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the secret life of Adel episode 56 & 57


Her quest


revenge 💔

Episodes 56 & 57


Jordan Jumped over the bridge and landed in the ocean, the paparazzi were going crazy.. what the h*ll is happening?

The news was going live and he seems not to care, he swim as fast as he could toward Steve who was trying to find his way out of the ocean

Jordan increase his pace till he gets to Steve and grabbed his neck, Steve started struggling and opened his mouth, he gulped down water and Jordan hold his neck ti-ghtly

Steve kept struggling un-der the water and Jordan didn’t live him until he felt Steve has drank enough water

Jordan swim to the shore with Steve and fling Steve away and he tumbled on the sand, the rescue team was coming for them

“Son of a b*tch,” Jordan yelled, he grab Steve collar then start s£nding punches to his face

Jordan Continue punching his face until Steve fainted, Jordan did CPR and Steve coughed and vomited water

“Where am I?” Steve asked weakly only to receive a punch

“You’re going to h*ll” Jordan yelled and kicked his face this time

“Argh!!” Steve Cried in agonizing

Jordan kicked his stomach, then drag him up and punch his jaw, Steve falls heavily and vomited blood

“Please, I only did what I was paid to do,” Steve Cried out weakly

“You mess with Jordan’s wife, the king of girls, you Fu-cking mess with my wife and beat me up,” Jordan yelled and gave him an uppercut

Steve falls heavily and fainted again

“Hey, wake up….. Wake up,” Jordan said tapping his cheeks gently

“I said wake up!” Jordan yelled and slapped him

Steve didn’t wake

“Wake up… I wake up and tell me who you work for, wake up!!” Jordan yelled slapping him repeatedly

Steve regain consciousness and a heavy punch landed on his face immediately

“Why not let me die already?” Steve Cried out weakly

“You will die when I want you to,” Jordan replied and dragged him to the water then forced his face un-der the water

Steve struggles, making noise with his legs and hands but Jordan holds him ti-ghtly till when he was [email protected] breathing then Jordan drags him out

Steve coughed and his breathing quickened

Jordan press his stomach and he vomited water before s£nding another punch to his face that was already messed up

“My wife, Jordan’s wife, Don’t mess with her,” Jordan said and start kicking his stomach

“Who do you work for!” Jordan yelled

“Ruth and Pablo, they paid me to do what I did,” Steve muttered and Jordan kicked his mouth

“Who the h*ll is Pablo and Ruth?” Jordan asked and kicked his a-ss

“It’s… It’s…. ”

“It’s who?” Jordan yelled and slapped him

“The boss and his mistress,” Steve replied, he was ba-rely breathing

All Jordan could see was Adel’s crying face, the part where she called out for help but he was too weak to even move

The way Steve dragged her to the Table and forced his way into her, the way she cried and begged for mercy but they never listen

He remembers when she even said that she was pregnant but he never listen, his anger grows more and he kicked Steve’s balls

Steve tumbled lifelessly

“Ahhh!!!” Jordan yelled and made to kick him again but the rescue team get to them immediately and hold Jordan

“She’s my wife, I was there when this monster beat her up, she cried and begged for mercy but right before my eye he beat her up,” Jordan yelled and made to go and continue beating the crap out of Steve but they stopped him

“Let go of me, I need to tell him that no one messes with Jordan’s wife,” He added and they dragged him to the car

The other team went to check on Steve

“We get a pulse,” One of the team shouted and Jordan broke free from the person holding him

He went over to Steve as others tried to hold him down but he was strong getting to Steve, Jordan kicked him [email protected] in the face and his jaw disfigured

“That’s for my wife,” Jordan yelled as the cops came and pulled him away

They quickly carried the lifeless Steve into an ambulance heading to the hospital




“So he gave you ten million?” Eden asked after Jeremy explained everything to him

Jeremy nodded

“For what exactly? Look Jeremy I don’t un-derstand anything here, you’re dating his wife and he gave you ten million who does that? As what? For what exactly?” Eden asked staring at Jeremy

“He said I can’t be broke and date his wife…

“Then stay away from her, I know what am saying cos I don’t trust any rich people, they are all the same,” Eden cut in

“Eden, pretty lady is different,” Sasha said gently

“Let me hear a word from you again, no let me hear a single word! They are trying to use Jeremy but he’s not seeing it, am the only person still normal in this house, they have gotten both you and Jeremy now am the only one left, did you think any man will get to know that you’re dating his wife and give you ten million? Just listen to yourself, ten million as what?” Eden turned, To Jeremy and said

“I know what am doing,” Jeremy replied gently

“You don’t know anything, I never like this idea of living in the city, I’m not happy with my poor life, yes! but him giving you ten million knowing that you’re Fu-cking his wife is something I can never accept,” Eden shouted

“I don’t need your approval, I just told you Incase you need to know,” Jeremy replied and stood up

“Jeremy… Stay away from that lady cos I will never a accept her,” Eden shouted at him and with a swift move Jeremy grabbed his collar and pin him to the wall

“I love that woman and you should add some respect when talking to her, I can endure your insult but trust me when I say ” If you try anything stupid with her I will forget the fact that you’re my brother and deal with you, trust me Eden you won’t like the other side of me,” Jeremy sneered angrily

“Jeremy… Eden, please don’t fight,” Sasha said gently in her tiny voice

Jeremy and Eden stared at each other angry till Jeremy release his hand and Eden Strom off and Jeremy went upstairs

Getting outside he saw Adel coming out from her car she was with Margaret and no guards

“Hey, is Jeremy…” That was interrupted

“Stay away from my brother, I don’t know what you have done to him and my sister but that won’t affect me also cos am the only person that is still Normal in my family, I don’t want any trouble,” Eden yelled and she kept quiet

“Don’t you dare raise your voice at her again,” Margaret yelled back

“And what if I do? My brother is no longer the same because of this lady, he’s the only family I have so stay away before you will kill him, I hate rich people,” Eden snapped

“You should be grateful,” Margaret said

“It’s okay Margaret let’s just go,” Adel said gently and she nodded

They get back to their car and Zoom off and just then Sasha came outside

“Eden that was harsh, if it wasn’t for her you would have been dead,” Sasha mumbled

“Shut up, is she God? I know what am doing cos I don’t need rich trouble,” Eden snapped

“Maybe if she didn’t take you to that hospital and pay for your surgical bills, you would have been dead by now,” She hissed walking away

“Wait! What? She did what?” He asked surprised but Sasha ignored him

“You said it was a stranger,” he blocked her way

“She’s that stranger,” Sasha replied

“You’re lying right?” He asked staring at her face

“Find out for yourself,” she rolled her eyes and went in

I hate my lifesaver because she’s rich. All rich people are not the same after all, I hated her and she still saved my life, oh! Eden why?” He said to himself



Kate was still murmuring about her sister’s death when Simon came in, after she received the text from a cop she went to their office and they confirmed that Amber was the one who was burnt to death

“Kate,” Simon called gently

She didn’t even bother to look at him, she just sat on the couch crying her eyes out

She doesn’t even know why she’s crying cos her sister has always been a bad person but she couldn’t help it

“Kate, “Simon called again and tou-ched her shoulder gently

Kate turned and gave him a very loud slap, he quickly hold his burning cheeks

“Don’t ever show your face to me again,” she snapped

Simon stood there confused

“Get out,” she said pointing at the door

“Kate, calm down okay,” he said gently

“I said get out, what more did you want from me?” She yelled

“I love you, Kate, why is it so [email protected] for you to love me back,” Simon asked

“You love my pu-ssy and not me now get out,” she yelled and picked a flower vase

His eyes widen immediately

“Take it easy,” he said softly

“I said live before I do something crazy,” she yelled and throw the vase at him then pick up another one

“Am going,” he shouted and ran out

Shortly after he left someone rang the doorbell, she slowly went over and open it only to see Tom standing there

She quickly slammed the door in his face

“Kate open up, I just wanna talk,” he yelled banging on the door

“Get out,” she shouted from the inside

“I just wanna talk,” he added

“So now you want to talk? After begging you to give me a chance to explain what happened between me and Simon that day but you won’t even listen to me and now you’re suddenly at my house, too bad I don’t want to talk so get out,” Kate replied and walked away

He roughed his hair and left




Adel and Margaret went into the company to see a girl looking around

“And who are you?” Margaret asked instantly

She turned around with a smile but too bad they can’t see it cos she was wearing a mask

“Am Dora,” she said and offered a handshake

“You’re pinkywhite daughter?” Margaret asked and she nodded

“Wow, have heard so much about you but no one can tell cos seeing you is rare,” Margaret added and she giggled

“What are you doing here?” Adel asked instead

“I came to see you,” the girl replied gently

Adel and Margaret exchange glances

“You have seen me now, so what can I do for you?” Adel asked staring at her

“Why do you look so much like mom?” She asked

“Excuse me”

“Who is that man at the hospital and why did my mom visit him?” She asked

“First of all, that man is my Anaconda….. I mean my Dad and as for why pinkywhite visited him I have no idea, and as she said earlier she came because we are business partners,” Adel replied and the girl scoffed

“Can you recognize this face?” Dora said and pull off her mask

Adel freeze and the Phone Margaret was holding falls from her

Standing before them was the little version of Adel when she was still little

“What are you?” Adel asked pointing at her

Margaret’s jaw dropped and she slowly went over to the girl

“What’s your mother’s real name?” Margaret asked still shocked

“Pinkywhite,” Dora replied

“Another name,” Adel asked

“Catherine Benson,” Dora replied and put her mask on

Adel was too shocked to even say a word

Mom was so close, so close to me but I didn’t know, I was five when she left, and yet she was close to me… She is my business partner and I don’t know that she’s mom, how could she do this to me? I hate her,” Adel said to herself

Jordan came into the office

“Who are Pablo and Ruth?” Jordan asked immediately after he came in

Adel turns to Margaret

“Cancel all deal with pinkywhite, all of it,” Adel said and grabbed Dora’s hand and left

“Who are Ruth and Pablo?” Jordan asked Margaret who was still in shock too


“Can someone talk to me!” Jordan yelled and she come back to her s£nse

“You were saying,” she asked but he turned around and left

Getting outside he received a message from his father telling him to come home immediately


Margaret went outside to see Bruce talking with an employee and they were laughing

She started at them not being able to look away, Bruce saw her and rolled his eyes then tap the female employee on her shoulder

Margaret couldn’t help it anymore as the employee laughed so [email protected] and Hit his head, she found herself going toward them

“We need to talk,” she said immediately after she get to them

Bruce wanted to jump up and down but he tried to maintain his cool just like Sasha said

“Sorry am busy,” he replied and turn back to the person he was talking to

“You can live,” Margaret said to the female employee and she nodded

“Yes ma’am,” the lady bowed and made to live but Bruce grab her hand

“I think you should live instead,” he said and Margaret raise a brow

“Bruce,” she called and he ignores her and walk away with the lady

She just stood there and watch them leave


Adel gets to her father’s office and her stepmother was already there, she didn’t care to spare her stepmom a glance as all her focus was on the anaconda

“Explain this,” she said and pushed Dora forward

Mr. Benson stared at Dora who slowly opened her mask the way only him can see it and he [email protected] immediately

“You knew? You knew and you didn’t tell me,” Adel asked

“Adel listen…..”

“You know and you didn’t think I deserve to know too,” she cut in

“It’s not like that,” Mr. Benson tried to defend himself

“I was five, I cried and cried but the car door was slammed right on my face, no goodbye,” Adel said and Mr. Benson kept quiet

He didn’t know what to say again cos he already knows that Adel was angry

“I was five, just five anaconda….”

“So what if you were five? What happened to people being five? Can’t you see that am talking to your father before you came in?” Ruth said angrily

“I wasn’t talking to you,” Adel said and face her father

“Did you hear that Benson? How dare she talk to me that way?” Ruth sneered

Adel ignore her

“Am talking to you, bornwho-re, you daughter of a slut, how dare you,” Ruth yelled

“Watch your mouth woman,” Mr. Benson said glaring at her

“Oh really? This bornwho-re daughter of yours that your stupid ex-wife Catherine left so that she could win a prize in the p®rn industry talked back at me and all you could say is I should watch my mouth?” Ruth asked, red in the face

“Don’t call me names…” Adel tried to talk but Ruth slapped her instantly

“Shut up worm,” Ruth sneered

“You shouldn’t have made that mistake,” A female voice came by the door

All eyes move to the person

Ruth turn to know who it was only to receive a thun-derous slap, she hold her cheeks

“Did you just…..” Another hot slap landed on her left cheek

She staggered back

“What the …….” Another thun-derous slap landed on her right cheek and everything went black

Ruth staggered back but the person hold her hand and pulled her forward and slapped her [email protected] across the face again

“Argh!!!” Ruth yelled and another thun-derous slap landed on her cheeks again making her head spin and she falls heavily

Everyone was still shocked when the person spoke up

“She said don’t call her names, you have no right to slap her,” the person said and turn to others


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