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Olivia batch 1



Olivia Logan is a pretty girl of 18 years. She lived with her foster parents for 17 years.
Park Sung Joo is Olivia’s biological father and he has been searching for his daughter for a long time.

What happened to Olivia that made her got separated from her biological parents? Did she find out that her parents aren’t her real parents? If so, how did she find out?
There’s only one way to find out the answer to these questions and that’s by following the story till the end.


Episode 1

Olivia POV

Olivia! Olivia!! Get up, you don’t want to be late on your first day in college; I heard my Mom’s voice.

“I’m coming Mom”, I answered her.

I quickly went to the bathroom and did my business, then I brushed and took my bath.

My uniform was ironed already by my Mom and neatly placed on my bed.

“I love you Mom” I shouted even though I wasn’t sure she heard.

Oops lemme introduce myself. I’m Olivia Logan and I’ll be resuming college today, my Dad is Ethan Logan and he works in a not so big company while my Mom Katherine Logan is a trader.

I can say my family is average; not really rich and not poor either. We have everything we need but not everything we want and we also live in a house we built ourselves which consists of 4 rooms, one for me, the other two for my younger brother and sister and the last one for my Mom and Dad.

Enough of the introduction.

I dressed up quickly and went downstairs to meet my wonderful family having breakfast already.

“Morning Mom, morning Dad”, I greeted.

“Morning sister Olivia” my siblings chorused

“Morning”, I replied and quickly ate my breakfast.

Dad took me to school on his way to work and the school “Glamorous college” was written boldly on it.

The school was really big and beautiful and I’m sure it’s filled with rich spoilt kids. Anyway I have to study [email protected] and make my parents proud. Glamorous college, here I come.


Episode 2

Park Sung Joo POV

It’s been 17 years already since I lost my daughter Park Min Jin; I’m rich and influential but I still can’t find my daughter who got separated from I and my family.

You might be wondering how I lost my daughter, well lemme explain.

Flashback (17 years ago)

Little Park Min Jin was just one month old when a-ssa-ssins attacked them in their house due to the fact that her father had many rivals and was pres£ntly contesting for the post of Prime Minister.

The bodyguards were no match for them as they were brutally killed. Park Sung Joo having seen what happened took his wife, children and the money he had with him as they escaped through the back door and ran for their dear lives.

The children he had were three; two boys and a girl (Park Min Jin)

Park Sung Joo thought of what to do in order to hasten their pace since the a-ssa-ssins were still on their tail but no idea to hasten their pace since the a-ssa-ssins were still on their tail but no idea crossed his mind until they got to a river bank and luckily for them a basket was there.

He told his wife about his plan and both of them knew what they were about to do was not right but they had no choice as that was the only thing they could do at that moment to escape from the a-ssa-ssins.

They took Min Jin and placed her in the basket covered with leaves as it floated on the water and started moving and right there Park Sung Joo vowed to find his daughter and make the a-ssa-ssins pay.

He and his family continued running and that was how they were able to escape.

“End of flashback”

Park Sung Joo POV continues

It’s been 17 good years and I don’t have any idea of where my daughter might be.

I’ve searched the whole of Korea with different private investigators but I can’t find her so I’m thinking of asking those private investigators and some of my guards to search for her in England.

I just hope she’s found this time around.


Episode 3A & B

Olivia’s POV

I entered the school compound and the interior of the school was really beautiful more than the exterior but the problem I had was that I couldn’t locate my cla-ss since the school is really big.

I tried locating it through the school map my Dad gave but it was really difficult and I wanted to turn back and ask someone for directions when I bumped into a girl and she almost fell but was quickly held by her friends to prevent her from falling.

Before I could even think of apologizing to her, she slapped me twice and I opened my eyes in bewilderment.

Bella’s POV

I was taking a walk around the school when a stupid girl bumped into me almost making me fall, how dare this little nitwit?

My clothes are the most expensive here and I just made a new hair, I didn’t think twice before I slapped her. “I’ve got my eyes on you”, I told her and walked away with my friends. Well that’s me for you.

My name is Isabella but I prefer Bella or Ella, whichever one you call me; my two friends are Katherine and Ava.

My Dad is the second riche-st man in the school and that’s because Nelson’s father is the riche-st.

Nelson is the only guy I’ve ever loved in my life and no bitc-h can take him away from him cos she will have me to deal with.

The truth of the matter is that I and Nelson are not really dating but I made everyone believe we are and Nelson isn’t doing anything about it which makes it easier for me.

Olivia’s POV

I stood there in shock until a girl came to meet me and pulled me away from where I was.

She placed ice on my cheek to reduce the pain and told me about the three girls. They were the riche-st girls in school and are feared by everyone.

Students avoid them like a plague except Nelson and his friends that are richer than them. She warned me to be careful of them and avoid both the girls and Nelson.

I just nodded my head cos I was too shocked to say a word and I have a problem. I’ve never stood up for myself whenever anyone bullies me and my peers derive pleasure in bullying me since I’m a really quiet girl so I know it won’t be any different here.

The girl whose name I later discovered to be Cindy offered to help me locate my cla-ss and luckily for me, we were in the same cla-ss so we sat together.

Lectures commenced that day while teachers troop in and out of the cla-ss until it was time for lunch, I and Cindy left the cla-ss for the cafeteria, we ate and went back to cla-ss to complete our lectures for the day.

I was really glad that I didn’t get into trouble apart from what happened in the morning. Cindy exchanged numbers with me and we boarded a cab home, I got down from the cab and waved at Cindy before I went inside to prepare dinner.

About 2 hours later, my parents returned from work and we ate together after which they asked me about my school and I told them it was great. I also told them I made a new friend but of course I didn’t tell them about Bella and her crew.


Episode 4A & B

Two weeks later

Olivia’s POV

It’s been two weeks since I resumed college and I’m glad no one has been disturbing me.

I and Cindy are now best friends but the surprising thing is that Bella hasn’t done anything to me ever since the first day and I haven’t seen Nelson either except for the fact that people say he’s like a Greek god including his two friends but Nelson is the most handsome among them.

Well today is the beginning of another new week and I really hope it’s like the other weeks where I don’t get into trouble.

I was about entering my cla-ss when Bella and her girls blocked my path.

“I hope you haven’t forgotten what I told you?”, she asked me.

“I haven’t”, I answered.

Bella’s POV

I love the way my pres£nce around her makes her feel nervous, it’s just exactly what I want, I’m the queen and everyone has to respect me no matter who they are.

I and my girls moved closer to her to teach her a lesson she’ll never forget when we heard a voice
“What do you think you’re doing?” the voice said.

I turned around prepared to give the person the biggest insult of his/her life when I discovered it was Nelson.

He stood there in his glory with both hands in his pocket and for a minute or two I forgot both the question he asked and how to breath as I couldn’t help but drool.

To be sincere, I still haven’t gotten used to his handsomeness even though I’ve been with him for a while, then his voice snapped me back to reality.

“Didn’t you hear what I said?” he asked again and that was when I blinked rapidly and told him the girl was my friend and we were just about going to cla-ss together, then he left.

Olivia’s POV

I’m really thankful Nelson came to save me in time, I don’t know what would have happened if he didn’t show up.

Ahh, less I forget, this is the first time I’ll be seeing Nelson apart from seeing him on social media and he really looks cool more than how people describe him.

Anyway that isn’t important right now, I have to leave before those girls deal with me. Lectures commenced that day and soon it was time to go home, I’m glad I didn’t encounter those girls again.

Nelson’s POV

I’ve been thinking about just one person since morning to the extent that I couldn’t concentrate in cla-ss, I know it sounds absurd thinking about someone I just met but I can’t help it.

The way her li-ps were parted slightly, her long dark hair that fell on her face and her really se-xy shape, she’s just too beautiful and I don’t think I’ve come across a natural beauty like her.

I need to do something fast about myself cos it doesn’t make s£nse that I’ve fallen for a girl I saw just once.

I heard someone call my name and turned back only to see the devil herself walking towards me.

I still don’t un-derstand why I’m tolerating this girl, her pres£nce alone irritates me and she acts like a clingy girlfriend in public.

I know she’s only pretending cos she’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing and I think it’s high time I put her in her place.

She’s not really beautiful and everything about her is fake, I like a natural beauty like the one I saw this morning and I think that girl will make a perfect girlfriend.

What am I even saying, it’s high time I see a doctor cos something is definitely wrong with me.

Bella walked up to me and I kept my usual straight face, she wasn’t really surprised since she’s used to seeing me like that, if only she knew it was really different this time.


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