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it’s complicated episode 77 & 78

🤦 It’s complicated 🤦

🔥 Revenge

🙆 was

the plan 😡

Episodes 77 & 78

“Am living,” [email protected] suddenly said and stand


“You think am gonna die here with you? Oh, am not that stupid,” [email protected] replied and jumped down through the window, watching the whole house burn down

[email protected]!!!! Come back am your father,” Mr. Brooks shouted as he struggled to break free but the rope was too strong

[email protected] stood his ground and watched the housing collap-se,* you deserve more than this* he muttered before walking




It’s been three days already and they haven’t heard anything about the missing girls, no one knows if they were still alive or dead cos the kidnappers haven’t called

The whole family is now in a mess, their mother has been crying for the past few days and refused to be consoled by anyone

Jason has been thinking of Lucy and his unborn child, he doesn’t know what will be their faith there. He could run crazy if things continue to be this way

Steve, on the other hand, blamed himself for saying that he was hungry, If only he wasn’t hungry all this wouldn’t have happened, he missed everything about her. He wishes he could turn back the hand of time and make everything the way it was supposed to be

Mr. Smith has been going from one police station to another, the cops have searched every Conner of Canada but still haven’t gotten any clue about them

Lucas seems not to be affected by all the problems but de-eper down, his more affected than others. He went to the cartels countless times but didn’t get any information about paps, he then decide to believe maybe it was someone else that he saw that day

They gathered in their sitting room to discuss the whole issues

“Lucas, have you gotten anything?” Mr. Smith asked

“Not yet, the best thing to do now is to wait for them to call us so we can trace them,” he replied

“Can’t believe that all this is happening,” Jason said from the sp-ot

“I just want all this to be over soon,” Steve added



“You s£nt for me,” [email protected] said as he walked into Julia’s study who was busy on her phone

“Oh, yeah. I wanted us to talk about you and your father that you killed,” she replied and he scoffed

“What about him,” he asked

“Nothing special, you’re now bankrupt and I have a feeling that you would like to get your company back, I will be glad to help,” she said and sipped from her drink

“How can you do that, it’s now un-der the smith and I don’t think they would like to sale it,” he replied and she chuckled a little

“Nothing is [email protected] for me to do, I have an offer,” she said making [email protected] wonder what it might be

“Which is?” He asked looking

“Let’s join for-ce together and brings THE SMITH down,” she said

“And why do you think I would work with you,” he asked

“Am just trying to be nice by making it an offer, you owe me remember, and you will have to pay. Nothing goes for nothing,” she replied

He was silent for a while not knowing what to say again, after she saved him what was he thinking

“Or should I just report you to the cops instead, I have a solid evidence that will make jail your permanent home from now on,” she asked and brings out the recorder of when [email protected] confessed how he killed brooks

Seeing the shock on his face she smi-rked, that’s just what she wanted to make him corporate

“No please, you can’t do that. I don’t wanna go to jail, how did you get that,” he replied trembling in fear

“So,” she said

“Fine, what did you want?” He asked

“It’s simple, first I want you to think back and remember all the bad things they did to you then tell me how you feel,” she said, only anger can make people lose control that’s why she’s using it on him

He balled his fist as everything came running into his head, how he was the most respected person around their area but everything changed because of Lucas and Jason, he remembered how they punished him when he was staying in their house

He remembered every bad thing they did to him and balled his fist with so much anger, Julia watched him and smiled in satisfaction

“What did you want,” he asked

“Come closer,” she replied

She whispered something into his ears and an evil smile on his face




” Should I tag along,” Bush asked as Chelsea walked out from the cartels

“No,” she replied instantly

“You just recovered a few days ago, you Don’t even know what his intentions are, it could be dangerous,” he said

“Listen bush, I think it’s high time you live me alone. I don’t need a watchdog, I need to be Fu-cking free with my life… Fu-cking live me alone,” she yelled and stormed out


“What took you so long,” [email protected] asked as she set on the open space left for her

“What matters is that am here. So let’s get to business,” she replied rudely

“Always the same, there is a safe at the smith’s mansion, it doesn’t have a padlock, it’s placed at the center of their sitting room, you will see it once you enter there, no guards around, it’s just them,” he said and looked at him

“Just that,” she asked

“I want you to get it for me,” he added

“What’s in the box,” she asked

“That should be my business, not yours, just do your job, I already paid half once you get it I will pay all,” he added and stand to live

“I don’t do that sh*t no complete payment, no deal,” she said and he stopped and face her

He stared at her for a while before writing a cheque for her

” Ion do cheques, I need raw cash,” she replied and walked past him* expect it tonight* she added and left

*Always tough* he mumbled



Chelsea could be seen in all black as she jumped down the big gate, she made her way through the main door and truly there were no guards

Lucas on the other hand has a feeling that someone was in the compound but he wasn’t sure, he made to lay down on his bed but couldn’t

He slowly opened the door and went out, seeing a shadow in the living room he took steady but slowly steps in, he made to grab her from behind but she was quick to duck him

“What are you doing here,” he demanded

She didn’t talk but Instead, she quickly went for the box but Lucas blocked her way, he made to punch her but she ducked and he throws another punch and she also ducked

He succeeded in taking off her mask and didn’t expect what he saw

“Chelsea!!” He called

“Now will you let me take what am here for,” she asked as she made to walk past him but he blocked her again

“I won’t let you steal from this mansion,” he said, he wanted to ask how she escaped but that made him remember paps

“You knew, you knew that he was alive yet you refuse to tell me,” he suddenly said more like a yell

“I owe you no explanation,” she replied and he angrily punched her face making her stagger back

She slowly tou-ched her li-ps and clean the bloodstain on them, then she took one look at Lucas before walking out….. If only it was someone else the person would have been groa-ning in pain by now

“You don’t walk out on me Chelsea,” he shouted as he rushed towards her, meeting her at the gate

“Why didn’t you Fu-cking tell me,” he yelled

“I told you before, I owe you no explanation,” she replied angering him the more, he made to punch her again but she quickly blocked it, she fold her fist and made to punch him but their eyes meet

She kept her hand in the air, it was as if she lost her strength just looking at him alone, she slowly brings it down, she made to walk past him but he blocked her again

“Don’t push it, Lucas,” she said slowly

“Then fight me,” he yelled

“You can’t beat me in a fight, so don’t push it,” she replied

They suddenly heard movement behind, Lucas turned to check who it was and Chelsea used that opportunity to run out and they chased after her




Julia walked into the torture room to see Sandra crying, she turned to the guards

“Why is she crying,” she asked

“She has been crying since we brought her here, she refused to eat or drink anything,” he replied

“And the other one,” she asked

“That one eats a lot, and she’s always demanding meat,” he replied

She walked slowly towards Sandra and squatted beside her

“You’re not doing yourself any good, so I will advise you to eat before you get tiny, I don’t want my boys to Fu-ck empty hole without meat,” Julia said but Sandra only increase crying

it angered her, she dragged her out from there and for-cefully made her sit on the bed, she slapped her [email protected] and her face turned red instantly

“Madam the doctor it’s here,” a guard said as he step into the room

“Tell him to start preparing for the operation, and make sure he gets that thing out from her stomach. I will join him shortly,” she said and picked up her phone

“How does it feel to lose a loved one,” Julia said and laughed over the phone

She’s currently on call with Mr. Smith himself and the whole family was pres£nt

“And who is this,” Mr. Smith asked wondering who the caller might be

“Your one and only lover,” she replied and connect it in a video call

“Julia!!!” Both Mr. Smith and Mrs. Hillary said at a time as their eyes widen

Steve wasn’t left out, he also widen his eyes in disbelief

“Mum,” he called shocked

“Derek,” Julia also called with her eyes wide open………..

TBC 😁😀

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