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love over blood 2 episode 17

©Sir Zach


Lisa was with Caleb helping him out with the preparations for Elise’s burial. She was also watching over Sahaya at the same time.

Archie was with them too. They decided to conduct a simple and private interment. After a few hours, Tommy came with some flowers. One of them was Elise’s favorite flower. As soon as Sahaya saw him, she ran to greet him.

“Uncle!” her happy face flashed in front of him. he then stooped down and carried Sahaya in his arms when a helper came to his aid and took the flowers from him.

“How are you little princess.” He smiled.

“Pretty awesome, uncle.” She responded.

Tommy somehow felt a little lighter seeing that Sahaya is back to herself. He never wanted to see her crying because it wrecks his heart.

“Tommy, I’m glad you were able to make it.” Caleb greeted him.

“Me too…” Tommy answered. When Lisa came, she took Sahaya from Tommy so Caleb and Tommy could talk. Tommy’s eyes followed the woman as well as Caleb.

“She’ll be a good mom to Sahaya.” He mumbled still with his eyes upon them.

“I bet she will.” He responded.

“I’m glad to know that Sahaya is in good hands. Please take good care of her.” Tommy stated.

“Tommy…” Caleb looked at him. “We won’t be going anywhere. You can still come and visit Sahaya anytime you like.”

“I loved to. But I have to go to Britain in a couple of weeks. I’m afraid I’ll be staying there for good.” he explained.


“I’m okay.” he smiled. “At least, I’ll be at ease since I know that Sahaya is in good hands.”

“I’m really sorry, Tommy. I know this is very [email protected] for you…”

Caleb was interrupted when Tommy tapped his shoulder.

“Stop it. I know what you’re about to say but they were never a burdened to me, ever. They were the best and greatest blessings I ever had.” He uttered.


“Cheer up! I don’t want to ruin Sahaya’s smile right now. I don’t know what you did but I prefer to see her smiling for the last time.”

Caleb straightened up. “Okay. I un-derstand. Let’s go inside then.” Then they both entered the premises..

Meanwhile, Silver made some arrangements with a few internal board members from the un-derworld. He already cued that the golden egg has a new master moving forward. The Williams have no longer power over them.

He was looking at the golden egg in his hand. With eyes beaming with joy, he carefully laid it on his secret vault. Who would have thought that the fulfillment of his long awaited dream have come to pa-ss? That woman is extra-ordinary. How did she manage to steal this sacred stuff that easy? Stacy couldn’t do it in the past, but her sister took it in a snap of a f!ng£r. Awesome!

If only he knew then probably, he chose to take Aisha with him, instead of that weakling woman. he sighed. but it’s okay, the most important thing is that he already has it. too bad, he can’t surrender Sherry to her, or else, he’s doom!

“We will attend the general embly soon. That time, I will appear in front of them as the new king. Do you want to stand by me?” Silver proudly uttered.

The four mysterious people who appears in a secure video line seems to be thinking. They have to be wise on their decisions.

“Are you really sure that you have the real golden egg? we have had a lot of cases in the past who claimed that they have the stuff however it was proven to be fake.” One of the mask man inquired.

“Do you think I would put myself in shame?” Silver challenged them.

“We just want an a-ssurance.” Another guy answered.

Silver smi-rked sarcastically then he stood up and went back to the vault where he placed the golden egg. he took it and walked back to his chair

“If what I have is fake, then what do you call this?” With a victorious smile, he showed them the imprinted proof.

The four masked guys grasped and looked at their monitor even closer. The proof! Their eyes widened. The imprinted proof was on the egg, it’s definitely the legendary egg!

“So what? do you believe me now?” Silver stated.

“I will stand with you.'” one of the four pals uttered in resoluteness.

“Me as well.” another answered.

However, two of the four mysterious man didn’t give their answer. they fell in profound silence.

“How about you two? Are you sure you want to slide this chance of collaborating with the new king?” he laughed mockingly.

“Silver, don’t you think it’s still very early to claim the throne?” one of the masked man spoke in authority. “We still have a few days before the a-ssembly, a lot can happen in that span of days.”

“You’re thinking that someone might steal this from me, am I right?” Silver knew where he was insinuating at.

“I didn’t say that.” the man replied.

“Ha-ha-ha!” Silver’s mocking laugh echoed not just in the room but it reached the four man’s end. “Who would dare? The strong and mighty Silver will never lose to anyone!'” he declared.

“I am afraid that whoever tries to take this thing away from me will never see the sun shines again.” He continued.

The two men who refused to stand with him sighed heavily. He might be vicious but he’s not wise enough.

It took them a few hours to settle everything but despites that, Silver wasn’t able to get the two men’s alliance. He was furious about it but what can he do? well, at least, he got two on his side. And with the golden egg on his side, he’s sure that he will win any war alone. Yes, he can stand alone at any fight.

He closed his top and brought the golden egg back to his vault. After a few minutes, he heard a knock on his room. the knock gradually increa-sed and it irritated him.

Whoever this person is, he’s sure that he knew the consequences of disturbing him at this hour. Does he want to die? He cursed.

The knocking didn’t stop and whoever the person is, he’s sure banging the door already. He furiously strides towards the door and opened it with a scowled face.

“What do you think you’re doing? Do you want to die?!” he shouted at the poor young guard. The man shrieked in fear. He angered him and he looks like a tiger ready to devour his prey anytime.

“I-I’m sorry master.” He was trembling in fear. He can’t even look at Silver in the eyes. “It…It’s just that…” he was breaking.

“Do you have a death-wish young pal?” Silver glared at him. “Speak!”

“Miss Sherry! She’s bleeding! She lost a lot of blood.” he yelled all at once. Silver’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“What!” he yelped then he run towards the room where he locked the poor woman.

He grasped when he saw the woman on the floor, covered with her own blood.

“Sherry!” he yelled and went to aid her. “Ambulance! Call an ambulance this instant!”

The men guarding the door immediately ran to the house telephone.

“Sherry… Sherry… please, wake up.” He tears up.

“My condolences.” Rio extended his hand towards Caleb then to Archie.

“Thank you.” they uttered in unison.

After a few minutes, Caleb left Rio and Archie who was conversing with each other about who knows what is it. But to his surprise, when he turned around, he saw a scourging look from a woman wearing an all-black outfit.

“Aisha! you scared me!” Caleb yelped.

“Really? I could even kill you if you want me too.” She pouted.

Of course, Caleb knew that gaze and the way this woman acts, he definitely knew that she’s a bit upset about something.

“Fine. I’m sorry.” he went to sit in an empty chair, then Aisha followed.

“Just fine? just sorry?” she raised her brow. “Caleb, I need an explanation! I demand a valid one!” she yelled like a mad girlfriend.

Caleb crea-sed his brow. Ah! Here she goes again. This drama queen… he rolled his eyes.

“Aisha? seriously?” he uttered in dismay. But then he felt her hands slapped him in the back. Ouch! That hurts! Then after a while, she chuckled playfully.

“You really knew me very well, huh. I wander why you didn’t even try to court me before.” she’s really taking her time messing with him.

“Have you forgotten how ugly you are?” Caleb shoots his entry.

“Was she really the ugly one? Didn’t she dump you when you were kids?” Caleb and Aisha was stunned for a bit when they heard a familiar voice. they turned around to see Sophie and Hunter sauntering towards them.

“Sophie! Hunter!” Aisha suddenly stood up to greet them. “Since when did you came home? how’s your wounds Hunter?” She voiced in a blast.

“Just the other day when I received a call from dad.” Sophie smiled. “Ah! Where’s my cute little niece?” Sophie excitedly looked around.

“She’s with Lisa. They should be here in a minute.” Caleb answered.

“Ah! I am so excited!” Sophie limp.

“Will you get your acts together. We are on a funeral and not on a birthday party.” Hunter apprehended her.

Sophie scowled. “Fine!” she rolled her eyes.

“Are you that fond of kids? Just tell me, I can—-”

“Yah!” Sophie interrupted him. “One more word and you’ll die!” she glared..

Aisha and Caleb was amazed while watching the love birds in front of them. did Sophie bang herself somewhere? They should have thought. she’s acting weirdly clingy and sweet all of a sudden.

Then Caleb and Aisha looked at each other with that unexplainable astonishment in their faces. After a few minutes, they chuckled teasingly. Now, it’s Hunter and Sophie’s turn to stared at them with confusion.

“Care to share what’s funny guys?” Sophie murderously voiced. She seems to s£nse why they are laughing all of a sudden.

“Oh, looks like everyone is here except for one.” A voice from somewhere was heard.

“Lisa!” Aisha yelped and dash to embrace her best friend. “How are you?” she asked when she broke away.

“I’m good.” she replied. Then Aisha looked down to the little lad who was staring at her silently.

“Sahaya! Long time no see. how are you?” she stooped to meet the young girl’s eyes.

“Hi aunt Aisha, I’m good. how about you?” she politely answered.

“aww… your so cute…” then Aisha pinched her cheeks. But then she somehow tripped when someone attacked the girl without any warning.

“Sahaya!” she rushes to where she is then hug her ti-ghtly. “Did you miss your gorgeous aunt?”

“Aunt Sophie, your ruining my make up.” She wiggled lightly when she’s feeling a bit suffocated from her aunt’s grip.

“Ah, that attitude! No wonder you’re his spawn.” Sophie clenched her teeth as she looked at his brother.

“But anyway, I’m so glad to see you.” Sophie smiled at her.

“I’m happy to see you too, aunt Sophie.” Sahaya soften up and when she smiled, her cute pair of dimples showed up. Ah! Sophie can’t just contain her joy that she pinched her on both cheeks.

“Ouch! Aunt, that hurts…” she pouted.

“That’s enough, let’s settle for now. the ceremony is about to start.” Caleb interrupted.

After a few minutes, everyone sat on the empty chairs and waited for the priest to start. Meanwhile, Sahaya had been looking around restlessly. Seems like she’s searching for someone.

“Are you looking for someone?” Lisa asked when she noticed her glancing in every corner.

“My daddy uncle, I can’t see him.” she was sad.

“Tommy?” Caleb asked. “He came earlier. he even brought your mom’s favorite flowers, however, he needs to go out early because of his work.” He explained.

Sahaya lowered her head in disappointment. She really wants to see his second dad for the last time. she wants to thank him for all his help.

Caleb saw how desperate the child is but then Tommy decided not to see Sahaya for the last time. cause he is afraid that his resolved might crumble once he looks at her. she will always be a constant reminder of Elise whom he loved silently for the longest time. of course, Caleb wants to respect his decision so he didn’t stop him although he knew that Sahaya will look for him.

“He said sorry, but he left this for you.” Caleb brought a beautiful gold ne-cklace with a shining pearl on it.

Sahaya’s eyes it up. This was the ne-cklace that she’s been ogling for weeks now. Her uncle Tommy must have seen the sparkle in her eyes whenever they pa-ssed by that boutique store.

“Thank you, daddy uncle…” Sahaya whispered. then after a minute, Caleb placed it around her ne-ck.

“Don’t be sad anymore. he told me that he will visit you as soon as he comes home.” he ured her, although he knew he won’t come back for a span of time.

“Tommy… I hope you’ll find the right person for you.” Caleb say a silent prayer when he remembered the man’s sacrifices for Elise and Sahaya.

At the moment, He admonishes the ambulance chauffeur to drive fas-ter. He fears that Sherry might die with the amount of blood that she lost. Why on earth did she decide to hurt herself? He thought. did she possibly want to take her life? he [email protected]

After a few minutes, they arrived at the hospital. some of the doctors and nurses where already waiting for them at the entrance.

“Please, do everything for her to live!” he ordered.

Silver and his men waited outside the emergency room. times had pa-ssed but still, no news about her.

“Please, don’t die.” Silver kept on repeating those words as he pace back and forth. “Please, don’t die.”

Then after a few minutes, the doctor came out with a gloomy face.

Silver’s eyes widened. “Please, don’t tell me…” a tear trickled from his eyes.



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