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the secret life of Adel episode 54 & 55


Her quest


revenge 💔

Episodes 54 & 55


Tears stream down Adel’s tears as she watches the lifeless Maggi on the floor, it was as if her whole world has crumbled

“Steve… Steve,” Ashley called and Steve comes back to reality

Turns out he was imagining things

“What are you thinking about, they have gone inside let’s go,” Ashley said and he nodded and Zoom off

Inside the company, Everyone was pres£nt except Jeremy who gets another part-time job at a new restaurant and his brother Eden who is also working at a restaurant

Adel and Jordan walk hand in hand into her office, everything that Margaret packed out has been brought back

Adel made to go over to her desk but Jordan hold her hand, she looked at him and he made to klzz her but she takes her head back

“People are watching,” he said more in a whisper

“Maggi I need a moment please,” she said

Margaret, Bruce, and Sasha left immediately

“What happened?” Jordan asked

“Let’s divorce,” Adel replied and he glance at her

“Why? Did I do something wrong?” He asked gently

“I love someone else, am sorry Jordan,” she replied and he felt his heart breaking into pieces

He was short of words, but she finally changed him, she made him a new person and now she wants to live

Why did I have to love her? No Jordan you don’t love her, you’re just being stupid,” he said to himself

“Jordan am sorry but he makes me happy, and I don’t think keeping you will do any good,” Adel added

Jordan looked at her and nodded

“Jeremy,” he called the first word that came into his mind

He’s the one that tried to klzz his wife the other day

“Yes,” she replied gently

Jordan nodded trying to calm himself down

“Where is he now?” Jordan asked

“He has a part-time job at the five-star restaurants that opened last week, he just started today,” she replied and he nodded and moved back

“Jordan are you going to fight him?” She asked

Jordan was silent

“Jordan am sorry but the heart choose not me, I haven’t told him that I love him though but I think I do,” She added and he nodded and left without saying a word



Margaret won’t stop stealing glace at Bruce from time to time

“She’s staring at you,” Sasha whispered to Bruce

He looked at Margaret and their eyes met, she quickly looked away

“Told you,” Sasha said and Bruce smiles happily

Margaret suddenly stood up and left, she went into Adels office

“So what now?” Bruce asked

“Make her jealous, if that didn’t work then we try another way,” Sasha replied gently

“Make her jealous with who? You?” Bruce teased

“Jeremy will roast you alive and Eden will fry you, especially Eden, he will fry you upside down and Inside out before Jeremy will get to you,” she said and Bruce raise a brow

“Was only kidding,” He muttered

“That was an expensive one, try something better Next time,” she said and they left Margaret’s office



“Take it, easy bro, you just woke up from a coma,” Roco said to Jordan who want to kill himself with liquor

“It hurts, is this what heartbreak feels like?” Jordan asked

“That’s it, now you have learned your lesson,” Roco replied

Jordan waved at the Walter and they get him another drink

“I can’t believe I fall for her, what was I thinking?” He said and pour a drink into his [email protected]

“She’s pretty, has a curvy shape, and good b**bs, who won’t fall for her?” Roco asked

Jordan shook his head

“She hates to be disturbed, she hates it when you try to klzz her or try to f**k her, she hates talking more than once, she [email protected] smiles, she never sleeps, she loves eating macaroni,” Jordan said

Roco raised a brow

“How did you know all that? When did you start observing women?” Roco asked

Jordan drank from his [email protected] and poured another drink

“She’s my wife, we get a little close and I klzzed her once, her l!ps test like cherry and I love it, I want to know what her p*ssy will test like but now she loves someone else, now I know what it’s like to be heartbroken,” Jordan said

“So what will you do with this guy now?” Roco asked

“What did you think?” He asked and Roco shrugged

“Maybe just let them be, you will find someone else,” Roco replied and he nodded

“That’s what I will do, live my wife to another man, bro this is Jordan’s wife,” Jordan said and Roco nodded

“I know but since you can’t have her at least give her peace, she will never forget you,” Roco said and he sighed

“Let’s go see the nigga,” Jordan said

Roco paid for the drink and they left the bar



Adel was telling Maggi about the divorce when Becca and Kate came in

“My baby,” Becca called and gives Adel a hug

“Becca,” Margaret called cheerfully and she hugged her also

“Too bad, I have to rush down to the station I get a text from a cop,” Kate said checking her phone

“Are you now dating a cop?” Adel asked and Kate roll eye

“Your eyes might fall off take it easy,” Becca said and they started laughing

“I will be back, I think it’s an emergency,” Kate replied and left

“Bruce,” Becca called and shook his hand

“That’s cheating,” he Mumbled

Becca came back and hugged him gently

“Happy now?” she asked

He shook his head negatively

“A little longer,” he said and she dis£ngage from the hug

He holds her hand and klzzes the back of her palm

“You’re always welcome my lady,” he said and she blushed

“Omg, that was amazing, I wish I will be in love again,” Adel said smiling

“You just made me blush silly Bruce,” Becca said giggling

Margaret just stood there without saying a word

“Care having a dinner with me at 7:00,” Bruce asked

“Are you asking me out on a date?” She asked surprised

“Did you want it to be a date?” He said and winked at her

“I would have loved to but I have got plans for tonight,” she replied and he nodded

“Anything for you my lady,” he said and Margaret scoffed and left

Bruce and Sasha watch her live in disappointed

“She left,” Bruce muttered

“Don’t worry, it’s working… Now start ignoring and avoiding her,” Sasha said


“Yes, that’s what will get her more quickly,” Sasha added and he gave it a quick thought

“That will be [email protected],” Bruce replied, his hand on his chin

“Trust what you can do,” she said proudly

“Fine, let’s go get some ice cream,” Bruce said as they left



Dora sneaked into Mr. Benson’s hospital ward to hear him talking with a doctor, she hid behind the door till the doctor left and she came out

“Hey, Mr,” she said going over to Mr. Benson

“Hey, you’re the girl from yesterday right?” He asked and she nodded

“Does your mother know that you’re here?” He asked and she shook her head

“I had to sneak out cos she won’t let me out,” Dora replied

Mr. Benson looked at her closely, she still has her mask on

“What are you doing here?” He asked gently

“Why does mom keep visiting you? Did you know her from somewhere?” Dora asked, still standing

“I.. em… What did she tell you? What about your Dad?” Mr. Benson asked

He purposely changes the topic

“I don’t have a dad, ” Dora replied

Mr. Benson’s jaw drop

“Your mother isn’t married to anyone?” He asked to be sure

“Nope, it’s just the two of us and the guards but why are you asking? Did you know my Dad? I have been wanting to see him but mom won’t let me,” Dora said softly

“Can you take off your mask?” Mr. Benson asked

“No, mom said they will kill me if they see my face,” Dora replied

“No one is here, it’s just the two of us, aren’t you scared that I might kill you?” Mr. Benson said and she laughed at him

Though he can’t see it he heard her laughter

“Mom hates hospitals but she has been coming here for the past six months and you haven’t killed her, is it me that you will kill? That’s funny,” Dora said and Mr. Benson laughed

She sure knows her mother too well,” he thought within

“So can we be friends?” Dora asked gently

“Only if you take off your mask, I want to see your face,” Mr. Benson replied

“No one has ever seen my face except mom,” she replied

“Let me be the second person to see it,” he said and she nodded

She don’t know why but she feel safe with this man, she was not a fan of talking to strangers but this man doesn’t seem like a stranger to her, she reach for the tip of her mask and made to pull it off but her mother entered immediately and hold her hand

“Mom, what are you doing here? How did you fine me?” She shouted surprised

“You should have kept your phone at home, don’t ever remove your mask did you hear me?” Pinkywhite scolded

Dora nodded gently with a sad face

Mr. Benson just stood there watching them, the guards took Dora out and Pinkywhite walked over to him


“Is she my daughter?” Mr. Benson cut in

“I should be on my way,” she replied and turn to live but he grabbed her hand roughly

“Argh!” She winched in pain

“Answer me!!” He yelled, and tighten his grip on her

“Benson you’re hurting me,” She muttered and he quickly let go of her

He roughs his hair

“Benson,” She called and with a swift move he hold her hand and pulled her closer making her head hit his chest

He holds her waist and they lock eyes

“Benson,” She called when she felt his hand on her mask

He slowly lifted it and made to remove it but she moved away from him and left the ward immediately



Jeremy was still working when Jordan and Roco went to the manager, after a few seconds Jeremy was told that some guest was waiting for him at the VVIP suit

He went there only to see Jordan and another guy

“Hey, Jeremy,” Jordan called and he scoffs

“Please I don’t need any trouble,” Jeremy said Rudely

“You’re already in trouble,” Roco said and he went to his knees

“I need this job please, I need to s£nd my sister back to school, I need to buy food, I need to…..”

“You’re not in trouble don’t mind this crack a**,” Jordan said and he get up

“Wait, did you guys come here to play with me” he snapped

“Nope, I just want to ask a question about my wife,” Jordan said and he kept quiet

“So did you like her?” Jordan asked

Jeremy was silent

“You don’t understand the question?” Jordan added

“Maybe because you use the word “like, how about using love?” Roco suggested and Jordan high five him

“You’re my nigga, so dude did you love my wife?” Jordan asked again

Should I say yes or no? What if I say yes now and this crazy guy gets me fired? What if I said no and he will record it and show it to Adel, she will be heartbroken and she will hate me,” Jeremy thought silently

“Just say the truth,” his subconscious mind said

“Dude make it quick,” Jordan snapped his f!ng£r

“Yes I do, I love her and she means the world to me,” Jeremy found himself saying

Jordan pressed a bell on the table and shortly the manager arrived

“Sir you called me,” the manager said and bowed

“He’s fired,” Jordan said and stood up

The manager turns to Jeremy

“You’re fired,” He said without giving him a chance to speak

Jeremy’s eyes widen, he could feel his heart shattering

Eden was right! Jeremy stays away from people’s wives but I never listen, now how will I pay for Sasha’s academic feelings? I already told her that I will pay for her to start school again,” Jeremy thought silently

He didn’t know when a tear dropped from his eyes

“Let’s go, dude,” Roco said

Roco holds his hand pulling him outside

“Can you drive?” Jordan asked, when they get outside

Jeremy nodded

He so wanted to kill Jordan at that moment, he was trying [email protected] to control himself

“Here is the key boss,” a guy walked up to Jordan and said then handed over a key to him

He took the car keys and hand them over to Jeremy

“It’s now yours,” Jordan said and Jeremy couldn’t believe it

“Are you playing with me right now? I just lost my job,” Jeremy yelled

“There is a sum of Ten million at the back seat, use it wisely, or invest it in a company,” Jordan said and turn to Roco who has a huge smile on his face

“Let’s go, buddy,” He said and Jeremy went after him

“I don’t need your car and Money, I can take care of myself,” Jeremy snapped and throw the brand-new car key at him

Jordan scoffed

“We are talking about Jordan’s wife here, you can’t be broke and date my wife, even if she accepts that I can’t accept it cos she’s my wife, and am still in charge so take that money let’s welcome you into the club,” Jordan picked the car keys and put it in his hand

“If you still want to be broke then stay away from my wife, but if you can’t stay away from her, then you need money,” Jordan added and walked away

“Welcome to the club bro, I can’t wait to see you tonight,” Roco said tapping Jeremy’s shoulder before leaving with Jordan

Jeremy just stood there wondering if he was dreaming or not, someone should wake me up, what just happened?

He went over to the Tesla it was brand new


5:30 PM

Jordan called Ashley and she gave him directions to her place, getting there he saw Steve on the couch

Steve stood up Immediately and ran, Jordan ran after, Steve follow the back door and ran outside and Jordan didn’t wait

Steve ran down the road already getting tired but he didn’t stop, Jordan increase his pace, and just when Steve was about to cross the road Jordan grab his collar and fling him away


Jordan double kick his stomach and grab his collar again, Jordan punch his face and as if that wasn’t enough


Jordan started s£nding punches to his face, his face was covered with blood as a cop pulled Jordan away since they were in the streets

Steve use that opportunity and ran away but Jordan ran after him, jumping, and avoiding cars

Many people were watching them but Jordan didn’t care, he gets closer to Steve just when he was about to jump over a car and cross to the other side of the road

Jordan kicks his two legs and Steve flies up before landing heavily

“Argh!!!” Came Steve’s loud voice

“Why are you beating me?” Steve shouted

“How dare you touch Jordan’s wife? The king of girls, how dare you touch my wife,” Jordan yelled and start strangling him in the middle of the road

Steve [email protected] for air cos he couldn’t breathe

Many people were recording but Jordan didn’t care, the cops ran to them and tried pulling Jordan away but he tightened his grip around Steve’s neck

“My wife, she looked into my eyes and said Jordan, help me, you put your f**king d*ck into my wife’s juice,” Jordan punch his stomach with his other hand

Steve’s eyes turned red

“Jordan, help me, that’s what she said, and I couldn’t do anything,” Jordan yelled as the cops finally get Steve away from him

Paparazzi were everywhere, Steve took to his heels again and Jordan went after him

“I was paid to do everything I did, why are you beating me,” Steve shouting running for his life

Steve staggered and falls, he gets up and heads to the bridge, Jordan increases his speed just when he was about to hold him Steve jumped over the bridge into the ocean, without thinking twice Jordan Jumped also and…….

TBC 😁😀😍💖

As e dey hot 🥵🥵

What did you think guys ⁉️

Did you think Jordan will kill Steve ⁉️

Did you think Jeremy will accept the money and car⁉️

Dis you think Adel made a mistake by divorcing Jordan ⁉️

Did you think Jordan is making a mistake by making Jeremy Rich ⁉️

What would Mr. Benson say when he hears about this⁉️

Why can’t Steve fight back ⁉️

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