throwing knives at him or probably she would have shot him already.

“I am no traitor, Sabrina,” Nickolas said, trying to get her attention.

“Brina,” Louis warned. Correcting her name immediately.


Nickolas didn’t know whether to cry or bang his head to the ground.

So possessive and controlling…

‘How is Brina bearing him? He is so dominant’ he thought.

He just wanted to count mistakes in Louis.

“Where are they?” Brina asked, ignoring both her husband and ex fiance.

For now, only her parents matter to her.

After knowing that they are alive, her mind is no longer working. All she wants now is to meet them!

“In this town itself. That’s why I visit often” Nickolas said, trying to develop a chat with her. But, Brina cared least about that bullshit.

“Here?” King Edgar asked, shocked. His best friend is alive and he is actually here, in this very same town.

He just couldn’t believe it!

“I can take you all there,” Nick said.

“You better not be lying. The next second I find out that you are lying, it will be your last breath” Louis warned, getting up. He helped Brina to stand up and then looked at Layla.

“Can you keep Will with you for now? He is still weak and it is better we don’t let him have mental stress and overwhelming emotions” Louis said.

“Don’t worry. He is safe here” Layla promised.

Layla would never betray Louis. Half of the people here actually work for him but that doesn’t matter.

Layla is the most loyal person.

She would even die but would never betray someone who saved her, her daughter and her whole organization.

“We will take Royal guards with us” King Edgar said.

There are few guards in the stand while some others are in the woods of this town. Even if Nick is fooling them, he will simply be outnumbered.

Moreover, Nickolas doesn’t have his people here. This is Layla’s and Louis’s place ..

“I am not lying, Prince Edward” Nickolas replied.

“A traitor is always a traitor.” Louis scoffed before he wrapped his arms around his wife who seemed pretty shaken.

“Dad, it’s better if we let our guards make sure he is not lying. If he is speaking the truth and Brina’s parents are alive, we will then make a trip there” Louis said.

“I said, I AM NOT LYING!!” Nickolas shouted.

He couldn’t bear this treatment.

They are embarra-ssed by him…

Humiliating him…

The guards around them moved forward but Louis stopped them with a mere look of his eye.


When it comes to Brina he loses his control pretty fast.

Brina felt nauseous with all the shouting and she gripped Louis’ shirt ti-ghtly as she snuggled close to inhale his scent. When Louis noticed Brina’s pale face it was only when he controlled his anger.

“I am sorry, love. I really can’t take risk of losing you and our baby” Louis whispered.

“I am pale because I am feeling nauseous due to the sounds, not because of what you said. I agree with your arrangements, darling. I don’t want to make the same mistake twice, either. Let’s have our guards make sure he is not tricking us with my emotions again and then we can follow him” Brina said.

‘This couple are really savage’ Layla thought.

She didn’t support Nick in this matter because even she doesn’t know the truth. If Nickolas is really fooling them, he would not leave this place alive. This is her territory after all.

Nickolas just nodded his head at Brina who didn’t even look at him.

He felt so hurt inside.

It is as if he is being eaten alive…

She used to trust him blindly once. She used to believe in him….but now…

It is so painful that he almost felt like killing himself is better than this humiliation.

Meanwhile, Brina just continued inhaling her husband’s scent while she closed her eyes. Trying to control her nausea…

Louis affectionately started soothing her back, his other hand cu-pping her cheek as her face buried on his che-st…

Meanwhile, while his hands are busy comforting his pregnannt wife, he silently ordered the half of his Royal guards and a few of the Layla’s people to follow Nickolas and check out if he was speaking the truth.

Though this looked like too much of exaggeration, s£nding many people just against a single man, Louis didn’t care about it.

All he care is about his wife and baby. He don’t want to do same mistake like his wife…

After a few minutes.

The leader of the people who followed Nickolas, made a video call and showed the old couple.

The woman was in the bedroom, in a coma and on a ventilator while the man was sitting outside, juststaring at nothing.

He didn’t notice that Nick brought a man with him into the villa.

Others waited outside, not to panic the old couple inside. But they are in alert stance, actually a gun pointing at Nick’s head from outside.

One mistake, he will be dead in sp-ot.

Meanwhile, when Brina saw the couple showed on the screen, her tears couldn’t stop flowing down her face.

She simply couldn’t comprehend if this is a beautiful dream or the reality.

“They are alive!! They are truly alive, Louis!!” Brina exclaimed, not able to believe it.

Even King Edgar felt emotional when he looked at his old friends who are supposed to be dead.

He simply couldn’t control his tears and excitement.

“Let’s go then. That bastard is really telling the truth. That bastard is lucky today” Louis scoffed.

But he looked happy and his voice is not as hostile as before.

He is happy his wife got her parents back.

Louis immediately ordered his men to pull out the cars.

After a few minutes, King Edgar and Queen Elora arrived at the place where George and Jenny are there. It is a villa outside the town, peaceful and huge.

Meanwhile, Brina and Louis went back to their place because Brina insisted on removing her disguise.

If her father is really having some memory black outs, it’s better she doesn’t trouble him much with her disguise.

She wanted to look like Sabrina for first time in her life…

Meanwhile, her father in law, King Edgar said that he would talk to his best friend.

“What brings you back, Nickolas?” George, Brina’s father asked when he noticed entering the villa.

“I had to meet a very important person today, your highness, so I have delayed my journey” Nick answered.

He calls George as your highness. When he was engaged to Brina, he used to call him Dad.

But now, it just changed. They are so hostile to him now.

George has not yet forgiven him for what Nickolas did.

He might never, actually!!

“You met that person?” George asked.

“Yes, just right now” Nick answered.

“You can leave then, right?” George asked, standing up to go inside and lock the door against Nickolas’s face.

He never felt pity towards Nick nor did he feel like he deserves forgiveness.

George is cold hearted towards the people who try to hurt his family. And, very kind with his family and friends. Sabrina inherited it from her father.

“Your highness, that person wants to meet you too” Nickolas said.

“I don’t have patience to get acquainted with your people, Nickolas. That person can leave” George said as walking back into the house. He is about to close the door but a voice stopped him.

The life George has now is not due to the kindness of Nickolas. In fact, he got disparaged to this level because of this Bastard here.

He used to be the king of a powerful kingdom, dammit! Now, he is nothing.

“You don’t want to meet me, George?” King Edgar asked as he stepped inside, making George freeze.

When he saw Edgar in the park, he felt like talking to him. But after thinking, he felt like it’s better not to pull Edgar into this mess. So, he simply walked away.

But now, listening to his friend’s voice, he felt emotional.

Edgar walked to his friend and said, “Now, be a man and give me a hug” he said walking in to the house.

George smiled and hug-ged his friend.

Later, he escorted his friend to the living room and Nickolas ordered the house staff to bring some refreshments before going out of the room.

After the two friends settled down, George looked at his friend, nostalgic.

“It’s really good to see you here, Ed. I saw that you came here with your family.” he said, smiling at him. Remembering the heartwarming scene in the park a few days back.

Although his face and voice was indifferent, his eyes showed how emotional he is now.

He was a king for many years, so he got habituated to being indifferent.

But, just like his daughter, he is very emotional when it comes to his loved ones.

“No, I came to visit my son and his daughter in law” Edgar said. He just wanted to bring up Brina’s topic slowly and carefully, so that his friend wouldn’t un-dergo shock and have the sudden Black out episodes like Nick mentioned.

“Your son, Edward lives here? I never saw him here anytime around.”

“Ethan is crown prince, right? Edward is like usual, out of all this Royal stuff?” George asked.

“Nope, my friend. Ethan didn’t want to become King so Edward got to become the crown prince. He and his wife came here on a holiday” Edgar said.

“Holiday for the crown prince? Days would have been too peaceful back in the Kingdom then. However, it’s a relief that your kingdom is safe” George said and after some moments, he said, “I have seen your son and daughter in law. They look perfect together”

“He loved her and married her, just like me, his father.” Edgar chuckled.

“And, no, things are not as good as you think. But my daughter in law is pregnant and we couldn’t risk by making her stay in the Kingdom. There might be some moles and the people who wants to harm her. We couldn’t risk her life”

“Moreover, she needed to rest” Edgar said.

He is waiting for George to as more about his daughter in law, who is his own daughter a tually.

But, George didn’t want it to make it awkward by poking into personal stuff as soon as they met.

And, he also didn’t wanted this to point to his own daughter and Edward. He didn’t wanted to bring up a little Edward’s childhood sweetheart and the promises their wives made to marry their children.

Especially not when Edward is already married and is going to become a father.

“God bless the child and I pray for their safety. Congrats to you, Ed. You are going to become a grandfather, soon” Georgy congratulated his friend, but his eyes became gloomy when he remembered his own grandson who is dead now.



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