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the secret life of Adel episode 50 & 51


Her quest



Episodes 50 & 51


She took a steady step toward them and everyone moved back, they were all terrified by what they saw

“Adel!!” Ashley called, her mouth wide open

Even the press was also shocked, like what the hell? She was burnt alive in her car, how then is this possible, and who the hell is this?

Many questions ran through everyone’s mind but only one person can answer that question.

“Surprised?” She asked and chuckled

“You… You’re alive?” Ashley couldn’t help but ask and she smirked

“Yeah, alive and healthy,” she replied standing in front of them

“But how? I saw you die, I was there!” Amber blurted out without knowing

👥 Did you hear that? Could it be that she knows about her death

👥 What did Amber mean by she was there? Could it be that she’s the one behind the burnt car

👥 But how did Adel survive? She even has so many guards with her!

👥 Everything is possible when you have money, all you need is a phone call and it will be delivered

👥 I know right? There are so many agencies and companies ready to sell their products

They could hear many people murmuring about them, Adel winked at Ruth

“I’m untouchable!! hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited but I couldn’t just stay away, I couldn’t help it so I hope you all are seeing my face now so have it at the back of your mind that for me, it’s not over,” she said and looked around for Steve but he was gone

She smirked and nodded

You can only run but can’t hide,” she mumbled under her breath

No one said a word as they were still in shock

“You’re an imposter, security!” Ruth suddenly yelled but no one came forward

“No, I’m a ghost… Ghost… Ghost, everybody run ghost,” she shouted with a scared face

“But how?” Amber managed to asked

Adel turn to her with that dangerous smirk, she looked at her closely to see the difference in her body and nodded

“Because am unstoppable,” she replied licking her l!ps and turning to Ruth their eyes met and she winked at Ruth who turns red with rage

“Security!” She yelled and four security men came running to them

Her guards stood behind her waiting for the security to come

“There is no need to call them, I will come and visit you myself but first I need to see someone important,” she said and made to go in but stopped

She went back to Ashley and Amber who shifted uncomfortably

“Don’t forget that it’s not over,” she said more like a whisper and smirked before walking away

she made her way into the Company and the securities didn’t stop her cos of the number of guards behind her

She has that dangerous smirk on her face

Margaret who was sobbing saw her and jumped to attack her immediately

“Did you think this is funny?” Margaret yelled, the security was fast to hold her back

“Maggi!” Adel called surprised

“Shut the f**k up, you think this is funny huh? Did they s£nd you to come and torment me? You all killed her and now they ask you to act like her so that you will get me to open that safe, huh?” she yelled and Adel was silent

What’s going on? Is she going crazy or something?” Adel wondered staring at her

“I know you all and I will kill all of you, you think am stupid? Do you think you can mess with my head? You think you can wear this custom and come here then I will open the safe well think again cos I will never go near that door!” She yelled trying to break free from the guards holding her

“I have heard enough, I will kill you all,” she added still trying to break free

“Leave her, I need a moment alone” Came Adel’s order

The guards let go of her and walked out, Margaret launched at Adel who stood her ground, getting to Adel she holds her shoulder and shook her aggressively

“How much did they pay you to act like this? huh? How much?” She asked pushing her around

“Tell me, what will you gain by pretending to be who you’re not? You all should be happy she’s now dead that’s what you all want after all,” Margaret sneered, pointing at Adel’s cheat

“Maggi it’s me,” Adel managed to say, she was fighting back tears but seeing Margaret like that broke her heart

“What proof? Do you think you can trick me? Do you think I don’t know all this? How stupid can you be to think that am stupid like you,” Margaret said laughing like a lunatic

“I don’t have proof and I don’t need one” she replied gently and Margaret started walking away

“You all will pay double,” Margaret yelled and Adel went after her and hugged her from behind

“It’s me Maggi, am not dead,” She said with tears

“Let go of me,” Margaret shouted and made to pull away but she held her tightly

“There is no way am letting you go maggi cos am keeping you forever, we will be together till we grow old, did you hear that,” She said still hugging her tightly

“I can be dangerous when am angry, let go of me now cos am dangerous,” Margaret said seriously

“Remember how you taught me how to ride a bicycle when I was eight? You would always sing a lullaby for me every night, remember when you were almost knocked down by a truck driver while trying to teach me how to ride? Remember when you gave up your pride for me when I thought It was over, how you saved up enough money to buy me a diamond bracelet when mom left so I could stop crying… You love me so much and won’t put any else in the world above me… Do you think I will ever let you go? there is no way am doing that… Did you know how much I missed you? Did you still need proof?” She said and Margaret calmed down immediately

“Adel!” Margaret called, she couldn’t believe her eyes

it’s only Adel that knows all these things, but how? She was happy and confused

“It’s me, Maggi, am not dead… I didn’t die,” She said gently and Margaret hugged her tightly

“I thought you dead, I was heartbroken… I was going crazy, don’t ever live me again,” Margaret said and she nodded

“There is no way for me to live you,” She was gently

“And the baby? What happened?” Margaret asked

“It’s died… They killed my baby,” she replied with tears

“It’s okay, beautiful girls don’t cry, you can still make another baby,” Margaret said cleaning the tears in her eyes



“Impossible, this can’t be,” Amber shouted and through her purse away

Kate came running to her immediately she heard her voice

“She can’t be alive, I was there and I saw everything, but how?” She mumbled pacing around

“Who is alive? What are you talking about Amber? Who did you kill?” Kate asked staring at her

Amber walked past her and went to her room, a few minutes later she came downstairs all dressed up

“Where are you going to? You just came back!” Kate said but she ignored her and left



“Don’t you think this is a poster? Like what the hell happened?” Ashley asked Steve who was pacing around

“I was there? I saw her die, this person must be an imposter, ghost don’t walk in the day,” Steve said and sat down

He stood up again pacing around

“So what should we do now? Real or fake we have to get rid of her,” Ashley suggested and he was silent for a while before speaking

“I think I have an idea,” he said and just then Amber came in

“Steve, what happened? Did you trick us? ” Amber asked immediately

“Did you think I will play with her? The best thing for us to do now is to find a way and get whoever that is out of the way, the Adel that I know is too smart trust me her come back is not good,” Steve said pacing around.

“So what did you suggest we do now?” Ashley asked

“Get any info from any angle,” He replied and Amber scoffed

“You should have said that you were playing with us, I can’t believe I bailed you out for nothing,” Amber ranted and a loud slap landed on her cheeks immediately

She quickly holds her cheeks

“Did you just slap me?” She asked and he slapped her again shocking her more

“Steve?” Ashley called surprised

“Am in charge here and you do as I say!” He yelled making her flinched

He stormed out of the place as Amber hold her burning cheeks, Ashley signed and left



Adel went it the hospital to see her father taking someone

“Anaconda,” Adel called immediately after she entered the hospital ward

She rushed to her father and hugged him on the bed with tears, Mr. Benson was surprised but happy

“Adel, you’re alive” Mr. Benson called surprised

He didn’t even care if she was real or fake, all that mattered to him at that moment was his little girl

“They tried to kill me both failed,” she said and he stroked her hair gently

“My baby, come here,” the woman that was with Mr. Benson hugged her immediately she dis£ngaged the hug with her father

“What baby?” She asked confused and pulled away from the woman

The woman has a scarf around her face, and she looked young though

“Am sorry, I carried away with joy,” the woman muttered and dis£ngage From the hug

“Who are you? And what are you doing here?” Adel asked staring from her father to the woman


“Anaconda who is this?” She asked, Mr. Benson, didn’t know what to say

“Did you come here to kill him?” She asked staring at the woman

“No, I can never harm him,” the woman replied Adel quickly pull off the scarf around her face, and her jaw drops

“PINKYWHITE! What are you doing here? Did you two know each other?” She Asked surprised

“I heard what happened so I came to pay my respect,” PINKYWHITE replied

“Lier,” they all heard another voice from the door

a girl of about eighteen years old or more was standing there, she was wearing a mask

“For the love of macaroni, what is going on here?” She demanded immediately

“Is she…..” Mr. Benson made to ask but PINKYWHITE Interrupted

“No, she’s not, I think we should go now, “PINKYWHITE cut in and grabbed the girl’s hand walking away

Adel just stood there confused, like what the hell



PINKYWHITE dragged the girl into the limo

“What were you thinking? Didn’t I tell you to stay back?” She asked glaring at her

“Mom, I don’t understand, you have been visiting this hospital for the past six months, and is strange cos you hate hospitals,” the girl who happens to be her daughter said

“You do as I say Young lady,” she replied

“Well am sick and tired of hiding, I want to be free mom, are you going to keep hiding me for like forever? Am tired of wearing a mask everywhere I go, I don’t even have any Friends cos you forbid me to, and now this,” the girl said tears building up in her eyes

“Baby it’s for your own good…..

“Don’t tell me that, what are you hiding? You have been wearing masks for as long as I can remember and that lady in there looks just like you, who is that man? And what are you hiding?” The girl asked

“Dora that’s enough….”

“No, it’s not, I need to know what is happening cos am tired of hiding, I want to be free,” Dora shouted

“Drive,” PINKYWHITE ordered ignoring her daughter

“Mom,” Dora called

“Dora I said enough,” she snapped and the girl kept quiet

“I guess I have to find out by myself,” she thought silently




“Hey Margaret,” Bruce called happily

“Have seen your sister?” She asked instead

“No, can we talk about what you said to me at the hospital today,” Bruce asked with a smile

“What I said at the hospital? What could that be?” She asked with a confused face

“You klzzed me and you said you love me too,” he said and she raise a brow

“Did I say that? Gosh, I must have been high, why then can’t I remember any of that,” she said and he was confused

“But you …..”

“Bruce please, your sister’s disappearance did a lot to me, I will like it if you act more mature, okay, I need to find your sister,” she tapped his shoulder and left

She said she loves me and now she’s denying it! Why did she deny it? Bruce muttered

“Because you’re acting like a baby,” he heard someone’s voice

He turned around to see a girl

“You’re the girl that came with my sister right?” He asked

“Sasha, that’s my name, and am fourteen,” she replied and offered a handshake

He looked at her hands and then looked at her

“What did you know about adult discussion? Don’t ever call me a baby again,” Bruce said with a frown and she started giggling

“You’re acting like one right now,” she replied looking at his expression

“You think you’ve grown huh! What did you know?” Bruce grabs her hands

“I know for a fact that the lady you were talking to loves you cos she has been Staring at you all day but you’re pushing her away,” she replied trying to break free from his hold

“What did you mean and how did you know that?” Bruce asked still holding her

“I have eyes and I can see, I read books too, and I know because I heard your conversation with her, I can help you if you want,” Sasha replied proudly and Bruce rolled his eyes

“Am not desperate,” Bruce said walking away

“Good for you, I bet you will keep admiring her till when she will get married to another person and you will go crying to your pillow, I will be here to laugh at you when that happens,” Sasha said and Bruce went back to her

“Fine, what did you suggest little girl,” he said

“I might be little but I have a high IQ,” she replied Bruce made to talk but someone grabbed her hands

“Stay away from my sister Mr. Fancy rich [email protected],” Eden said, walking away with her

“Wait, what did you just call me?” Bruce asked

“Mr. Fancy rich [email protected],” Sasha replied and Eden pulled her away



Amber was upstairs when heard a voice downstairs, she thought maybe it was Steve and Ashley so she decided to go and check

Since it’s not her real house where she lives with Kate, it’s their hideout

Getting to the couch she saw someone eating chips and the person crossed his or her leg

“Who the f**k are you? And what are you doing here?” She yelled immediately

The light came on and Adel slowly stood up from the couch and dropped the chips she was eating on the couch

“Hello Amber,” she said with a smirk

“ADEL!!” she called and staggered back

“Care for some chips?” Adel asked

Amber’s eyes landed on the knife, gun, and petrol on the table and a rush of fear wipe over her

“Let’s get down to business,” Adel mumbled and pick up the gun

Amber didn’t know when she pee on her [email protected] and Adel couldn’t help but laugh at her

“Seriously? You just pee on your [email protected],” Adel asked laughing


“This is a knife, a gun, and petrol, so choose how you want to die, by stabbing, shooting, or by burning alive?” She added pointing at the gun knife and petrol on the table

“I… I mean I…

“Make it quick, I don’t have all day,” Adel cut in

“I… Please… Am… Pregnant and I don’t want to die,” Amber cries

“Congratulations and good for you but this is business so let’s get down with it,” Adel replied now standing on her feet

She took a few steps toward Amber

“I don’t want to die, please…. Adel please I don’t wan to die,” Amber said sobbing

” Please… I don’t to die, it wasn’t my idea… Please don’t kill me….
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