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the royal love 2 episode 61

©Sir Zach


Elora, who was sitting adjacent to Greta, saw Greta from pulling out another knife from her secret pocket. Greta didn’t care about her injured hand and wanted to hurt some or other one so that she will at least have satisfaction that she inflicted pain to her enemies.

Bur, Greta’s plan was ruined when Queen Elora kicked Greta’s leg, taking her by surprise, which made Greta sl!p the knife.

After that, Elora walked away from her. She didn’t look afraid nor she lost her cool self.

She is graceful too, making Greta surprised. How did Elora see through her?

Her actions were so cautious and moreover, after what Brina did, everyone should be distracted, at least by a bit.

However, Elora didn’t faze out and she saw through her very quickly. It comes with mental strength and experience.

For Greta, the ladies who came first are only eligible to become queen. So, she always looked down at Elora and Brina.

This felt incredible to her.

Greta couldn’t help but glare at Brina, holding her bleeding hand and grunted when she felt her leg ache.

“You dared to hurt me! You mere commoner!” Greta screamed at Brina when more blood oozed out of her hand.

She could accept Elora’s elegance and potential but not Brina’s. Elora was from the Noble family while Brina was from a common family.

At least that is what she thought.

Brina raised her eyebrow and chuckled after hearing her Greta’s vengeful yet useless words.

“Commoner? I started to doubt if you are a noble woman, Greta. Even after seeing me doing all these, you are still thinking that I am a commoner… Tsk.. tsk” Brina said, as she stood up and walked to Greta.

Sitting on the table in front of her, Brina asked, “Are you really from a noble family or did you?” Brina stopped, raising her eyebrow mockingly.

Greta gritted her teeth. With the bleeding hand, she felt useless. Maybe that is why Brina hurted her hand!




She couldn’t do anything but look at Brina in scorching rage. She couldn’t even stand up because her leg started to ache.

Elora is insightful too.

“I already know that you have helped Olivia to hurt me in a horse riding competition. And, do you think I just got out of it by luck?” Brina asked.

“You were thinking that you were the game master and I was a mere pawn. But it is the other way around. I turned the tables around and used that opportunity to gain an ally” Brina said, making Greta shocked.

“I also know that you helped Olivia’s grandfather to attack the academy. You wanted him to kill me there, so that Olivia wouldn’t have a competitor. But, in turn your Olivia got disqualified. Some people who wanted to help me, dismissed her, ” Brina said.

“I wasn’t saved by luck, Greta. Not even once! I am not happy go lucky commoner like you think of me as.”

“Have you ever heard of the name ‘Beatrice’ in the academy?” Brina asked Greta.

Greta of course heard of that name. Beatrice was a legend and to whom Olivia lost many times.

“Well, that’s me. I am Beatrice” Brina said.

“I have defeated your precious Olivia long back. Not once but many times. And, at that time and I was Prince Edward’s first love as well” Brina chuckled.

She could s£nse her husband’s warm faze on her back and his smiling face flooded into her thoughts, making her eyes brim in warmth, which vanished as soon as it came when she saw Greta.

“Most importantly, I am Goddaughter of your son.” Brina added.

“You tried to hurt my goddaughter mother. It would never allow it” King Edgar said when his mother looked at him with hopeful eyes.

But his words crumbled Greta’s hope of getting saved by her son.

She thought her son and Ethan stayed quiet because they didn’t like what Edward was doing. But it turned out that they are actually enjoying the show letting the woman of the family handle her.

What a fool!!

“And, you think my wife doesn’t know what you did with her tonics, grandmother? Let me tell you, even if you escape from here, you won’t be able to live. You have hurt the wrong person with whom you shouldn’t be dealing with” Louis said, wrapping his arm around Brina.

“Her people will kill you and throw you into the ocean. You will be chopped into pieces-” Louis was about to continue but noticing his wife’s uncomfortable face, he stopped.

She is pregnant. So, her stomach is s£nsitive that it might make her puke. It is the last thing he wants to happen in front of Greta.

Louis actually wanted Brina and Elora who suffered because of Greta to handle the drama. His father, Ethan and himself decided to let the women play this show, but he couldn’t control his anger.

He didn’t understand why he became this restless and protective after Brina got pregnant.

Maybe his dad is right.

It’s called parental love.

Meanwhile, Greta is heavily sweating.

She didn’t know that her son, grandson and everyone were aware of what she did. She felt her heart twist when her own son looked at her with disgust.

She didn’t expect Brina to be aware that she tampered with the tonics.

Who exactly is this Brina?

She is indeed full of surprises.

“Who are you?” Greta asked, coughing.

“Have you ever heard of the Princess of Kingdom Wentris who was betrayed and killed?” Brina asked.

Greta felt her throat dry up with fear.

Yep, she heard of that person. That person still has many people supporting her in the Kingdom even after her death.

She was the legendary princess who was murdered with great cautiousness and planning. They were able to kill her by using backstabbing and love weaknesses as the bait.

And, with her and her family alive, Gabriel (Brina’s uncle) wouldn’t have been able to achieve what he has now. All these rebellions wouldn’t have evolved into what it is right now.

So, she is very aware of that Royal family and the princess who was betrayed and killed.

Greta just nodded her head. Not understanding what Brina had to do with that almighty yet dead princess.

“Well, that princess was me. Now, I am back for revenge. And, I will not leave any of the persons who are helping the Rebellion. So, don’t increase your hopes that Stan (Olivia’s grandfather) will help you.” Brina said, her eyes filled with coldness and deathly aura.

Greta gulped when the formidable and chilling aura surrounded her. She started to shiver, subconsciously.

The princess is alive!! And, that princess is none other than her granddaughter in law, Brina, whom she thought as commoner.

Hah! What a joke.

If she would have known this earlier, she wouldn’t have even thought of harming Brina let alone kill her.

Princess Sabrina is someone with whom she, an ant in this rebellion, should go against. Her chances of winning will be zero percent against this almighty princess who made their big boss, Gabriel sweat.

And, no wonder Princess Sabrina a.k.a Last Brina was able to look into all her schemes! For her, these are like cakewalks.

She remembers Stan telling her how the princess used to love mind games. And, it seems to be very true.

Whatever she and Olivia schemes, Brina turned it around and used to her own advantage. This is really incredible and fabulous game play.

She didn’t even sweat a bit but, they, in return, had planned this as if this was the war strategy between kingdoms!!

Greta laughed, laughed as if she is a maniac. If one would see her now, they would surely think she has gone mad.

But she was thinking of the future of her other, dear friends who are yet to know this truth.

Meanwhile, when Louis ordered his people to take away the mad Greta to the dungeon.

They would check her, make sure she wouldn’t be able to communicate with others before throwing her into the dungeon right under the south wing of the palace. And, no one would be able to enter the dungeon except very few people who are extremely trustworthy.

There will be cameras too, so there is no chance prisoners would be able to talk to staff.

So, Brinas secret is safe.

And, Greta has to suffer till she dies or kills herself.

She will get tortured by the psychopaths inside the dungeon. There will be no light, no fresh air, not edible food.


Initially Brina didn’t want Greta to know who she is.

However, as Greta would be thrown into the dungeon and wouldn’t be able to reveal her identity, she decided to give her that little shock.

Anyway, Greta will lose her sanity and become insane in a few days in that dungeon. In a few months, she would even turn into a mental patient, not able to talk properly.

If fortunate, someone more psychopathic will kill her.

So, she disclosed her identity without any fear.

‘As for trying to hurt my baby, I will show you how the hell feels like’ Brina thought. Louis already said that she could punish Greta however she wants.

But, she didn’t want Greta to find out about her pregnancy.

As it will make Greta feel like she won, which Brina didn’t want.

Brina and Louis returned back to their suite after taking care of Greta’s issue.

They spent the rest of the morning with the family as they talked about various matters.

Later, after lunch, they returned to the suite.

In the evening she has to go for the checkup, which Rhianna recommended.

While Brina would be out, the family decided to arrange a surprise celebration party for her and the baby.

After that, they would decide what to do. Brina should be in bed rest and shouldn’t have mental stress. However, if she stays in the Kingdom, it is not possible for her to rest.

Moreover, they wanted to keep this pregnancy a secret. So, Brina has to stay elsewhere to maintain it as a secret.

“You were so hot during the breakfast you know” Brina said as soon as they walked into their suite.

“And, you were so se-xy and cool when you threw that [email protected] and knife at the old geese” Louis said as he gently pushed her against the door and started klzzing her.

As both were in the same mood and wanted to be [email protected], their klzzes were so fervent and deep.

They were hurried and so urgent.

In the habit, Louis was about to pull her legs to hold them on his waist and lift her up, but Brina immediately stopped him.

“W.. We can…can’t do th… this remember?” Brina said in the middle of her quickened breath as she gestured at her stomach with her eyes.

And, it was only when Louis remembered that his wife is pregnant and is under the bed rest. To make it worse, Rhianna said, no se-x for at least next three months.


He is going to die now!!! He is very insatiable but he has to control himself even when his wife is right in front of him.

What could be worse than this!!

“Yeah, I forgot.” Louis said, gently parting from her. His face is filled with disappointment and a tiny bit of annoyance.

However, when he noticed his wife’s guilty face, he controlled himself from losing his cool self more.

“I will make you some tea. You can rest up on the couch for a bit” he said, trying to divert both of their attention.

He was about to walk away but Brina stopped him.

Holding his wrist she pulled him closer to her, indicating him to come near her.

Louis sighed and walked to her.

“What is it, love?” he asked, slightly annoyed.

His flushed face and se-xy collarbone made him arouse in that very instant.

Now, he needs a cold shower!

A long cold shower!!

“Are you angry?” Brins asked.

Louis frowned. “What for?” he asked, playing innocent.

“I mean, we cannot do all that stuff anytime soon, right? Brina asked.

“We were waiting to get married and when we got the chance, it didn’t last long,” Brina said, pursing her l!ps.

Louis could s£nse sadness from her.

She is so guilty and sits that her eyes muster with tears, melting down Louis right away.

“Silly girl. How can I be angry with you? I was just frustrated because of this sudden turn of events, that’s it.”

“I mean, from the past one month we have been playing around a lot and suddenly we have to refrain from it. So, it will take some time for me to get used to this.”

“You, on the other side shouldn’t overthink everything, got it? And, there is no need to feel guilty or sad because of me. You didn’t know this would happen and neither did I.”

“But Brina, what’s there to feel sad about, Huh? We will be leading this few months just like how we have been a month back. It is just that we can’t do it for a few months and it is not a big deal. I love you, all of you, not just the body.” Louis said, with his forehead pressed to hers.

Brina smiled and nodded her head, hugging him close to her body. Her understanding and loving husband is back.

“You love all of me, right? It means you love the little guy too.” Brina asked, teasing him, diverting the serious topic.

Louis chuckled and flicked her forehead. “Only if he or she doesn’t trouble you, my wife, so much.” Louis playfully said.

“Little guy, you better cooperate with your mother and get her recovered soon. I have so many things to do to her” Louis said, his last s£ntence husky and deep.

Brina rolled her eyes but she chuckled.

“I am waiting to see what those things are,” she whispered in his ears and with that, they started klzzing each other.

Later, Louis took her to rest up for a while.

She slept all afternoon and only woke up in the evening when she was woken up by her caring husband.

After that they got ready to go to hospital.

“Should we be going to country S all again?” Brina asked while she sat down and Louis dried her hair after he helped her with shower.

He started being overprotective and she was being treated like a baby.

“No. It would tire you out. Rhianna said she will be meeting us in Phil!p’s hospital which is just ten minutes from here” Louis answered her as he smiled at her in the reflection of the mirror.

“And, how will we be going?” Brina asked.

“Chopper” Louis nonchalantly answered.

“Seriously? It is just a ten minutes road journey, Louis” Brina rolled her eyes at him.

“The last thing I want is people spectaculating why their Prince and his wife went to a hospital” Louis replied nonchalantly.

“Hmm….. How about we disguise ourselves and take a car. Just like a normal couple” Brina asked, her eyes shining.

She started missing roaming out like a normal person. Moreover, it’s been months since she and Louis went out to public places and had fun like an ordinary couple.

“Protocols, love. You know we can’t go like that, especially now.” Louis chuckled when he saw her pouting face and pleading eyes.

Sometimes, she is overly cute and adorable. And, sometimes, stubborn and overly calculative.

The first one is Brina mode and the latter, Sabrina mode.

“I miss the normal days” Brina pouted.

“When you were a princess, it should have been like this right? Protocols, security.. ” Louis asked.

Brina shook her head horizontally.


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