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love over blood 2 episode 20

©Sir Zach


It’s very early in the morning but Sophie was dragging her feet inside their house. Her nostrils were ready to breath fire anytime.

“Sophie, what’s with you?” Archie was surprised to see a fuming woman early in the morning.

“I will definitely kill him and that woman!” she stomped her feet as she strides the staircase to her room.

Archie was a bit astonished but then he went back to what he was doing. He’ll bet it’s love problem again.

As for Sophie, she banged the door to her room. she was de-eperly upset when she saw Rikka seductively talking with Hunter inside his shop.

Yes, Sophie woke up at four since she decided to have her morning run. After a few hours, she decided to drop by Hunter’s shop bringing some breakfast with her. But to her disappointment, she saw Rikka inside. They were sitting opposite each other, and a bowl of whatever food it is was served on the table. Guess Rikka brought it for him.

The woman was wearing a very ti-ght dress that brought to life the voluptuous body that she has. But Sophie was more annoyed when she heard them laughing after a few minutes. She was rooted to where she was standing and was in de-eper thought. Oh how she loves to attack that woman and reach for the hair and pull her out of the shop. However, Hunter told her about how he dislikes her attitude when she gets jealous.

So she dropped the food in a corner and left with a heavy heart.

“Trust him Sophie, trust him Sophie… trust him….” she kept on repeating those words while she jogs back home.

She laid her tired body on the soft bed as she tried to calm herself. but then, her mind keeps on going back to the scene that she had just witness earlier. it upsets her so much.

“Did I made a mistake when I got back with Hunter?” she thought. “If I can’t trust him, then I think I don’t deserve him.” her mind went into frenzy.

After a few more minutes of resting, her phone rings. She looked at the caller i.d, she frowned. If she will answer Hunter’s call, she knew she’ll go berserk and it won’t do them any good. so she decided to cancel it. however, it kept on ringing and ringing and it’s now a noisome sound in her ears. So she took her phone and turned it off completely.

Hunter on the other hand sighed heavily. She’s not answering her phone, that only means that she’s troubled.

He was looking at the spilt food on a plastic just beside his car. He’s not sure but why does he have that inkling that Sophie stopped by earlier? and now that she is not answering her phone, his doubts somehow was confirmed. Dang!

Once again, he tried calling her but then her phone is now turned off. Oh no, what will he do next? he sighed.

Meanwhile, Demetrius was having a meeting in a hotel restaurant with some of his business partners in Central State. The uproar caused by Liam was already straightened out although Rio compensated a great loss from what happened. But the most important thing right now is everything fell into place and now all is well.

“Thank you for trusting us again.” He stood up to shake hands with the other business men in the room.

“You have proven your worth Mr. Mikasa.” One of them spoke.

“Thank you.” he replied. Then one by one, his visitors started to bid farewell.

“Thank you for the great deal, Mr. Mikasa.” The last man to shake his hands uttered..

“Your welcome. We will strive to provide the best products and services for everyone.” he replied.

“I know you will.” The man smiled. he was about to go when he suddenly remembered something so he turned around to face Rio once again. “Ah, I remember, I think I saw your brother somewhere. Do you have other business centers here that we do not know about?”

“Brother? Liam?” he probed.

“Yes. I saw him the other day. looks like he’s very busy so I decided not to greet him.”

“Are you sure it was him? where did you saw him?”

“At the Forth Center Plaza.”

Rio was stunned but he tried to maintain his calm composure. “Oh I see. thanks for letting me know. once you see him again, please let me know.”

“Sure.” the man uttered before he exited the place.

“Wait, what? Liam is in here?” he knitted his brow.

But where could he possibly be? Rio made sure to block all his accounts so how come he’s able to roam around the City freely? Could there be someone who is helping him out. then after a few minutes, his eyes widened.

“Don’t tell me!” he grasped. “Silver!”

“Is it true that Liam is in the Central State right now?” Archie asked as soon as he entered the room.

“Yes.” Demetrius faced him. “One of our business partner told me that he saw Liam roaming around the City in broad daylight. Looks like someone is protecting him.” he detailed.

“Are you thinking of Silver?” Archie proved. The way Rio is acting right now shows who he is speculating.

“It’s not impossible, isn’t it?” he sighed. “And now I am thinking that they have a common goal and a common enemy.”

“So what are you planning now?”

“Liam is a wanted man. it’s easy to find him. but I need to have proof that Silver is keeping him, that way, we could hit two birds in one stone.” Rio relayed.

“Do you want to tell this to the kids?”

“No, don’t. they have their own problems at the moment. I think it’s best to keep it from them. anyway, I s£nt out some men to look for Liam.”

“Okay.” Archie replied. “And how about Sherry?”

“We’re still thinking of a plan.” Rio responded. After a few minutes, his phone ring.

“Ethan, why’d you call?” he answered when he saw Ethan calling.

“I’m sorry for disturbing you, but I just want to ask if Aisha is with you.” Ethan uncomfortably asked.

“I thought she was with you?” Rio crea-sed his brow. “She went out early in the morning saying that she needs to see you to discuss somethings.”

“We don’t have plans like that. but the thing is, I can’t even reach her phone right now.”

Rio was silent for a while. Wait! Did she possibly go there?!

“Are you thinking the same thing?” Ethan can feel Rio’s tension on the other line.

“I’m not sure but I think she did. I’ll notify my men as soon as possible.” Rio ured him. As soon as he hung up at Ethan’s call, he immediately notified his men who was stationed at the hospital to find Aisha secretly.

“What is she thinking?!’ Rio cursed.

Meanwhile, Hunter brought some of Sophie’s favorite flower and head to her house. He is sure that Sophie must have seen Rikka at his shop this morning. Knowing Sophie, she could have

Showed aggression that moment but to his surprise, she just left like that.

If she wasn’t able to release her anger, then he is sure that she shut herself inside her room, crying all day long. yes, Sophie is that complicated. If she can’t release her anger or jealousy, tendency is, she will shut down herself in her room and could go on crying until the next day..

It took him an hour to reach the Ridgewood mansion since Hunter needs to have a backup plan incase Sophie kills him. ah, nah… just kidding. Hunter needs Sahaya in case she won’t open the door. She has a soft sp-ot for Sahaya so she will come out no matter what. ah, what a bright idea.

“Is Sophie here right now?” Hunter asked one of the maids while holding Sahaya’s hand.

“She’s in her room but she hadn’t come out since this morning. She didn’t even eat breakfast and now she just skipped lunch.” The she maid answered.

Ah, just as Hunter predicted. “Tell her Sahaya is here to see her. but don’t ever tell her that I’m here, okay?”

“Yes Sir.” Then the maid headed towards Sophie’s room.

“Uncle Hunter, did you do something bad?” Sahaya faced him. he je-rked but then he chuckled after.

“Do you think Uncle Hunter could do such a thing?” he grinned. Sahaya stared at him as if scrutinizing him from head to toe.

“I think your kind and not capable of hurting my aunt.” Then she softens up. “Uncle, just remember your promise to me, okay?” she reminded him.

“Eh?” Hunter scowled. This child is definitely Caleb’s spawn. That attitude, hunter is sure that Sahaya got it from her daddy Caleb. Sahaya only agreed to go with him if and only if he will buy her the latest Barbie collections. But Hunter needs to order it straight to the Mattel warehouse. What a cunning young girl.

“Fine!” he slightly rolled his eyes. then after a few minutes, he saw a desolate woman who was about to walk down the stairs but halted when she saw him.

“Sophie!” he stood up with a smile plastered on his face. However, Sophie glared at him then she went back to her room with heavy feet.

Sahaya suddenly laughed and it left Hunter embarra-ssed. And with a defeated face, he sat on the couch.

“Uncle Hunter, don’t worry. I will help you.” Sahaya went beside him and tapped his shoulder. Ah, this child surely knows how to mock an .

Once again, Aisha went back to the hospital. This time, she was already wearing a doctor’s uniform.

She was thinking of sneaking inside Sherry’s room alone but in order for her to do that she needs to pa-ss through the two men guarding the door. She then brought out the drug she took from Hunter. This should be successful or else.

“Uncle, please take these.” A little boy came in front of the two guards.

“I’m sorry but we can’t take that.” one of the man answered. The little boy frowned.

“Today is my birthday and I am trying to give out some free drinks to everyone I come across to, said my mom.” the boy explained. “Mom is sleeping inside that room.” he pointed out the door at the end of the other wing.

The two guards look at each other and felt pity for the boy so they took the drinks from him.

“Okay then, thank you and happy birthday.” one of the men caressed his hair.

“I could also leave one for the person inside. Can you give this?” he handed one more drinks. The man hesitated for a while but then it won’t hurt to make a little boy happy on his birthday, right? so he took the other drink.

They can see the bliss on his face while he went back to the other wing hopping and humming a happy birthday tone. After a while, they emptied the canned fruit juice and threw it on the trashcan.

Aisha on the other end was observing them carefully. two fruit canned juice is still on her hands. But she left them on the chair after a few minutes. She was thinking as to how she will hand the fruit juice to those men but the young boy was a blessing in disguise. When she leant that the young boy is giving out free drinks, she took advantage of the situation and sli-p the drug inside the two canister.

A few minutes later, she can hear the two men arguing as to who will watch over the room since they both feels their stomach are about to burst. They both need to go to the comfort room, Asap.

“Here it goes.” She whispered. not too soon, both the men dash to the comfort room so Aisha took the chance sneak inside Sherry’s room.

She sighed as soon as she closed the door. Then she walked beside the unconscious woman.

“Sherry, Sherry… wake up!” She lightly shook the woman’s body.

“Sherry!” she put a little strength. Then she felt the woman inhaled and slowly opened her eyes. Aisha can see the shock in her eyes.

“Y-you… what are you…” Sherry didn’t finish what she’s about to say because the door suddenly opened.

“Silver!” they both squealed.



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