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the devil and I episode 1

( Darkest Mind… )

Genre/Tags: Erotic,Dark Romance,Mafia,Action,S£x Slave,Hatred,Weakness,Clan,Murders,Emotional,Love Triangle,Jealousy,Tragedy,Revenge,Secrets

By, Summer Gold R.


I watched in horror as the heartless human placed a gun on my Father’s skull,I couldn’t do anything . Even if his boys aren’t holding me down,what would I have done? Fight this devil?

All I could do was tear up unstoppably,what could my parents have ever done to deserve this type of death??

He shot my mother first and she dropped dead right in front of me and now my father,,

“Don’t worry about your daughter,I will take care of her” The devil said coldly before killing my father

“No!!!!!!!!” I screamed out suddenly struggling from their grip as I stare at my lifeless parents on the floor in their own pool of blood. Hot tears run down my eyes,,

“Mom!!!! Dad!!!!”

The devil in black stood up,,I couldn’t see his face. He have a mask on but i could see his eyes which doesn’t look like he feel moved at all even after killing two humans like him,who is he??

As he walked closer,,my heart skip a beat. He said he would take care of me,but I doubt that. Maybe he meant the opposite because I could see pure darkness and hatred in those eyes as he stare at me. I stop struggling with the boys,I don’t want to die now. Even though I have nothing to live for,I still don’t want to die. I want to know why he killed my parents so ruthlessly,they Don’t deserve it.

As I stare into his eyes,my tears didn’t stop but his eyes were as dark as his heart.

“Bring her out” He ordered and walked away

I was dragged up

“Let go of me!!!!” I screamed

That was all I knew before I blacked out completely


( Darkest Mind… )


By, Summer Gold R.







“Yes come on…..fuc-k”

“Right there,harder!”

The girl moa-ned as Blade rode her fas-ter and roughly

He moved his dic-k back before inserting it back into her p***sy in an aggressive manner

“fuc-k!!” She screamed out a loud moa-n

“dee-per baby…dee-per”

“Don’t call me that b*tch” Blade snapped and removed his dic-k from inside her and climbed down from the bed

“Sh*t I’m sorry” She apologized and grabbed his hand

“Give me your as-s” Blade said and immediately she lean against the wall,her as-s facing him

He gave it a spank and she hissed out in pleasure

Without a second thought,Blade shoved his dic-k inside her

“Blade!!!” She screamed out

“Louder” Blade groa-ned,fuc-king the h*ll out of her

“Bla…de…..oh mine!”


He kept on spanking and fuc-king her at the same time

Her as-s cheeks are already red


“Oh my gad this feels so…..Good!!”

“Of course it should,what’s my name?” Blade asked

“Oh….puss lord…ahh!!! Oh my fuc-k”

They were interrupted by the sudden knock on the door

“fuc-k off!!” The girl screamed

“Boss” The voice came and Blade moved from her

“What is it?” Blade asked

“The boss is back”

“Okay,you can leave” Blade replied

“Get out” He said to the girl and walked out of the room

“fuc-k that interrupter” She said angrily and packed her clothes,she walked out not minding her n*deness.

Blade came back into the room minutes later,he actually went to take his bath

He walked straight to Venom’s apartment,he didn’t mind knocking before going in. He pa-ssed the living room and went to the bedroom,he was standing right there,shirtless,he had a trouser on. Smokes of cigarettes coming out from him,

“You took more than ten minutes before coming here” Venom turned and faced him with his cold look as usual

Blade let out a short smile

“I was quite busy,you should be glad I’m here” He said and took a seat

“So,how was it?” Blade asked

“What do you think?” Venom released his usual devilish sm-irk

“Just exactly what I am thinking,he must be in h*ll already” Blade laughed

Unlike Venom who never smiled,Blade is the opposite,he smiles and laughs even in the most serious moment but don’t be fooled by his smiles,He’s a complete opposite of what his smile is. That’s why he’s called the smiling demon.

“That bastard have a daughter” Venom said with an angry tone,puffing smokes out from his mouth and nose at a time

“Daughter?” Blade asked like he’s surprised and Venom nodded

“I brought her here,so unfortunate she’s still going to die in my hand” Venom scoff

“Do You have a plan? You should have killed her right there,now her parents will have to wait for their lovely daughter” Blade said

“Don’t worry,I promised her father to take care of her” Venom smi-rked

After a while,Blade left the apartment and almost immediately Galaxy came in. She’s like female boss in the clan,most people respects and fear her a lot

“I missed you V” She said,smiling as she walked toward him,her boot making sounds as she walked

She got to him and kis-sed his face

“I saw the b*tch you brought,heard she’s Pedro’s doll” Galaxy said

Venom nodded his head and she smiled

“She look like an innocent doll,how about I do some magic to her body” she asked and sat down on Venom’s lap-s

“I don’t care what you do to her Galaxy,I will end up killing her anyway” Venom said and Galaxy smiled before going for his li-ps in a rough way,ru-b-bing his dic-k from his trouser at the same time.

“I’m really not in the mood” Venom muttered and continue smoking

“You shouldn’t smoke your life out V” She teased

“But I love the taste in your mouth” She said seductively and kis-sed his ear tip before getting down from his lap-s

“I will see you later” She pec-ked his li-ps and winked at him,walking out of the room

Venom dropped the cigarettes into the ashtray and walked into the bathroom.


The boys push Marissa every second since she was walking slowly,she continue looking around wondering what she’s doing in a place like this. It look so big like a total palace on it’s own,she could see numbers of boys and girls walking,and staring at her. Some even pointing at her and whispering but she could hear them loud and clear

👥 I heard she’s Pedro’s daughter

👥 Daughter of a betrayer

👥 I don’t think she will survive a week here

👥 The boss is definitely gonna kill her

👥 Just by looking at her,I hate her

Someone even threw a stone at her and it landed directly on her forehead

She wept silently as the blood gushed down her face,she was looking so unkept already,her long hair all over her face but she couldn’t touch because her hands are tied together,she had no shoes on and no one have to tell her before she knows that her sole are bleeding too.

She was feeling total pains all over her body but the pains in her heart is worst.

What has she done to deserve this? Listening to the comments,her father is a betrayer and now she’s going to suffer for it? She wouldn’t believe her father is a bad person until she knows what exactly happened.

She was still lost in thought when one of the boys opened a room and pushed her in,she landed roughly on the floor

“Ahh!” She screamed out,the ground was so cold,the room was covered with total darkness,the cold coming out of the room is enough to freeze her to death

The door was closed and the footsteps were gone,total silence and darkness filled her up but she wouldn’t dare to raise her voice. All she could do was cry in silence

Her heart was on fire ,broken into many pieces,each time she remember the devil who killed her parents,different thoughts fills her head but it’s more depressing because she knew there’s nothing she can ever do about it.

She wrapped her still tied hands around her legs and she began shaking,the cold was too much for her,the darkness making it worst but she’s in her own world,nobody is going to help her,she have to hold it in and be strong.

‘You can’t die this way Mari,you have to be strong’ she said to herself



The sounds of gunshots,sword fighting,arrow shooting and others could be heard only on the training ground. Everyone seems to be busy with one thing or the other.

Phoenix was only focused on shooting the arrow,two things she’s good at,Arrow shooting and sword fighting,she doesn’t even own a gun,as long as everyone in the clan is concerned,Phoenix is the best fighter aside the two bosses. Her fighting skills are so unpredictable that it’s hard to fight against her.

She’s a silencer,a total quiet freak but a dangerous one when tempted.

“Everyone!!” Galaxy entered and clapped her palms

Phoenix rolled her eyes and ignored the call,that’s right,her greatest enemy is Galaxy.

Phoenix focused on shooting more as Galaxy called everyone’s attention

“There’s going to be an amazing show tonight,trust me you can’t miss it” Galaxy said with an evil smile on her face

“What’s going on?” Idris asked,wiping the sweat from his face

“Well I heard Pedro’s daughter is in our empire” Athena said beside him and Idris faced her

“Pedro has a daughter?” He asked

“Exactly,and she’s the show tonight” Galaxy smi-rked

“I wonder what Galaxy is up to” Echo sighed and went between Idris and Athena,she Pulled Athena to her side

“That’s the news” Galaxy said and looked up at Phoenix,she frowned and walked toward her

👥 Another trouble loading

“Hey Silencer” Galaxy called when she got to Phoenix

Phoenix ignored her totally and continue shooting the arrow continuously,non stop

“Hey I’m talking to you” Galaxy tapped her shoulder angrily

“Stop touching me,I’m not really nice” Phoenix muttered

“She’s annoying,seeing her everyday is like a disease” A voice said from somewhere and immediately Phoenix turned back and shot her arrow directly toward a direction

Every turned immediately and gasped to see the arrow inside a girl’s belly

“Phoenix!!” Someone shouted

Phoenix walked toward the girl and removed her arrow from her belly

“Congratulations,you won’t be seeing me any longer” She muttered and walked away while everyone watched in total shock

The girl fell to the ground unconsciously and some boys immediately rushed her out

“I’m done with this,how the h*ll did she know who said that??” Seth asked

“You can say it next time she’s here,just an advice” Idris smi-rked and took a bottle water before walking away

“Let’s go best” Echo grabbed Athena’s hand

They are known as the best friends in the clan,you will always see those two together no matter what is going on. The only difference I that Athena is a tomboy while Echo is the girly type.

“Have anyone seen the girl? Pedro’s daughter?” Seth grinned

“Have you?” Chicago asked

“She’s quite hot” Seth winked

Blaze dropped the weight he was lifting loudly and all eyes fell on him

👥 He’s so hot

👥 His abs driving me insane

👥 fuc-king him will be the best thing in my life at this rate

Blaze is a popular guy in the empire for his hotness and handsomeness,even though he’s got numbers of girls dying to have him,he never look their side,He’s another silent type,always on his own unless when there’s a mission.

He walked away quietly as usual



The sound of the open door woke Marissa up from her sleep,two guys came into the room and dragged her up

“Where are you taking me to?” She managed to ask but she was totally ignored

‘Am I going to be killed?’
‘Will their boss kill me now?’

She was thinking as they dragged her out,

“Follow us,and don’t say a word” One of the boys said and she find herself nodding

They continue walking and she couldn’t help but to admire the empire,it look more beautiful and amazing at night,the beautiful lights all over giving it the best looks.

Soon,Marissa began hearing some voice and finally they entered the place looking like a clubroom.

“Here she comes” Galaxy said with a sm-irk and immediately all eyes fell on Marissa,the boys pushed her to the middle and she staggered,almost falling.

She swallowed [email protected] as she tried not to look at anyone,her gaze down,her body shaking in fear.

She could see dangerous glares falling on her from different anger,glares filled with hatred and anger

‘What are they going to do to me?’ She thought

Galaxy moves closer to Marissa

“Here’s our lovely doll and show for tonight…oh she stinks” Galaxy made a disgusting face and moved away

“Who’s ready for the show? I always give the best” Galaxy grinned and they all cheered her

“The good news is….SHE’S A vir-gin EVERYONE!” Galaxy announced and half of the people in began laughing

Marissa wondered what’s funny as they mocked her

“Don’t worry doll,I’m just going to help you to become stronger” Galaxy said and tou-ched her cheek

“Strip baby doll” She said and Marissa’s eyes widened

“What?” She asked and Galaxy released an heavy slap on her face

“How dare you try to question me you daughter of a betrayer,strip!” Galaxy yelled and Marissa broke into tears

How is she suppose to strip in front of the people here?? What’s going on?

“Boys” Galaxy gave some boys a sign and they immediately moved to Marissa and started tearing her clothes

“What are you doing?! Stop!! Please!!!” Marissa cried out as they managed to strip her nak*d

“Nooo!!!” Marissa screamed,not knowing exactly what to cover,her hands around her che-st as tears rolled down her eyes. She was standing in front of strangers,totally n*ked,the body and pride she’s been keeping is totally useless now

The boys carried her for-cefully and dropped her on the table in the middle of the clubroom

All eyes on her

“You can start” Galaxy smiled and took a wine from one of the maids,she went to sit down,sipping her wine happily

The room was filled with Marisssa’s screams but she couldn’t move,they are already holding her down,some holding her legs,others holding her hands also.

“Let me go!! Please!!!” Marissa cried

They spread her thi-ghs apart,staring directly into her vag*na

One of the boys brought out a vibrator toward her opening and without waiting,he shoved it right inside her p**sy

“Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!” Marissa screamed out in pain


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