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the heir and his heiress episode 23


(From a nobody to a Billionaire)

⚡Chapter 23⚡

Melissa’s POV

It’s just my first day working in this restaurant but I must say it’s so stressful. Is this what I’ll have to put up with until I accomplish the mission given to me by Kathryn?

Looks like I will have to speed things up if I don’t want to continue living like this.

“Get over here Anna” the manager screamed while I scoffed

He’s ordering me around just because my face is disguised. If I cane here as Melissa Eric, I’m sure none of them will have the guts to even look me in the face.

“Yes sir?” I answered reluctantly

“This is just your first day working here and you’re already acting this way? I’m going to fire you very soon. Attend to that young man over there” he pointed to a direction and left

I for-cefully turned around with a frustrated look on my face but when I saw who it was, I widened my eyes in shock.

Chris is here already? No wonder why the girls won’t stop squealing and murmuring. Well, to bad I will be the one to attend to him from now on.

“Good afternoon sir! Please what would you like to order?” I asked in a tiny voice that I never knew I heard while keeping my face pitiful

“I want a place of macaroni and cheese with an apple juice” he said not raising his head from his phone

He won’t even look at me so how am I supposed to accomplish my mission soon? I guess I will have to take the lead.

I intentionally tripped and just like I expected, he saved me from falling. I smiled inwardly but I kept my face neutral until he let me go.

“I’m so sorry sir, I didn’t mean to. I’m so clumsy everywhere I go” I said faking tears

“Stop crying, it wasn’t your fault and anyone could also have tripped okay?” he said softly

My goodness! How can someone be so perfect at everything? His voice is so warm that I feel like listening to it every second.

“Thank you sir, I will get your order now” I said and left to get his food

After attending to him, I returned to my post and thought of the next step to take. If I will accomplish my mission quickly, then I must take action from now.

After thinking for a while, an idea suddenly popped up in my head and I smiled sheepishly. This is definitely going to work!

After Chris was done eating, I knew he was going to pay for his food next so I hurriedly went outside to carry out my mission.

I started shedding fake tears and at the same time pretended to be oblivious of what was going on around me. Soon, Chris came out of the restaurant and I increa-sed my wailing a little bit in order to catch his attention.

“Hey!” he called walking closer to me

Finally, I’ve gotten his attention at last. This is going to be fun from now on!

“What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” he asked with concern in his voice

“I’m sorry for disturbing you with my tears sir, I will leave now” I said and proceeded to leave but he heldy hand pulling me back

My goodness! How can someone’s touch be so warm and soothing at the same time? I feel like an angel just touche me.

“Tell me what’s wrong and please wipe your tears” he said stretching out his handkerchief to me

I gently wiped my tears at the same time taking in his cologne that smelt heavenly.

“I really don’t want to bother you with my problems. It’s more than enough that someone cared about me for the first time since my parents death, I will take my leave now. Thank you” I said with a small smile and wanted leaving but he stopped me yet again

This is getting interesting and I feel it’s going to get more interesting soon.

“I want to be bothered, let’s go to a quiet place and talk” he said and pulled me along with him while I smiled sheepishly until we got to a quiet place

“First, what’s your name?” he asked facing me

“Annabelle Walter” I said looking down pretending to be shy

“A nice name for a pretty lady!” he complimented making me blush slightly

“So tell me why you were crying” he added

“I…I’m am orphan. Ever since my parents died, I’ve been trying to survive all on my own. From working as a servant in some averagely rich people’s house to working in cafés and now, this restaurant.

My landlady just called to tell me to pack out of her house within the next three days and I don’t know where to go. I have no friends because of my poor background so there’s no one I can turn to for help” I concluded putting on a pitiful look

“That’s quite sad! Do you have an account number?” he asked taking out his phone

“I don’t have one, how can I have a bank account?” I muttered sadly

“Okay, it’s fine then. Give this to her, I’ll give you more tomorrow. I never knew a situation like this will arise, take care of yourself” he said soothingly and left

I counted the money in my hands and rolled my eyes with a scoff. He might be handsome but then, he’s really wretched. How can he give me this little amount of money? Even if I live in a store room, this won’t be enough to pay for half of the rent.

I threw the money away after making sure no one was working and returned to my work. The first step is successful, now I need to make the next move.

Mitchell’s POV

Afte having to put up with Kathryn’s rants, I was finally chanced to go out for lunch.

“Should we have lunch together?” Crystal asked with a smile

“You know I don’t have lunch here, I’ll just go to a restaurant nearby and I’ll return as soon as I’m done” I said

I got into my car and drove to a restaurant while I listened to music at the same time. In no time, I arrived there and placed my order.

I don’t know why I have this strange feeling that I’m being watched, it feels creepy. There’s nothing to worry about though since there are lots of people here.

“Enjoy your food ma’am” the waiter said with a smile that seemed….is it fake?

Whatever! I’m just going to eat and leave this place, this is probably going to be my last time here because I keep getting weird feelings.

After eating for a few minutes, I noticed I was beginning to feel dizzy. What’s wrong with me? I was fine moments ago.

When I couldn’t hold it in anymore, I picked up my phone and dialed Chris’s number which he answered almost immediately.

“Hey! How are you doing?” he asked happily

“I…..I…..I don’t know what’s wrong, I’m dizzy” I managed to say before the phone sli-pped from my hands

“Hello! Hello!!” I heard Chris voice in the background but I was too weak to respond

My guards are definitely around so I’m not supposed to panic but I just feel like things might go wrong.

I struggled to keep my eyes open but I couldn’t struggle for too long and I had to give way to darkness.

Chris POV

I dialed Mitchell’s contact for the umpteenth time but no one was answering. I really don’t un-derstand what is going on anymore.

I should have followed up the investigation closely when she was attacked the first time but I didn’t pay much attention to it. Now I don’t even know what to think.

I put a call across one of her secret guards and he answered almost immediately.

“Where are you now?” I asked anxiously

“We’re not too far from the restaurant Miss Mitchell went to have lunch. We’re waiting for her to finish eating before leaving” he answered

“Mitchell is currently in danger so leave whatever you are doing right now and go to her” I said

“On it sir!” he answered and hanged up

I took my car keys and ran out of my office without shutting the door.

“Where are you headed to in a hurry?” Mr Williams asked

It looks like he was just coming from somewhere because I met him in the parking lot.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with Mitchell sir. She called to tell me she was feeling dizzy and she didn’t say a word after that. I’ve called her countless times but she isn’t answering her phone anymore” I explained

“What?! This is the height of it! Who would dare try to harm my daughter in this country? Looks like they really want to see my other side this time.

Go to her, I have something to take care of. And please, make sure she’s safe” he said

“I will sir! I have to go now” I said and quickly got into my car as I drove out of the company speedily

I called one of the guards to text me the address of the restaurant and I arrived there in no time.

“Where is she?” I asked getting down from my car without turning off the car

“She’s in the car sir! She lost consciousness so we are about to take her to the hospital” one of them answered

“Alright, take her to the hospital quickly” I said to him and faced another guard

“Did you see anyone around her? She sounded like she was in danger or something” I asked him

“Yes……there he is” he pointed at a man that was being dragged by some of the guards

“Take him to one of the warehouses, I don’t want attention from the family” I said and left

When I arrived at the hospital, she was being attended to and th doctor came out of her ward few minutes later.

“What happened to her doctor?” I asked anxiously

“She was drugged! The drug is very powerful and it’s dangerous to her body, please avoid things like this in the future. It can lead to serious complications” the doctor warned before leaving

“How dare he try to harm my wife? He’s going to regret crossing paths with me” I thought and got into my car driving straight to the warehouse

“He’s in right?” I asked a guard by the door

“Yes sir” he answered politely with a bow

“Good!” I said and went in

“I’m only going to ask you this once. Why did you attack my wife and what were you planning to do with her?” I asked angrily

“Even if you ask me that question one million times, I won’t answer you” he said with a sm-irk

“Are you nuts?” I asked standing up

“Uhhm! Sir! It seems like he wasn’t alone when we got there. We saw some men running to so our guess is, they have a boss and they definitely had a bigger plan for Miss Mitchell” a guard explained

“What?!! He wasn’t alone and they might have had a bigger plan for Mitchell? Tell me who s£nt you to Mitchell!

Were you also the ones that attacked her at first? You double crossed her car and tried to kill her. Tell me now!” I screamed

“Calm down sir! I think we should hand him over to the police so they can investigate this properly” another guard suggested

“The police? They are not to be trusted. Once you give them a little bribe, they’ll let you go! We can’t hand him over to the police until we discover the person behind him” I said sternly

“Yes sir” they answered bowing

“Will you tell me who is behind you now or do you want it the [email protected] way? I’m so good at interrogating someone so I wonder how long you will be able to keep quiet” I smi-rked

“You can try all you want but I won’t say a thing. Have you by any chance heard of the word omerta?” he asked

“O… omerta?” I stuttered trying to remember where I’ve heard it

“The mafia…..” I [email protected] as it suddenly clic-ked in my head

“I’ll leave you to dwell on that” he said and before I could blink my eyes, he swallowed a pill

“W…what is that? What is he doing? He’s not trying to kill himself right?” I panicked

Before I could comprehend what was going on, he breathed his last and yielded up the ghost.


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