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the royal love 2 episode 70

©Sir Zach


“I thought of it, too. And, I already discussed this with Remus, his brother Remund and Harry. They are in the same thought as well” Louis told his wife, gently ma-ssaging her hair.

She seems tired.

“The second attack would follow the first attack in a matter of days” he added, explaining it to her.

She didn’t participate in preparing the detailed strategy. Louis didn’t want her to take stress.

Brina is not handling that matters anymore after he persuaded her.

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For the first two months of her pregnancy, she was recu-perating, nourishing her body to handle the pregnancy.

After that, she wanted to go back and help others. It was her responsibility after all.

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But, her over protective husband, Louis didn’t allow her to handle these matters directly anymore.

He extended the vacation, although she insisted not to, and he was also adamant to let him take care of everything.

Besides it, Brina thought it was more s£nsible after giving it a thought.

She doesn’t want to put her baby in risk and with her pregnancy sickness started showing up, she couldn’t focus much either.

If it’s some company business or some job, she would have surely continued doing them.

But, this is war.

So much stress and burden.

The responsibility is very heavy and it demands full effort and efficiency.

Even a slightest distraction and many life’s will be at stake. Consequences are deadly and unpredictable.

Brina knew that she can’t balance between that responsibility, power and leadership equally with taking care of Will, her health and protecting her baby.

It has to be the first or the latter.

And, for her, the latter is most important and precious. Her baby and her nephew are more important than directly participating in the attacks

To take care of those matters, she has her husband, her friends and her family, who are very loyal to her.

So, she decided to leave everything to Louis till the baby is born.
But the last important phase is hers to enjoy, where she would be taking revenge on her uncle.

“So, they want to start the second attack as soon as Layla attacks her enemies?” Brina asked, slightly tensed and worried.

“Are they really prepared?” she questioned after a few minutes of thinking.

She would no way allow her family and closed ones take risks for her. She knows her uncle well…

He is a vicious snake with a cunning mind as a fox and very inhumane.

“Babe, you don’t have to worry you know” Louis chuckled as he caresses her cheeks and kis-sed her on her eyelids, smoothly.

They just had a gentle love making and were now cuddling each other, talking random stuff.

It’s still early to sleep.

“But I couldn’t stop worrying,” Brina deadpanned.

“They are prepared, okay! They had enough time to arrange everything and strategize well. You really need not to worry” Louis said.

“After Layla attacked, your uncle and his people would be in a dilemma of what to do. So, Remus and others want to take that opportunity to their advantage and strike them.”

“In that midst of confusion and chaos the next attack will surely make them even more vulnerable and pathetic.” Louis chuckled.

“Dad and Ethan are already helping Remus and others now. You don’t have to worry. Harry was using his influence to help them in his own way. Layla is helping as well. So, rest a-ssured, everything will go just as planned” he a-ssured her when her eyebrows still not eased out.

“So, my dear wife, all you have to do is enjoy the show with popcorn, coke and ice-cream,” Louis said, ru-b-bing the tip of his nose against hers, as he kis-sed her li-ps.

“But Rhianna said they are unhealthy foods. I need to avoid them,” Brina playfully said, kis-sing him back on his li-ps.

Louis rolled his eyes, making Brina laugh.

“Then, try drinking your herbal juice rather than coke and that protein bites instead of popcorn and that bitter soup instead of ice-cream” Louis teased, his li-ps curved up in a full b!0wn smile.

“Ew! They are making me puke. Don’t ever bring that sad thing in the middle of your happy moments. Ahh! my stomach” Brina huffed dramatically as she ti-ghtly hug-ged Louis and inhaled his scent, which is her only cure to stop that symptoms.

Louis laughed when he saw her extremely cute antics. He will never get tired of this.

“All right.. All right. I won’t,” he told, controlling his laughter.

He kis-sed her on her head while his hands caressed her very slightly swollen stomach.

“This must be a boy,” he said all of a sudden, surprising Brina.

Where did it come from??

“What makes you so confident that it’s a boy?” She asked, amused.

“Because, daddy’s princess will be obedient and un-derstanding like her father and mommy’s prince will be a troublemaker and stubborn like his mother” Louis said, chuckling.

It totally made Brina puke her blood.

However, she gave a pretentious glare to him and smacked his arm.

“I am not troublesome now. And, not stubborn too. Moreover, who told you that you are obedient? You are very fli-rty, perverted and mischievous. Most important, you are a king of jealousy” Brina fired up, but of course, she is just pretending to be angry.

“All right, angry bird. I believe you” Louis laughed getting another glare from his wife.

“Time to sleep. Otherwise you will miss Will’s check up” he diverted the topic, pulling the comforter till her shoulders before tucking her in.

After that, he went into the bedroom balcony to attend some meetings.

As for Will, he is recovering fast and he is as stubborn as his aunt. He didn’t stop trying till his voice returned to normal.

All his doctors are amazed too. Such a little guy!! He is no less than any grown ups, when it comes to persistence.

He even demanded to appoint the teachers so that he could learn what he missed in these two years.

Academically, his knowledge is already in advance even though he missed two and half years of studies. All he needed was a little push up and a glimpse of outer knowledge.

As he is the prince and future king, he was not raised like an ordinary Kid.

He is far more intelligent, clever, conscious than the kids of his age. He is not childish either…

But, just like his aunt, he overthinks and immerse himself too much into the work in his hands.

So, when Will demanded for teachers, Brina hesitated. She didn’t want her baby Will to take stress, especially when he is still recovering. But he insisted.

And, like his aunt, he will never let it go till he gets what he asked for.

He just wanted to be busy, at least like this he won’t remember about his parents. With his aunt taking care of him, loving him unconditionally, he didn’t miss them much.

But, at the end of day they are still his parents.

However, Will is very s£nsible.

He remembers his father telling him once that pregnant women must not get stressed out much. As his beautiful aunt is pregnant now, he never told her that he is missing his parents and he is mourning them.

Whenever his aunt would spend time with him, he would act happy and cheerful.

But not even once, not even when he is alone, he has cried. His father said men shouldn’t cry.

As the next King of their kingdom he has to never show his weakness outside.

And, on the brighter side, he got his first, new friend here.


She would talk non stop and he enjoyed talking to her, listening to her sweet, childish logic.

She is cute, innocent and adorable. That, she would always make him laugh.

In no time, Meg became his best friend.

His first best friend.

As Layla is not in the town, Meg is staying with Brina and Louis. Just in the adjacent room to Will.

Louis is Meg’s godfather while Brina is her best aunty.

She loves Brina so much.

And, Will is so good to her. With all of them with her, she forgot about her mother. She is not homesick, not at all.

She never had a friend and Will is her first best friend too.

She loves how smart he is. In spite of being in a coma for two and half years, he still beats her up when it comes to studies.

She admired it and she kis-sed him one day, on his cheek making him blush.

‘Uncle Edward told me that he and my aunt were best friends in their childhood.’

‘Childhood sweethearts.’ It is what his uncle called them.

‘So, Is Meg also my childhood sweetheart’ he thought that time. A genuine smile on his li-ps.

It’s been almost a week since Layla went.

It’s a long process and they have to be cautious while they attack. So, they are taking it slow and Nickolas is helping them in everything.

His abs£nce was covered by Camilla and Prince Griffin.

Camilla, his fiancée, knows everything. Nickolas told her everything.

However, why she is helping him is because of other reasons. It is not to avenge Brina’s and Seth’s death.

She loves her cousins Brina and Seth. She felt bad when she found out that her father did this to them. However, she was no fool to go against her father just because of that.

She started hating her father only when she found out the truth about her mother’s death.

When Prince Griffin found out that his real mother is Morgana (Brina’s godmother and Governess of Alpha academy), he started digging more information about it.

It is when he got to know that he has a biological sister and she is Natalie (Ethan’s wife).

As his wife knows Natalie because of their careers in the entertainment industry, he got close to her in that way. He wanted to protect her from their cruel father but after finding out that her other brothers, Harry and Luke are protecting her well enough he didn’t interfere anymore.

And, at the same time, he found out from Nickolas that his step mother, Camilla’s real mother, was actually killed.

She took care of him like her own son, even after she was aware that he is her husband’s true love’s child. He loved her…

In fact, for him, she is his real mother. Finding out that his biological mother is someone else didn’t change anything.

Meanwhile, he got suspicious and asked his wife who used to work in his father’s inner circle to dig it up. Then only he found out that his step mother is actually killed by her own husband aka his own father, just because she was against his plans.

His poor mother wanted to protect her children from her heartless husband. And it became her death.

So, when Camilla found out that, she started hating her father. That was when Nickolas came up with this proposal to act like an engaged couple.

She thought of the terms and found it reasonable. She has nothing to do much anyway…

She just has to cover up for him and make sure her father won’t suspect Nickolas’s intentions.

That was the reason they always act lovey dovey in public. They were known as romantic couples who chill out a lot.

For Camilla’s father, Gabriel who loves her daughter so much, she is head over heels in love with Nickolas. So, when she said she loves Nick, he himself went and asked Nickolas to marry his daughter.

Nickolas pretended to be very happy and he ‘willingly’ agreed. Just like everyone has weakness, her father Gabriel has his own weakness too.

It is his children, especially his daughter.

That’s why he never says no when she and Nickolas go on long trips. However, no one knows that it is just to cover Nick’s tracks.

Like this, Nick had formed his own secret team too.

Camilla, Prince Griffin, King James, some loyal members of Brina’s father. Though they are less people, they are from inside of the rebellion. Their powers can be used more effectively.
(A/N : Well, Griffin is stepbrother but Camilla didn’t know it at first. Although she found out she still treated him like her own brother because she really care for her)


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