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love over blood 2 episode 15

©Sir Zach


Like a river, her tears gushed from her eyes. Sahaya had been crying since she found out that her mom isn’t coming back to life anymore. At her age, she won’t supposed to un-derstand a thing about death yet. but then, she does. She has high hopes and high dreams but seems like everything fell apart. she’s been wanting to have a happy and complete family. But now, looks like it would just be her forever dream, a dream that will never be fulfilled.

Her grandpa Archie had been carrying her since this morning. Yes, they came to check on her since Sahaya had been wanting to see her every single day. however, they found her lying unconsciously with no trace of breathing. Archie tried to be calm for the sake of Sahaya but she’s a smart kid. She can read people’s gestures.

When doctors flocked around her mom, trying their best to revive her, she knew that moment that her mom left her for good. Sahaya cried at the thought of it.

Then a few moments later, Caleb arrived and saw all the commotion. When he saw the crying Sahaya in the arms of Archie outside the room, he knew something happened but he doesn’t want to conclude first. However, when the doctors came out and confirmed that the woman was dead, his knees went weak. A tear dripped from his eyes.

But then again, he remembered that Sahaya has been crying as well so he needs to be strong for his daughter. He wiped his tears and stood up as he faced Sahaya. Then he took her from Archie’s arms.

“Daddy!” she continued crying as she hug-ged him ti-ght, while Caleb was caressing her back. He doesn’t have the right words as of the moment to comfort his daughter.

After confirming her death, the doctors instructed him about a few procedures so they could take her home.

Caleb then, handed Sahaya back to his father as he followed the doctors. While walking along the hall, he remembered Tommy. Yes, he deserved to know about her so he called him. Tommy, on the other line, was caught off guard. He was not expecting to receive the call so early. All he knew was that she still has a few months to live according to the doctor.

After processing all the necessary papers, Caleb went back to the room. He was stunned to see his father Archie standing outside the door, staring smilingly inside. Where is Sahaya? He thought.

“Dad… where is …” he went near him and asked but Archie silenced him. he was a bit surprise but then he heard a very familiar voice. he turned around and to his surprise, a woman was standing beside Sahaya, holding her hand gently. She stooped down to meet the child’s eyes then she smiled lovingly.

“Sahaya, Don’t be sad.” She wiped her tears from her cheek. “Your mom is just resting for now. She must be a little bit tired right now that God saw all her pain. And since he loves her so much, he borrows her for now so he could ease your mother’s pain. But that doesn’t mean that she left you. know that your mom is alive somewhere here.” She tou-ched her .

“In my heart?” Sahaya squeaked. “But I won’t be able to see her anymore.” tears begun forming in her eyes once again.

“You will, definitely, but soon. Mom is just resting in heaven right now. but up above, she is watching over you. and she doesn’t want to see her beautiful daughter getting sad. She’ll be unhappy if she sees you cry, do you want that?” she softly asked.

Sahaya shook her head. “No, I want Mommy to be happy.” She was heartbroken.

“Good.” She smiled. “Don’t worry, death isn’t our final stage yet. it is just a preparation for another happy life in heaven. but for now, let’s allow mommy to rest for a bit. And when the right time comes for us to see her, I’m pretty sure that she’s very healthy and we can already play with her. you want that to, right?”

Sahaya nodded. “Ehm…” she started to smile.

“Good girl.” She caressed her hair. “Okay, then let’s tell her our message then. So when she meets God, she will talk to him about us.” the woman giggled.

“Yes!” Sahaya leaped with joy then she held her mom’s left hand. she closed her eyes and with a smile in her face, she started whispering some things that no one can even hear, not even the woman standing beside her.

“I’m done!” she cheerfully looked at the woman.

“So are you feeling better now?” she inquired. the little lad nodded. Sahaya’s attention was diverted towards the door and found her father standing in daze. She ran to him and held his hand.

“Daddy! Come! You should also give mom a message.” she pulled him inside. The daze man was looking intently at the woman in front of her and she was smiling at him..

“Daddy, daddy! Come on…” Sahaya took his hand and place it at Elise. Caleb then look at his daughter with a smile in his face.

“Okay.” then he closed his eyes and after a few minutes, he opened it and saw Sahaya smiling at him. that glow in her eyes, its pure innocence. Then the lad dash to her grandpa.

“Grandpa…! you too.” Then he pulled him inside. Archie looked at Caleb filled with puzzlement. Caleb knew that gaze so he chuckled and nodded.

Caleb went outside the room and sat on the empty chair. The woman followed after and saw him stooping wretchedly. She went near and stood beside him silently.

After a while, the man looked up with a teary eye. The woman’s heart was moved and he hug-ged him ti-ght. Then Caleb’s tears started to trickle. After a few minutes, Caleb stopped and looked at the woman.

“Lisa, you came back…” he mumbled.

“Yes. after you left, I received a call from Sophie.” she smiled. “My flight can wait.”

“Lisa… thank you! I didn’t know what to do, especially with Sahaya. She shouldn’t un-derstand a thing about her mom’s death but I’m surprise that she does.” He was breaking but Lisa embraced him once again. “Shhh… it’s okay.” She muttered.

At the moment, Ethan dropped Aisha at the hospital. he can’t go with her since he needs to go back to his office as soon as possible. He had postponed some of his appointments and meetings just to accompany Aisha on meeting Silver.

“I’ll come as soon as I am done.” He smiled and kis-sed the woman before she even gets out.

She excitedly dashed towards the elevator going up. She was excited to see and talk to her sister. however, when she was standing in front of the door and was about to open it, she halted. Thinking about it, this would be the very first time that they will literally see each other and converse with each other.

The last time they saw each other was when they were seven. Will they be able to get along after how many years? Aisha gulped and tried to shrugged off her thoughts. She still wants to see her anyway.

She slowly opened the door and walked inside. On the gla-ss wall, she can see Stacy leaning back at the edge of her bed while Johnny was saying something to her. It looks like they were talking about a funny thing since Stacy was laughing, though it’s just faint. Then she went to where they are. She smiled shyly at the woman on the bed.

“I’ll just go and get something. I’ll leave you two for a while.” Johnny stood up and went outside leaving the two daze sisters alone. They definitely need to have a moment.

As soon as Johnny stepped out, Aisha slowly sauntered near her.

“Stacy…” she softly uttered. “H-how are you feeling right now?” she asked.

“I’m doing better, how about you?” Stacy answered. The awkwardness between them is very obvious since silence fell after the meet and greet. then Aisha decided to let her know about the progress in her health.

“By the way, we have luckily found a match for you. however, it might take a few days since the person will be coming from India.” She said. “We actually found a match here but unfortunately, we are having a [email protected] time talking to her since her husband doesn’t want to.”

“Thank you.” Stacy lowered her head. “The truth is; I have already accepted the short life I have, so it’s okay. I-I just want to see you for the last time that’s why I came back. I’m sorry for all the burdens I caused you.” she teared up. “I didn’t know that they for-ced you to pretend as me in front of Ethan. It is sure a hell of experience for you. I’m so sorry.”

“Sister…” she sat on the edge of the bed as she holds Stacy’s folded hands. “It was not your fault. Besides, you were also for-ced to marry him. right?”

Stacy was a bit surprised. how did she know? Aisha knew what was running in her mind based on her expression.

“It’s okay. I heard everything from Johnny.” Aisha smiled.

Stacy was appalled for a bit. Then she looked at Aisha’s tummy unconsciously.

“Do you love him?” Stacy asked.

“E-Ehh…?” Aisha je-rked. how will she answer the question without offending her sister? they were married yet she dared steal her man? oh no. Will she gets mad at her if she honestly answers? a lot of question are coursing through her brain.

“You’re pregnant, right?” Stacy continued. Aisha didn’t know how she noticed it since her tummy isn’t that big yet. did she possibly s£nse it or what? impossible! She thought.

“Ethan… he’s the father of your baby, am I right?”

Aisha lowered her head in guilt. “You were right about me being pregnant. And yes, Ethan was the father but he doesn’t know about it yet. I didn’t know that I was pregnant either.”

A minute of silence engulfed them.

“I’m sorry. I know what I did was wrong. taking your husband from you is an unforgivable sin. but don’t worry, I can leave him forever. I will go away, far away.” She answered faintly.

“Do you love him?”.

Aisha, once again heard her asked. “I-I…”

“I just want to know the truth.” Stacy was serious. “Please don’t lie.”

“Y-yes…” Aisha looked away. Now she can’t even look at her in the eyes. but unknown to her, a smile was painted on Stacy’s face.

“Then don’t leave him.”

Aisha was stunned to hear her so she stared at her with wide eyes open.

“If you love him and he loves you then I won’t go against your relationship. He deserves to be happy after all the things I did towards him.”

“Stacy…” a tear dropped from her eyes.

“It’s okay. but I wonder why you haven’t told him yet about the baby.”

“Long story but we had some misun-derstanding when I came back here from North State and we broke up. But we’re okay now.” she smiled. “But please don’t tell him yet about my pregnancy. I was actually planning to surprise him some of this days.” She chuckled.

“I’m happy for you.” Stacy replied.

They talked a lot of things un-der the sun and the awkwardness they felt from the beginning slowly faded. Now they are conversing freely just like when they were kids.

After a few hours of talks and laughter’s, Stacy’s face suddenly frowned.

“Is everything okay?” Aisha got worried.

“Erika, remember mom?” her tone was sad.

“What about her?” she replied.

“All these years, we thought she was dead… but the truth is, she’s alive!” she burst in tears.

“Stacy, what are you saying?” she’s dumbfounded.

“Erika, you have to save mom… please save our mom from that evil man!” she was pleading.

“Stacy! What are you saying? I don’t un-derstand. mom is dead. Dad and mom, they both died the same day!”

Stacy took the photo from un-der her pillow and handed it to her. Aisha stared at the photo.

“It’s me and mom. I think I was 5 years old that time.” she chuckled.

“Why is this?” she probed.

Stacy was staring at the back of the picture and Aisha s£nsed it so she fli-ps the picture and read something that was written on it. This writing is kinda new.

Then her jaw dropped with eyes wide opened when she read the last part. Did she read it right? Sherry? Sherry Gray? Then she stared at Stacy who was now crying in despair.

“Wait… Stacy, are you perhaps saying that Sherry… Sherry gray… Silver’s wife is Mom?” she sarcastically laughed seeing that Stacy nodded in agreement.

Impossible! Too impossible! Aisha clenched her fists.


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