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the royal love 2 episode 63

©Sir Zach


*Next morning…*

Brina was strictly under bedrest. She was not even allowed to cook or walk around.

So, Louis had to help her with everything. He patiently fed her the breakfast as spend some time talking with her.

After Katherine and Charlotte came inside to accompany his wife, it is only when Louis went for the emergency meeting he organized.

He indeed became extremely protective of her.

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“Your highness, what happened? Was there any-” Katherine’s father is about to ask but King Edgar interjected.

“No. Rebellion is still quiet. This emergency meeting is about something else. Something more important” he said.

Yesterday, Louis, Ethan and King Edgar discussed for a long time and decided to disclose this news to the leaders of the noble family.

They have [email protected] many tests and proved their loyalty. If Louis lied to them now, it would not set a good example. It would make him look like he is still suspicious of the Noble families in spite of [email protected] all his tests.

So, at last Louis decided to tell them about Brina’s pregnancy and ask them for their Cooperation in running the Kingdom without his pres£nce.

“I am here with good news and bad news,” Louis said, taking control.

“The good news is that my wife is pregnant and the bad news is that her health isn’t in good condition. She is under bed rest and her doctor suggested we take some holiday till she recuperates fully” he announced.

As soon as everyone heard that the new heir is on the way, they were totally elated. Excitement could be seen in their face as they beamed.

It’s been quite a long time since they had the little bundle of 6 running in the palace grounds, exhilarating everyone with their cuteness and charm.

This is very good news and also shocking news. They thought that Prince Edward isn’t interested for now.

However, when they heard that Brina is not in the pink or her health, they couldn’t help but worry. It is indeed bad news.

They are genuinely worried about her now.

Though it hasn’t been long since they got to know her, Brina has left a very good impression on them in the short span of time.

And, they genuinely admired her.

On the good side, they couldn’t wait to welcome the heir.

With her and the Prince’s extraordinary genes, their offspring will surely be a great talent. He or she will be best for the Kingdom.

“Prince Edward, we are sorry to hear that Lady Brina is not feeling good. We are willing to help you and Lady Brina in our best possible way.” Katherine’s father genuinely said.

“Please tell us what we have to do Prince Edward. We will surely help you” Olives father supported.

Later, everyone followed their leads.

Louis smiled. “Thank you for all your support. After I discussed with my father and brother I decided to take my wife to a vacation for two months”

“I will be attending all the meetings and I will be available to listen to any of the discussions online. For the rest of the things which need the direct involvement, my brother, Ethan would be here to help you all. Please understand my situation and this is the only thing I can do now” Louis said.

Everyone spoke among themselves and after five minutes, they came up with a unanimous decision.

“Of course we are honoured to accept Prince Ethan back. After finding out how he suffered and why he had to take that decision, we realized that he did it for the Kingdom’s best. So, we all agree to work with him” Katherine’s father announced on everyone’s behalf.

“Thanks a lot for your consideration, everyone. I am honoured to have you all in my court.” Louis thanked them.

“It’s our pleasure, Prince Edward. Please convey our regards to Lady Brina” Katherine’s father said and everyone followed his suite.

After that, they had another meeting where they discussed some other matters.

“So, is everything done?” Brina asked as soon as Louis returned.

“Yep. And, we will be leaving tonight” Louis said.

“Tonight? Where are we going?” Brina asked.

“Yes, tonight. But it’s a surprise” Louis said.

“This is like a second honeymoon” Brina chuckled.

“If you put it this way… I shouldn’t be letting you out of the bed, love. And, you shouldn’t be able to walk at all” Louis whispered in her ear, making Brina shiver.

“However, it is the other way around. So, it isn’t our second honeymoon.” he said.

“But don’t worry, love. After you recuperate I will make it come true” he added, teasing her.

Brina just rolled her eyes. “Whatever” she said but her eyes were playful.

In the evening, Louis and Brina had their dinner early. Whole family was pres£nt and they bid their farewell after lecturing the couple what to do and what not to.

After that, Brina and Louis boarded their private jet in the palace and they took off.

“Hon, why are we going at night times? Wouldn’t the day times be more safe?” Brina asked snuggling into his embrace.

They are in the private chamber, on the bed.

“Day times will be very straining to touch you at these times. So, if it is at night, you can sleep comfortably on the bed and before you know it, we will reach the destination” Louis said, as he opened his laptop and started working.

He is afraid he will lose his control if he will focus on his wife. After what happened in this whole month, he gets aroused at the night times even if he doesn’t want to. Especially when he sees her lying on the bed like this.

“So considering” Brina chuckled and hugged him. Placing her head on his chest and her legs on his legs, she looked into the laptop.

“What are you working on? I could help you with it” Brina said.

Louis sighed and flicked her forehead. “We are going somewhere far away just because you shouldn’t stress yourself. And here you are, poking into this matter” she said, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Brina pouted. “Leave it, I just wanted to help you because you looked so tired. How could I rest peacefully when my husband is overworking himself like this?” she said, turning around so that her back is facing him.

Louis sighed. Closing his laptop, he hugged her from behind. “All right, don’t be so disappointed. I am resting too” he said.

Brina smiled and hugged him. “I know you have so much to do. And, I can’t sit for the whole day without doing anything. I will be bored. So, I can help you with some less stressful works” she said.

Caressing her hair, Louis said, “You wouldn’t feel bored after seeing where we are going” he lovingly said. .

*A few days [email protected] by…*

Brina and Louis are on their vacation in a peaceful and beautiful town in the United states.

It is less crowded and also a wealthy community where most of the rich people come for the vacation to rejuvenate their stressful life.

Louis selected this place after a long discussion.

He opted for this mainly because it will be snowing here at this time, not too much but moderately, which is Brina’s favorite season of the year.

And, it is also the time of the Cherry blossoms and peaceful skies.

Moreover, this place is full of nature, which is Brina’s next favorite. There are a handful of parks, lakes with trees and birds everywhere

As the town is less crowded, it also emanates the vibes of peace and serenity, which are very much needed for his wife who always frowns herself in stress and overthinking.

In addition to this, most importantly, Louis is familiar with this place.

His best friend, Layla, the current boss of underworld here, has her main base nearby.

She in fact lives here now. So, the town is very much secured and most of the people who live here are her friends and family who are also very close to Louis.

And, Louis had visited this place many times and used to stay here for months and months to play with Layla’s little daughter Meg

Besides this, he even has a villa here which is very well secured in all the ways.

He brought it and renovated it a few years back. And, at that time he never thought he would bring his wife to this place. In the first place, he never thought of marrying.

He just brought the villa here just because Layla, her daughter and his other friends are here.


Unfortunately, if there will be any emergency or ambush here, the people in the base would be here in no time. So, Brina is super safe and could concentrate on recuperating.

As Brina is pregnant and the times are not any safe, Layla deployed her best team in this base just for her.

She knows how Brina would be feeling now. Mainly, Louis.

She herself was pregnant with her daughter and that time was not good as well. She lost her boyfriend whom she was about to marry and her organization was very weak. She was almost tempted to run away.

But thanks to Louis who stood for her. His whole family supported her in her lowest times.

Now, the least she could do is to help him protect his wife and baby.

The people are specially selected by Louis and Layla and they would be watching over Brina. But they are like shadows not giving any scopes of suspicion to others.

“I am bored, baby” Brina said as she pouted. She was leaning on to the headboard, dressed in modest pajamas.

“It’s been a week and you are already bored?” Louis asked, chuckling as he fed her the lunch. The same lunch she started to hate with her life.

“I was being treated like a kid! I didn’t even walk ten steps this whole week and I was forbidden from watching my laptop, I shouldn’t talk to Remus or Katherine or anyone.”

“Then, I thought I could at least spend some time with you but you are always busy with your work!! I am feeling alone” Brina fired out her frustration.

Louis became overprotective. She is under bed rest, not isolation! But he is treating her like she ulis kept in isolation. But who.could Blame him? He knows her too well.

She would somehow get attracted to the complex problems. Although there are no ulterior motives her thoughts always run in that scenario.

So, better not let her try to find the problems in the first place. That is why he restricted her from talking with people who would gossip about ifs and what ifs.

“All right…all right, don’t be an angry bird, wifey. What do you want me to do so that you will no longer be bored?” he asked, hugging her with one hand and pressing his l!ps to her forehead.

If he is right, she would have already made up her mind.

“Why don’t you call your friend Layla for dinner, today? It would kill some time” Brina said, opening her mouth so that he would feed her with a spoon.

“As you wish my queen” Louis chuckled, klzzing her lower l!p. He caressed her belly a little and continued to feed her.

But, just after two spoons…

“Hmm, enough” Brina said, shutting her mouth. She doesn’t like that food but she was forced to eat.

Just like she said, she is being treated like a kid!

“I will not call Layla until you eat all of this,” Louis warned her and that made the trick.

Brina pouted but opened her mouth.

Layla’s six years old daughter, Meg. She is so cute and sweet… very adorable and funny as well.

Moreover, she is of the same age as Brina’s nephew, Will.

At first that little girl didn’t talk with Brina much. She didn’t like her much when she met her.

But over this week they bonded up really quick.

Dinner time…

Louis appointed a chef as well. That old woman was the one who used to cook for him when he was in states. And, she is trustworthy.

However, he does the most of the cooking. Despite being so busy, he would make time for Brina.

He would try his best to stay beside her while she was permitted to bed rest. However, if there are meetings, he would take it in another room so that she wouldn’t get to know what’s happening there.

“You both can talk. I have a meeting to attend” Louis said after they all finished dinner.

“Go to sleep early, okay?” he said to Brina and klzzed her forehead.

“You too Meg” he told the little who stuck her tongue out at him.

“I will s£nd her back home now. She has school tomorrow” Layla said and instructed her bodyguards to take Meg back to their mansion.

“Bye, aunt Brina. Bye, pop” Meg, a six years girl bidded her bye before running down.

Louis is her Godfather so she calls him pop.

“She became obedient. Is she really your daughter, Layla?” Louis asked Layla to throw the book at him.

“I didn’t spoil her like you used to do. In this one and half year of your abs£nce, I had to sweat a lot to tame that spoiled brat” Layla huffed.

“All right, I won’t disturb the Angry Birds here” he said.

“Both my wife and bestie are having blood pressure these days,” he teased before klzzing Brina’s cheek and walking out of the room.

“I never thought you are Seth’s sister, Brina” Layla said, all of a sudden.

Meanwhile, Brina looked at her with shock.

“I found out about this a few days back. I and Seth have been working together before he.. Ummm.. he died” Layla said.

“Oh! So, you were the one who was helping him with the underworld gang in five kingdoms” Brina said, suddenly realizing.

“Nope. That was my dead boyfriend. He.. Ummm.. He wanted to take over the control there as well. So, your brother came up with a deal”

“That time, that underworld gang was the biggest help to your uncle. However, your brother and your family are not aware of it. He approached us because he wanted to take revenge for his wife, Lillian.”

That underworld don was her dad, as her family tortured her a lot, so Seth wanted to teach them a lesson.

“In fact, there is still huge help in rebellion now. Seth wanted us to help him to overthrow that gang and take the power there”

“My boyfriend died back then and I severed the agreement with your brother after that. Although my family wanted to strike that underworld gang back then, I found out that I was pregnant. So, we stayed quiet” Layla said.

“At that time, Louis was here with us. He helped me a lot, morally. For that, I owe him a lot and that was also a reason why my daughter likes him so much. He helped me in many things, right from helping me to take care of Meghan to helping my gang to recover” she added.

“She wanted Louis as her father. So, when she saw me, she was hostile. But later you made her understand and it was when she started liking me” Brina interpreted, guessing why Meg was hostile with her first.

“Yeah. Louis is like a brother to me. Just like how Harry is to you Brina. Meg was little so she couldn’t understand it” Layla said.

“Of course, I understand. I know children’s psychology” Brina said, chuckling. Her hands involuntarily rested on her stomach.

Layla smiled. “Don’t worry. Louis will become a great father. He has tons of patience when it comes to kids” she said, looking at Brina’s plain stomach as she chuckled.

He even changed diapers of Meg without any complaint. He takes her for walks and feeds her bottle milk as well. At that time, Layla was not in a good condition.

After all, the love of her life died.

So, Louis on other hand took everything on his shoulders and helped her a lot. In fact, half of the underworld gang belongs to him.

“Could you tell me the stories of Meg and Louis then?” Brina cheerfully asked.

“I have so many,” Layla said, chuckling, before she continued.

Like that, they talked for one more hour till Louis came inside to remind them that it’s Brina’s time to sleep.

“Damn, he is too protective. I wonder how you are tolerating that idiot” Layla huffed. Disregarding Louis who was looking at her with a frown.

“I got habituated. And, thanks for coming, Layla. I had fun with Meg” Brina said, chuckling.

“Brina, I have a surprise for you,” Layla said, winking at her before running away.

“Baby, what does she mean?” Brina asked Louis who was about to go to fill the tub for her to bath.

“She said, It’s a surprise, baby. I don’t want to ruin it” Louis answered, winking at her.

‘I will try my best to protect you and our baby, love. Till now I didn’t interfere because you didn’t want me to. Now, I must interfere to protect my family’ he thought.

Layla’s gang had expanded and gained its power over this few years.

Now, Layla wants to take revenge for her dead boyfriend and also help Louis. She initially wanted to wait but Louis insisted on quickening that process, and Layla of course agreed to it.

Whatever she has now is mostly because of Louis. He helped her so much otherwise she would have been dead or mentally depressed.

That was her low time. His family took care of her during her pregnancy and helped her to hide when her enemies were searching for her.

She really owes them and Louis a lot. Now, she would return it by attacking the enemies.

Which indirectly means, she would be attacking the underworld gang in five kingdoms that is supporting the rebellion.

According to some reliable information, that underworld gang is the backbone to rebellion. It supplies men, weapons and helps them suppress the noble families and the people.

Without that gang helping them, the rebellion squad will become weak.


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