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two brothers episode 52 & 53


Love is a

Crime 🚫

EPISODES 52 & 53 ( Final )


“Why is everyone staring at me as if am in the wrong house?” He said and frown

“Who are you? And what are you doing in my house?” Mr. Brown asked with a cold voice

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Seeing the size of the man in front of him River became scared Instantly

“I…..I’m… I mean… I came no…I want to…no I mean I…” He stammered and turned to Olivia with a pleading face

That look that says help me

Mr. Brown followed his gaze and it landed on Olivia who was shaking

“Olivia, did you invite a boy into my house?” He asked coldly

There was no slightest smile on his face, he has that look no one has ever seen

“No daddy, I don’t know this guy,” She quickly said

River’s eyes nearly falls from their sockets when he heard that

“Did she just deny me?” he thought surprised

“Olivia!!” He called shocked

“Do I know you? By the way, how did you know my name?” She asked pretending to be surprised

River wanted to talk but words refuse to come out, he stared at Mr. Brown from head to toe

He looks like a bouncer, the only thing he was praying for was for him not to be thrown out from the window

“Olivia, I will not ask you again, who is this guy?” Mr. Brown asked

“Em.. daddy I asked him to come cos I wanted him to help me submit lyrics to my music band group,” Karan quickly said

“And what happens to the living room, what is he doing in here?” Mr. Brown asked almost yelling

“Maybe Eddy brought him here cos I ask him to help me get the book in my room,” Karan replied staring at Eddy with that look that says help

“Oh, yeah that’s true… I asked him to follow me upstairs before I heard voices and decide to check,” Eddy added

Mr. Brown looked at them and left without saying another word, Mrs. Brown went back to the chair and sat on it while the kids left

“I can’t believe you denied me, why didn’t you tell me that your dad was a bouncer? gosh, I was already praying for my little soul,” River said sadly

“I should be the one talking cos am about to be grounded, I told you don’t come to my house but you didn’t listen now see what you brought upon me, “Olivia replied and rolled her eyes

“Am outta here, your father looks like he eats humans as food, you’ll never see me in your house again,” River said going out

With the way he was rushing one would think he was running away from danger



Mrs. Brown went into the s£nior lawyer’s office and dropped a paper on his desk

“Is that a new case?” He asked

“No, my resignation letter,” she replied and turn to leave

“Counselor Brown,” he called and she stopped

He stood from his chair and walked toward her

“You’re a good lawyer and it will be bad if we lose someone like you,” he said

“Well, sometimes things don’t go the way we want it,” she replied

“Sometimes it does, I will testify on your behest,” he said

She just flashes a smile and left without saying anything



Everyone was pres£nt including the s£nior lawyer who was ready

“Attorney, you are here today to testify on Alex’s death, right?” The D.A asked

“Yes,” he replied

“I heard that you once hated Alex so is that why you want to testify?” The D.A asked again

“I hate Alex and am happy that he’s dead,” he replied

“You’re happy that a citizen was brutally killed? where is the law that protects us?” The D.A asked

“She did what she has to do to protect the lives of two little girls,” he replied

“And that’s what all lawyers do? Go around killing people?” The man added

“He shot himself as she said, Alex is a criminal, A jailbreaker, a rapist who has ra-pe d and tormented many women and children, he breaks the law several times and no one is talking about that, all thanks to Counselor Brown, he’s where he should be,” He replied boldly

“So you’re happy now?” The D.A asked

“Am more than happy, cos now many kids will no longer be afraid of that devil, why are we even here talking about counselor Brown when we should be talking about Alex? He made many lives miserable and destroyed many homes, we should make counselor Brown a hero cos she defeated him single-handedly which none of you sitting here can do,” he replied without any fear

Everyone was silent

“That’s all, the daughter will have to testify,” the D.A said

“She doesn’t have to testify anything,” he replied

“Excuse me,” the D.A said

“There is no law that says you can force a person to testify against their wish unless you want to be the second Alex? Alex is dead accept it and move on, all thanks to Counselor Brown for her bravery, Alex is where he should be” He said angrily

The grand jury exchanged glances

“Has the jury reached a verdict?” the judge asked

“Yes your honor,” one of the grand jury said as others [email protected] their vote to her

“On the first count of homicide in the second degree, I find the defendant not guilty,” she replied


Mrs. Brown saw the s£nior lawyer walk out of the courtroom and start walking towards him, She didn’t attend cos she didn’t want to be called out to testify

“Hey, I already heard what happened, thank you,” she said politely

“Care for a drink?” He asked

“No, thank you, I should be going now,” she replied and turn to leave but he followed her

They went back to the law firm*

“So what are you gonna do now?” He asked

“Start work tomorrow?” She replied looking for Alex’s files

“Turn around I have a surprise,” he said

“Sure but I need to find something first,” she replied still looking for the file

“Just turn around,” he said

She turned towards him to see her husband holding a wig and a face mask

“Oh my, don’t tell me you…..

” What did you think? I can’t let my wife go to jail? Never!” he asked with a smile

“How did you come up with this?” She asked still surprised

“Don’t ask questions cos I will do anything for you baby,” he replied and she covered her mouth

“I don’t know what to say again, come here,” she said and hugged him

“Thank you,” she added

“Care for a drink?” He asked again

“Sure, no liquor” she replied with a wide smile



River was in his room when his foster mother told him that he had a visit, he went down to check who the person was only to see Adam standing in the middle of their living room waiting for him

It came like a shock cos he was surprised, Adam went missing for weeks and just show up at their house

He slowly walked toward him, though he was gone for weeks he still misses him a lot and he can’t wait to hear what Adam has to say

“Adam,” he called in a surprised tone

“Brother, how have you been?” Adam asked

River was confused cos he was more handsome and charming than before

“What happened? Where were you and why didn’t you tell anyone before leaving?” River inquired

“It came as an emergency, but I will tell you later,” he replied

“What happened now? Why can’t you tell me now?” River asked

“Cos I want to see Karan first, did you know her house?” He asked

“You went missing for weeks and came back only to ask about a girl?” River said, obviously angry

“I will tell you everything I promise just show me their house first,” he replied calmly

“Her sister was your tutor why didn’t you ask her?” River said

“Olivia! Her sister? Are you sure?” He asked

“No am not sure,” River replied rudely

He sat down and cross his leg

“River please, it’s important,” Adam pleaded

“Am never going to that house, have you seen their father? He looks like a bouncer and nearly killed me the other day….. please I don’t want to die young,” River replied

He picked up the remote and turned on the TV

“Handsome please,” Adam said with a cute face

“No is no,” he replied



Mr. Brown was wearing his wife’s clothes and shoes walking like his wife while his children laughed

“Daddy wait, you mean she walks like that in college?” Eddy asked laughing

“Then what happened?” Olivia asked curiously

“She walked up to me and she was like ” Hey, Brown would you mind tutoring me for a couple of days?” Mr. Brown said mimicking his wife’s voice

Both Eddy and Olivia fall from the couch laughing [email protected]

“And I was like ” sure, but you will pay a dollar bill for each day,” he said

“That’s a lot of money,” Eddy said

“And then what happened?” Olivia asked still laughing

“She was like” it’s a lot of money can’t you reduce it? And I was like ” being popular required popular service so 2 thousand dollars bills are what you will pay now,” Mr. Brown said

“Daddy you’re a thief,” Olivia said in-between laughter

Mrs. Brown and Karan walked in and the kids increased their laughter, she looked at her husband and frown

“What’re my clothes doing on your body?” She asked

“Mom so daddy was your tutor?” Olivia asked laughing

“She even paid 5 thousand dollar bill each day, till she ended up seducing me into becoming her husband,” Mr. Brown added

Everyone burst out laughing except for Mrs. Brown who throws an apple at her husband

“Ouch,” he winched when the apple landed on his head

“That’s a lie, I never se-duce anybody, he seduced me cos I was too charming,” Mrs. Brown said

“We know!” Both Eddy and Olivia chorused and start laughing again

“Brown tells them,” she said to her husband giving him that look that says ” you’re dead”

“Okay, it was all a make-up story she never did any of that,” Mr. Brown said

“We know,” the kids replied at the same time, still laughing

“You’re so dead,” Mrs. Brown shouted and went after her husband, he ran off but he haven’t taken up to three steps when he falls cos of the hills he was wearing

Everyone laughed including their mother, the doorbell rang just then

“I will get it,” Karan said still laughing

She went to the door and opened it only to come vice-versa with Adam

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What did you think guys ⁉️🤔

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Did you think Adam’s arrival is a good one⁉️ if yes why⁉️

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There might not be any epilogue if you guys didn’t meet the requirements cos we will be moving forward to another story…

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