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Riverton high school episode 1

🏫Riverton high school🏫
🎼Performing arts school🎤

📕Courtney’s diary📒

Genres: Romantic comedy teen fiction betrayal and Friendship

By authoress beauty

Meet Courtney Harper a typical 15 year old teenage girl extrovert,cute fashionable, cla-ssy, smart,has a perfect imperfect kind of personality she’s not that rich and not that poor just in the middle she’s an easy going girl but If you mess with her she changes to the no nons£nse type she moved to LA some years after her dad’s death because of her mom’s job she loves reading books that is romance novels and [email protected]

Secret fact: she comes from a long line of Chefs which includes her elder sister but she wants to be a dancer and an actress so let’s say she always feel left out and overshadowed by her elder sister whom she loves so much

Hates: make up,bullies, letting her hair down
Likes: fashion dancing eating sweets and snacks her sister and putting her hair up in a ponytail and traveling

Meet Owen crossley rich popular rude has the Greek god kind of looks and he knows it (part of why he’s rude) not even s£niors or teachers dare cross his path or you are either expelled or fired.His dad is the owner of the school girls literally pa-ss out when they see him, total playboy and doesn’t believe in love he says all girls are gold diggers and always go for the cutest boy so he uses them and always toss them aside (the habit started in his first year middle school)

Secret fact: Owen despite all this personalities is really smart and good in school but he flunks tests on purpose cause he believes that school mean anything and he’s already a model and popular and his looks can make him rich and besides he’s the heir to his father’s company
Hates: His dad school and losing
Likes: his mom popularity and winning

Meet Amy the supposed queen of the school, has a huge crush on Owen and likes bullying weak kids to get over her emotional problems she has minions slash illegitimate best friends (she doesn’t like calling them her best friend)she runs a group called The A bbys based on cla-ss and popularity

Secret fact: She’s a very emotional person but put on the [email protected] emotional shell in front of everyone so no one will know she’s weak her parents aren’t in the Best terms and the only person that knows and keeps the secret is Ava one of her best friends or minions as she calls them

Hates : her parents even though they give her everything her life and anyone that rivals her

Likes: OWEN bullying singing and make up

Meet Clary a very calm and cheerful girl she is a lover of anything fashion and accessories and food especially foreign foods she loves eating 😅 and dancing she somehow doesn’t get fat

Secret fact:Her dad is super protective of her since she’s the only child he doesn’t want her dancing but he wants to plan a perfect problem free future from her he thinks dancing endangers her and she has a crush on Jason I don’t think that’s much of a secret because duhh they’re like so handsome ✌️✌️🤞
Hates: anything sludge color and bitter foods
Like: spicy foreign foods and fashion with dancing

Meet Jason the second cutest boy after Owen he’s really wild more than Owen he loves parties and hates studying of course he does he’s popular

Secret fact:He actually li… No worries you’ll find out in the story he believes in fairy tales and believes his life is one 🤦
Hates: reading except stories and boring parties 🤫🤫 he’s like the life of the party and being alone

Likes:his friends love company

Meet Ava Amy’s childhood friend she doesn’t like bullying but she follows Amy for reasons best known to her she’s like Amy’s back bone she supports her and is blindly obedient for also reasons Known to her🤷 she also l loves singing

Secret fact: Her and Amy’s friendship changed when Amber came in the picture and she’s really the best moral support person
Hates : Amber well hate is a strong word and bad hair days Well who doesn’t
Likes: her friend and singing

Meet Andrew the third cutest guy and the last king he’s more of a reserved introvert he only opens up to Jason and Owen he’s that [email protected] person on the outside but caring on the inside he doesn’t even know why he’s friends with two wild boys

Secret fact: He’s a really talented guitarist but doesn’t like showing off and of course he as OCD (obssesive compulsive disorder)

Hates: crowded places like his school 😤 but he still goes there 🤔 and parties
Likes: being alone and singing

Meet Asha the last A BBY you can say she’s a replacement for Amber she hates Ava because she’s Amy’s Best friend and she’s too soft she doesn’t want to go to RHS because she just wants to be a professional cheerleader and model and a fashion designer but continues because of the A BBYS

Secret fact: She has a twin brother named Asher who’s a succesful model and her mother is a fashion designer with her own brand she wants to surpa-ss both her mother and brother

Hates: unpopularity Ava and her dad

Likes:her twin her mom and of course fashion

Lastly meet Amber the original foun-der of the A BBYS she moved to France and Amy Became the leader she and Amy always compete for Owen she has a more huge crush on Owen than Amy

Secret fact: Her life is her open and transparent like Gla-ss so I don’t think they’re any secrets 😹

Hates: Ava and Amy sometimes when it comes to Owen

PS: Tell me your favorite character by description in the comments🤫

What happens when Courtney gets an all expense paid scholarship to RHS, Riverton high School in Los Angeles

What happens when she meets the kings, Owen Andrew and Jason

What happens when she meets the BBYs Aimee, Asha and Ava

🏫Riverton high school 🏫
🎶🎤(Performing arts school)🎵🎼

📘Courtney’s diary📒
👍Please like before reading👍

Chapter 1
By authoress beauty ❣️

September 12,2020

“Wake up sleepy head”my mom said
“What day is it”I replied
“It’s Monday your new school starts today”
“What school”,I said ru-b-bing my eyes
“Oh you don’t Remember your all expense paid scholarship to Riverton high school”
“Riverton high school…OMG I almost forgot thanks Mom” , I hug-ged her and dashed into the bathroom I quickly short skirt with knee length and a black bow I put my hair in a high ponytail with the bow in my hair and I took my bag and went out.

Sorry let me add a little introduction my name is Courtney Harper i have brown eyes and dark brown hair I’m 15 I have an elder sister named Chloe I moved to Los Angeles from Toronto Canada about 2 weeks ago and I think I’ll stop there you’ll find out more about me in the story 😜

I picked my bag from the top of my wardrobe and dashed down the stairs I heard my mom say “Coco be careful”
“Yes mom” I replied.

I drank my tea and took an apple Fruits are always good
“You won’t eat breakfast but don’t worry I’ll pack lunch for you”
“Thanks Mom but I’m in high school now I think I can buy my own lunch”
”My little baby’s all grown up” she said drawing my cheek “now go before you’ll be late”
“Bye mom” I said aa I went
“Bye darling” she replied

I rushed out and saw a car waiting in our driveway “no offense but I thought it would be an actual bus like with lots of students and not a car and how did he know my address that must be mom I guess everyone at that school is rich it’s a freaking private school what did I expect this school is just different than the others I’ve been to after a while we pulled up at the school gate and oh my gosh the school is magnificent and beautiful it’s so big i saw a sign saying welcome to Riverton high school RHS.

I went into the school and I saw a map and I ripped it off a wall and I followed it to the hall where the orientation might take place
The hall was so bizarre and big and the students were much I didn’t think there was even space for me I finally found a seat and I sat then a man that looked like the principal walked up the stage and introduced himself as Mr Gabriel colon some of the students played with the name alittle the the principal calmly asked them to keep quiet he then addressed us and told us about the school and our activities then he brought some teachers to the stage and he called out some cla-sses namely from 1a -1d and he said the cla-ss is given by the score you get in the placement examination and he also a-ssigned the homeroom teachers to each cla-ss then he asked us to identify our cla-ss ID with our respective cla-ss and the homeroom teachers but the problem was I didn’t have a cla-ss ID that was the problem of being late arrhhh when I saw the principal was less busy I rushed to him and asked him for my ID and he looked at me and asked to meet him in his office and he disappeared into the crowd of students who were finding their homeroom teachers I waited till the hall was cleared because I didn’t want any obstacles on my way I looked around and the principal had already left the hall.

I followed the map to the principal office and he gave me my cla-ss ID,seat number,locker number and school ID I thanked him and left I was looking for my cla-ss it was 1b looks like I scored B in the exam
I was looking at the map and when I looked up a boy bumped into me he looked rich like filthy rich and he was cute before I could say anything he had spoken up

“Can’t you see or are you blind” he half yelled
“Nope I can see perfectly” I retorted
“I’m not sure you need to check your eyes”
“Excuse me I should check my eyes or you because if I remember correctly you bumped into me and not the other way around and you can’t even apologize ”
“Then you have a really bad memory”
“For your information I have a perfect memory”
“Are you trying to say I’m wrong”
“I’m not trying to say you are wrong I am saying you’re wrong”
“The next time this happens you will be hearing from my attorney”
“And what is that supposed to mean”
“It means the next time this repeats itself I am going to sue you he said and walked pa-ssed me bumping into me again”

Arrgggh who does he think he is,he is just some rude rich boy I hissed and continued my journey
After roaming around for what looked like hours I finally found the cla-ss on the ID I looked for a doorknob but there was none I saw something that looked like a scanner so I brought the ID to the door and it opened ok this school is just full of surprises so much technology for just a school no wonder they have lots of students from around the world I stepped into the cla-ss and the teacher turned to me
“Why are you late”
“I’m sorry ma’am I got lost” then everyone Burst out laughing and I felt ashamed
“I see you didn’t come to the open house”
Open house that was the day Chloe left I couldn’t miss her departure
“Yes ma’am” I replied
“Can you please introduce yourself to the cla-ss”
“Yes ma’am”
“Hi I’m Courtney Harper and I’m fifteen”
“You can go”
I searched for my seat and I found the seat with the number the principal gave me it was right next to that rude boy in the hall arrhhh can this day get any worse
I was jolted back from my thoughts when the teacher started talking
I’m miss pennelope and I’m your homeroom teacher for this school year you can call me miss Penny
I noticed one girl that was particularly giving me the craziest death glare ever who was she it doesn’t look like I know her
This school is going to be fun and exhausting

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