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sin episode 43






Lord Mammon watch her carefully, her words do seem to put him at ease, no body in her situation will like the idea of torturing someone and worst of all, love it that they are torturing the person ” lily ”

She shake her head then more cries flow down ” I loved it, I loved the pain I saw in her… seem like I have discover a new feeling in me and I hate it ”

” Lily ”

” I hate it milord ” she use her hands to cover her ears, seem like she is hearing words ” I hate it, I don’t want to commit murder, I don’t want to kill anymore people”

Pulling her close to me, her head rest on my che-st ” breath lily ” using my hands I gently cares her back ” breath gently and calm ”

” Milord ”

” Trust me when I tell you that you won’t kill anyone, as long as am with you ” pulling back a little I stare at her eyes ” you won’t kill anyone ”

” What if you’re not here?” Her body tremble ” what should I do? How will I react?”

” Come with me lily ” holding her hands I pull her with me, towards the ranch, climb on one of the horses then out of the palace into the nearest forest

” Milord?” She mumble after we got off the horse then tie it to a tree ” where are we headed”

” I need you to see something”

” What is it milord?”

My gaze move back to stare at her, fear in those eyes, fear mix with curiosity and something else, something I can’t wrap my f!ng£r around

” I believe they say, seeing is believing so right now, I need you to see something…. something important that may be really useful ”

” Useful?”

I nod then extend my hands to her ” come, trust me and come ” it didn’t take her five seconds before she hold my hand, that playful smile back on her face

” I fear you always forget I love you lord Mammon” her words made my face expressionless, not because I hate her but because I don’t wish to show how happy I am to hear that word always ” of course I will trust you ”

” Come then ” pulling her close to me, we move towards the river close by ” do you know how to swim lily?”

” No milord ”

” Why is that ”

” No one taught me ”

” And if you’re to fall into one what will happen?”

She look at me, giving me a furrow brow ” I will drown ”

” But then, if you had a guardian which knows how to swim and didn’t teach you how will you feel ”

” Bad, betrayed”

” That’s why lily ” touching her face gently I smile ” I will love to kill for you, definitely but then I won’t be here forever and I won’t want someone hurting you, I can’t take the risk of them killing you ”

” Lord Mammon”

” Watch ” her gaze move to where I directed, how the mother hen is protecting it’s chicks but the moment one moved away from her……being weak made other animals to be able to kill it

” No ” lily cover her mouth and I smile

” I promise to kill for you lily but….” Placing my hands un-der her jaw, I make her to look my way ” if am not there, I don’t want you dying, if am not there, do not hesitate to kill them lily ”

” But”

” They is no but, it’s either you kill or be killed ”

” Blood frightens me ”

” Not anymore ” I growl at her ” now, your past self is slowly and gradually coming back to you, so I know you will get use to it ” cu-pping her face into my hands I mumble ” a time will come when you will look for people to kill” she try opening her mouth to deny it but I beat her to it ” it’s not horrible to kill, is not bad to feel good while killing ”

” Really?” She asked, I know she is looking for someone to desperately tell her these….and who is more better at the job

I nod ” yes lily ” I smile ” people who frown on it secretly wish they can be more open and kill like us ” leaning close to her I kis-s her forehead ” we kill only people who anger us, people who think they are better than us……we harm those who are nothing but horrible people to us ”

” Do you really think it’s right for us to do all these ”

” Trust me lily, trust me and move with the flow ” she nod he head then lean on my body, hugging me ti-ght ” you will be okay, nothing is wrong, absolutely nothing is wrong ”

She close her eyes while I recite an ancient spell that took us back to the palace into my chambers ” tomorrow is the village festival, I will be there with you so right now….you should sleep lily ”

” Milord ”

Lily withdraw back a little then stare at him, he really did all through lengths to calm me down, he still denied the fact he loves me, is it that he feels it’s impossible for him to love another ” who are you “the words left my mouth ” I want to know more Lord Mammon”

However this question brought frown to his face, he let go and step back ” such thoughts shouldn’t go through that pretty head of yours lily ”

” But milord ” I rush my words ” I want to know more about you, No. I want to know everything”

” Why is that ” he furrow his brows ” what did I do to make those thoughts appear in your mind ”

” I love you ” mumbling I watch his face turn emotionless ” I do know that I ba-rely know anything about myself but things will change and before that happens I wish to know more about you ”

” You won’t lily ” he growl ” stop asking foolish questions and go to bed ”

” Milord ”

” They are things that are not meant to be known lily” he literally growl at me ” all you need to know was that, I was fill with pride, wanted more and my father banished me from home ”

” Banished?” Looking at him, I frown ” from home?”

” These are words I do not like remembering even though they are vivid in my head like yesterday”

Ignoring him, I move towards his direction and hug him, trying to feel his pain too ” am sorry Mammon” I mumble and he remain stiff in my arms ” that must be so [email protected], am really sorry about everything ”

” Lily ”

” I know it hurts but don’t cry lord Mammon” trying to share his pain but the next thing I hear is him laughing, his whole body shaking from laughter

Withdrawing I watch how he sincerely laugh, the odd things always seem to funny him ” cry?” He chuckle then shake his head before leaning close. Our face an inch apart ” I don’t cry lily ” a smile rose in the corner of his li-ps ” I never cry ”

” How sure are you milord?”

” Hundred percent ”

” And if you were to cry ”

” It only means that I can’t do anything about that situation” he lean close, his li-ps on my ne-ck ” if am to ever cry, you should know that it really hurts, whatever happened hurts ”

” Milord ”

” Worry not lily ” he withdraw then kis-s my cheek ” you will never see me cry, I will make sure of it ”

” I will love to see you cry milord ” I mumble the words without thinking, any normal person will be curious as to why but Lord Mammon just shrug

” Not going to happen sweetheart”

” Sweetheart?”

He move towards the bed, sit down and take off his cloth ” you’re sweet and your heart looks delicious” his words made me use my hands to cover my che-st and he chuckle ” I will like to su-ck on them ”

” Milord!” I mumble ” how can you say such words out with ease ”

” Am just being honest lily ”

” It doesn’t sit well with me ”

” Hmmmm” his eyes didn’t mean be from my body, I watch them finally move back to my face, he lic-k his li-ps and my face heat up

” I need to shower ” moving into the bathroom, I shut the door then touch my beating heart, how can he get to me so easily.

I truly do love him but then do he feel same?


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