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it’s complicated episode 75 & 76

🤦 It’s complicated 🤦

🔥 Revenge

🙆 was

the plan 😡

Episodes 75 & 76

“Paps,” Lucas called, more like a whisper

He stood and watch the car speed off, Julia’s own followed

It was as if he was in trance, he didn’t know what he was doing anymore

* is this some kind of illusion or what* he thought

* Or is he now seeing things, but he’s sure of what be saw. It’s him, it’s papas….. It’s papped,” He said repeatedly

He was still lost in thought that he didn’t notice when Jason and Steve came to him, they didn’t notice the direction he was staring at

“We have to live here right now Lucas, there is a bomb in this building,” Jason said, but he kept staring in that direction

“Lucas,” Jason called but he still didn’t move… Steve traced his eyes and wondered if he saw someone over there

“Lucas, did something happen?” Steve asked

“Paps,” was all he muttered

Both Steve and Jason stared at each other wondering what he was talking about

“You mean your foster-dead father?” Steve asked and he nodded positively

“We will talk about this when we get home but now, we need to get out of here, we don’t have much time,” Jason explained


Julia’s car could be seen on the high way, her mind was occu-pied with the thought of Williams

She doesn’t know if she is supposed to be happy or sad, on the other side she’s happy that her brother didn’t die. But the question is how? How did he manage to survive the bomb blast

on another side, she’s angry cos he will be an obstacle to her progress

She was still lost in thought when a call came on her phone she picked it up immediately

“Why did you call,” she asked

“The cops caught [email protected],” the caller replied

“That boy, how did it happen,” she inquired

“No one knows madam, but from the footage I recovered, I saw him last with Mr brooks. And it was as if someone called the cops between the two of them,” the caller replied

Julia was silent for a while, she no it must be the handwork of brooks. That ingrate!

“Find a way and get him out of there, take as many men as possible. I need him back,” she said and ended the call




“Ouch, easy,” Chelsea winced in pain as bush attend to her wounds

“Sorry,” he mumbled and b!0ws some air on it

The whole place suddenly became quiet as he focused on what he was doing, he kept glancing at her from time to time but she seem not to notice cos her wounds were inching

She slowly looked up to see him staring at her

“Anything on my face,” she asked

“Emm… No,” he replied

“Are you done then, stop staring and get over with this let me get out of here, it’s not like this is the first time you’re seeing me,” she shouted loud enough for him

“Almost done, and emm..” he stopped and take a de-eper breath, he don’t how she will feel about what he was about to say

“Ok,” she muttered

“Just OK,” he asked and she was for-ced to look at him

“Where you expecting me to say something before,?” She asked, she seem not to un-derstand what he was trying to say

“No….. But I… I want to tell you something important,” he said, he had made up his mind to tell her

It’s now or never, he can’t keep dying in silence, he needs to say it out and free himself from that burden

“Not now please,” she replied

“It’s really important,” he added

“Fine then, am listening,” she replied

“I know it might sound stupid or funny but the truth is that I love…….”

“Wait,” She didn’t let him finish his statement before stopping him, * this can’t be happening, she already loves someone else not him* she thought

“Chelsea, please allow me to finish explaining,” he said calmly

“Don’t try to turn your friendship into a relationship you might lose both, I think we are done here. Thanks for the treatment,” she said and stand to live but he blocked her way

“I hate being angry when am happy, don’t push it,” she said and shoved him aside

She walked inside the inner chamber and locked the door from inside before opening a secret door which was on the paper frame on the wall, one could [email protected] know that there is something there




[email protected] was still thinking of how to deal with his father brooks when another car start following them, he noticed the car but kept quiet

They took Mr. Brooks to where he said is his house and dropped him there, [email protected] was surprised cos he didn’t know about that house

*How come he owns this and I don’t know about it* he thought

They haven’t gone far from Mr brooks house when a red car suddenly blocks their road and open fire at once

[email protected] lay down and covered his head with his hands, since it was only two cops it didn’t take long before they drop dead

One of them came over to him and gestured for him to follow them and he did without a second thought




The boys came back with Lucas who has been repeating one word since they meet him at that cartels

“Paps,” Lucas said again as he set on the couch, his mind was occu-pied. That they didn’t let him think straight

* What if is not him, what if that person was an imposter. What if that person is also an enemy that is trying to us paps and gets me? But he died, the doctor said he died and was buried! How come his still alive……. The casket, they didn’t open it for us to see, I think they did…… No, they did not* he thought Silently

“What happened to him,” Mr. and Mrs. Smith both asked at once

“He claimed to see his dead foster father,” Jason replied and that alone provoke him

“You dare not say I claimed, cos you were not there……” He yelled, I no what I saw, it’s him. I saw him,” Lucas added Shocking everyone

“And the girls,” Mrs. Hillary asked, she has been worried since they left. Praying that they will be found but they came back with a different story

“They were not there,” Steve replied and she burst into tears again, Lucas looked at them and stood. Steve made to follow him but he stopped him

“I need to be alone for now,” he said and left




the car pulled over in front of a magnificent building and [email protected] starred around

He followed the guards inside to see Julia waiting for them, she welcomed them and took [email protected] to the inner room

* You will be useful to me alone now* she thought silently as her li-ps curved to a smile

She knowing picked up her phone and called Mr. Brooks then put it on loudspeaker

“Hey Julia,” Mr. Brooks called

“How are you, hope you were able to escape?” She knowing asked

“If not for that stupid boy I wouldn’t have been able to escape,” he replied and laughed loudly

[email protected] balled his fist in anger,

“What did you mean, did he beat an officer up,” she asked

“No….. I accused him of trying to kidnap me and I also gave him my gun to hold, so when the cops saw the gun it was settled,” he replied still laughing

“Wow, that’s good of you, see you tomorrow then,” she said and ended the called

[email protected] walked furiously around the room with anger, he stormed his fit on the ground and made to start breaking things but Julia signals the guards and they hold him down

“Don’t take out your anger on my furniture, you nowhere to find brooks, stop being a coward and go finish it with him,” she said and he stormed out immediately

* just what I wanted, fools, * she laughed sarcastically



Mr. Brooks walked out of his bathroom after taking a shower to see [email protected] sitting on his couch he became terrified and take two steps backward

“Ri…[email protected],” he called shocked

“Surprised, you weren’t expecting me I guess,” [email protected] asked and scoffed

“What are you doing here and how did you get in here?” Mr. Brooks asked

” Am here to do what you thought me,” he replied and brings out a lighter

“What are you doing with that? What don’t do that, [email protected],” Mr. Brooks called shocked as he watched his couch burning up, [email protected] set it on fire

“I think it’s cool if we both die here today,” [email protected] replied walking towards Mr. Brooks

He tou-ched his cheeks gently as Mr brooks try to take his hand away but he suddenly punched him, Mr. Brooks Fall back as he vomited blood from his mouth

“Have always tried to make you happy but you’re busy ruining my life,” [email protected] said trying [email protected] not to sound weak

By now the smoke is becoming stronger for both of them, [email protected] walked towards Mr. Brooks who was still groa-ning in pain. He didn’t believe that [email protected] could do that

[email protected] tied him to the bed and set it on the available space, watching the fire till it go to the point that none of them can take it anymore

[email protected] please, am still your father, please forgive me. I know I have done many bad things but please.” Mr. Brooks said coughing really

“That’s the main reason why we both will die here today, I’m tired of all this Dad, let’s just end it,” [email protected] replied as they both started coughing

TBC 😁😀😍

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