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the secret life of Adel episode 52 & 53


Her quest


revenge 💔

Episodes 52 & 53



“I want… I… I want…

“I guess I will have to choose for you,” Adel said and clapped her hand

Two guards came in

“Tie her to the table and Remove that thing from her stomach,” Adel added and Amber’s eyes wide

“No, please… Please am sorry,” Amber cried out as they grabbed her roughly

They tied her on the table and another guard came in with an electric machine, it’s more like a robot toy, for m*stering but this one was different, he spread her legs apart and use scissors to ripe off her [email protected]

The first guards carried it close and shove it into her honeypot

“Argh!!” Came Amber’s scream

They kept it on the table as the thing started f**king her, it was cool at first until…

“highest voltage,” Adel said and one of the guards did

“Argh… Adel please,” Amber screamed as she felt her v-spot tearing apart

Adel maintain a straight face as the robot continued tearing her p*ssy apart, the only thing that could be heard was Ambers’s crying voice, she was already bleeding

“Please… Am gonna die, please am sorry,” Amber pleaded

“I was gonna be a good mother, maggi already painted a nursery, you watch him kill my baby and ordered him to burn me alive, I pay evil with evil,” Adel replied as she watch the blood gushing out from Amber’s honeypot

It continues that way till amber couldn’t shut anymore, she was weak and tired, her breathing quickened and her head was spinning

“Enough,” Adel said and the robot was turned off

“Burn everything down,” Adel ordered going outside

One of her guards carried the petrol and poured it all over the house, he stepped outside where Adel and others were waiting and throw a lighter at the house and everything caught fire

Amber watch weakly but she couldn’t do anything, she can’t walk, she can’t shut for help

She was tied to a table, it was now that she knows what it felt to be burnt alive, she watched as the fire covered the whole place and the smoke blinded her

Adel stood her ground as she watch everything go down

“Let’s go,” she said and they left

Some Seconds, after she left the cops, arrived



Pinkywhite was having dinner but her daughter wasn’t there

“Where is Dora?” She asked the maid beside her

“She’s in her room,” the maid replied

“Get her down here,” Pinkywhite said and the maid nodded

She went upstairs and a few seconds she came down without Dora

“Where is she?” Pinkywhite asked staring at her

“She s£nt me away,” the maid replied

Pinkywhite stood and headed to Dora’s room, getting to her door it was locked so she used a spare key

“Come down and eat now,” she said more like a command

“Am not hungry,” Dora replied

“You as I say, young lady,” she said and Dora scoffed

“Try me and I will jump from this window,” Dora threatened and pinkywhite moved back


“Don’t baby me, mom, what are you hiding? Why don’t I have a Dad? Why does that lady resemble you? Why did you keep visiting that man,” Dora asked and pinkywhite sighed

“I will tell you everything at the right time but now you need to eat,” pinkywhite said but Dora shook her head negatively

“No way, tell me now, why do I have to wear a mask everywhere am going, can’t you see that am tired mom, why are you doing this to me?” Dora asked and her mom stepped outside

A few minutes later she came back with guards

“Get her downstairs now,” she said and they went and grabbed Dora Who started struggling with them

“I hate you mom, I hate you… I wish you are not my mother, I hate this life, if am given a chance I will kill you to be free from this bondage,” Dora shouted but Instantly regrets it

But what could she do? Her mother has been hiding things from her for eighteen years

“Let her go,” Pinkywhite said to the guards and they dropped her

Dora ran to her bed immediately after they dropped her and covered herself with the duvet

“Baby, am doing this for your good,” pinkywhite said but Dora pointed at the door

“Get out, I hate you,” she shouted and pinkywhite nodded and left

“I hate it here, I hate everything,” she screamed, scattering everything in her luxury room



“You’re back,” Jeremy said immediately after he entered Adel’s apartment

She just looked at him without saying a word

“Is there a problem? Anyway I get what you asked for,” he said and dropped a paper on the bed

She took it and smirked

“Thank you,” she replied staring at the paper

“Am going to see my siblings,” he said and she nodded without saying anything

“Hey, are you alright? What happened?” He asked gently and went closer

She sat on a couch so he went and sat beside her

“I killed somebody, she was pregnant,” she replied gently playing with her nails

“Did you want to stop the revenge?” He asked softly

“No, I will kill all of them, tomorrow am going to visit that maid, Jordan’s doctor told me this afternoon when I went to see him that the food he ate that night was poisoned,” she said and Jeremy furrow his brow

“The one you asked me to get her address poison the food?” Jeremy asked and she nodded

“Yeah, that’s why Jordan couldn’t fight back when they were beating him, his system has been paralyzed,” she replied tears building up in her eyes

“Hey don’t cry, okay?” He said and she nodded

He took wiped the tears from her eyes and klzzed her gentle

“We got this, okay?” He said and she nodded

“What about Steve?” She asked

“He’s still hiding, don’t worry I will find him,” Jeremy said and she bit her lower l!ps

He leaned over and klzzed her again, he slowly moved his hand to her b**bs but someone opened door and Jeremy made to dis£ngage but she pulled him back

Margaret went over and hit their head and Adel started laughing, turns out she knowingly did that to annoy Margaret

“Are you trying to turn her Into a pervert?” Margaret asked staring at Jeremy

“We are both perverts,” Jeremy replied and klzzed her again

“Until when Jordan will catch you with his wife,” Margaret teased, and Jeremy frown

Adel and Margaret saw the look on his face and burst out laughing

“I should be on my way,” Jeremy said and Adel hold his hand and pulled him back

“I want more,” she said and Margaret looked at her

“In another man’s house, Jordan must hear this,” Margaret jokes and Jeremy just left without saying anything

“Really? Did you have to s£nd him away?” Adel asked

“I didn’t, he wanted to live, by the way, you have a shoot tomorrow,” Margaret said

“Maggi,” Adel pouted

“Jordan’s doctor called, he said that he woke up this night so you’re going to see him tomorrow,” Margaret said and Adel nodded

“Fine,” Adel replied and falls back into her bed

Jeremy and his siblings were staying in the new house Margaret bought for the lost baby, Adel was staying in her husband’s mansion and Margaret has her own home



Pinkywhite went into the hospital and head straight to Mr. Benson’s ward

“What took you so long?” Mr. Benson asked immediately after she came in

“I was trying to get make my daughter smile but she won’t even talk to me,” she replied and sat on the couch

“You still haven’t told me why you left, what did I do wrong? I was a good husband,” Mr. Benson said gently

“Benson please let’s not talk about that,” she replied gently

“Our daughter was five when you left and now you visit me at the hospital, if you know that you won’t come back why are you visiting me?” He said

“Does that mean you’re not happy to see me? Should I go then? Or should I stop visiting?” She asked

“Don’t twist it, I love you so much Catherine but everything suddenly changed why? I want to know why you left?” He demanded

“I should better go,” she said and took her purse

“Since you know that you can’t take care of your family why did you get married? Why did you marry me? Even a chicken protects its eggs why is yours different,” he said making her stop and turn to him

“Because I didn’t have a choice Benson, I did what I have to do to give you life, they could have killed you if I didn’t live,” she replied, tears fighting their way out of her eyes

“Who? Why didn’t you tell me?” Mr. Benson asked staring at her

“Because I couldn’t, a sniper had a gun at your head and our daughter’s head too, I couldn’t fight, I was scared I didn’t want to lose any of you so I had to do what they said,” she replied sobbing

Mr. Benson slowly came down from the bed and walked toward her

“Who Catherine? Who made you live?” He asked gently

She was silent and face the ground

“Look at me Catherine,” Mr. Benson said and slowly hold her chin then raise her head up

“Who made you live baby,” he asked staring into her eyes

“I can’t tell you they are gonna kill you if they find out, am sorry Benson,” she said gently with tears

“Catherine, you once told me that I mean so much to you and now you can’t even open up to me?” He said more like a question and she shook her head

“Am sorry Benson, I can’t let you die… I know you might think I don’t love you anymore but the truth is, there is no day that [email protected] by without me thinking of you and our baby, I love you Benson but I can’t come back, am sorry,” she said and made to live

“Talk off your mask,” he suddenly said and she turned to him

“I can’t do that, there is Camara in this room,” she replied

He went over and cover the cameras with some clothes

“Now take off your mask,” he said and she hesitates

“That’s the only way for me to know if you’re truly my wife or an imposter,” he said and she nodded

“Okay,” she mumbled and hold the tip of her mask then pull it off

Standing before him was his long-gone wife, she was so beautiful just like their daughter, Mr. Benson didn’t know when he walked up to her and before she could know it and captured her l!ps into a [email protected] klzz

She reciprocates with tears streaming down her eyes, suddenly she dis£ngages from the klzz and made to put on her mask but he holds her hand

“Am sorry Benson, I have to go,” she said but he hold her tightly

“Just tell me that you won’t come back if you live,” he said and she stared at him

“Benson,” she called shocked at why he said that

“Just say it,” he added and she shook her head negatively

“No, Benson don’t make me do this, please,” She said, tears still in her eyes

“You can go,” he said and released her hand


“Just go Catherine,” he cut in and she nodded and left



Adel, maggi, Kate, and Becca were coming out of the studio when Melody approached them

“Hey,” she said smiling foolishly

They exchange glances and ignore her

“I’m talking to this brother f**ker,” Melody said pointing at Kate

“What’s your problem me? Why can’t you just live me alone?” Kate asked and she laughed

“His coming for you, over there!” Melody replied pointing at Simon who was coming their way

“Thought you are no longer with him?” Adel asked

“I tried but it’s not working, he klzzed me forcefully one time and Tom saw it and think otherwise,” she replied

“Kate we need to talk,” Simon said immediately after he gets to them

“I don’t want to talk,” she replied and rolled her eyes

“I said….”

“She said she didn’t want to talk, don’t you get it or did you want someone to write it down for you?” Adel cut in and he turned to her

“I was talking to my cousin’s sister, not you,” Simon said and making Adel scoff

“You mean the person you turn into a se-x Slave cos of your stupid obsession,” Adel asked and he was shocked

“You told her?” He turn to Kate and asked

“Take him out of my sight,” Adel said and two guards carried him back to his car

“This isn’t over,” Simon yelled

Margaret and Adel exchange glances and burst out laughing, leaving others in confusion

“What’s funny? By the way, I heard a house burnt down downtown, the cops are still investigating the case cos they found a body,” Becca said and all eyes turn to her

“Really? Who could it be?” Kate asked

“I dunno,” Becca replied

“Was she playing with fire or did someone set the house ablaze or something? How did it happen?” Margaret asked

“I didn’t remember being a cop,” Becca replied and frown

“But you’re the news broadcaster,” Kate said

“F**k you,” she said going to her car

Adel and Margaret went to their Limo

“Where to ma’am?” A guard asked

“Hospital, we need to see Jordan… His doctor called and said Jordan is asking of you,” Margaret said and Adel nodded

“Hospital, I have to see my husband,” she added and Margaret stare at her

“Then what is Jeremy? You s*x mate?” Margaret asked

Adel smiles without saying anything



“I can’t believe that Amber is dead,” Ashley said, her hands on her head

“I told you, Adel is smart, you won’t even know how she will get to you when she wants to strick,” Steve replied

“But how? How did she know that she was there? What should we do now?” Ashley asked, her heart racing

“I have a better idea,” Steve said and stood up

“Don’t even try to do anything stupid,” Ashley said going after him

“Did I look stupid to you, I have an idea, trust me,” he said and gets into a car and Ashley followed

They get to A. B . C group of companies to see Sasha and Bruce just coming out

“Exactly what I want,” Steve said and pulled out a gun

“What are you doing? Don’t tell me that you’re trying to kill that little girl,” Ashley said and he nodded

“That’s exactly what am trying to do what you guessed wrong cos am killing both of them,” He replied still pointing his gun at them

“Steve,” Ashley called and he looked at her

“Are you crazy? We want Adel, not that little girl,” Ashley said, and just when Steve was about to reply they saw Jordan with Adel as they walked up the Bruce and Sasha

“My Jordan, he’s awake,” Ashley said and Steve rolled his eyes still staring at them

“Just perfect, perfect!” Steve said and pulled the trigger

Adel on the other side shifted cos Margaret wanted to hit her shoulder and Margaret suddenly stopped as she felt her blood runs cold

“Maggi,” Adel who was laughing called but she slowly falls with blood all over her mouth

“Maggi!!!” Adel yelled upon seeing the blood

TBC 😁😀😍💖

As e dey hot 🥵🥵

What did you think guys ⁉️

Did you think pinkywhite will come back to her family ⁉️

What is pinkywhite afraid of ⁉️

Who could and what could make her leave🤔

Steve, you don’t want to rest abi ⁉️

Did you think maggi will die⁉️

This one Jordan is awake, what did you 🤔 no will happen to Jeremy now⁉️

Did you think Adel did a bad thing by Killing Amber ⁉️

Can you predict what Adel will do to that maid⁉️🤔

Can you predict what will happen next ⁉️

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