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atrocities 4 episode 9 & 10


From U.S Bah ❤ ✌🏽

Just pull yourself together and stay strong, for God knows best. He consoled.

I couldn’t control my tears until the final day of the crusade when I was called again to deliver another speech.

I took over the microphone once again and I began to pray with the congregation.

We prayed for minutes in tears and I finally began my speech.

The title of my message today is “Time and Opportunity”

There was this man who once lived in a city, he was from a very rich background.
He really lacked nothing, he womanized, he smoked, he did all sort of atrocious acts.
He had the time and opportunity to make his life a better one but he didn’t.

One day, out of no condition, his parents died, their wealth was burnt to ashes and he had no home to call his own.
He cried on the streets, “God, I have wasted my time. God, I have wasted my opportunity”

He wasted his time when he was young and energetic to work with the riches he had.
He wasted the opportunity to use his family’s fame to grab the best in the society.

Now he is sick, he can’t work to gain those riches again, he can’t also get the time he wasted.

Brethren, there are some of us here who do worst than that.
God gives us time and the opportunity to open a shop or go to school.

A shopkeeper as at the time of 7am, will still be in bed, snoring, whiles there are people waiting for her to buy at least sugar to prepare breakfast for their family.
After the long wait, they buy from a different shop.

The shop keeper now wakes up at 9am, bathes, dresses, and get to the shop at 11am.
By then, everyone in the vicinity had gone to work and there is no one to buy from her shop.
She now begins to accuse God for taking away her customers.
My sister, you wasted your time of waking up and the opportunity to get a lot of people to buy from you.

A student gets the opportunity to go to school, and wastes all her time with friends and on boyfriends.
Brethren, remember there are a lot of people out there, wanting for the opportunity to be in that school.

Eventually, you fail every exam and gets expelled from the school or goes home with nothing.
Brethren, you wasted your time in the school and the opportunity to get something meaningful out of the school.

A Christian or a Muslim will pray ceaselessly to God to give him a job. As merciful as God is, he grants him the opportunity to gain employment in a company.
The manager tells you to report to work at 6am.

5:45am, that is when he is waking up to bath, dress and glorify God.
He uses 20 minutes glorifying God before stepping out for work at 6:40am.

Brethren, you will loose that job because there is time for everything.
You wasted all the time sleeping and wasted the opportunity of being in that company.

God is merciful, he gives us things that we do not work for.
Brethren, let’s show appreciation by grabbing something meaningful out of it. Thank you.

Now let’s all be on our feet and pray.
Pray to God, tell him you didn’t know you were wasting your time and the opportunity he gave you for free.

Tell God, you are before him in prayers today.
Tell him to grant you another opportunity. Tell him to dash you his precious time again.
Brethren please pray, allow God to restore the time and opportunity you once wasted.

We prayed for so many minutes and I sealed the prayer.
Just when I raised up my head, I saw the police surrounded around me with my father.

I knew the time to pay for my sins was due, I just knew my sins had caught up with me.

I stared in their faces in tears and stretched my hands to be handcuffed.
They handcuffed me and took me away.

People shed tears for me as they took me away.
Pastor Adomako and Pastor Moses followed us to the city.


From U.S Bah ❤ ✌🏽

People shed tears for me as they took me away.
Pastor Adomako and Pastor Moses followed us to the city.

I was thrown into the police cell.
I pleaded with my father but he didn’t show any mercy on me.

We did all we can but my family still insisted on pursuing the case to court.

Two days later, Pastor Adomako visited me in the cell.
Baaba, what are we going to do now, should I get a lawyer? Pastor Adomako asked sadly.

No Pastor, allow God to be the lawyer.
I have sinned and I deserve to be punished. I responded in tears.

Pastor, please go back to your family, the police said I will be going to court next month, and I hope to see you there. I said.

Baaba, I’ve heard you, I will go, but I promise to be back tomorrow with the church authorities to see how best we can help you out.
But in the mean time, Pastor Moses will stay with you. He responded.

How is he going to stay with me? Where will he sleep? I asked.

He has booked a guest room.
I asked him to go with me to his village but he insisted on staying. He explained.

Alright then, let’s pray to God with hope. I responded.

Pastor Moses kept visiting me with food every other day.

One day, I was in the cell when I overheard someone lodging a complain.
Sir, my name is Owusu Ansah, I just returned from the Germany, only for my poor uncle and the wife to tell me that, they’ve lost their only daughter to HIV AIDS simply because, a friend of hers hired kidnappers to ra-pe her. The person narrated.

Instantly, I felt dizzy. Could this be Cindy’s family? I thought sadly.
I tried peeping through the hole to see who the complainant was, but to no avail.

This is serious, can you please give us the name of the suspect? We must arrest him immediately. The police officer responded.

Uncle, what did you say the name is? The complainant asked someone.

Her name is Baaba. My late daughter told me that she is a daughter to a lawyer in this city. The person responded.

Quickly, I fell down from where I was standing.
Oh God! Cindy is dead! Baaba, what have you done! I soliloquised in tears.

Sir, will you be able to identify the person if you see her? The officer asked.

Yes I will, she came to my house to apologize not long ago.
I wanted posterity to judge her but when my nephew returned from Germany, he insisted we report the case to the police. The man responded.

The officer unlocked the cell and brought me out.
Sir, is she the one? He asked.

Yes yes! She is the one! She is the wicked girl who has taken my daughter away from me. Cindy’s father responded in tears.

I wept bitterly and uncontrollably too.
Daddy, please forgive me. I am terribly sorry for doing this to you and your family. Please forgive me. I pleaded.

You don’t deserve any mercy, I will personally make sure you rot in jail. The uncle threatened angrily.

The police added that case to my docket for investigations.
The next day, the police asked me to take them to the kidnappers.
They handcuffed me into their patrol car, and off we went.

They stormed the ghetto and arrested The Don and his gang.
I was very shocked to see the chancellor with them.

What business has the chancellor got to do with these people? I thought.

We were all taken back to the station, and I was thrown into the cell again.

They began writing down their statements, one after the other.
When it was to the chancellor’s turn, he burst into tears.

Officer, please, I am not part of them. Please un-derstand me. He pleaded.

What then were you doing in their ghetto? The officer asked.

Eeerrmm Sir, I only went there to give them a contract. He responded.

Now listen, if you want us to free you, then confess to us the kind of contract you wanted them to execute for you. The officer said.

Sir, the truth is that, a former student of mine, broke my home, and when I went to pick a girlfriend, she hired people to ra-pe and infect her with HIV.

Eventually, when I went to check my HIV status, I am positive.
I have pleaded several times with my wife, to at least accept me as her brother, but she said no.
As it stands now, my family have abandoned me and I have no one to even call a friend.

Out of pain, I went to these gangsters to hire them to infect the lady with HIV too. He confessed.

Sir, it is a serious crime to take the laws into your own hands.
You are as guilty as these gangsters. Your case will be proceeded to court. The officer said and pushed him into the cell too.

God, my sins have really caught up with me. I thought in tears.

To be continued…

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