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the royal love 2 episode 72

©Sir Zach


“Eleven,” Louis said.

“Eleven? So soon” Brina asked, getting ready to stand up.

Will pouted.

He wants to ask his aunt to sleep beside him but his doctors would be in the other room, looking at him through the connected gla-ss wall.

They would be monitoring his condition and sleep analysis. So, it will be inconvenient for his aunt to sleep.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have let her go, hmph!

‘Little guy, it’s my quality time with my wife. You can’t make her stay here..hahaha’ Louis pettily thought.

He was looking at their honeymoon pictures a while back. And, the juicy pictures suddenly aroused him.

If it was a normal situation, he wouldn’t have disturbed his wife’s quality time with her nephew, but now he can’t wait simply.

He needs her.

Louis and Brina wished Will, goodnight and they walked out of the room.

As soon as they closed the door behind them, Louis lifted Brina up in princess style.

He walked downstairs towards their room while he started kis-sing her li-ps very pa-ssionately.

However, before they could go inside, Elora and Edgar saw them, grinning ear to ear.

“You are not alone, guys. Take a room please” Edgar teased.

“Be careful,” Elora reminded them, holding her giggles.

“Got it, mom” Louis shouted the reply back, before he closed the door of their bedroom.

Edgar chuckled. They looked so good together and very happy as well..

“If Brina’s mom and dad would have been here to see this, they definitely would have felt happy. They have come a long way. From the childhood sweethearts to the couple who are about to have a child” he said, getting emotional.

Next morning..

“You lost your control!” Brina pouted ma-ssaging her arms.

“I know,” Louis sighed as he buried his face in the crook of her ne-ck. “I am sorry. It won’t happen again” he said, de-eperly regretting now.

“What made you so aroused yesterday night?” Brina enquired.

“I have changed all my dresses so that you won’t get tempted. But still-” she stopped and grinned in realisation.

“You were seeing our honeymoon pics, aren’t you? That’s the reason” she said, looking at him with mischievous eyes.

Louis pouted. “How did you know?” he asked.

He just got caught!

“Hehe! You are an open book to me” Brina grinned.

“I was missing those days” Louis told her, acting cute like a little child. Otherwise she might kick him out.

If anyone would have seen him like this they might surely vomit blood.

“Me too. But this is a different experience too. We have to enjoy everything life gives us” Brina said.

“Isn’t this far better than being busy in the palace? We just see each other once in the afternoon and then later in the evening. We ba-rely get time” she added.

“Yep, I am not telling you that I don’t like our time here. This is really very refreshing and cherishing” Louis said caressing her hair.

“What I miss is-” Then, he whispered something which made Brina blush.

“Ahh! I know! You pervert” Brina started smacking his arm for which Louis laughed and held her arms gently.

“You can smack me later, babe. Today, we will be going on a little garden picnic with mom, dad and Will. Even Layla and Meg will be joining us” Louis said, suddenly remembering that they woke up late and needed to freshening up.

Layla called yesterday all of a sudden and suggested that they should all meet up for lunch or dinner. She missed Louis’s parents who actually took care of her during her pregnancy.

And, little would have Brina and King Edgar expect that today will be a very long and emotional day for all of them, especially both.

“Are we going to meet her secret helper too? Layla told me yesterday that this person helped her a lot in destroying that un-derworld gang.”

“I should thank that person, Louis. My brother always wanted to take revenge for how they treated my sister in law. However, before he could do that, everything went -” Brina pursed her li-ps not able to finish her s£ntence.

Louis ruffled her hair and kis-sed her forehead.

“Layla said that she would introduce us to that person as well. You will get to thank him later, don’t worry” Louis comforted Brian before they set off to freshen up quickly.

Later everyone headed to the private garden where they would be having their picnic.

It was Layla’s idea.

She was really moved by Nickolas’s genuine intention and she felt like he needs to know the whole truth.

Not only because she pitied him or felt him genuine but because everyone must know the truth right now.

They are in a crucial phase of their war and it would be really problematic if they don’t find out who the allies are and who the enemies are.

Once they find out the truth they might also work together and win with the flying colours.

However, the problem here is Nickolas doesn’t know that Brina is alive and she is married to Louis, the prince of one of the kingdoms. He doesn’t know what her plans are.

Meanwhile, Brina, Louis and Remus don’t know that Nickolas and King James are actually allies who could be very helpful once they work together.

As the only person who knows the full picture of what’s happening, Layla decided to be the bridge between these two factions.

Otherwise, they fight among themselves not aware that Nick and his team inside the rebellion are allies.

“Why did you call me, Layla? I will be going back today. Camilla called me and told me that her father had a mild heart stro-ke after finding out that their allies got defeated. If I don’t visit him now, he might get suspicious” Nickolas said as he walked into the lobby of the building in the private garden where they are about to have this picnic.

“Thank God, that bastard got a heart attack. And, yes, I thought of what you suggested to me yesterday, however, I will tell my decision after I discuss it with my best friend” Layla told him as soon as she heard him enter”.

“As for why I called you, I have a very important thing to tell you,” she said.

“Important?” He asked.

“Yeah. Please wait here, okay? I will be there in five minutes” Layla said as she walked out of the room.

Nick nodded his head and sat down. However, five minutes turned into ten minutes and Layla didn’t come. He got bored of the sitting and he started to look around before stopping at the huge floor to ceiling window.

It is a one way gla-ss door and when he stood there he could see a beautiful woman sitting on the blanket spread on the gla-ss. She is just sitting there enjoying the sunlight that has shone on this town after the three months of snow.

Her skin glowed un-der that warm sunlight while she closed her eyes, enjoying it.

She is wearing a simple knee length, floral dress and is looking very beautiful and captivating.

She looked like an angel…

However, he couldn’t see her protruded stomach because she is covering herself with a blanket till her upper wai-st. It is still cold and Louis didn’t want her to get cold.

‘Isn’t she the one I used to see in the park in evening times? What is she doing here? I thought she is an ordinary woman but as she is sitting in this private garden with many bodyguards looking after her, she should be someone special and important’ he thought.

‘But she is so beautiful and there is something in her face that is attra-cting me towards her’ he wondered as he looked at her serene face.

‘I never felt like this ever before after Sabrina died’ he sighed pinching the space between his eyebrows.

“Looks like you got your eyes on someone” Layla said as she walked inside.

The reason why she went out is to make Louis feel the boredom and find Brina who was sitting just outside the building.

Louis was talking to the leaders of the teams that attacked the un-derworld gang in five kingdoms, to find out if there was something he could feel useful about.

As for Meg and Will they are near the lake garden, just a little far from where Brina is sitting.

They are learning how to fish, from king Edgar and Queen Elora who are excitingly teaching them, their sworn grandchildren.

Brina wanted to go as well but due to her pregnancy sickness she couldn’t bear the smell of fishes.

So, she rather decided to enjoy the sunlight and some alone time.

“I used to see this woman in the park.” Nickolas briefly answered as he continued staring at her.

He didn’t un-derstand why his heart started beating erratically while the unfathomable emotions started to surge in him.

“So, are you interested in her?” Layla asked.

“It doesn’t matter” he sadly smiled. “By the way, is she your friend or relative? I mean, I heard that you never allow outsiders into this garden” he asked.

“Yeah, you heard right. And, yes, she is my friend” Layla answered. “Good friend”

“You remember the girl I told you about? Betrayed by her fiancé and her people? She was the one I was talking about” Layla nonchalantly answered.

Nick felt his almost stop. He froze, his eyes wide as he darted his eyes from Brian to Layla.

“What?” He asked. He didn’t know why but he felt something is fishy here.

The woman whose past is similar to his Sabrina is actually making him feel emotional not only because their past are similar but also because of some unfathomable emotions. It’s like….

He shifted his eyes back to Brina when he felt someone approaching her.

Layla’s daughter and a little guy around seven years walked towards her hand in hand. That boy’s walk was a little unstable but he managed to walk with little support from Meg.

At first Nick couldn’t see that boy’s face but when he approached Brina, Nick froze.

Purple eyes…

Similar face….

With one look he right away knew that its little prince, William.

He couldn’t recognise Sabrina because she is best at disguising herself. However, Will is just a little boy and couldn’t bear to harm his s£n-sitive eyes with the eye lenses and his gentle hair with hair colour.

His purple eyes are enough for Nickolas.

Nick felt his whole body shiver while his throat dried up. His head started feeling light due to the sudden shock while his heart sped up.

“He… h..he” Nick stuttered with his words while he looked at Layla for an answer.

‘If Will is alive, then someone should have saved him. It couldn’t be someone from outside otherwise my people would have tracked them.’ He thought.

‘And, who could be so professional and experienced in sneaking a boy out of the building which was scorching with raging fire??

Meanwhile, his eyes shifted to Brina who was laughing jubilantly listening to the little girl’s takes.

Meg is telling her something while Will was shaking his head. This girl could be very silly sometimes!!

Will is now sitting beside his aunt with his hands wrapped around her wai-st while his head rests on her shoulder.

Will don’t like it if anyone touches him. He only allows his family members..

And, this gesture felt very familiar to Nickolas because he knows how close Will and Sabrina are. Will always sits beside his aunt, just like this..

Years might have pa-ssed but habits are [email protected] to change.

‘Co…could sh… She is my Sa.. Sabrina’ he thought, touching his heart. He could feel his heart thumping against his rib cage due to all his shock and anxiety.

It is when he saw Brina in the perspective that she could be Sabrina. Their pasts are also very similar and more importantly, the way his heart reacted…

Her laugh, the way her eyes shone while she looked at Will…

All these made him sure that she is his Sabrina.

But… but how could she be alive??

There were no survivors, especially the people who were inside the building when the fire accident happened.


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