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just a little sin episode 43

Episode 43

I’m yet to un-derstand what exactly is really going on.

A woman spoke. “Is just by God’s grace that we saw you, the animals would have made food out of you if you stayed any longer here. Can you remember your name? Who are you and where do you come from..?

They suddenly began to talk among themselves.

“Maybe whoever dumped him among this thorn bushes a-ssumed he was dead…” A man said

” Probably he was kidnapped, or attacked by arm men, they really brutalized him. Look at that big cut on his forehead and arm. They left him him here thinking he was already dead…” A woman said

“You people should leave him here before we all get implicated. What if he’s a criminal, maybe most wanted by the police or he’s a kidnapper who deserves death. This Maybe punishment from God for all his sins. Maybe he has been robbing people and God decided to punish him through this means. Everyday for the thief, one day for the owner of the house. God has catch him today. This Man looks like a criminal and do not deserve any mercy. The good you can do is to report to the police, we may even get compensated..”
One of the men with a face cap said as he stood far from me.

Although one of my eyes was knocked shut and swollen but I’m managing to see with one.
It looks like mid morning, maybe around 9am.
That’s my guess because early morning sun was still forming
The shadows are not long like 4pm sun

This morning sun wasn’t harsh either.
My a-ssumption of the time maybe right or close.
I looked at the face cap man again with one of my eye.
He spat to the ground and muttered something I couldn’t hear.

“I don’t think he’s a criminal. I have conviction in my spirit that he is none of those things you mentioned. He was attacked and needs our help. Please, let’s join hands and help him. His people maybe looking for him..” a Lady said

“Count me out. I don’t want to have anything to do with any of this. His bad gang may even start fishing out innocent people that know nothing of his attack. That’s how they use to do. He may be a gang leader, who knows? I have wife and children and my children are still young. I don’t want to have have anything to do with him. I’m going back home to my family…” The face cap man spoke again

Another man said, as he move around me. He seems to be the youngest among them.
“There’s nothing found on him, i have searched his pockets, and around the bushes yet I found nothing. No means of identification, no phone, no money, nothing at all…”

Did he say no phone, no money?
Where’s my money? Madam’s money.
Wait, where’s Yoara, no I mean where is John, madam! Where’s John?
My Madam’s money for the plumbing materials that I was s£nt to buy?

They onlookers said my body has been here since yesterday, that means I slept in this bushes
I became quiet as I try to un-derstand what was really going on.

Reality began to hit me right on the face.
That was when it dawned on me.

The fight, the tough looking street men, they attacked me and we got into real fight. Three men and one finally knocked me out.
That’s all I remembered

“Oh no, my Madam’s money is gone.” I try to scream but realized no sound came out.
my throat was patched, I was really tasty and hungry.
I feel dizzy and weak. My body didn’t feel like my own

“I think he wants to drink water, let’s give him water first. Before taking him to the hospital..” the young lady said as she opened a bottle water, came to me and put it in my mouth so that I can drink.
She was feeding me like a child

She has a nice smile as she looked at my one eye.
“Don’t worry, everything will be fine. You will be alright and you will get back to your people. If you can remember your relatives and friends phone number you can dail the number and I will help you talk to them..”

I shake myself head, I can’t remember any number in my state of mind.
“… don’t worry, we won’t leave you here. I will personally take you to the hospital and make sure your people come for you. even if everyone deserts you, I won’t..”
I nod, which is my only way of saying thank you.

The man that lift me from the ground earlier, who is in his late forties said he has a car parked by the main road.
He said that he felt pressed which made him park beside the road, run into the bush to release himself.
It was after he was about leaving he caught a sight of me and began to holla for help before other people came.

The face Cap man walked away as they where helping me stand.
I couldn’t even walk.
It was as if they crippled me from the wai-st
My joints were on fire.
I was in a serious pain.
The four remaining people managed to drag my body to the place the man parked his car.


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