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it’s complicated episode 79 & 80

🤦 It’s complicated 🤦

🔥 Revenge

🙆 was

the plan 😡

Episodes 79 & 80

“Why,” Steve asked as tears came running down his cheeks

“Derek what are you doing there,” she asked not being able to believe what she was seeing

“These people are like my family mum, they haven’t done anything to deserve all these troubles from you… Gosh, I can’t believe my mother is a criminal and a kidnaper,” he said

“Listen, baby, I can explain. You don’t have to get mad at me ok,” she replied gently

Everyone else was silent watching the two of them, they were trying to process everything

“Explain what exactly mum, this is who you are. This is the real you, a criminal that’s who you are,” he yelled

“I didn’t want to be like this son, he made me do it,” she shouted and looked around then a guard walked up to her

“Madam is there a problem,” the guard asked

“Not at all, get [email protected] here this minute,” she ordered and the guard left

“Baby, I would have loved to explain things but I can’t let you or anyone stop me now,” she said then face Mr. Smith who was still shocked and surprised to see her

“Is he…..” Mr. Smith was cut off by her

“Oh, don’t be silly he’s not,” she said instantly

“But you told me that you were pregnant,” Mr. Smith added and all eyes landed on him

Steve wasn’t left out, he closed his eyes ti-ght waiting for his mom’s answers and praying that they will be negative

“Oh that, was just messing with you. He’s not yours so don’t keep your hopes high, his brooks own, but too bad his stepbrother killed his father… What a pity,” she said nonchalantly

“What did you want from us, where are my daughter and my daughter-in-law, what have you done to them,” Mrs. Hillary asked more like a yell

“Oh, them I will show you.” She replied and start walking toward the torture room

She walked towards Sandra who was tied up and the guards surrendered her, she now standing with her hands tied up

“Here you go,” she said and face the camera towards her* my boys wanna have some fun, isn’t it cool,” she grinned

“Julia doesn’t do this, she won’t survive it please,” Mrs. Hillary pleaded

“Is she crying already, am just starting just wait till you see the main deal,” she said and walked towards Lucy who was tied up on a table with lab material’s beside her

“What’s that, what are you doing to her,” Jason asked

“Helping you get that thing out of her,” and smiled mischievously …… You can start now doctor,” she added and Jason’s eyes widen

“No no no, this is nothing happening,” Jason said and grabbed his car keys

“What did you find Lucas,” Steve asked

“VILLA FARM, downtown,” he replied and they rushed out



Paps stood at the big hall, he scanned the whole place with his eyes and it landed on brown …. He pointed at him and brown stepped forward

He went on picking the people he wants, they expected him to pick Chelsea but he didn’t. He picked bush instead and asked the others to return back

” Not you,” he said to Chelsea as she turned to live making her stop on her track

“Go get the girls, you already have the information right,” he asked

“Yes, VILLA FARM, downtown,” she replied

“Good now get going, you know the rules,” he said and she went out


Lucas and the boy get down of their car a few meters away from the location, they slowly opened the big gate and were surprised not to see anyone there

Why won’t they, the place looks so magnificent that no one will mistake it for a crime house

“We can’t go in together at a time,” Lucas said and they stopped and looked at him

“Why,” Jason asked

“Don’t ask too many questions, they might see us if we go in at once… We need to act smart,” he added

“Yeah, that’s true,” Steve said

“Jason follow the back door, Steve go behind that window I will follow the main door,” Lucas said

“And why should I go behind the back door,” Jason asked

“Just do it and don’t ask questions,” Lucas replied

“Fine,” he said and walked out


Chelsea on the other hand climbed through the roof and found her way into the building, she always scanned the whole place with her system before coming so she knows the best way for her to follow

She slowly jumped down, and made her way to the torture room, getting close she heard footsteps approaching and quickly hide behind a drum

Julia and her guards walked past her but she suddenly stopped and look back, she went towards the drum and checked but didn’t see anyone, she signed and walked away

Chelsea jumped down and chuckled

“That was close,” she muttered and continue her journey

She walked into Sandra’s torture room and start losing the ropes tied on her immediately, Sandra who has been down slowly opened her eyes

“Chelsea,” she called looking at her face

“Shhhhhh, we don’t have much time,” she replied and cut the ropes down

They slowly walked towards Lucy’s side, they saw the doctor staring lvstfully at the [email protected]£d Lucy laying down on the bench

He stripped her saying that’s for him to get full access and get the work done

He lic-ked his li-ps and smiled, he was too busy to notice the people in the room, he made to grab her bo-obs but something landed on his head and he went down straight

“Wow…… What was that,” Chelsea asked looking at Sandra

“No one touches my brother’s wife,” she replied with the rode in her hand

“Hun, where did you get that,” she asked pointing at the rode

“Oh this, down here…Is one of the things Steve thought of me,” she replied checking out the rode as Chelsea only nodded positively

“That was cool,” she said and they both smiles

“Did you bring any food,” Lucy asked and they looked at each other

“Thought you were crying,” Sandra asked

“Where, past things not pres£nt,” she replied and looked at Chelsea * thank you,” she said

“Am outta here,” she replied and start walking out the girls looked at each other


Steve could be seen running down the big hall when a hand suddenly pulled him Into a dark Conner, he struggled to break free but the person was too strong for him

The person succeeds in folding his hands and closing his mouth


Lucas meets [email protected] on the field and they face each other

“You shouldn’t have come here,” [email protected] said rudely

” am here now, why not show me what you have got brother,” Lucas replied and he scoffed

“Brother,” he chuckled * how funny, look at me very well Lucas… I will never be your brother not in this life or another one,” he added

“Your choice, now where are they,” Lucas asked

“Probably dead, too bad you all will soon join them,” [email protected] emphasis

“Son of a b*tch,” Lucas yelled and punched his face, his li-ps brushed instantly

[email protected] staggered back and tou-ched his bleeding li-ps then look at Lucas, he rushed towards Lucas and made to punch him but Lucas ducked it and kick him very [email protected] making him fall heavily

“You’re no match for me, [email protected],” he said standing in front of him

“Oh, really,” [email protected] scoffed

“I won’t ask you again where are they,” he asked

“Before killing me, Maybe you should look straight and then look up,” [email protected] replied

Lucas gave it a quick thought before doing as [email protected] said, he looked straight to see Jason running at the other end and then looked up to see a guy pointing snipers at him

“No Jason, no,” he shouted

[email protected] used that opportunity to hit his head and he lost consciousness

“You f**cking burst my se-xy li-ps,” [email protected] said and kick his face




“he’s an all set madam,” a guard said as he carried unconscious Lucas on his shoulder

She looked at [email protected]

“You know what to do,” she said and [email protected] nodded positively before walking out with the guard

5 minutes after they left a guard rushed toward her

“Madam we can’t find the girls,” he reported

“What’s that supposed to mean, no way to find them, someone must have helped them escape finds them, I can’t let my [email protected] work be in vain,” she yelled and the guard flinched

“On it madam,” he replied and turned to live then the light suddenly went off

It came back against, Julia knows something was off about it and just then she heard someone’s voice

“Hello sis,” the person said making her shake a little

“What brings you here will,” she asked instead

“A greeting would have been better but let’s get down to business,” paps said

“I have no business with you, Will,” she replied rudely her guards made to interfere but guns were placed in each one of their heads and they stayed calm

“You know I like you that’s why I gave you that warning but you never listen, Don’t touch what belongs to me but you went and do otherwise, why?” He said walking toward her

“I don’t need a permission to do what I want Will, and you have no right to tell me what to do,” she shouted

“Still the same, I wonder who you inherit this evil from, you were never like this before but look at you now you are gonna make me do what I don’t want to do,” he said and slowly tou-ched her cheeks

“Where is he?” He asked more serious this time

“Go to hell,” she replied

He raised his hand to her face but slowly put it down, * bring him in,” he ordered and Steve was dragged in

Julia saw him and her face fell, Steve wasn’t left out, he was too shocked to say anything, his uncle and mother were standing before him

“What’s this all about Will? You think you can use him against me then think again cos it won’t work,” Julia said and paps nodded his head

“Ahhhhhnn…” Came the crying voice of Steve as the electric shock was placed on his ne-ck

“Are you willing to talk,” paps asked with his normal cold expression

“I said go to hell,” Julia yelled

“Again,” paps said and it was placed on Steve’s ne-ck

“Arghhhhh, uncle please am dying,” Steve cried out as his eyes turn red


“Arghhhhh, mom help please,” Steve cried out as blood covered his mouth



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Julia, I will kill you myself, come here 😠😡

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