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truly yours episode 43 – 46

💏💏 Truly Yours 💏💏

🌺🌺Chapter 43 🌺🌺

Written By: Authoress Dammy.

🌹 Ella 🌹

Jessica gotta be the most pretty girl I have ever set eyes on in a long time, her blonde hair was long and a bit wavy at the end, giving her a barbie look, her blue eyes were crystal clear, arrogant chin, and pink tiny mouth, she’s a little bit tall her for age, average b©©bs for a sixteen year old, and a wide hips.

Gosh I wonder how many guys heart she would have broken over the years.

“You look familiar” Her voice sounded like a song, gosh she’s really pretty.

“Wow” Bella spoke up beside me. “I don’t do girls but seeing you is changing my mind” She mo-anbeside me, Blake was definitely right when he said Bella isn’t a good influence.

Jessica blushed then blink at us probably trying to remember my face.

“Sure I do, I’m Ella Ariella” I introduce.

“Jonathon’s sister!” She particularly screamed and hug me, oops and did I tell you she’s the only one that dare call Blake his middle name? Blake totally hates it.

“Jonathon?” Bella frowned.

“Yes, Jessica is the only one brave enough to call him that” I giggled.

“Yes I’m pretty brave, where is he by the way? doesn’t he miss his little barbie” Jessica ask, looking towards the door like Blake would magically make an appearance.

“He calls you little barbie?” There was a tone in Bella voice I didn’t recognized, she sounded like she was jealous or something.

“Of course, who wants pie?” She yelled.

“Me” I yelled, reaching for it but she pull it put of my grabs. “Why that” I whine.

“Jonathon gets to eat first” She struggle off.

“So you learnt how to cook? Isn’t granny so nice” I teased.

“Don’t you dare claim my baking as yours” Cole said playfully from behind, all my excitement dying at once, knowing we were close to strangers now.

“I’m still waiting for Jonathon, plus I help I making them” Jessica roll her eyes.

“He should be here anytime soon” Cole replied bringing out several [email protected] cup.

“You gone quiet” I nudge Bella.

“Nothing really” She laugh watching Jessica as she move about the room, the door open, Blake walk into the room and Jessica was all over him in a second.

“Whoa little barbie has grown up” Blake laughed.

“Just hurry up, I’m starving” I scolded Blake, well he seems be on Jessica good terms while Cole and I were particularly strangers.

Don’t get it twist, what’s going on between Jessica and Blake happen to be brother and sister relationship, I was once jealous of that, I prefer Cole to Blake, while Jessica just prefer Blake to Cole, she even told me we should switch brothers.

Well I fall in love with hers, while she still regard my brother as her own, Bella seems to be getting everything wrong cause she was just staring at them.

Looks like I finally solve the puzzle between Blake and Bella.

💏💏 Truly Yours 💏💏

🌺🌺Chapter 44 🌺🌺

Written By: Authoress Dammy.

🌹 Ella 🌹

“So Blake and Jessica happens to be pretty close” Bella said, clearing her throat, Cole, Blake and Jessica went out while we came back home we have both refuse to follow them, it so awkward between Cole and I.

“Yes you don’t need to worry, that was nothing” I told her.

“Why will I be worried?” Here comes the denier.

“I don’t know, I just saw the way you were looking at them”

“Oh that was nothing, could we just crash into a party or something” Bella pouted.

“As long as it doesn’t belong to Jennifer or Isabelle” I answered.

“Of course not! We are going to a club, now dress up” She yelled, causing me to jump, I need this tonight even though Blake is going to cut my head off tomorrow, tonight I just want to get drunk and forget everything.


Despite my saying I wanted to get drunk, I was watchful of what I drink, I had only taken two [email protected] and as for Bella I had no idea where she was, probably she’d wonder off to find a guy to flirt with, I wouldn’t be surprise really.

I was still looking around when I spot the familiar figure of Cole, my heart stopped beating, thinking I was imagining him, I blink several times but then he was already walking towards me.

No no! I made a run for it, running through the crowd in the opposite direction though I don’t know why I was running away, what will I say to him? should I pretend to be drunk? that sound let a better option soon Cole caught up with me pulling me into his strong arms.

God i miss him, trying [email protected] to blink the tears away we both start at each other for a long time.

“What in the world are you doing here? do you know Blake and your mom has been worried sick about you” He yelled.

I push away from him, gladly he let me go. Shit! my mom I totally forget about her.

“Don’t you dare lecture me! I’m a big girl I can handle myself I will just look for Bella and we would leave together” I turn around to go.

He pull me back. “Just go sit in the car, I will look for Bella is that okay?” He sighs softly.

“I don’t take others from you” I snapped my arms back.

“Damn it! Listen to me kitten” He suddenly groan out.

Did he just call me that? How dare he call me that? who gave him the right to? I hit him on the chest, again and again as the tears started running down my face.

“You have no right to call me that! don’t ever call me that” I cried hitting him, hoping he would feel the hurt I was feeling right now.

Instead he just pick me up in a bride-style and made towards the exit.

“Put me down! I don’t need your bloody help” I yelled at him, my bad that doesn’t even sound like a yell, the music was bloody too loud and he just carried on like he never heard me.

Luckily for us, we met Bella by the car with Blake there, okay did I just say lucky?

Well things are about to get unlucky.

“Not here Blake, let’s take them home first” Cole said just as Blake was about to start screaming murder, well Bella look pretty drunk, we are in so much trouble today.

💏💏 Truly Yours 💏💏

🌺🌺Chapter 45 🌺🌺

Written By: Authoress Dammy.

🌹 Ella 🌹

“What were you thinking?” Blake yelled immediately we got into the house, I had to block my ears out.

“Blake, please stop it! this isn’t the right time to yell at her” Mom defended taking me from Cole, who seems to angry but remain to keep quiet, bloody hell I don’t care whatever he is feeling.

“She just go around doing stuff without thinking” Blake muttered and hurried up to his room.

Bella already slept off on the couch, I look over at Cole then pointed an accusing f!ng£r in his direction.

“This is all your fault” I hissed then fall on the sofa next to Bella, luckily Mom didn’t say anything.

I hate that even in my drunken state I still hurt so much.

“Honey are you okay?” Mom asked, giving me a painkiller with a [email protected] of water, the same was also done for Bella who grumbled about her hate for medicine, who likes them anyway?

“Yes, I’m fine just this stupid headache” I answered.

“Gosh I just want to go back to sleep” Bella groaned.

“What up with you and Cole? I notice the tension immediately are you two okay? I hope you’re not letting your brother get between you two” She asked, brushing my hair away from my face.

“Nothing really” I muttered excusing myself up to my room, I have no idea what to tell her and she might not believe me after all.



“You sure do love Ella don’t you?” Of all the things I expected Blake to ask me, I had to be that one I looked at him having on how I should answer it.

“It doesn’t matter, how’s the case with your father coming?” I asked, changing the subject to the only thing I could think of.

“Don’t you call that man my father and don’t you dare change the subject, I asked you a question do you really love Ella or not” He repeated.

“Of course I do! you of all people should know that, but it doesn’t matter she broke up with me and i should never have gone against your wishes in the first place” I answered.

“I have been totally unfair, Ella has been so miserable ever since she broke things off with you, I don’t want her to get hurt and I can’t get over the fact that I’m the one hurting her just because of a strict rule” Blake replied, taking me fully by surprise, it couldn’t stop the ray of hope that burst into my chest.

“So…” I interject.

“So I’m giving you guys my blessing” He said finally.

I couldn’t help but to smile. “Wow Blake I’m so happy! really thanks man” I told him.

“Best friends or not I’m going to kill you if you hurt my sister” He further threatened making me laugh, I one he someohow meant it but the last thing I would do anyway is hurt kitten.

Today gotta be the happiest day I have been these days. I so much miss her and I can’t wait to give her the goodnews

💏💏 Truly Yours 💏💏

🌺🌺Chapter 46 🌺🌺

Written By: Authoress Dammy.

🌹 Ella 🌹

“Oh so you want me to get back to you now that Blake finally gave you his stupid blessing to be with me” I glare at Cole, he had come over later tonight to break what he called goodnews to me and espect me to join back into his arms? that is never going to happen cause I haven’t forgiven him yet.

“When you make I sound that way then no” he reach for me but step away knowing if he’d touch me then no doubt I’m going to lose it all. “Kitten I miss you so much, and I’m here because I love you. I know I messed up please will you take me back”

I almost blushed at that, well almost if I wasn’t so hurt and angry to think about blushing.

“Why don’t you go and date Blake instead? one day you’re going to need his permission to klzz me” I spat at him.

“Kitten I’m sorry please try to understand” He pleading holding my hand, I snapped it out of his grasp which I regretted almost immediately when I saw the look of hurt that cross his face.

“I don’t want to understand anything, I don’t want to understand that you only came back because my brother asked you to, I thought you would always fight for us? I fought for us! I try to keep us together and all you do is run when we needed to fight the most. What if that happens again? I’m not ready to get hurt again”I told him.

“Kitten please trust me I will—”

I interrupted. “Trust you? well sadly I don’t” I turn my back against him, few seconds later I heard the door shut behind him, I slowly sat on the bed with tears in my eyes.

Bella walked in few minutes later.

“How long have you been standing there?” I asked her.

“Long enough, don’t you think you’re over reacting? I thought you knew how the situation was” She answered.

“I don’t care what the situation was, but am I so wrong to expect the guy I love to fight for us? how sure i am that he won’t leave me hanging I future?”

“I guess you’re too hurt and angry right now. You need time to cool off.” She replied then walk out of the room leaving me alone.


I woke up several hours later, to the sound of someone opening my room, when I turn to look I realize I was Blake.

“What? are you here to tell me how ins£nsitive I am” I snapped.

“I guess I deserve that but i’m not here for that”. “You shouldn’t be mad at Cole instead you should be mad at me, I’m the one hurting you and not him. I was just so freaked out with you two being together, I’m still freaking out but I think I will get used to it. Guys don’t like it when their best friend is coming after their sister, and Cole and I made a pat few years back never to go for each other sister. I’m Sorry Ella” He apologize.

I just stare at him, dumbfounded cause I really don’t know what to say or how to react.

“I forgive you” I mumbled.

“Thanks sis. So won’t you forgive Cole too” He required.

My inside melted almost immediately, I blush remembering what he had told me few hours back.

“Of course I will. But not that easily” I grin back at Blake.

He laughed. “Whatever you’re thinking, please go easy on the poor guy” He told me then left the room.

In that moment I knew everything was going to be fine.



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