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high school episode 1 & 2

New story 🔥
(My Mr handsome 🧑)
Prologue ✳️

By Anita Jerry 📝

Belinda Parker is a sixteen years ago teenage girl, she is the last child of Mr and Mrs Parker, Belinda has a s£nior sister, Andrea Parker who is a year older than her. Belinda has been in the Phili-ppines for sometime now due to the finical state of her father, she left to stay with her uncle to less£n the bills on her farther.
What happens when Belinda’s father finally gets a nice job and she comes back to American to continue her secondary School studies in ASIAN TADO HIGH SCHOOL, where are sister has been schooling until now she is her final year, Belinda has one more years till her final year. Belinda’s begin’s a new school where she will make friends and enemies 😠.

Meet Diego Dubae, a young seventeen years old tennage boy, you can call him the king of Asian Tado, he is the first son of Mr and Mrs Dubae, Diego has a little brother who is much more younger than him…

What happens when Belinda meet’s the arrogant king of Asian Tado. Is she going to have a tough or a great time?? Is she going to make more friends than enemies??🤷
we get to know as we proceed

🎒 High school 🎓🎓📚
(My Mr handsome 🧑)
Episode 1

By Anita Jerry 📝

Andrea come on! Is this how you normally go late to school. Belinda yelled from the sitting room on top of her voice, she was anxious because it was her first day at the popular Asian Tado she didn’t know what to expect.

Just give me a minute. Andrea yelled from her room upstairs.

Belinda was putting on a white trouser and a blue top, she packed her hair in perfect ponytail as usual, she always loved the simple look it gave her.

Hey darling how do I look. Andrea half yelled climbing down the stairs. Belinda looked at Andrea and she was all dressed up in a body hug handless top, an extremely short skirt and a long jacket, she left her hair to fall freely at her back.

Wow you look cute, but isn’t these too much??

Nope it isn’t baby sist. please don’t tell me that you are wearing that. Andrea ask looking displeased.
Yes” why? What’s wrong with my dress? Belinda asked in confusion.
Hmm, nothing tho, but in my school girls like to look really good it’s almost like a competition, but it suits you anywhere you are always my cute little sis. Andrea said ru-b-bing Belinda’s cheak before walking away, common let get going.
behind you. Belinda said taking the last look of her self in the mirror. I’m okay, right?? She asked no one in particular.

What! Is this your school. Belinda asked as they walked from the school gate the school building.
Yeah I know, it’s really big and beautiful, right?? I was also surprised when Dad brought me here for the first time. Andrea bragged.
How did dad afford this. Belinda asked looking around.
Really?? Please stop Dad it’s now wealthy man now hope you know. Andrea said as they both laughed and continued walking.

Getting into the school Belinda saw many students walking around, to be truthful they didn’t look anything like her, they looked really cute and wealthy, Belinda turned to Andrea.

Don’t be scared sis I’m here, I got you. Andrea said in building her confidence, Belinda gave a quick smile.

Ashley!!!, Andrea screamed, as a girl ran towards her and embraced her, I have missed you so much why didn’t tell me you were back. Andrea said pretending to be annoyed.
Belinda kept staring at her sister and her friend who was dressed like some p®rnstar, Andrea likes keeping crazy girls like herself as friends. Belinda wasn’t done murmuring to herself when Andrea began to walk away with her friend, before she could open her mouth Andrea was already meters away.

Oh my I’m doomed, Belinda began counting her steps, she felt so stupid words can’t express how much she hates Andrea at the moment.
Belinda kept walking saying hi to some of the students she came across, some responded while some just spared her a glance and continued walking. She wished she could turn back and use the door but it was too late, a young lady appeared in front of her.

You are Belinda Parker right? The lady in are late twenty’s asked.

Yes ma. Good morning. She greeted.
Yeah morning, please come with me so I can show you to the principal office. The woman said walking ahead of Belinda.

Getting to the principal office she thanked the young teacher before walking in.

Good morning. Belinda greeted the woman she met in the office.

Yes morning, why are you here. The woman in her early 40’s harshly asked.
I’m a new student. Belinda calmly answered.

Your name Please? I’m Belinda Parker.

Fill this form. The woman said after going through the names of the new students.
Belinda handed it back to her after she was done.

Here, this are some text books you will be needing and your cla-ss can leave now. She said waving her hands, Immediately Belinda took her leave and headed in search of her cla-ss.

Belinda walked through a large pa-ssage as she kept checking the numbers of every cla-ss she came across until she finally saw the awaited number boldly written 287, phew finally. she said before opening the door of the cla-ss.

Immediately she opened the door the students in the cla-ss turned around, starring at her, ohmy!! she felt so embarra-ssed, her hold on her text book ti-ghtened.

Little Miss your are late. The teacher at the front of the cla-ss loudly said. Andrea all this your fault she caused.

I guess she is a new student. One of the boys in the cla-ss said. Making my breath seize.

Oh a new student” so what’s your name the teacher asked. Belinda Parker” Belinda calmly said.

Speak louder. He ordered. My name is Belinda Parker she said audibly.

Okay Belinda take a seat.he said as he continued teaching, like I said we are going to be talking about the stage performance un-der acting.
Okay let’s split the characters, Lily out, you know what to do right??
Yeah sure came her response.

Her hair was dyed in blue color, she was all dressed up as if she was going for music concert, looking at her one will guess she is the smartest kid In the cla-ss, her shoes really looks expensive, it kis-sed the ground at every step she took, she comfortable walked to the front of the cla-ss.

Wow right now Belinda felt less excited about the uniform thing, wearing a uniform will be better because there will be no competition, oh how she missed her old school she thought starring at the pretty girl in front of the cla-ss.

The Lily girl along with some other students did the practical infront of the whole cla-ss as they cheered for them when they were done.

They were really skilled in acting. Belinda thought. The bell could be heard loud by all. the teacher walked away and everyone started picking their various bags heading to God knows where.

Belinda kept starring as the Lily girl picked up her back and walked away with some other girls, they all looked rich and beautiful, oh God i don’t even fit in here she thought to herself.

Hey Belinda heard a tiny voice from behind, she turned around and found a girl smiling at her.
Hi I’m Alicia. She said smiling at me,
I’m Belinda,
don’t you want to go out? You want to remain in the cla-ss. She politely asked.
Uhmm I will love to but I don’t know anywhere yet, then come with me let me me give you a tour. Alicia said pulling her along as they left the cla-ss together.

🎒High school 🎓🎓📚
(My Mr handsome 🧑)
Episode 2

By Anita Jerry ✍️.

So Belinda you are new in American?, Alicia asked.

Kind of, I was born in American but I was in the Phili-ppines for some reasons.

Oh okay,, so friends???, She asked as Belinda just starred

I know you will find it somehow but I don’t have any friend in our cla-ss. Alicia said
Why?? they are really cute. Belinda asked in confusion.

I don’t like them especially those six girls…
Lily and the rest of them. Belinda said cutting her short.

Wow you already know them. Alicia said in surprise you are right anyways.

Yes I heard when the cla-ss teacher called her. Belinda replied.

Yes her name is Lily Keller and her ”PA” Ashmi Cruz, Celyn Nabort, kaliy Neptune, Sahara Raggi and the white witch Meggien Rabort.

Nice name’s, why are they not your friends. Belinda Asked.

The have cruel characters and they looked down on people because they wear expensive dress and shoes ru-bbish. she caused.

Just then Belinda stopped to look at her, she wasn’t looking bad herself at least she was better than her she thought.

What?? You hate them already Alicia asked as the both laughed.

They kept walking they didn’t even know when they got upstairs.

Okay this are the s£nior’s cla-ss, hall for practice and pres£ntation. Alicia said pointing her f!ng£rs at the different cla-sses.

They kept walking in silence, Alicia, they heard a loud voice from behind. They both turned towards the direction of the voice to a guy standing behind them.

Sam starred at the unknown face.

What is the problem Sam?? Alicia said not ready for his talk’s.

Oh, I came to tell you that I finally landed the phone on the principal’s table.

Oh seriously! That’s good news. How did you do it Alicia asked.

I’m the boss around here you don’t have to question me. He bragged. And who is this pretty lady. I’m Sam and you he said stretching out his hands for a hand shake..

Alicia starred at Belinda who gave her a go ahead.
I’m Belinda she replied.

What a pretty for a pretty princess.

The three of them sat on a bench on the staircase and continued to chat with each other. Belinda was already getting along with this Alicia girl, she was a good girl that was one thing she knew for sure.

Some guys came out of their cla-ss and walked towards where the three of them were seated. All wearing black jacket

Alicia began to arrange herself immediately she saw them. Sam and Belinda starred at her, Sam bursted into laughter, he laughed so [email protected] that Belinda couldn’t help but join him, seriously he said between his laughter.

He stopped laughing immediately the boys got close to them.

Good morning. Alicia greeted the boys, only one them replied while the rest just walked away as if they didn’t hear her say anything.

Who are those guys. Belinda couldn’t help but ask. Alicia didn’t answer because she was still busy starring at their back’s.

They are the Mr perfect of our school, the are known as the high school king’s, they are my cla-ssmates anyways. Sam explained.

So why were you starring at them like that. Belinda asked Alicia.
Nothing. Came her quick response.

Something Sam interrupted. Alicia has a huge crush on one of those boys. She will anything for his number. Sam interrupted.

Shut up, Alicia yelled and tried to hit him, he ran away and she pursued after him.

Hey wait up. Belinda yelled from behind,
Sam and Alicia kept running they were not prepared to stop, Belinda was tired and couldn’t continue running. She decided to rest and wait for them.

Immediately she placed her head on the door someone opened it from behind and she fell flat on the floor.

Jesus! She yelled in her head. She used her hand to ru-b her head, her head hurts so much.she raised her head to see the person who opened the door.

The girl that was pure white was glaring danger’s at her as she stood up. Her eyes were red like a witch tasty for blood. She was obviously angry at someone.

were you earsdropping??. She asked. What the fu-ck were you doing here, are you deaf.she yelled when Belinda didn’t respond.

No, no why will I do that, I was resting my head when you opened the door, then I fell. Belinda tried to justify herself.

Resting” she mimicked. It seems you are new here, you should ask about people you shouldn’t fu-ck with, rascal. she said pushing her and she walked away.

Just then the Belinda noticed that there was a guy at her back . He just stood there he rested his back on the wall with his two hands de-epered in his pocket and he watch the both them.
He starred at her for a while before he walked away without a word.

I have seen that guy before Belinda thought to herself.

She strolled out of the cla-ss embarra-ssed, what kind of school is this she yelled.


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