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the romantic ceo episode 32


{ Under the rain of love…}

By melody.

Chapter 32.

It was still that same night, that long horrible night that refused to [email protected] away. Xan’s tall, and built masculined figure was seen plastered on the wall shadow. He was palming the table lowering his head in disappoint.

The windows began to rattle noisily by the heavy wave of the breeze. He raised his gaze to stare at the window. It had started to drill and storm outside. It seemed like nature was feeling as much pain as he felt at that time.

He threw his hands into his pocket and hastily walked towards the window. He stopped and carresed his f!ng£rs on the cold, glossy surface. His head flashed back at the moment of blood incident in his car. That blood was his innocent baby.

How could it leave so soon. He couldn’t even get the chance to klzz her belly when she was carrying his baby. Will he ever be able to klzz her belly again. It would be an only grace if Amy was another chance to form a foetus.

He shut his eyes, resting his forehead on the window. He was so disheartened to the point that he found it [email protected] to breath. He would find it [email protected] to tell Amy about her baby and her womb. If he felt this way- this heart staked, then Amy might feel worse.

She might…faint or loose her s£nses. He brought out the ring box from his pocket and stared at it for a while. He was going to give it to Amy soon.

He preferred to stay childless with her than to dumb her for another girl. But he was confused if to give her the ring now or after the secret was leaked. The door creaked open and xan turned his head to find Amy trotting towards him with that unconditional smile.

He quickly tucked the box back into his pocket and watched her made a flay stop infront of him. She tugged his shirt.

” Hey!. Aren’t you coming to sleep with me. I thought you were running after me a while ago” She said, looking at his distraught face.

Xan sighed, running his f!ng£rs into his hair as he managed to smirk.

” I just thought of looking out the window for a while. The rain seems quite cool.” He said, palming his arm on the [email protected] again. Amy turned to look at the window. She traced her eyes at the rain drops that fell on the [email protected] with her f!ng£r still crouching onto Xan’s shirt.

She turned to stare at him and tugged his shirt [email protected]

” Then When will you come over to sleep after you are done watching the rain?”

” Very soon.” He said.

” Very soon you said. I’ll be upstairs.” She said and left hold of him as she stepped back.

She paid attention to his eyes and saw that they were almost lifeless. His eyes were the most painful thing to stare at.

” Are you okay, xan. Your face looks…very very dull.” She said stretching her palm to touch his cheekbones.

Xan nodded and raised his hand to palm her hands that were on his cheek.

” I’ll be fine, Amy. You don’t have to bother yourself about me. Just go to bed and be happy.” He said.

” But i can’t sleep or be happy until i know you are fine.” She blinked. He placed a single f!ng£r on her pink and suppled l!ps.

” Shh. I’m fine, baby. Totally fine…” He said and inched his head close to her face, capturing her l!ps quickly but gently.

And then they remained stiff there, next to the window as he roamed his salivating mouth into her sweet l!ps. Amy slowly shut her fleek lashes as her f!ng£rs on his shirt became weak. She dropped her arm and felt her heart skip and beat.

Xan leaned into her body, both his firm hands carressed very gentle on her exposed thighs, till he got under her little nightwear. He instantly hugged her, pressing her tight to himself. Amy winced.

” Careful!. My baby might cry” she giggled, pulling his strong arms off her waist.

Xan stepped back as his face slightly got blunt. She was still being fond of her baby again. He knew it would be difficult convincing her that her baby wasn’t there. He heaved a sigh and threw his hands to his hair.

” Go to bed, Amy.” He muttered.

” Smile for me, xan. Just do a little sweet chuckle so that i can know you are truly fine ” She said.

” Sweet chuckle?. The klzz wasn’t enough?” He asked and she widely shaked her heads in approval.

Xan lowered his gaze for a while. He was finding even a little chuckle very difficult. Tears were much easier for him. He looked at her anxious and awaiting face and curved his l!p up slowly into a forced smile. She felt happy to see his stunning smile at last.

” Good!” She clapped.

” That’s enough, Now you can go to bed.” He said.

” I give you one minute!. One pinky…bitsy minute..” she stretched her little f!ng£r at his face.

Xan tried to bite her little f!ng£r but she hastily brought them to hide behind her backs. He laughed palming her head gently.

” What would you do to me if i [email protected] my time curfew of one minute?”

” Then I’ll get to be the only one to spend the night alone in your room for a week.” She folded her arm proudly.

” I doubt if you won’t feel scared to sleep alone. You’d be the one running to jump and hug me later on.” He said and Amy shyly pushed him on his chest.

Afterall, he was not wrong. She knew the kind of girl she was. She would wrap him with her hands and leg if he let her go. She scuffed.

” Okay. Good night!” she waved and Xan left her and watched her skip away.

After she left, He turned to rest his back on the wall, throwing his head up as he gulped nothing down his throat. No one knew his pain, not even his Amy. Not even….himself.

Just then, vixen walked in as well. He was walking towards the fridge when he met xan leaning by the wall. He picked a [email protected] of brew and let the cold drink fizz into his cup. Xan didn’t move a bit even after hearing the fizzing sound.

He decided to walk up to him.

” Hey?…dude?.” He called, nudging his shoulder.

Xan opened his eyes, pinning his eyes at the roof.

” What is it?” He said with a firm husky voice.

Vixen sipped out of the drink and leaned himself on the wall.

” Why do you keep looking like your life would end today?. Did Amy dump you?” He sneered, biting the edge of his cup.

Xan stared at him like he was silently shoving an invisible dagger at him to back off.

” Move away.” Xan said trying to leave. Vixen caught him by pulling his extra shirt to a stop.

” C’mon. I might hate you like sh!t. But you are still my brother and i need to know what’s wrong with your life.”

” You can’t solve the problem in my life right now so just let go of my shirt so i can move ”

” Look if it’s about us being enemies, to be very sincere, I’ve forgiven you a long time ago. I know you deserve Amy and I’ve decided to stop being a gooseberry”

” That’s not it” Xan said.

” So what is it?” he asked. Xan walked over to the dinner chair and sat down and vixen followed suit. He rubbed his cold knuckles and sighed.

” Remember i told you i was going to see Amy’s mom today. You know, to just give her a formal visit.”

” Yeah, yeah. I remember” vixen nodded, sipping his drink.

” It had happened that she gave Amy a poisoned breakfast and she began to bleed in the car. ”

” Lord!. Geez. Bleed, through her mouth?”

” She bleeded through her legs. Her food was mixed with a terrible pill. She…she just_ lost her baby and her womb.”

Vixen hiccup. His l!ps dropped back the drink he failed to swallow into his cup.

” I’m sorry. I have to go to bed, I’m in a curfew.” Xan said leaving. Vixen dropped back his cup, holding him in place.

” Xan. Tell me that this is a big lie. Amy lost her baby?!. And even her womb?!. When?. All in one day?!” He rumbled. Xan bit his l!ps and sat down back.

” You heard me clearly. She lost it all.” He said heaving for breath.

” Wait. Did you say you visited her mom. You mean her mom did this to her?. Wait..why…how is this happening…I’m just too confused”

” There’s nothing as confusing as when Amy herself is unaware that the baby died. She thinks she is still pregnant and it’s killing me, vixen. It’s killing me like crazy.”

Vixen bent his brows sadly. No wonder he met Amy still strong and hearty. Poor her, she wasn’t even aware herself. But how’s that possible.

” How come she doesn’t know about all this?. I mean…the abortion?. The pills?.. The blood?. How come?”

” Sigh, vixen. She doesn’t know that she was poisoned with a pill. Her baby was surgically flushed.” Xan said, palming his cheek.

” Oh my God!” Vixen palmed his l!ps.

” I don’t know how to explain it to her right now. It’s going to be damn difficult.”

” Geez. This is so extraordinary. Are you sure you okay, xan. How are you going to digest this?”

Xan rubbed his face and inhaled deeply.

” I’ll be fine. We should be talking about Amy, she’s the real victim here. Do i have to tell her now or after we get married?” He asked.

” You want to marry?. Her?” He blurted.

Xan nodded his head. Vixen looked away, squinting his eyes in hopes of searching the best solution to all this huge problem.



Amy covered her face with a pillow, hitting them with annoyance.

” I said one minute!. One pinky…bitsy..Hahh whatever!!” She yelled. She threw the pillow away and sat up rubbing her eyes.

She couldn’t sleep. She had been rolling on the bed continuously and now the duvet was a mess. The room felt very cold and the rain came with a thunderstorm. She threw her legs down to pick a blanket and she winced.

She had been having a severe pain under her belly after returning from the hospital but she wanted to hide it and make sure xan was okay. She climbed down the bed and picked a blanket to cover her shoulder.

She stood infront of the mirror. She didn’t feel like a pregnant girl anymore. She wasn’t having those complicated and uncomfortable feelings. She knew she would always feel nausea and sometimes too hungry but the days were now different. She felt totally very normal now, like as if her body was empty. What if her baby wasn’t alright.

She pouted her l!ps like a crybaby as she held her stomach. It was still very flat. Girls in her stage must have gotten a potty belly and a swollen legs, why is her’s taking much longer. She dropped the wrapper on the bed and left the room. She walked down the stairs and decided to herself that she would spend her time with xan until she fall asleep on his chest.

As she walked down the stairs she began to hear murmurs of vixen talking to xan in a loud, raspy manner. She stopped in her steps and looked out with a surged wide eyes. What if vixen was trying to hurt xan again. She bent her brows sadly as she tiptoed down the feet of the stairs. Getting to the door of the kitchen, she found it open. She hid her body and peeked her head to stare at the two men who were facing eachother.

Vixen clacked his f!ng£rs on the table and shaked his head.

” There’s no other option for you, xan. You have to tell her.”

” How?. When?” Xan lazily asked.

” You just have to tell her quickly without hiding anything. She must know her baby is dead and that she might not be able to make babies again”

Xan scoffed.

” That sounds easier coming from your mouth, vixen. Think about us. Imagine me telling her all this and i see the looks on her face.” Xan said.

” Forget about the looks, xan. If she doesn’t hear the news on time, she might hate you and hate herself. Go up to your room now, tell her the truth!” Vixen said. Xan sighed, rubbing his palm on his face as he felt so distressed.

” Go!. You still have enough time to speak with her. Take it slowly and be considerate about her feelings. And if she’s being hurt or stubborn, try to cheer her up. This kind of discussion is quite painful, even for me. Okay?”

Xan curled his l!ps into his mouth and shut his eyes

” Okay.” He mustered. He oddly looked towards the door direction and he crossed gazes with Amy.

” Amy?” He stood up instantly. Vixen as well followed suit. Amy hid herself behind the wall as she looked away totally shocked. Her heart began to pound inside her chest.

” No!. No this is not true!. Oh my God!” She pouted and tightened her fist on her hair. Her baby is dead. Her womb..she can’t make babies!. All that dangerous words was making her head spin. She threw her heads away heaving for breath as she tried to stay strong on her feet and avoiding fainting at that moment.

” My baby!” She sobbed, palming her stomach. ” The blood?!. Oh no!!”

” Amy..” Xan had come out of the kitchen. He stared towards her direction and Amy turned to stare at him. He so many tears rushing down her cheeks all at the same time. He inhaled sadly.

” Amy. First of all…” He swallowed, stepping towards her slowly.

” No!. No, you both are liars!. Our baby…she’s not dead!” She cried.

Xan held her shoulder.

” Amy. Look sweetie, You were… poisoned by your mom and i tried to_.”

” I was poisoned?” She asked, looking away from his face. ” My mom poisoned my baby?. Xan is this true?” She looked at hin.

Xan shaked his heads and Amy dropped his hands off her shoulder.

” I want to die!. Just let me be, let me go kill myself!. Let me die and know I’ve suffered enough!” She yelled and ran away.

” Amy!” Xan called out. She had ran towards the back door of the house, leading outside. He tried to run after her but Vixen stopped him and out of anger, xan pushed him to the wall.

” Don’t ever stop me!. Let me handle this myself. Get it?!” He yelled and vixen fearfully nodded. He ran over to the door and pulled it open. It was locked, she had locked herself from outside.

” It’s raining!. God!” Xan bit his l!p, running his f!ng£rs into his hair. He pulled the door [email protected], shaking it and destroying the knob in the process. Vixen watched his brother turn sane. He managed to hit the door and destroy it with his leg before he was able to step out under the rain.

” Amy!” He called out. He looked around, scanning the cold empty space outside. He met Amy standing out alone in a desolate place, hugging her skin just to get herself w-et till death. She shivered pouring warm tears on her cheeks. She didn’t want to believe all they said was true. She murdered her shoulder as she sobbed loudly, shaking her heads in denial.

” I hate you so much, mother!. You were so bent on taking revenge on xan. But you did this to me and made me childless forever. I hate you!” She bent down and rumbled some water on her palm, splashing it away.

” Let me die!. Where’s that thunder lightning, juet strike me dead now!. I want to die, kill me!” She said and sobbed loudly on her palm.A strong taller body grabbed her and made her rest her cheeks on his cold, w-et chest. Amy halted in her loud noisy sob and paused for a while, trying to catch her breath. She knew the person holding her was no one other than xan.

He had come outside to search for her and now he was drentched too. She looked up from his chest and saw his gorgeous face, he was looking dangerously handsome under the rain. His face was very displeased to see her here. She moved away from him, pouting her l!ps in guilt as she lowered her face.

” What are you doing here?. How did you come here?” She mumbled.

” Amy. This is the worst you should do. You can’t drench yourself here, do you want to die of cold?”

” Yes!. I want to die. If i don’t die today, or tomorrow but I’ll die soon. I’ll kill myself. I don’t deserve to be alive after everything.” She said.

” If you die, then I’ll die too. I want to [email protected] through any pain you [email protected] through, Amy. I want us to share one heart, one flesh, one soul” He said. Amy raised her gaze to meet his eyes. She rubbed her w-et skin.

” What do you mean by that?.” She mouthed stubbornly. Xan sighed and muffled his l!p together.

” I wanted to avoid this day so badly. I never wanted to see tears on your cheeks. I just wanted you to be happy. But i knew you needed to know the truth sooner or later.” He said and brought up something from his pocket.

” What’s that?” She curiously widened her eyes as she stretched her neck. Xan smiled.

” Maybe, i might quench a bit of your sadness tonight.” He said and brought up the ring box.

He held her palm and instantly fell one kneel to the ground. Amy was taken aback as she blinked at him. Xan opened the box and a diamond ring almost blinding with it glitters flashed through Amy’s eye like rainbows.Amy covered her l!ps and her tears gland started to produce again.

” Amy…” He swallowed, staring into her beautiful se-xy eyes.

” We’ve been hurt, but that won’t stop our happiness from growing. Will you take this ring and choose to be my wife, and struggle to move on with me even if everything is not alright?”

Amy palmed her face as she broke down into tears. Her heart squeezed inside her chest and she found it [email protected] to breath. He would marry her, even tho she lost her womb. This was just too complicated. She didn’t know if to feel happy or sad. But she felt all revived.

” Yes. Yes, I’ll be your wife” she said biting her l!p with happiness. She watched xan [email protected] the ring into her f!ng£r. He stood up and she grabbed his body and sobbed in his chest, moaning like a two year old kid.

” I love you so much, xan. I love you a hundred times!”

” I love you too darling!” Xan rubbed her hair gently.

” My womb.. Xan…”

” I know this is too much for us, but believe me, everything will be alright.” H said.

” Nothing is alright, xan. Infact, everything is quite shattered. If my womb can’t make babies, how we supposed to make babies!.” She wept.

” We will make babies, Amy. Forget about science and just believe in miracles. There’s nothing that is not possible.” He said and palmed her cheeks.

” Make a wish.” He told her.

” Huh?” Her eyes felt overworked and red and blurry.

” Make a wish for us” He said and she sniffed her nose.

” Okay. i just wish we have children and we live in happiness from now on. No more trouble, just joy. Just joy please!” She surged her face on his chest.

” Wish….successfully granted.” He smiled and held her still for a while before carrying her up in a bridal style.
” I can feel you shiver. Let’s go inside now.” He said and picked her up.



Xan dropped a blanket over her body and sat next to her. She was busy staring at her ring.

” You like the ring?”

” Did you spend alot just to get this?” She asked.

Xan heaved a sigh. He was glad she was throwing away the issue of damage womb..

” Nothing is expensive when it comes to you, baby. You don’t have to worry how much i got it, there’s still enough to take care of you” He winked.

Amy chuckled and something popped into her head.
” When do we fix a date for the wedding.”

” That’s not a problem. Choose a date, Your mom is not invited.”

” I don’t want to see her face either.” She sneered, rolling her eyes.

Xan lazilypulled out his w-et shirt out of his body and exposed his seductive body physique. She stared at his yummy Abs and manure triceps and her cheeks turned pink instantly.

” Xan i..” she turned to him.

” You what?” He raised his brows, wriggling it at her se-xily.

” Can…Can you klzz me?” She asked and widened her eyes after realising what she had said.

” klzz you?. Like where exactly?” He teased, lowering his face close to her.

” Just…Anywhere. i just want to see if your l!ps are cold like mine. See” she stretched his thumb to touch her l!ps.

Xan focused on her l!p as he carresed her l!p gently then he looked at her eyes. He leaned to place his w-et l!ps on hers and Amy klzzed him back hungrily. She wrapped her hands around his neck as she knelt up on the bed.

Xan slowly pulled out his l!ps and stared at her.

” Amy. Let’s just make babies.” He whispered. He pulled her down to lay flat on the bed and Amy stared at him like a wandering angel.

He turned off the light and made her completely stripped before klzzing her again.


Mrs qin sat on the floor of her room as she wept. She picked the poison tablet and opened it up in her palm.

” I deserve to die. I failed, i completely failed thinking i was doing the best for my daughter. Please, i know Amy will not forgive me. But i pray that she has lots of children who will call her mother. But as for me…”

She threw the tablet’s into her mouth and drank some water.

” I’ll rather stop and rest here”

She sighed and laid on the floor to rest peacefully.

Painful 💔 Ion think Amy can bear kids ooo?

Xan proposed to Amy and they have done it again 😏🥺❤

Mrs qin R.I.P.😶

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