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the royal love 2 episode 62

©Sir Zach


“When you were a princess, it should have been like this right? Protocols, security.. ” Louis asked.

Brina shook her head horizontally.

“I used to sneak out a lot.” she answered.

“While my brother was an obedient and filial son, I was a troublemaker.” Brina chuckled.

“However, your dad and brother’s used to take your side. They spoiled you” Louis teased her.

“Just like you” Brina giggled as she answered.

“Yep. I will spoil my wife and pamper her, but I will be a little strict with my daughter. Especially after knowing that my wife was a troublemaker and sneaking master” Louis said.

His eyes on her plain stomach.

He felt unfathomable emotions gushing in. It felt very strange yet amazing.

He is sad that he couldn’t have his wife but he is equally thrilled that a little bundle of joy, who looks like his wife will be clinging to him soon.

His emotions are mixed up.

“Let’s see. Every father tells that but after all they are their princess’s father” Brina huffed playfully.

“They will surely pamper their daughters and spoil them rotten” she added with a pout.

“Why do I smell vinegar already?” Louis laughed as he klzzed her head.

“Ohh… shut up, already. No one is jealous” Brina pouted and she palmed her face making Louis laugh even more.

“Isn’t it, baby? Mommy is getting jealous already” Louis said rubbing her belly.

Brina just looked at him through the reflection of the mirror, her face glowing with happiness.

It isn’t as bad as she thought.

Louis is quickly getting closer to his child.

In a few days, he might love the baby as much as he loves her.

“I will see what you are gonna do if the baby is mother’s prince” Brina teased.

“Let’s bet,” Louis immediately added.

“Sure,” Brina answered.

“The bet is, if it is a girl, I get to be on the top for the whole year- ouch.. Hey” Louis stopped when Brina started smacking his shoulder.

“Won’t you think of anything else?” she asked.

“No.” Louis answered, letting her have her fun as she started smacking his arm again.

Just like Louis insisted, Brina and Louis went to hospital in a chopper, which took them just two minutes.

The hospital was already closed for the people, so it was only Brina and Louis.

After one hour of all the check ups for both the mother and child, it took another hour for the reports to come.

In the meanwhile, Rhianna explained everything to them and gave them the do’s and don’ts before explaining them too.

Louis had many doubts which Rhianna had to clarify to him.

And, after the reports came, Rhianna declared that Brina and the baby are fine but they need rest very desperately. She suggested Louis take Brina away for vacation, at least for two months.

To be exact till she finishes her first trimester.

Later, the nutritionist from Rhianna’s team abroad created a perfect diet for Brina and emailed it to Rhianna.

Of course, that person was unaware of who the patient is.

And, that’s perfectly normal because Rhianna’s clients are like that. They keep their identities hidden.

There is no way her pregnancy will come out till her belly show’s up.


Harry, Luke, Hailey, Daniel, Amelia, Charlotte and Katherine arrived at the palace. And, Rhianna came with Brina and Louis to the palace.

It’s a small celebration party for Brina and the baby. As these people are trustworthy and would help the couple wholeheartedly, Louis and Brina decided to tell them.

After all, they want help and support at this moment.

Even Remus was invited but he declined to come because his movements are being closely monitored by his friend, King James. Remus wanted to keep his relationship with Kingdom Aletros as secret.

Brina’s godmother, Morgana couldn’t come as well.

Her constant trips to the Kingdom would make others suspect what her relationship with them is. So, all I could do is congratulate Brina through the phone.

When Brina and Louis came back, they were pretty surprised. They didn’t see this coming.

A celebration party?

His parents arranged all this in a short notice.

It isn’t grand. It is warm and cozy, simply a sumptuous dinner with close ones However it was enough to warm Brina’s heart.

For her, grandeur doesn’t matter at all. All she needs is love and warmth from a family.

“So, this is the reason you asked me to whom I was willing to tell this new?” Louis asked his brother when he noticed all his trustworthy friends here.

His best friend from states, Layla was also invited but she was busy in her own underworld businesses.

“Yep. We wanted to welcome the next heir. I couldn’t wait to see my nephew or niece” Ethan cheerfully answered his brother.

He is the happiest person here.

He is not going to share his wife with anyone but can pamper and spoil the little baby as the uncle.

A win win situation.

“Bro, why don’t you give me a niece or nephew. I won’t mind both either” Louis said, teasing.

“Dream on, bro. Don’t try to trick me into sharing my wife with the little devil just because you have to do it.” Ethan mocked playfully.

“I already pity you, bro,” Ethan added.

“Don’t tease them,” Natalie warned.

“Why not, babe? It’s been ages I got to tease this little brother of mine” Ethan chuckled.

He is totally in good spirits.

His wife’s last check up, proved that his wife is no longer depressed or having mental breakdowns. And, at the same time, he is going to see his niece or nephew, probably both in a few months.

“Bro Ethan, give me a nephew to play with. And, Bro Ed, I want both nephew and niece” Eliina demanded, making everyone laugh.

Everyone’s banter continued like that and soon two hours [email protected] by. It was already late night, when everyone sat down in the garden, spending time making fun of each other.

While in the conversation, everything was casual and funny.

Amelia, Charlotte and Katherine are already a family from long back and Daniel was like a third son to the family. Harry, Luke, Rhianna are close as well, so there is no ‘your highness, your majesty’ formalities.


Brina is the center of attention and including with teasing, they lectured her about the things needed to be done while she took bed rest.

Today is her last day with this level of freedom.

“Uncle, as Brina’s doctor, I couldn’t help but insist on one thing. She and the baby are weak. Her fetus isn’t very stable and Brina is not healthy as she looks.”

“If she will stay here and undergo all the stress, God forbid it, but she might miscarry.”

“s£nd her to some place where she could recuperate properly. Just two months and after that she could return if she wants” Rhianna insister, worried about Brina.

She just witnessed how messed up everything was and how Great tried to harm Brina.

So, after seeing all these, she was adamant to s£nd Brina away.

King Edgar nodded his head. He looked at Brina who was already sleeping in Louis’s embrace.

Her petite face is flushed red and she really looked fragile in Louis’s embrace. Her hands are carefully placed on her stomach, as if she is very worried about the baby or, fortunately babies.

“I agree with Rhianna, dear” Queen Elora said as she caresses Brina’s head, looking at her with tender eyes.

Her poor daughter in law has suffered a lot, yet she tried to act strong.

It is very evident now, that Brina was just putting up a facade of a tough and strong woman.

Brina is still in early stages, she seems to be easily fatigued.

She never slept like this, especially while they are still spending time with family and others.

It is very evident that she is not as strong as she seems, physically. And, with all this mental stress she will be weakened even more.

With all this pressure and meetings here, Brina will have to strain herself a lot. And, in addition to that, she tends to overthink everything.

People who are insightful and observant do that very often.

So, shunning her from thinking all those is the only way to make her recuperate in peace. And to do that, she should be taken away somewhere, where she would not get to listen about this rebellion and Kingdoms stuff.

Moreover, the fetus is weak too.

Both the mother and baby are not in good health. As the couple weren’t aware that they are pregnant, they have been indulged in all the kinky, adventurous and reckless stuff with all the bed stuff.

“What do you say, Edward? Do you have any other ideas in your mind?” King Edgar asked his son who was patting Brina’s back gently to lull her to sleep.

“I agree with Rhianna and mom, dad. Brina would never rest if she stays here. Some or other thing will surely grab her attention and you know how she is. She tends to overdo everything” Louis said.

“Hmm. So, what should we do now? You are Crown Prince and your pres£nce must be needed in few of the meetings. However, I can’t let you and Brina stay apart too. The first person she would be looking for would be you, so, making you stay apart would be very ins£nsible of me” King Edgar said.

“And, at same time it will be very bold of me to run the whole kingdom without their crown prince pres£nt. Especially in these circu-mstances” he added, totally in dilemma.

Both his Kingdom and daughter in law are important.

“I can’t stay away from Brina as well, dad. It will trouble my wife very much.” Louis said.

“But, if she is here, she will mentally exhaust herself!! Stress is the most fatal to early fetuses” Rhianna said, emphasising her words

“I know Rhianna. And, I have an idea how to deal with this” Louis said. He thought of this and already looked into a solution.

“I can attend all the meetings through video conference and for the other matters here, which need my direct pres£nce, Ethan said he would take care of it. He was a crown prince before and he would be knowing very well how to hide my abs£nce” Louis said.

“Just like I said, I am willing to help you if everyone in the council agrees to it,” Ethan told his brother.

As he gave away his position and flew away, he was casted out from council. So, if the leaders of the Noble families accept him back, it is only when he will be able to join back.

“Don’t worry brother. I will talk to all of them in tomorrow’s meeting. After Olivia’s family was banished, the court has become very friendly and understanding.”

“It was them, the previous main family of House Lykios who created all the tension and splitter up the court” Louis said, while his hand continued caressing her hair while the other hand patted her back, lulling her back to sleep.

“They have long back forgiven you because if Olivia would have become your Queen, things would have been terrible.” King Edgar said.

After Olivia’s family got banished, the next powerful House, Katherine’s house didn’t make a fuss anymore.

They are very loyal and friendly.

“The Noble houses are actually appreciating your decisiveness, brother Ethan.” Louis said, chuckling.

Of course, if Ethan wouldn’t have left, Louis wouldn’t have become the crown prince and Brina their next Queen.

Whatever has happened, it happened for the kingdom’s welfare.

And, others started understanding why Ethan had to do this. After finding out Natalie’s suicide attempt, how could they still hate what Ethan had done?

“Then, we can discuss it tomorrow. But son, did you think of any place where you want to take Brina to?” Edgar asked Louis.

“I will discuss it with Harry, dad. He knows Brina’s favorite places well” Louis said, for which Harry nodded his head.


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