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the second sight episode 89



These were not f!ng£rs.
These were old, gnarled wriggly living things that seemed to have tiny eyes and mouths. They were about eight or ten of them on each hand, scary little shits that kept on intertwining and wriggling and meandering.
Just looking at them filled me with so much repulsion that I almost threw up.

I can see my new persona is offending your good s£nsibilities, but don’t worry, this is just for this show. After this I’ll go back to my more affable and suave self, you know, to draw the world to my feet. Actually I’m impressed. You’re a brilliant boy.

Yes, I mean to blackmail you using these pregnant women, but they are not my targets. I know you might not care two hoots about the women, but what about the unborn babies, huh? Can you watch them die?

What’re you talking about?
I suddenly felt weak as my mind began to picture the evil mind that was behind this, and the kind of horror he wanted to exp-ose me to.
Ah, now I see you’re getting it fast. Yes, cvnt, the babies. Why did you think I took those pregnant women? All of them are around thirty-six weeks in their pregnancies, the stage that is basically known as full-term, see, meaning they are now human beings, cvnt. What do you think happens when an expectant mother dies? If they are in a hospital why, an immediate surgery might just save the poor baby! But out here? Can you imagine what would happen? The baby would be alienated, cut short from all supplies, oxygen, mainly! It would begin to struggle in the woman’s wo-mb as its life source is slowly choked out.

It would be just like taking the baby and strangling it with your own hands. Picture that little thing squirming violently, seeking for a release. Can you stand by and watch all that happen, and have a clean conscience in the end? No, I don’t think so.

You’re a stupid fool, full of s£ntimental and moral nons£nse, and that is what will kill you in the end.
My throat went dry suddenly.
So that was it.
This was the horror he had planned.
Lord, why hadn’t I thought of it? I shook my head numbly.
You can’t do that! No, you can’t touch the innocent babies. God will not allow that!
But I was aware of the doubt in my voice.

Oh, Yaw boy, you silly little cvnt, who said anything about touching the poor babies? Of course I can’t harm the babies! Why, didn’t your master say that the children shall inherit His kingdom and that we should suffer the little children to go to Him? They are untouchable, unlike their mothers, who are so touchable, baby! This bunch of women I have a-ssembled right here are the ugliest, most vicious and ardent sinners you can ever come across. They’re as far removed from your master as day and night, and of course people like that aren’t protected by any of that sh*t, and I can do whatever I like with them!
co-ck shit! Only a piece of dirt like you can reason like that. They may be sinners, and they may be far removed from the pres£nce of God, but they are carrying children that God has ordained to do His work, children that have great futures and must be born! God will not give you dominion over the mothers!

You’re a fool. To everyone his own future! That’s why your Bible says everybody must work out his salvation in fear and trembling. There are no biases, cvnt. To each one his own destiny. These babies are unfortunate to have mothers like these, and because of that they are accursed. Look at Thelma over there.

Do you know she killed four men to escape from prison? You know what put her in prison? She was serving a life s£ntence for killing her husband. She chopped up his body into several chunks and hid them in her de-eper freezer, eating him a little at a time. The first prison guard she killed this dawn was the one who ra-pe d her in prison and made her pregnant.
I looked at the woman he indicated.

Her belly was not that big, but yes, she was the woman whose picture I had seen on television. She looked at me, but it was the demon in her doing the staring of course.
And Angela, the bombshell over there, the one with the tiny titties, see her?
I looked at her, and she snarled at me, the sickly green eyes filled with hatred.
Why she’s a famous p®rn actress. Ever watched
Insatiable pu$$y ? No? She was the f****ng star!
He tittered at his own wit, emitting a blast of fire from his mouth.


Did you get it, the f****ng star? In that movie she spent three hours screwing a total of fifty-six men non-stop! She got pregnant when a guy she was supposed to be doing an-al se-x with in one of her recent movies sprinkled his cu-m on her pu$$y, and the squirmy little bastards went right in and impregnated her without her knowledge. Took four months for her to realize she was pregnant and by that time the doctors warned that an abortion could kill her.

He reached out and fondled the bre-ast s of a tall willowy woman who smiled lecherously, her cat’s eyes inflamed with lvst even as rain water poured off her.
She spread her legs as the Andrew-Demon crudely fondled her between her thi-ghs, and she moa-ned gutturally with unbridled lvst.
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Andrew removed his hand from between the woman’s thi-ghs and ru-bbed his hands on her bre-ast s. She grunted with lecherous lvst and pushed her groin towards him.
Andrew turned and fixed me with one of his evil grins.
Jasmine here is a beaut. She has killed twenty-four men. She was ra-pe d as a child by a drunk stepfather whom she killed when she was just fourteen. Stabbed him to death whilst he was sleeping and then calmly showered and went to bed. No one blamed the little tiny girl who was obviously so confused. Since then her hatred for men hasn’t abated. She traps them with her beauty and stabs them silly. Heard of the
Portville Slasher? Here she is, in person! But guess what, she works as the prim and proper secretary at a small orphanage. Got herself pregnant when she killed her last victim just at the point he was climaxing. She has become so incensed with hatred for the baby that she plans to kill it as soon as it is born. All the others have equal grim tales. We have proper housewives in this bunch who are frequent adulterers and who-remongers. You wouldn’t believe the kind of sick women we have in this city. bott-om line, my friend, is that all these women are doomed, but the fates of their children depend entirely on you.
I tried to fight it, but to no avail.
The fear came back, strong and uncontrollable. I felt the situation getting out of hand, spiralling out of my control.
Here was an adversary who never overlooked any detail, who mastered in planning evil. And here I was, a novice who had never encountered anything like this, and didn’t know just what to do next.
As the rain pelted me I was aware that de-eper down in my skin I was perspiring.
The former Yaw Boat would’ve said to hell with it all and walked away.
But not now; this Boat was different, and as I stared at that terrible caricature in front of me I was aware that I could be staring at death, and that within the next few minutes my luck could run down.
The situation is simple, cvnt. Centuries ago your master s£nt my predecessors into a host of pigs, but this time the ball game is different. Only you have the power to give me serious problems in my life, and unfortunately I can’t do anything to harm you physically. Hell, you have no wife or children whom I could prey on. So here’s the deal. I’ll give you a gun, and you’ll shoot yourself in the head. Once you die, I’ll release those women. All the demons in them would come back into my body, and their babies would be okay. If you refuse I’ll s£nd all of them over this cliff right into the raging sea below. It is your call.
I stared at him.
I could exorcise them now, instruct all of them to leave the women, somehow, and then –
Don’t even try it, cunthole!
His voice was a thun-dering, jangling sound that shook the earth I was standing on and caused the women to tremble, dragging them dangerously toward the edge.
This time smoke billowed out in great clouds from every pore in his head, causing me to lose sight of his head except the fiery-red flames of his eyes.
The smoke dissipated, and suddenly there was a gun in his hand.
He still had a hold on Jasmine the Portville Slasher, and before I could move a muscle he pressed the gun against her right temple and pressed the trigger.
It was a scream wrenched from my very depths.
But of course, it was too late.
The left side of Jasmine’s head exploded outward in a messy gooey of blood, skull bones, brain matter and other stuff that splattered the bodies of the [email protected]£d pregnant women nearest to her, but these were washed away almost immediately by the rain.
Jasmine fell slowly on her side, and then unto her back.
I was dimly aware that I was screaming, that I was suddenly at her side, holding her head and gibbering, trying with all my might to heal her.
I was aware of a six-limbed cat-like demon with a bloated yellowish belly blasting clear of her, its face filled with hatred as it looked at me, and then it smashed into Okai’s body.
Briefly the flames in the man’s eyes were replaced by the harsh eyes of the catlike demon, and then it was gone, dragged into the whole, and the flaming red eyes were back.


Don’t fuc-k with us, cvnt!
The booming voice came, and I knew that all traces of Okai were gone. I was dealing with the bona fide Legion now, and the stakes had just reached the ceiling.
Blood oozed out of the hole in Jasmine’s head and covered my hands, mixing with the rain water.
Get up, oh please, please Lordblet her get up!
I tried in vain to cover the hole in Jasmine’s head.
(chuckling nastily)
Look at her belly, cvnt! sh*t, isn’t that a beaut!
And then I saw it.
Her belly!
It was contracting and bulging, the baby thrashing in its death throes.
I screamed, unable to watch and raised my head to that big sky.
Oh, God, no! It is just a baby! Please spare it the pain!
And then I saw the slight spectral spirit leaving the body first. Just a tot, still curled in the foetal position, at peace, seemingly asleep.
I watched as it ascended slightly, and then suddenly I was blinded by that bright light I had seen that terrible time Okai had shot me in the hotel and almost killed me.
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It was the Angel of Death, that same brilliant indistinct figure, hovering gently and waiting. It took hold of that spectral baby gently, and the two of them merged.
One moment they were there, and the next they were gone. I looked at Jasmine and saw her belly had stilled. The baby was at a safe place; a good place.
My shock had not abated, and I still [email protected] for breath.
The tears were still locked de-eper in my dry throat as I witnessed the horror that had just happened.
And then through the torrential rain it appeared; a dense ashy-white cloud with things in it, things that were not nice. I [email protected] with trepidation as it worked its way violently toward Jasmine.
I let her body go and back-pedalled on my a$$, watching with dazed eyes as dark claw-like hands reached into the body of Jasmine, and her soul surfaced.
I saw the horror on her face as she stared first at the dark cloud, and then she swivelled and took a look at her dead body.
The cloud thing held her ti-ght, and I saw her mouth opening into a silent scream of terror, her hands coming up, palms outward as if to ward off the evil incarnate.
The things in the cloud were howling as they swooped on her; they didn’t appear to be grabbing her … they tore at her, slashing their claw-like f!ng£rs down, forcibly making her a part of them.
They were so violently vicious that I knew there was no force on earth that could stand the fury of that thing. Finally they had her firmly in them, and with whoops of sheer evil they bore her away.
Okai’s taunting voice seemed to reach me from afar. I was still on my bu-ttocks and l looked up at him slowly.
He was holding the gun toward me.
Had enough, or you bloody well want to see more? Go on, take it and b!0w up your brains, or you’ll watch the first batch of them go over the edge.
He could’ve seen the tears on my face if it hadn’t been because of the rain, and if he had had the power he would’ve seen the shocked state I was in, and the pure wrath that the Legion’s act of murder bred in my heart.
My gaze fell on the still form of Jasmine as I stood up, and the skewed bulge of her belly.
Such evil, such destruction. None of them should be allowed to exist. No, not here on earth.
You were f****ng wrong, demons! That little baby went to the right place. It was time for him to go home. His work is complete now. You arsehole, you had it going right until you shot Jasmine. By her death I realized that you lied. You don’t have any f****ng dominion over the unborn babies!
I screamed out the last s£ntence, and I saw Okai flinch.
It wasn’t only him – those nasty demons in the women were shaken up too, because suddenly they were no longer looking indifferent. Suddenly all their attention was focussed on me.
Okai snarled, emitting flame and smoke.
Don’t push me, cvnt! I never once said I had dominion over the damn f****ng babies! I told you the women are mine, that I’ll f****ng kill all of them if you fight this. I’ll s£nd twenty of them over the side right now!
You can’t.
That jolted him.
He co-ck ed that crazy head to one side and regarded me, and for the first time I saw the brief uncertainty that flashed across his face.
You can’t kill the babies because they are God’s creation, entirely separate from their mothers, or fathers. You can kill the women, sure, because they’re sinners, but you can’t touch the f****ng babies who don’t know what the fuc-k sin is! Go on and kill the mothers, arsehole, I don’t give a damn. But you better make sure you don’t harm even one strand of hair of the babies otherwise the wrath of God will be on you, cvnt!
(eyes blazing)
You think so, Yaw?


No, I don’t think so, you f****ng demons! I know so! You could’ve had your way if you had just a-ssembled a group of women up here. sh*t, I couldn’t have watched you slaying innocent women, sinners or not. I would’ve shot myself to stop that ma-ssacre. But you played it too [email protected] for your own good. By picking pregnant women you have insured me, because as long as they have those innocent children in their bellies, children God has purposes for, despite the sins and crimes of their mothers, you can’t kill them, and because they need their mothers to live, you can’t harm those women too unless, like Jasmine, this hour is their appointed time, but I doubt it. I really doubt it. Go ahead and try, cvnt.
He turned round and waved an arm. About twenty of the women tottered real close to the edge.
Their balance was such that they should have gone straight down into the sea below, smashing their bodies on the rocks and reefs, but they were held back and pulled from the edge by a powerful force we could not see.
Okai bellowed, partly in rage and partly with fear, and tried again.
This time a group of them were hurled violently backward, completely off the little ledge they were standing on, hovering in space for a brief moment as if they were going to fall down the reef, but again they came forward off the space and landed safely on firm ground.
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He whirled on me, eyes burning infernos, and tried to aim the gun at me.
My right hand was already raised.
In the name of Jesus, be still, demons!
He snarled and lunged viciously at me, but was pulled up short, as if a giant hand holding a leash had yanked him backward.
With a loud cry he let the gun go and lunged again and again at my throat, but each time he was brought to halt by the same invisible force.
I chuckled.
You know what, I think I heard somewhere that anybody with faith the size of a pea can move a mountain right into the sea. sh*t, you won’t believe the f****ng amount of faith I have now, demon. Hell, I’m so full of faith that I think I could burst. Do you know what I can do with faith like that?
I raised my hand again.
And he went absolutely berserk.
With terrible growls and wails it struggled violently. Okai was gone now, and they kept on manifesting rapidly.
First it was that horned three-legged brute, then it appeared like a huge great cat, and then it was a sitar, then a centaur. The ground shook and the rock cracked as it struggled, but it was held in one place, unable to break free.
The stench of its fear was so great it seemed to gag me.
Suddenly it happened.
It began at my feet … a brilliant light that was so glorious that it blinded even me. It climbed up my legs, thi-ghs wai-st and by the time it got to my head I felt the energy sizzling in me, the supreme power that drove away the fear and filled me with a calm power that almost made me cry.
This wasn’t one of the force-fields I had seen so far. This was something different, more like a uniform, an impregnable fortress that made me feel cosy and in total control.
I was the Unblind.
When I looked up I found myself facing the weird-looking Andrew Okai.
He was now crouching and cowering, back turned toward me, shivering and whimpering.
The demons were now subdued de-eper within it, none of them wanting to reign supreme, to manifest in the pres£nce of my glorious force-field.
In the name of Jesus, you demons, come the fuc-k out of the women and Andrew, right now, you motherfu-ck ers!
I spoke calmly, and didn’t even bother to raise my hand.
The demons screamed then, their terrified evil voices blasting over me, their anguish expressed in vocal dimensions that would’ve seared the heart of the cruellest human to pity, but not me.
The only emotion I felt when I heard them was glee.
Okai and the women were all on the ground now, thrashing wildly, their hate-filled eyes full of agony and yet still defiant.
NAY, NAY, NAY, NAAAAYYY!! Let us be, you cvnt-eating, sh*t-lic-king menstrual dirt!
Their voices were all around me, from the women and from the Okai thing, blasting through my mind in echoing crescendos!
I had no more patience for them!
Get the fuc-k out of them now, in Jesus’ name!
Their struggle was so fierce that the whole ground shook as if it was experiencing a major earthquake.
But already I could see them beginning to leave the bodies of the women.
They shot out of them, globule after globule of evil.
First they tried to flee, but they rose a few feet and then crashed to the ground. The free women got to their feet dazedly, looking around them, eyes wild, screaming and covering their nudity with arms.
Some tou-ched their bald heads and freaked out. They began to flee down the path as they saw the others still thrashing on the ground.
There was nothing I could do but watch helplessly as the confusion unfolded.


The pile of demons grew. As soon as one came out it quickly formed part of the whole, and their cries of anguish was almost impossible to bear.
The Okai demon still thrashed, but I could see that already the real Andrew Okai was emerging from the host of demons. I could see a whole right side of his body coming out.
Half a face, half a trunk and one leg … until finally he was thrown out to crash heavily on the [email protected] ground. He struck his forehead on a jutting rock and remained still, a trickle of blood already running from the huge bulge still forming on his forehead.
The confused pregnant women were all free now, and the noise they were making was terrible.
I ordered, and they all fell silent immediately, watching me with horror all over their faces. I pointed at the path that led down to the huge building where Jack Frost and the rest were waiting.
Go down there. There are people waiting to help you.
The noise began all over again as they trudged toward the path and began to run.
I could un-derstand their fear and panic, but there was nothing I could do to help them. I watched them until the last had disappeared from sight around a bend in the path.
Andrew Okai was still out cold.
I looked into the sky. The freak rain had stopped quite suddenly, and the clouds had gone away. From semi-darkness the weather was now fair and fine, and the sun had emerged from wherever it had been hiding.
I sighed de-eperly.
Life was good.
Finally I turned toward the Legion.
They were indeed many.

To be continued…

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