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the royal love 2 episode 64

©Sir Zach


“Why don’t you want to sleep here?” Brina asked her husband who was about to sleep on the couch.

“Baby, I still can’t control myself properly. You are in bedrest and what if I hurt you or our baby? You know me, right? I can’t sleep properly until I have my full of you” Louis said, as he tucked her in bed.

“But, I want you” Brina pouted.

“You are playing with fire,” Louis said.

“At least tell me when you will come back to my side?” Brina asked.

“When I will feel like I am not a danger to you both” he replied.

“And, When is it?” Brina asked.

“It is when you will finish your bed rest” Louis answered.

“Ahh! Then I want this to be completed soon” Brina huffed.

“Then eat obediently and take rest properly” Louis said, tapping her nose.

Wow! What a wonderful way of negotiating.

A few more weeks pa-ssed by..

And, during one of the nights…

Brina suddenly got a call and when it was already midnight.

She is peacefully sleeping while Louis is still taking the couch in the same room.

They both woke up startled…

Brina getting a call is very very rare nowadays.

It is because all her contacts are blocked from any incoming calls, except Will’s doctors. She didn’t want to take chances with his life, so she persuaded Louis that she would still be handling those matters.

As it is Will, Louis agreed and now, that call made both of them anxious.

What would have happened at this midnight that they had to call all of a sudden?

Brina nervously looked at Louis who immediately walked to her side and took her into his embrace.

“That’s fine, babe. Just pick it up. It could be good news too” he whispered soothingly to her.

She nodded her head and leaned on his shoulders, nervously answered it.

Louis kis-sed her head and his li-ps lingered there while he [email protected]£d his hands around her, giving her warmth.

“Hello, Dr. Lee, what happened?” she asked, her hand ru-b-bing her plain stomach.

“Kid, I have good news! We found a donor” he carefully said. They were searching for a donor for a few months but, Everytime it was just the disappointment they got.

“There was a brain dead case in country Z and when they checked, we found out that he could be a donor for our little prince” he added after a few more moments, almost on the verge of tearing up.

“Thank god” Brina whispered. She didn’t know what else to say in happiness. Her eyes already brimmed with tears that Louis got anxious. However, seeing a smile on her li-ps, he concluded that it’s good news and didn’t interrupt her.

Brina looked at Louis with happy tears in her eyes as she told him the news before putting the call in speaker.

“Dr. Lee, what about the donors family?” Louis asked.

“Prince Edward, donor’s family is shocked and they didn’t expect this to happen to their son. They are a middle cla-ss family in country Z but they are happy to donate” Dr. Lee informed.

“Uncle, brother Harry is in country X right? It is just an hour journey. I will ask him to visit the family and support them generously” Brina said.

“Jobs in S & S corporations, huge amounts of money…whatever they want. I couldn’t come here with my current condition, so please thank them on my behalf.” she said, “Uhmm, convey my condolences too” she added.

“Sure, Kid.” Dr. Lee said.

“And, when will the surgery be?” Louis asked.

“Day after tomorrow will be good, ” Dr Lee advised. “It’s better to do it as soon as possible”

“Proceed with that date, uncle” Brina said, smiling happily.

“Remund (Remus’s brother) and his wife, Rose will come there.” She added, so happy that she ba-rely could talk stable.

Will would wake up soon.

Ahh… she can’t wait anymore.

“I am so, so, so happy, honey” Brina squealed as she hug-ged Louis ti-ghtly and buried her face in his warm che-st.

Louis warmly smiled and ruffled her hair. “I am happy for you too, baby. I really can’t wait to see your little nephew” he said.

His eyes brightened up when he saw her happy face. She looked so happy that it instantly brightened up his mood more.

“My baby is my lucky charm” Brina said, ru-b-bing her stomach lovingly. “Little guy, your cousin will love you sooo much” she chuckled as she warmly looked at her plain stomach.

Louis pouted. “Shouldn’t I be your lucky charm? As far as I remember, I was your lucky charm a few days back” he said, making Brina laugh.

He is so cute when he is jealous.

“Aww…the big guy is jealous” Brina laughed, ruffling his hair.

“You are my lucky charm, the only lucky charm and the best thing that ever happened to me. What I am saying is, this baby is Will’s lucky charm” Brina explained to her ‘childishly petty’ husband.

‘Phew! Just miss’

Otherwise, the jealous freak, the emperor of jealousy would have started getting jealous over his own baby.

“It better be that way. No one is allowed to take my place in your heart” Louis said snuggling up while he rested his head in the crook of her ne-ck.

He missed this comfort so much!!! As she should not indulge in any physically stressful things, he didn’t want his self control to walk on a thin thread.

So, he was keeping distance with her bed rest time phase out.

“Aww… of course. You are irreplaceable in my heart. You are the love of my life, my dearest hubby. No one can ever take your place in my heart” Brina said, kis-sing him on his li-ps.

Louis grinned at her dramatic answer, which, by the way he liked so much. In that happiness, his hand sneaked inside her camisole, caressing her stomach.

He still couldn’t feel the swell!

“I can’t feel our baby,” he pouted.

“It’s just been around two months.” Brina answered.

“Tomorrow is your last day of bedrest too” he said, grinning. Although she has to be totally careful, she at least could walk a bit.

No need to sit on the bed for twenty four seven. She was on the bed for almost one month by now and she is fed up with it.

However, still, they are going to stay here for a few more months. It’s a long vacation because it is far more safe and peaceful to Brina here.

She stayed in this same house for a month.

“Yeah! At last I can go outside, visit the orphanage, walk in the park and play with the children there” Brina said, clapping her hands, when she was reminded that tomorrow she could get out of the bed.

Layla has an orphanage here. She runs it as a memorial to her dead boyfriend and Meg’s dead twin.

Brina wanted to visit the orphanage on the very first day she found out, however, she couldn’t because of her bedrest.

Now, at last she can.

Meanwhile, Louis narrowed his eyes again.

This wife of his is really forgetting about him day by day.

“That’s it?” he asked. “Are those the only things you are excited about?” he grumpily asked.

“Yeah, those are the only exciting things” Brina intentionally said, teasing him.

“Really?” he asked, emphasising it.

“Shit! I forgot the most interesting and exciting part” Brina said.

Louis felt his eyes twinkle. “Tell me what is it?” he asked.

“I get to play with Meg! Yay!!” Brina said, making his nose flare.

“All right, all right. I won’t tease you anymore. We will get to make out and you can sleep beside me from tomorrow onwards” she laughed, hugging him and peppering kis-ses all over his face, when she noticed his face which resembled a burned pot.

“Good that you remember.” Louis said, kis-sing her pa-ssionately.

“Who said I remember. I just guessed it” she provoked him.

This is how she kills most of her time.

Teasing him and playing with him.

They have bonded more than before now. This vacation is not as bad as they thought of it to be..

However, what they don’t know is that, the more exciting things are waiting for them.

While the couple are celebrating the good news in their own fashion, a certain person just set his foot in the town.

He has blue eyes and a dashing body with blonde hair.

Yep, it’s Nickolas.

“Here, I am” Nickolas said to the town as he inhaled de-eperly before walking towards the

hotel in the town.

He bought a house here one and half years back. Not in the town but a little far from the main town. But he doesn’t stay there much.

He visited this town for the first time just after Louis was appointed as CEO and moved away from the States. And, he instantly fell in love with the place and bought the old mansion in the outskirts.

“Nick, you are back! I was wondering if you have not visited the town this month” the old lady at reception greeted him.

“I was busy, Ms. Clay.” Nick said, at last taking off his leather jacket.

“And, the usual room please” he said before giving the wad of cash.

Taking the key card he took the elevator as if he knows the place as if it is his home.

He visits this place at least once every couple of months. Sometimes he stays here for a day and sometimes a few weeks as well.

A few days after.

It is still early in the morning in the town and no one is awake except Brina and Louis who were snuggled up in the bed but wide awake.

They are waiting for the important news.

Meanwhile, she just got her check up yesterday and Rhianna gave a green flag.

Now, Brina is not in bed rest but she was still warned to take care of herself properly.

The only difference was she would get to walk and do some light work. But her food diet, refrainment from se-x and mental stress are still on the top of list. Which made Louis a little sad.

However, the slightest relief for Louis is that they can make out gently and please themselves in the other way.

And, the main relief to Brina is that she no longer has to wear the full pajamas and dresses.

From the past one month, she was like a woman from the old days, all her body covered except her face, hands and feet.

She couldn’t wear de-eper ne-ck dresses because Louis asked her not to. He said he would get tempted and lose his control if he saw her collarbone and cl£@[email protected]£. Then, she changed into boat ne-ck tops.

She couldn’t wear shorts because he said he couldn’t stop himself from staring at her slender and se-xy legs. Which would make him turn on again.

Then, she changed to full [email protected]

She was asked not to wear sleeveless tops because they will make her upper body look hot and alluring. So, she changed into full sleeve tops.

Like this, all her dresses were replaced with the 80’s modest dresses.

No, at last she will get to take revenge on her husband for troubling her like that.

After waiting God knows how much of the night, Brina and Louis got the call they were expecting.

“Congrats guys. Will’s surgery was successful” Doctor Lee informed the good news as soon as they answered the call.

“Thank god. Thank god” Brina murmured as she finally let out a sigh in relief. She hug-ged Louis ti-ghtly and her tears didn’t stop.

She was so emotional…so emotional.

It’s been years since she talked to her nephew. She waited for years.

However, she is sad that she couldn’t see him personally.

“It’s okay honey. Let it out.” Louis said as he caressed her hair. He didn’t try to stop her from crying because she is shedding the tears of heavy guilt and unbearable agony she was carrying from years.

More than anything she was worried about her nephew all these years. She cared for him more than herself and she has lived in the fear of losing him every second of a few years.

Now, she is free of that heaviness weighing on her heart. And that is coming out as tears.

“I couldn’t believe that this is not a dream,” she said, crying and sniffling.

“Well, brace yourself, love. This is real” Louis said, patting her head which is pressed to his che-st.

“Yeah. He will wake up soon” Brina chuckled in the middle of her sobs.

“Yep. And, to enjoy those moments you had to sleep first and take care of yourself properly” Louis said. It is already midnight here.

“I don’t want that six years little guy blaming me that I am not taking care of his aunt properly” he teased.

“He will love you” Brina said, chuckling as she wiped her tears away. Is it her hormones or she is really feeling overly emotional now?

“I just wish there won’t be a war of ‘attention sneaking’ between us. You know, he is my competitor now and guess what I will have another little guy up for the competition after seven months” Louis said, showing his insecurity.

He is acting like a wife who is complaining to her handsome husband who has many mistresses waiting for him.

“Aww… don’t worry, hubby. You will do good in the competition” Brina said, teasing him.



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